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Budget Rent A Car — overcharged

Rented a car online through Car rentals.com for a trip to Phoenix. Reserved for 13 days, beginning April 4...

Budget Rent A Carcar rental

Unbelievable, but the female counter service rep treated me like a bum or homeless person. My long hair and severely casual clothes prompted her to judge me inappropriately and embarrassed me in the so-called"fast-break" line (of which I am a member). The Ford Focus I paid for in advance was not available. She never apologized, but instead flippantly instructed me that no cars were available and I was to have a luxury car instead (which I abhor). I paid for a smoke-free auto. The Lincoln smelled like an ashtray. I was sick with a severe headache for the entire trip because of the awful stink. I attempted to call customer service more than six times to complain and never could get through either due to their computers being down or no one available to talk to me. The only response I could get was for me to take the car back to the airport and get a different one (after already being told by the rude, judgmental, and insensitive counter rep there were none available). The last thing I wanted to do was drive back out to the airport on the little time allotted for my very short trip and haggle about getting a different car. After returning the car on the scheduled date and time I again approached the counter and was instructed to write a review as nobody at the counter but a manager could solve my problem and no manager was working at that time. I will NEVER rent from Budget again. Budget Rent a Car service from top to bottom was horrible.

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    Budget Car Rental — van rental

    My son rented a 12-passenger van from the Troy, MIchigan Avis office on March 11. The van sprung a leak and...

    Budget Car Rental — car rental

    I booked and paid for car rental for a minivan for my family over Christmas in Florida. It cost £516.76 which...

    Budget Truck Rental — car rental and con artist manager

    I rented a from this location for a last minute trip and other places were booked. Eric Sosa was the person...

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    Budget Car Rental — gas service option

    I rented a car in Phoenix, Arizona to drive to San Diego, Ca. I was quoted $1.98 a gallon if I took the Ga...

    Budget Truck Rentalcancellation fee

    I reserved a truck, but upon arrival my credit card had internal issues. Unfortunately I do not carry more than one at a time. I called Barclay credit and they said the issued could not be resolved for 7 days. I asked the agent if there were any repercussions in canceling the truck given the circumstances. If not, I could run home to get a different card. I was informed there was no financial concern in canceling so I left. A week later I found a $50 "no cancellation fee" charged to my credit card. Keep in mind my reservation charge was set for $46 dollars for the short term rental. Afterwards I called the local branch along with customer service (3x). They informed me the local agents cannot dismiss the charges and the $50 dollars were valid. I was take back that no one at budget wants to correct the situation given the agent said he could cancel with no issues. The remote NO customer service had zero compassion and has lead me to never trusting them or Avis for future business.

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      Budget Rent A Car — rip off

      I rented a car at Honolulu International Airport on October 29 2015. The vehicle was just fine until the...

      Budget Car Rental — overcharging

      My husband and I rented a car from Budget at Orlando International Airport. When we came back to return it...

      Budget Car Rental — budget is glad to take fuel charge money

      Do not accept a charge for the 'fuel purchase' Budget is just stealing your money. If the take is full or 3/4...

      Budget Truck Rentalhorrible customer service and unsafe trucks

      The local Budget Truck rental stores I've done business with are nice and helpful, but it's the national roadside assistance and customer service that is awful. Halfway through our journey, the ABS light came on on the dash. We did our part by stopping in a decent sized city (where there was a budget truck location) and called their national roadside assistance helpline. After waiting 20 minutes for them to call back after our initial call, they advised us to keep driving because it's "probably just an issue with the sensor, not the brakes themselves." Well, about an hour later, the rotor came completely off the wheel and we were lucky to maintain control of the vehicle (and not hit any other vehicles) while swerving around the road.

      Once stopped, it took a long time to process our issue, to send someone out simply to say state "yes, it is broken and can't be repaired, " and then another hour and a half for a tow truck to come. That added up to almost 4 hours on the side of a busy interstate. No one I spoke to really seemed to care at all about the situation I was in. They had no sense of urgency and never called back with new information to keep me updated. I was told by the last person that night that the claim was put in the system (it was now after 10PM), so it should be processed by the closest store and their inventory department starting at 7AM and we should be moving forward in the hours after that. Unfortunately, when I woke up at called them a little bit after 7 (because again, they are horrible at communicating with you), they said they were waiting on one person in New Jersey (we were stuck in Missouri) to get to the office and approve the claim. I asked every which way that I could if there was any other living soul on the planet that could approve this claim and they said no (even though all the boxes had been checked off to get a new truck and someone literally just had to say "yes"). So we waited for hours for that person to show up, and then it took many more hours for a tow truck to bring the functioning truck to us (we were a half hour from the closest store). All along, again, there was no communication from them unless I called and waited on the line for 10+ minutes each time. They also said they would hire a team of movers to help us load the items from the broken down truck to the new one, except that they didn't do that until much later so we were already done doing it ourselves by the time the movers showed up.

