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Budget Rent A Caromg... excessive gas overcharge at orlando airport

We missed filling up the tank and could not return to gas station.
Rental return location at Orlando airport is difficult to find as it is confusing so we didnt want to retry as we already made 2 passes before.
Never in our dreams we thought that Budget would charge 10.00 per gallon of gas .
This is absolute robbery and we are not satisfied with this situation.
Budget rent a car humm... A tank of gas was 35.00 Us not 127.00
This added almost 50% to our car rental.

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    • 54
      54703 Apr 06, 2019

      We were told to fill up the vehicle before we brought them back then when we got to the

      Orlado airport they tried to charge us for fuel the price was 45 dollars. we filled both vehicles and it was 18 dollars for both. we did however get our money back. but were charged 23 dollars for tolls in which we paid because we were not told about the fast pass. the guy that checked us in was a first class [censored] and couldn't speak English. good lord get real help.

      0 Votes
    Mar 21, 2019

    Budget Rental — car rental

    I rented a car online from Budget and the cost was $119. for car rental 3/7/19 to 3/9/19. They charged me for...

    Feb 13, 2019

    Budget Rent A Car — would not recommend even if I had to walk they are crooks!

    I have done this several times you people only care about ripping people off they call it bait and switch!...

    Jan 30, 2019

    Budget Rent A Car — poor/non customer focused

    Do not, I repeat do not use Budget Car Rental. For two days now they have been charging my card in excess of...

    Jan 24, 2019

    Budget Rent A Car — budget customer complaint

    Attention Budget Customers: On 1/14/19, I rented a white Toyota Prius from the Budget LAX location. I wa...

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    Budget Rent A Carlies on daily charges

    On 1/21/19 - call reference # [protected] with al (supervisor)#38046
    I've used budget rent a car several times in the last year and the most recent rental was the most disappointing of it all. No exception was considered regardless of professional relationship.
    I had used my military discount for a 7day rental and was given an upgrade from a standard to a premium without disclosing details of daily rate change. I did not ask nor did I care for an upgrade, it was given because that's the standard according to al, everyone is offered the promotional upgrade as a courtesy.
    What's not offered to the consumers by budget rent a car policy is disclosing the increased daily rate for the upgrade and military discount does not apply.
    I was treated and had medical concerns in addition to the excessive amount of rain from 1/14/19-1/16/19 in la, that delayed me from returning the rental on time. Rental was returned on the 16th and I anticipated the additional daily rate that was agreed upon with the military discount. The gentleman that checked the rental when I had returned it, confirmed my rate was $27/day, estimated up to $60 for 2 extra days. My rental was $268, additional charge of 2 days was $330 but the charge on my card was $422. Those details should have been transparent at the time of rental and returned. Not a surprise.
    I would like to continue as budget's business customer with a reasonable resolution, apply my military discount to the 2 extra days please for an estimated $100 refund.

    Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response.


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      Budget Rent A Carrental process confirmation #44459493us1

      Wanted to express and make you aware that we were not happy with the rental process this past weekend with Budget Car Rental. We arrived at the airport after midnight and after a long exhausting day all we wanted was to get the car and go to our hotel room, that did not happen. Upon arrival at the Atlanta Hartsfield Airport we proceed to the rental car area and almost all counters were open, except when we got to the budget counter a sign told us to proceed to the booth outside so we could be attended. Upon going outside into 40 degree weather we noticed a huge line with about 30+ ppl waiting for a rental car. We got to the line almost at 12:30am and was in that line until about 3am. After a few mins in line we tried fastbreak to see if that would speed up the process and a Budget worker told us we still had to make the line. The monitor that was supposed to show the names of those that got fastbreak had the monitor off so no-one could make use of it. I really suggest that Budget gets it together. Don't think it was fair to have us out there freezing while other car rental companies were inside in the airport in a warm environment and moved much quicker, Also many people in the line were leaving to go to other rental agencies and had we not pre-paid we would have done the same. After this experience I really don't have any interest in using your company esp. on that doesn't have 24 hour customer service available for us to call for assistance. Since we were put thru so much trouble we would like a free rental as we don't think we were treated fairly no apologies from your staff or signs of remorse for the wait. If I don't hear back from you guys I will post my experience with Trip Advisor, Google, Facebook and make others aware of our experience with Budget.

      rental process confirmation #44459493us1

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        Budget Rent A Carfattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport

        Contratto noleggio nr [protected]

