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Toothpick inside my chicken sandwich

To whom it may concern,
I recently moved to Rancho Cucamonga area and stop by Lucilles. I spoke with Chris the manager regarding my chicken sandwich having a toothpick inside. He said he would send me some gift cards and to please send him the picture of the sandwich that I had taken, so I text him the pic at the number he provided, but I haven't heard anything from him. I couldn't even eat the sandwich because the toothpick was cut in half and had plastic. I been eating at Lucilles numerous times. I just hope this kind of incident doesn't happen again to anyone. I have my ticket and pictures I took, if you would like a copy. Thank you for your time.

Toothpick inside my chicken sandwich
Toothpick inside my chicken sandwich
Toothpick inside my chicken sandwich

restaurants freezing temperature

My family and I eat regularly at Lucille's in Long Beach Towne Center, and obviously enjoy the food, however...

Not impressed

On November 19, 2009, my best friend decided to have her birthday dinner at Lucille's BBQ.

As soon as we sat down our watiress came over and took our drink orders. I asked her to recommend a good beer. Lucille's makes a few of their own beers and she recommended their Hefeweizen, so I ordered that.

Our drinks came about 15 minutes later. By this time, another member of our party had joined us and she just ordered a water. One of the guys at our table ordered some deep fried pickles for an appetizer. Our waitress left and came back 20 minutes later with the appetizer, but no water. We kindly reminded her about the water and my friend asked for another iced tea. The waitress left and came back a few minutes later with the iced tea, but not the water.

She took our food order and we reminded her about the water. She said she'd be right back with the water. She came back about 30 minutes later with our food, but she still forgot the water. We reminded her again about the water. She left and came back with water. Finally.

I ordered a beef brisket sandwich. The beef was cooked perfectly, but the sauce they put on it had a weird taste to it. I didn't care too much for it. The sandwich came with one side and I chose potato salad, which was homemade and delicious.

After we finished eating, our waitress came back to give us the check. She did apologize for the poor service and said she was just having an off day.

Will I go back? Maybe. If I do I would order something else. I think Famous Dave's BBQ is much better. For the same price that I paid for a sandwich and one side, I could have gotten a half a rack of ribs, two sides, corn on the cob, and cornbread at Famous Dave's. I think the food at Lucille's is a little over priced and not that great. At least my beer was really good.

  • Nurse Ratched Feb 03, 2010

    I don't expect I'll be in Tempe, AZ anytime soon but this is good information to know. I'm sorry the waitress was having an off day, by her own admission, but good heavens. First of all your initial drinks should not have arrived 15 minutes later. Give me a break. How long does it take to bring drinks to a table? I might have left, but 5 minutes, turns into 10 minutes then 15 minutes and there you have it...sometimes 30 minutes later. I expect you would have left had you realized the service would have been that bad in advance, not to mention the food. I've been there at other places and still remember. I never went back.

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Resolved Harassment

I was told I was pregnant on 11/12/2008. As a waitress I went into work and told my boss a month later due to lifting over 20lb. items. I was continuously harassed for 2 months after by a shift manager. I was told I should not be working anymore if Im not doing my job as everyone else had to do, Pregnant women should not be in the workplace, and had requested I get big ice bins and fill them and take them the long way to fill the ice machines. No one else had a problem with my pregnancy but this one shift manager. I brought it to my store assistant managers attention however he never followed up on it and I was told to leave it alone if I knew what was good for me. After that meeting on January, 2008 my hours where drastically reduced and my Saturdays where token away as well as when I got in I was told not to argue with the manager and my station. I found several chairs token from my station and being a waitress I couldn't afford to miss that money.One shift I was even brought in and given a station that had no tables the entire shift I was made to run other stations food and bus. I didn't make any money that shift needless to say.

I was continually harassed until my back couldn't take it anymore and the last week of February I went onto Medical Leave from my job. I told them I was due on July 7, 2008 and I would be back 4 to 6 weeks after that. My employee handbook states while on leave we may ask for updates from time to time that you would have to respond on. I never got one call or written correspondence in the 5 months I was on leave.

I went in on July 19, 2008 and said hi to everyone. My manager was there and I told him I had the baby on July 19, 2008 and I wanted to come back. I called August 5th and asked if I could return on September 1st back to work. My store manager told me he would get back to me and he would see if I was still in the system or if he had to put me back in. I never got a call back so one week later the manager I had been harassed by answered the phone call I placed and I was put on hold. My store manager then answered the phone after a long wait and told me I could not return due to a long leave of absence and business being so slow he had no position to give me.

I then called HR and talked to a lady and she told me that I had been filed as quit my job due to not returning from a leave of absence. I told her I never quit and I would be filing a unemployment claim and she told me after several calls she would not argue and put the unemployment claim through.

I filled my claim on September 28th, 2008 and was denied due to quiting my job. I never quit. I was on pregnancy related disability by my Dr. and was told I could have my job back after they heard when my due date was and the amount of time it took to heal after I gave birth. Im a waitress, those positions come and go. I do not understand why I would be harassed and then let go, or 'quit' after they knew what was going on.