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Budget Rent A Car Complaints & Reviews, Page 5

Budget Car Rental at FLL Airportpicked up a dirty car.

Dear Sirs/Madam
1 - Reserved a car 3 weeks in advance.
2 - Picked it up at 2 AM for delayed flight.
3 - Allegedly it was the last car they had on the lot.
4 - We had to walk to the lot good 2 blocks to find the assigned car dirty with mud. Is it usual not to clean a car after it has been returned?
5 - At the Exit we let the officer know the outside condition of the car which he acknowledged in writing.
6 - Once we were inside and started driving it caught our attention 2-3 ants which we flicked out through the window.
7 - Next morning with daylight we found some 25 more ants crawling inside the car over the dashboard, the Windows and the doors.
8 - We rushed to the store to buy an Ants spray and we sprayed all over inside the car.
9 - For religious holiday reasons we didn't use the car for 3 days.
10 - After the 3 days we went to the car and to our dismay we found more ants crawling although much less then previously.
We received from Budget a car infested by ants which disappointed us enormously. Let's hope that we will be compensated for the bad experience.

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    Budget Truck Rentaltruck rental

    I rented a Budget Truck in Leesburg, Florida on 10/06/17 Vehicle # 336764.
    Ref # [protected].
    I needed a small truck to move boxes and other small possessions from Florida to Pennsylvania. I reserved a 12 foot truck but what I got was a 16 foot truck. When I got it loaded and got on the road, I turned on the radio and could find no station to listen to. When I made a stop, I found that the antenna was missing and in its place was a dry wall screw. I don't know what [censor] in their service department thought that would work, but this is pathetic. After driving 1100 miles, (which cost aver $350.00 in gas because I had twice as big a truck than I needed) I returned the truck and complained to the agent who said basically, to bad. I called Budget and complained and was told they could compensate me $15.00 for my inconvenience. I told him to keep his $15.00 and that I would be telling everyone I could to avoid Budget rent a truck.

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      Budget Truck Rentaltruck van rental

      I, John L Pena, rented a 22 foot Truck #[protected] of 071517 from
      Budget of Sandau for a 3 day rental to Abilene, Texas.
      The trip to Abilene is normally about a 4.5 hour trip but instead the trip
      took over 7 hours as the truck lost acceleration on every hill down to about 40 miles per hour and would not go faster than 55 mph unless we were traveling downhill.
      We could not call roadside assistant as there is virtually no phone service
      between San Antonio and Abilene. As such, we had to reschedule the movers who were hired to unload our truck on Saturday at 8:00 and reschedule for
      Sunday morning at 9:00.
      The unloading took 2 hrs ending at 11:00 am and a return trip to SA would
      have taken us to SA at about 6:30 and no time for the movers in SA to reload
      our truck for a return trip.
      I called customer service at approximately 8:45 Sunday morning to complain and ask for some type of a refund or another truck at a discounted rate or no charge for the next weekend to use for a trip from San Antonio again to Abilene.
      I spoke to Frank (ID #37873) who offered me up to a $110 refund, however he spoke to his Supervisor Michael at Ext #08910 who refused the refund.
      I asked to speak to Michael but was refused, I then told Frank that I would cancel payment and file a complaint unless MIchael would return my call within 30 minutes and he did not.
      I have contacted my bank about the complaint and I will file complaints and contact corporate until I get satisfaction.
      In the mean time, I will continue to complain and tell everyone I know about the experience I had with your company.
      I am a business over of over 20 years and your customer service lacks any type of empathy or tact. I am very disappointed. I turned in the vehicle two days early and am now having to pay for a 2nd move because of your lousy equipment.
      I am frankly shocked at the type of service you provide.
      I hope that we can find some resolution.