        Egregi signori,
        Scrivo in merito al noleggio in oggetto per il quale ho prepagato al momento della prenotazione in data 26/3/2018 eur 62, 75.
        Con la presente contesto, con documentazione a supporto, il vostro addebito sulla mia carta di credito di eur 76, 24 che è stato effettuato da Budget Malta Airport dopo la mia vacanza in data 24/7/2018, senza avermi mandato fattura comprovante. Essa ormai ce l'ho in mano visto che l'ho richiesta tramite la società della carta di credito. Contesto innanzitutto il fatto dell'addebito stesso e poi gli importi sotto elencati nel loro dettaglio:

        -31, 55 € "rabbocco carburante" : in allegato scontrini di rifornimento carburante eseguito a distanza di pochi minuti causa difetto macchina. Allego anche foto della spia carburante che documenta come il sistema sia non funzionante. Qui vorrei precisare 2 cose: 1) in tutti gli anni che noleggio auto tramite il vostro servizio, sono sempre stata molto soddisfatta del vostro servizio e della qualità di auto che mettete a disposizione. 2) in questo caso la macchina era vecchia e ridicola, ed uno dei problemi era che nonostante abbia fatto il pieno, l'ultima tacchetta della benzina non si accendeva, e l'operatore non accettava questo problema. Dopo un ulteriore rifornimento non si muoveva la tacchetta e l'operatore continuava ad insultarci nella forte discussione che purtroppo sì era creato con lui alla consegna della macchina. Non accettava il fatto che c'era un problema meccanico della tacchetta. Ora mi ritrovo addirittura dover pagare per la mancanza di aver reso la macchina -secondo Budget -fornita piena. È una cosa che non accetto.
        -25 € "prodotti addizionali": perché un pagamento in loco (anche se non era scritto sul contratto) de una maggiorazione per macchine prese dopo le ore 20 (come solo indicato al banco stesso)?
        -pagamento di 62, 75 € effettuato online e quindi tracciato non coerente con la somma indicata in fattura di 86, 78 € "prodotto ma"

        Tutto ciò evidenzia la mancanza di trasparenza da parte Budget Rent prima durante e dopo il noleggio e ritengo non valide le condizioni applicate perché non specificate nel contratto come impongono le normative Internazionali.

        Certo del vostro immediato rimborso e in più del pagamento di un'indennità risarcimento per ogni inconveniente subito vi saluto cordialmente
        Jutta Kraemer
        Assistita da avvocato S. Coli

        fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport
        fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport
        fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport
        fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport
        fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport
        fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport
        fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport
        fattura e addebito automatico car rental malta airport

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          Budget Rent A Carmisrepresentation

          Costco Travel # C349356410
          Budget Conf # 40054762US6

          Aug, 4 - My family and I arrived in Washington DC after a red-eye flight from Los Angeles. We headed to Budget to pick up the car we reserved. At the counter, everything was going smooth up until the Insurance part. We initially declined the insurance offered to us and that is when we got told that "WE CANT RENT YOU A CAR WITHOUT INSURANCE" - We told her, we have our own insurance. she replied "WE STOPPED TAKING PERSONAL INSURANCE FOR COVERAGE" We were stunned. I asked, when did that change? she said "IT'S BEEN LIKE THIS FOR A WHILE NOW. IF YOU WANT, YOU CAN LOOK IT UP ". My Fiance and I were both in disbelief, My Fiance had worked for Enterprise rent a car for a decade and he knew her disclosure was incorrect. But its Budget, not ERAC so we had no choice but to believe what was disclosed. Today, 8/21 - called Budget and was told that IT IS NOT THEIR POLICY TO DECLINE CAR RENTAL USING PERSONAL INSURANCE. The experience made me upset. We got taken advantage because were tourist and the chances of us returning to DC to file a complaint after the fact is slim to none. I ended up keeping the vehicle for another day. What should have been $118.14 ended up being $303.64 - Not happy with the experience. I wanted to share since Costco have a partnership with Budget rent a car.

