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Reviews and Complaints

wing special on tuesdays

My coworkers and I go almost every Tuesday for wings n other food n drinks. Last week we were informed of new special problem! Then we were told no well done wings were allowed for special no exceptions!! We order this because there has been several times we've ordered n wings not done! Talked to manager she said corporate policy because if they are busy they don't have time for that. We go after work 2:30ish anywhere from 2-8 ppl. There is rarely more than 10 ppl in there at this time even when college is in session. Needless to say no one ordered anything even ppl not getting wings. At the time there were only 2 other customers!! We spend anywhere from $50 plus on slow Tuesday afternoon...thought they would appreciate regular customer business. Now we will probably find somewhere else to go.

  • Updated by Netter ยท Jul 21, 2019

    Don't understand reasoning behind no well done wings on Tuesdays when you get undercooked wings if you don't order well done?!