      John L Pena

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        Budget Car Rentalservices I receive

        On the 1st of July I went to Budget Car Rental I had previously made car reservations and was told a vehicle would be delivered from the airport to the memorial location in Oklahoma City when I' I arrived I was told no vehicle had been delivered and no vehicle would be delivered and that they didn't have a vehicle for me so out to the airport I go when I arrived at the airport I was told that they didn't take debit cards only credit cards and if I hurry I might be able to catch the budget Rental in Bethany my ordeal started out at 9 that morning and it was now about 12:30 and they close at 1 so I make it out there just in time but I was told there were no vehicles available so right about now I'm mad enough to eat nails so I get on the phone to customer service and now I'm being passed around like a serving platter but thank you Jesus for a Miss Carlean Williams, after I told her about the ordeal I had went through and that I was renting the car for my anniversary, she stepped up to the plate like a real professional, she took my phone number and told me she would call me back, 10 minutes later she called me back, and told me she needed some more information, and assured me that the problem would be fixed, 5 minutes later she called me back and asked if I could get back out to the airport to pick up a vehicle, so I tip my hat to Ms.Carlean Williams, she was so caring and concern you would have thought she was going on the trip, you definitely need more people like her, or she needs to be teaching classes, thank you again Ms Williams... Furnando Powell, Oklahoma City, OK.

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          Budget Car Rentalunauthorized cancellation of reservation night before pickup

          My reservation was canceled by the Customer Rep at the Call Center the night before pick-up, after being hung up on 3 times, in 2 days (06.13.17 & 07.14.17) because they "couldn't hear me"... on my BRAND NEW iphone that works fine, I had no problem hearing them, no one other than this call center has a problem hearing me. I was on hold, and/or meandering through their computerized directions, for no less than 15 minutes per call.

          I was attempting to modify the time of pick-up, to an hour earlier, since I was continually being hung up on, my mother ended up calling on her phone in town, then got my brother on the phone, because the Rep couldn't communicate well in English, and then the Rep ended up cancelling my reservation without authorization, forcing my mother to hastily book a new reservation, since our trip is tomorrow morning, at a slightly higher price (with my credentials since she had my confirmation number), the closest pick up, now being in a town nearly 100 miles away (200 miles round trip).

          Which means someone will have to drive us down, and pick us up when we return the car, an extra 400 miles on my personal vehicle, which isn't all that reliable. My original reservation was for a Ford Taurus, or similar, and the Call Center stuck us in a Compact...for 3 over-sized adults, with luggage and extras. They told my mother, there were no more cars available in our hometown; note, this call was placed to the Call Center after regular business hours of the local franchise, doubtful any other rentals had been booked in this location, for the next morning already, when I was supposed to pick up the car originally. We live in a town of about 60, 000, so not a major travel hub with a lot of business.

          There is no other means of contacting Budget, other than through their Call Center or in writing (no chat, email, etc).

          I booked the original reservation via AARP in April 2017, at a special rate, with bonus features, payment due at pick up.

          Reservation No. 00372488US4

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            • Updated by Kell Arellano · Jun 14, 2017

              Should read (06.13.17 & 06.14.17) not (06.13.17 & 07.14.17) .

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            Budget Car Rental — previous damage charge

            May 10, 2016 rented from the Orlando Airport. Car had damage in 3 spots. Completed a damage report before...

            Budget Rent A Car — sunpass

            Budget rent a car is no better. When I went to pick up my car and asked for sunpass, first he had no reply...

            Budget Car Rentallack of response

            Last July we rented a car for pickup in Flint Michigan. Due to Southwest Airlines computer issues we ere three days late. I called at every delay to 1. let them know we will be late and 2. to ensure the car will be waiting for us.

            I have written them twice and have not received anything in response. When we finally arrived they did not have our promised car available. After much complaining they finally found us a pick up truck which left our luggage unprotected from theft and weather.

            I am requesting a refund for the three days unused for confirmation number 34068803US6.

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              Budget Car Rental — reservations

              I reserved a car at Budget ahead of time so that my wife, who doesn't travel much, would not have any...

              Budget Car Rentalovercharged

              Rented a car at denver international airport and they "upgraded" our car for free. When we asked if there was going to be an up-charge the agent said, "no." however, when we returned the vehicle they charged us an extra $30 a day on top of our original quote!!