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            Budget Car Rentalcar availability

            confirmation #38718343US6
            Agreement #179684046c
            Car reserved July 27, 2018
            car pick up Aug 03, 2018 at 8a.m.
            Grand Rapids, GR4
            2740 28th street
            Grand Rapids, Mi 49512

            I arrived at 8a.m. to pick up economy car. Was told no cars available. If I wanted to stay one maybe would arrive around 9a.m. I called the airport and was told a car would be available if I wanted to pay an extra $200 . Was not an option fome. At 847 a.m. one was delivered. I was told I could take that car but that it had not been checked out nor cleaned. I was traveling to Atlanta, Ga. with my grandson and needed to get on road. I agreed to take the car after looking it over for any problems. It was an intermediate suv and representative said I could have it for no extra cost. 50 miles down highway the change oil light went on soon. Another 50 miles and the alarm went off and indicated change oil now. I was now thoroughly scared. I pulled off highway and checked the oil and called your toll free road service. They assured my grandson and myself that it was a sensor and was there only for maintenance. We continued to Ga. with alarm going off frequently telling us oil needed changing. Traffic was bumper to bumper in Atlanta . Every time we came to a halt the alarm would again go off, over and over again. When we arrived I had my son recheck oil. We drove over 1600 miles with threat of car having problems and the alarm going off .

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              Budget Truck Rental — incompetence-confirmed rental. no truck available

              Reserved truck on 4-11-18 for pick up 4-26-18. Confirmed with Budget 3 times and Skyview Service Inc. 370...

              Budget Car Rental — scamming customer

              Budget Car Rental in USA (may be world wide) is a scam that herds clients to their high end partner like Avi...

              Budget Rent A Carmini van car reserved in jan 2018 for march was not honored

              I reserved a Mini Van from Budget in Jan 2018 for the family spring break vacation (in March). When I showed up early Saturday morning (8 AM) to pickup the Mini Van I was told that they have been out of minivan since Thursday, and that they only have 5 seat car available to rent. They also told me that they knew about this since Thursday, however no one called me to let me know to make alternate plans. Since there were more than 5 of us going on this trip, I had to cancel my plans and lose money on some of my hotel reservations since they had 72 hours cancellation policy.
              I have been renting cars for over 30 years and something like this has never happened to me. I highly recommend everyone to stay away from Avis & Budget Car Rental.

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                Budget Rent A Car — made car reservation for dec 23 on november 27 didn't happen

                My family christmas party was December 23rd I made a reservation on November 27th so i could attend thi...

                Budget Car Rentals — unethical behaviour

                We picked up the car at 1.00 AM (4 hrs. airline delay which we called in) and it was the last car in the...

                Budget Car Rental at FLL Airportpicked up a dirty car.

                Dear Sirs/Madam
                1 - Reserved a car 3 weeks in advance.
                2 - Picked it up at 2 AM for delayed flight.
                3 - Allegedly it was the last car they had on the lot.
                4 - We had to walk to the lot good 2 blocks to find the assigned car dirty with mud. Is it usual not to clean a car after it has been returned?
                5 - At the Exit we let the officer know the outside condition of the car which he acknowledged in writing.
                6 - Once we were inside and started driving it caught our attention 2-3 ants which we flicked out through the window.
                7 - Next morning with daylight we found some 25 more ants crawling inside the car over the dashboard, the Windows and the doors.
                8 - We rushed to the store to buy an Ants spray and we sprayed all over inside the car.
                9 - For religious holiday reasons we didn't use the car for 3 days.
                10 - After the 3 days we went to the car and to our dismay we found more ants crawling although much less then previously.
                We received from Budget a car infested by ants which disappointed us enormously. Let's hope that we will be compensated for the bad experience.
                ANDRES Rona

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                  Budget Truck Rentaltruck rental

                  I rented a Budget Truck in Leesburg, Florida on 10/06/17 Vehicle # 336764.
                  Ref # [protected].
                  I needed a small truck to move boxes and other small possessions from Florida to Pennsylvania. I reserved a 12 foot truck but what I got was a 16 foot truck. When I got it loaded and got on the road, I turned on the radio and could find no station to listen to. When I made a stop, I found that the antenna was missing and in its place was a dry wall screw. I don't know what [censor] in their service department thought that would work, but this is pathetic. After driving 1100 miles, (which cost aver $350.00 in gas because I had twice as big a truck than I needed) I returned the truck and complained to the agent who said basically, to bad. I called Budget and complained and was told they could compensate me $15.00 for my inconvenience. I told him to keep his $15.00 and that I would be telling everyone I could to avoid Budget rent a truck.