      After I returned the truck and called the customer service to get a refund and reimbursement for the inconvenience and for the time spent in a hotel, they again showed that they really didn't care about my situation. They read their script that said "I'm sorry to hear that, sir, " but when I asked them to consider more than just the "inconvenience, " to think about the dangerous situation they put us in when telling us to keep driving on a faulty truck, they just kept reading their same script. "We can offer you a 20% refund on the truck fee, " which turned out to be $73, and then I have to email my hotel and food receipts to a specific email address. I'm now struggling to get their email address to work, as I've spent weeks just trying to get through to someone to get some reimbursement back, and simply get someone to care enough to set this straight. My saga with them is still not over, and it feels like it never will be. They are extremely slow and their lack of caring and urgency is infuriating. I've worked in customer service for years and I know that at the end of the day, all people want is to feel like someone cares about your trouble and wants to make it right. I'm not unreasonable in my demands and issues with this company, and yet they have consistently shown through the entire process that they fall very short of the mediocre bar of service I'm asking from them.

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        Budget Truck Rentalpossible stolen items

        Used budget truck rental for a move from california to texas. When we dropped off the truck we left an open box of unopened food in the front: chips, coke, candy and also rayban sunglasses in the box. The box was lcut in half to carry our goods. It was all in open clear view. That night we realized we left the box in the front. We were mostly concerned about the sunglass. Es obviously. I called first thing in the morning. They told me they thought it was trash and threw it all away. Really??? You see a box of food that has not been opened along with sunglasses and you thought it was trash? Lame.

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          Budget Rent-A-Car — false refueling charge

          I rented a car from Budget at the Ft. Myers, FL airport between May 26 and June 4, 2015. I returned the car...

          Budget Car Rental — poor service

          I had reserved a midsize car with the Denver Airport location late May 2015. Upon arrival at the airport, one...

          Budget Rental — overcharge

          shall NEVER use Budget again. I recently picked up a rental at Charleston, SC airport. My flight came in very...

          Budget Car Rentalsexcessive per gallon charge

          My wife and I recently went on a vacation with our 2 children and rented a car from Budget car rentals. We were greeted at the rental counter by a very friendly staff and were having multiple conversations between the staff members and our family regarding where we were from, and what we would be doing while visiting the state (New Mexico). They pointed at the monitor for us to check off what we thought were the appropriate boxes regarding extra insurance, mileage, gas… the standard stuff on the agreement forms while we were all engaged in pleasant conversation. How wrong we were.

          When it was time for us to return the car we were searching for a gas station so that we could replace the 14 gallons we had used on our vacation. There were no gas stations visible from the freeway, and the few times we took an off-ramp there were no gas stations, or signs indicating a gas station around. Since we were unfamiliar with our surroundings, and we had to get to the airport, we decided to just bring the car back and pay the extra price per gallon to have Budget refill the tank. Apparently, since we did not check the box to have them fill up the tank when we returned the rental, the price changed from what would have been $2.45 per gallon to $9.29 PER GALLON! The fuel charge totaled $130.98 for $34 worth of gas!!! Almost a $100 extra charge just because the box was unchecked. This information was buried in the agreement, was not made clear to us initially, and as I mentioned earlier, we were distracted by pleasant conversation at the time of the rental.

          When we asked to have the punitive amount taken off and replaced with what the price would have been had we known how ridiculous the charge would be, we were coldly told that "that's what you agreed to." When I asked WHY the cost PER GALLON was so high they mechanically responded, "that's policy." There was zero compassion and understanding from the staff as to why we would be irate at an almost $7 dollar PER GALLON service charge. Every response was like a recording, "that's policy", "that's what you agreed to"… When I asked them "who in their right mind would EVER agree to that type of charge" they keep up with their impersonal mantra. By-the-way, this was on Mother's Day.

          We asked to speak with the manager (Laura Warfield) and as you can probably guess, she responded with the same inhuman responses - no compassion and zero customer service. I reminded the manager that this was Mother's Day and that my wife, and mother of my children, was devastated at the lack of caring and understanding we were being shown by Budget. The manager quipped, "Well, I'm not going to do anything to reduce the charges".  I then responded, "So you could do something, you just won't right? It is up to you." The manager replied, "I can give you the entire rental for free if I wanted. I'm not going to do anything."