              If we had been told the truth that we would be charged an additional $60+ dollars for the rental we would not have agreed to the upgrade. We requested a refund for the difference and the manager at this location told us that they would not agree to it. We were told that the agent should never have agreed to the free upgrade. And in the fine print in our contract it stipulated that we agreed to the charges. This is fraud!

              Date of incident: oct 29 - 30, 2016
              Confirmation number: 40687926us6

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                Budget Car Rentaladditional charges on card that were not communicated

                In Oct 2016 I booked a Group B Budget rent-a-car online for a 3-day period. I was quoted $35/day "due at rental counter", which included an upgrade.
                When I picked up the car, the counter clerk took 40 mins to process my transaction (due to some card issue). At the end of this very protracted process, she pushed the screen towards me and asked me to just sign "here" and "here" assuring me that this was just "all the standard stuff". I was only offered one "extra" (a fuel purchase option) which I agreed to.
                A day after I returned the car on time and in perfect condition, my card was charged $390.49!!! This equates to $135/day!!
                When I asked for the invoice, they had added on a whole heap of extras which I did not want, nor ask for, nor was I asked to approve.
                Their only response is that I signed for the contract.
                The increase included an arbitrary increase to $45/day for the car!
                This is a big con-job and their business practice is obviously a well oiled machine designed to deceive the customer and get them to sign for as much as possible without them knowing what they are signing for. It is unbelievably crooked and I can hardly believe how they can continually get away with this.

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                  Budget Rental Carrental car poor service

                  We made this reservation through Expedia. When we arrived at LAX, it took over 1 hour to be picked up by the Budget Bus after we were standing at the curb pickup spot. There were buses that were going by that were full, so they did not stop. There were others waiting and equally frustrated with the situation.
                  After arriving at the Budget Car Lot, we had to take a number and wait another 45 to 50 minutes to get waited on. This would have been much longer, except a nice person gave us their number which was significantly lower than our number, so it lessened our wait time.
                  Our flight arrived at 1:44 and the time stamped on my car rental agreement was 3:25. It should not take this long to rent a car at a major airport.
                  When I finally arrived at the counter, the employee told me that I was late so my car was no longer available. Of course, I am used to up-selling at the counter, but this lady would not provide me with a substitute automobile. She insisted that I would have to rent a larger car. Since we were visiting relatives in LA, who had plans for that afternoon, I could not wait her out or take time to speak with her supervisor. Instead of paying the quoted $143.45, I ended up paying $237.45.
                  The worst part of this is that I was late, not because the flight was late but because Budget could not handle the crowds at the airport or at their off site location. This employee was so rude that she should not represent Budget.
                  I equate this experience to what we have recently seen at Wells Fargo with too much pressure being placed on employees to sell!

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                    • Ke
                      Kell Arellano Jun 14, 2017
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Budget Complaint Escalation Form http://avisbudgetgroup.com/contact-us/customer-service/budget-complaint-escalation/

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                    • Ke
                      Kell Arellano Jun 14, 2017
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      Make a complaint through Corporate HQ, like I plan on doing for my reservation that was just canceled, the night before pick-up, by Customer Service Reps who can't communicate adequately in English.

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                    • Ke
                      Kell Arellano Jun 14, 2017
                      This comment was posted by
                      a verified customer
                      Verified customer

                      @Kell Arellano Also post complaints on multiple consumer complaint boards, such as pissedconsumer.com .

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                    • Es
                      essara Oct 21, 2016

                      "Our flight arrived at 1:44 and the time stamped on my car rental agreement was 3:25."...
                      "it took over 1 hour to be picked up by the Budget Bus"...
                      "we had to take a number and wait another 45 to 50 minutes to get waited on"...

                      Something doesn't add up,

                      If you arrived at 1:44 and you finalised your paperwork for the car rental at 3:25. That is a total time of 1h40m.

                      So in 1h40m, your flight arrived, you got your luggage, walked out of the air port, got picked up by bus, got driven to the car park, waited in line, got a teller and did the paperwork for a car. All in 1h40mins? That actually sounds not that bad.

