Buffalo Wild Wingspoor service

W Jul 14, 2019

I visited BWW on July 13th and this was the worst customer service I've ever received. No greeting whenever we walked in. We waited patiently for sitting even though it didn't seem to be busy. After the host seated us neither a waiter/waitress came to the table. We sat for 20-30 before we became annoyed. I began looking around for help and over heard two employees going back and forth about who's turn/table it was. Finally the waiter "Tim" came over to help and took our drink orders. We asked him if we could go ahead and place food orders as well and he stated "I'm trying to get out of here" and asked if he could just bring the drinks. He informed us we would have another waiter by the name Ashley (whom was really great). Finally we placed orders and the food came out incorrectly and cold. Also Tim brought the food out who earlier stated his shift was over. This experience was embarrassing and horrible. We paid over $100 for everything. I will never enter this Buffalo Wild Wings again.

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