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                    Budget Truck Rentaltruck van rental

                    I, John L Pena, rented a 22 foot Truck #[protected] of 071517 from
                    Budget of Sandau for a 3 day rental to Abilene, Texas.
                    The trip to Abilene is normally about a 4.5 hour trip but instead the trip
                    took over 7 hours as the truck lost acceleration on every hill down to about 40 miles per hour and would not go faster than 55 mph unless we were traveling downhill.
                    We could not call roadside assistant as there is virtually no phone service
                    between San Antonio and Abilene. As such, we had to reschedule the movers who were hired to unload our truck on Saturday at 8:00 and reschedule for
                    Sunday morning at 9:00.
                    The unloading took 2 hrs ending at 11:00 am and a return trip to SA would
                    have taken us to SA at about 6:30 and no time for the movers in SA to reload
                    our truck for a return trip.
                    I called customer service at approximately 8:45 Sunday morning to complain and ask for some type of a refund or another truck at a discounted rate or no charge for the next weekend to use for a trip from San Antonio again to Abilene.
                    I spoke to Frank (ID #37873) who offered me up to a $110 refund, however he spoke to his Supervisor Michael at Ext #08910 who refused the refund.
                    I asked to speak to Michael but was refused, I then told Frank that I would cancel payment and file a complaint unless MIchael would return my call within 30 minutes and he did not.
                    I have contacted my bank about the complaint and I will file complaints and contact corporate until I get satisfaction.
                    In the mean time, I will continue to complain and tell everyone I know about the experience I had with your company.
                    I am a business over of over 20 years and your customer service lacks any type of empathy or tact. I am very disappointed. I turned in the vehicle two days early and am now having to pay for a 2nd move because of your lousy equipment.
                    I am frankly shocked at the type of service you provide.
                    I hope that we can find some resolution.

                    John L Pena

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                      Budget Car Rentalservices I receive

                      On the 1st of July I went to Budget Car Rental I had previously made car reservations and was told a vehicle would be delivered from the airport to the memorial location in Oklahoma City when I' I arrived I was told no vehicle had been delivered and no vehicle would be delivered and that they didn't have a vehicle for me so out to the airport I go when I arrived at the airport I was told that they didn't take debit cards only credit cards and if I hurry I might be able to catch the budget Rental in Bethany my ordeal started out at 9 that morning and it was now about 12:30 and they close at 1 so I make it out there just in time but I was told there were no vehicles available so right about now I'm mad enough to eat nails so I get on the phone to customer service and now I'm being passed around like a serving platter but thank you Jesus for a Miss Carlean Williams, after I told her about the ordeal I had went through and that I was renting the car for my anniversary, she stepped up to the plate like a real professional, she took my phone number and told me she would call me back, 10 minutes later she called me back, and told me she needed some more information, and assured me that the problem would be fixed, 5 minutes later she called me back and asked if I could get back out to the airport to pick up a vehicle, so I tip my hat to Ms.Carlean Williams, she was so caring and concern you would have thought she was going on the trip, you definitely need more people like her, or she needs to be teaching classes, thank you again Ms Williams... Furnando Powell, Oklahoma City, OK.

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                        Budget Car Rentalunauthorized cancellation of reservation night before pickup

                        My reservation was canceled by the Customer Rep at the Call Center the night before pick-up, after being hung up on 3 times, in 2 days (06.13.17 & 07.14.17) because they "couldn't hear me"... on my BRAND NEW iphone that works fine, I had no problem hearing them, no one other than this call center has a problem hearing me. I was on hold, and/or meandering through their computerized directions, for no less than 15 minutes per call.

                        I was attempting to modify the time of pick-up, to an hour earlier, since I was continually being hung up on, my mother ended up calling on her phone in town, then got my brother on the phone, because the Rep couldn't communicate well in English, and then the Rep ended up cancelling my reservation without authorization, forcing my mother to hastily book a new reservation, since our trip is tomorrow morning, at a slightly higher price (with my credentials since she had my confirmation number), the closest pick up, now being in a town nearly 100 miles away (200 miles round trip).

                        Which means someone will have to drive us down, and pick us up when we return the car, an extra 400 miles on my personal vehicle, which isn't all that reliable. My original reservation was for a Ford Taurus, or similar, and the Call Center stuck us in a Compact...for 3 over-sized adults, with luggage and extras. They told my mother, there were no more cars available in our hometown; note, this call was placed to the Call Center after regular business hours of the local franchise, doubtful any other rentals had been booked in this location, for the next morning already, when I was supposed to pick up the car originally. We live in a town of about 60, 000, so not a major travel hub with a lot of business.

                        There is no other means of contacting Budget, other than through their Call Center or in writing (no chat, email, etc).

                        I booked the original reservation via AARP in April 2017, at a special rate, with bonus features, payment due at pick up.

                        Reservation No. 00372488US4

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                          • Updated by Kell Arellano · Jun 14, 2017

                            Should read (06.13.17 & 06.14.17) not (06.13.17 & 07.14.17) .

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