          When I returned home I called the customer service number and was given the exact same responses. No help at all and once again, no compassion. The phone representative went into repeat mode stating "it is a valid charge." I responded, "$9.29 per gallon is NEVER a valid charge when gas prices in that state are around $2.30 a gallon." You'd be surprised that his response was, "it is a valid charge."  They couldn't care less about me as a customer and they have made it clear that is the case. I am merely a case number to them. I'm not sure why the phone number listed was referred to as a customer service number. The outrage I felt was/is palatable. No willingness to compromise on behalf of the customer what-so-ever! Just animatronic responses and a pass-the buck mentality.
          If Budget car rentals, a company we have rented with for years and spent thousands of dollars with, is incapable of the most basic customer service or general decency, I suggest everyone stay clear of them. I guess they are doing so well that one small customer doesn't matter to them. The treatment I have received has turned me into an advocate against Avis/Budget group. I have a case pending with their corporate offices but from what I've experience from multiple Budget representatives, I fear the only recourse I have is to shout it from the mountain top how horribly they treat their customers if there happens to be an issue of sorts. I teach college and will make it my mission to educate the thousands of students I have to avoid using Budget or Avis. My voice is small but much bigger than most.

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            Budget Rent A Car — deceptive pricing

            I was charged for the loss damage waiver which I did not approve. ( add'l $203) They use the contract...

            Budget Truck Rentalpoor service/ bad equipment

            Recently my good friends rented a truck to move from Indiana to Tuscon. Even though she had had a similar experience with Budget before, she gave them a second chance because they were cheaper than U-Haul. That's the only good thing that can be said. After picking up the truck and hiring movers, the nightmare began. First, the movers could not get the car trailer off to load the truck because the jack that Budget provided was stripped out. After calling Budget, we were rudely told that the movers must have broken it. ( this was not the case, the jack was defective ) Then after getting the truck half loaded, the movers discovered the roof was leaking so it had to be unloaded and my friends had to wait until the next morning for a new truck because Budget wanted to inspect it before delivery. Well after delivering it the next day, there was a headlight out which they came back to fix that afternoon. A new contract had to be signed because it was a different truck from before. While taking care of that my friend asked if she could be compensated for the extra wages she had to pay the movers to load, unload, then reload the truck. She was basically told " Not our problem, call customer service ". After getting on the road, they discovered the car in tow wasn't chained correctly. This was by no fault of theirs as there were no instructions provided for this either written or verbally. They then stopped at the next closest Budget for assistance with this and no one knew how to fix this so my younger female friend had to crawl under the trailer and fix it herself. Due to all of these delays, they missed an important family event and then after arriving, unloading, and returning the rental truck, they were basically told " tough luck ladies, that's how it goes". So, word to the wise, pay a bit more for the competition and stay far, far, away from this company.

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              • Ca
                camtscott Oct 29, 2009

                Rented a truck from this company. Returned it 4 days later. Since then, they have charged me for 6 days and even with the Better Business Bureau involved, they are refusing to refund the overcharges.

                I've placed a dispute with my credit card, so hopefully that will get their attention?????

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              Budget Car Rental — liars and thieves

              Before renting the car I asked budget if my international license and debit card were acceptable to them...

              Budget Rental Carvery rude rental car agent

              On January 29, 2015 at 1:00 p.m., I mistakenly pulled into a Budget Rental Car return lane in the Orlando Florida International Airport. Several courteous agents and one very rude agent, Sharon Jackson, greeted me. Ms. Jackson instructed the other agents to stop attempting to assist me because I was not driving a Budget rental car. She rudely told me to leave the Budget Rental Car area. When I didn’t leave quickly, she directed a car to pull in the lane behind me. I asked the drive to pull into the next vacant lane and allow me to move my rental car. However, Ms. Jackson stopped the driver from moving the car and instructed him to leave the car, blocking the rental car that I was driving, until she could check the Budge Rental car and move it herself. She slowly checked the car and delayed my departure. Ms. Sharon Jackson’s created a problem and made it clear that she was not concern about me filing a complaint. Is this the new face of Budget Rental Car?

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                • Ri
                  Richjefe Sep 13, 2009

                  Paid in advance for an Explorer size SUV. They didn't have one and tried to give me a small SUV. With four adults traveling together I had to pay an upgrade fee to get a big enough car. Talk about a Bait and Switch. I will NEVER rent from Budget again.

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