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Reviews and Complaints

Buffalo Wild Wingsmanagement

The kitchen had 45+ minute tickets last night. There was a new server who had trained for 3 days that was placed on the floor as a closer during a very busy time as we were offering free snack size wings. Instead of the only manager on duty coming and helping either the servers or the kitchen (as he is the kitchen manager), he instead took it upon himself to pressure wash the road, mop buckets, a ladder, and other various things for hours last night instead of helping out. This went on until around 11-12 last night. The new server was scared to ask him for anymore help because he was annoyed with her and she may not come back for another shift which is extremely unfortunate. This video was taken by one of our cooks and the manager is Andrew Hayes.

Buffalo Wild Wings Valley View Mallpoor customer service

Ordered $40 worth of food along with water to drink.
Server (fellow) took order, someone else delivered.
Not once did the server return to our table to check on us. No refills, no check on our food, nothing!
When I asked about it upon requesting the bill, he smiled that he was over assigned with responsibilities. He had looked our way and my glass was empty but he never lifted a finger. He did replenish the table next us with second mixed drinks.
When I gave him my payment with the lengthy bill, he tore the survey code off and apparently his name from the bill. Yep, he tore off the survey information so he would not be complained about. How underhanded.
Apparently, if BWWs hires people with this lack of character, you can only imagine what sanitation they allow in the kitchen. Yuck! I will not return.
Rule of Eleven will prevail. On average, a person that experiences a bad event will tell eleven people. Steer clear of BWW.

  • SubSquirrel Jul 20, 2019

    You having a bad experience wouldn’t discourage me from going there.

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