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                    Budget Rental Car Airporthorrible car rental service

                    This was my first and last time using budget.The whole purpose of me renting a car was to drive a couple hours away to go on a hike that we planned. We only needed a day rental and i expressed that to the agent i spoke with when booking. I arrived from tampa to denver at 12 pm. I got to budget at 12:15 pm. I stood in line for 3 hours!!! 3!!! I tried called several times to see if there was anything else we could do, go to another location etc. Well i was told that since i booked through a 3rd party no one at budget could touch the reservation...Ridiculous! Then getting in touch with the 3rd party was a nightmare as well. Several people were calling customer service and customer service was hanging up on people! Nice customer service you offer. No one was offering water or food which was the least you could do. When i finally got to the counter i expressed to the agent that my whole day was shot. I was unable to do what i had planned to do and completely wasted my day standing in line to get a car! She gave zero f***s! No apology or anything! I asked her what happened and why it was like this. All she said was that in the past 3 days they had a surge of bookings all of the sudden...Which is fine if thats the truth however...Thats usually when you plan on sending in more staff. Every single terminal should have had an associate behind it. This was completely unacceptable. The car itself was fine but i literally drove the car to get lunch, check into my hotel and then i went to return the car. Well...The location didn't have after hours, even though i was told i could drop it off at any time that day. So i had to pay for parking, thanks again. Well the next morning i turned in the car. The tank was full, the girl asked if it was and i said yes. She checked the mileage, printed out my receipt and i was charged $20 more than what i was supposed to pay. I was in shock and demanded that the charge be removed. She did remove it with attitude...Worst experience ever!

                    Don't use them!!!

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                      Budget Rental Car — hidden charges for rsn and xmr

                      Beware of RSN (Road Safety Net) and XMR hidden charges. I did not accept these optional services. I wa...

                      Budget Car Rentalbudget

                      I thought I lost the key to my trunk rental through budget, so I had to call road side assistance to seek help. Well, I found the key and called back to cancel within 30 minutes. No one from road side assistance had to come out and help because I cancelled services. They charged me $400 because they said they had to make a key for the truck rental. There is no way in hell they made a key in 30 minutes! They said they could not give me my money back and they did not notify me about taking $400 out of my account! Horrible services and piss poor customer service!

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                        Budget Car Rentalbad service

                        I booked a car through rentals from budget at heathrow. I arrived there at 23.00 to pick up the car. I supplied my confirmation Voucher plus my UK driving license, UK passport and my Credit Master Card. After 15 minis the person behind the desk refused to supply the prepaid booked car to me, due to their system could not confirm my address. I explained on my UK driving License state my home address.
                        After flying 12 hrs, with my wife and a son of 12 yrs old at 11.30 pm Budget member of staff refused everything and was rude!!! He did not even offered a phone call to get me a taxi to get home.
                        Next day I went to another branch of Budget within 5 Man's they offered a car with the same booking without any problem.
                        So please you tell me where did I went wrong. I advise everyone to avoid Budget car hiring and expect them to compensate all my expenses.

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                          Budget Car Rental — customer service, lying about insurance required

                          Similar to the other reviewers complaining about the extremely long line and dirty office, I had the worst...

                          Budget Car Rentalcar rental

                          We rented a vehicle at the airport in Tampa Fl. we had rented it off line and had everything set up to go. When we went to the service desk the lady who assisted us said you know your paying 80.00 per day for this vehicle you could save and spend 60.00 a day instead well of course we said yes lets do that. Well lesson learned the hard way Pay Attention to What You SIGN !!! it was an extra 60.00 a day because it was a bigger vehicle. She misled us big time which cost us an additional 60.00 at the end of the week. We were sick to our stomachs when we returned the car to realize this had happened. No car should cost 901.44 for less than a week.
                          We tried to resolve the matter with the staff at budget to no avail. They just kept saying you signed the contract so its on you. Yes we sure did sign it but in our defense we took the salesperson word for what she was telling us.
                          They robbed us really !!! We will never use Budget or anyone affiliated with them ever.
                          This just tells me that they have a commission to the sales people that are able to tact on without really being honest with the public. Ruby and Warner Hollowell

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                            Budget Car Rental — car rental the ldw trap

                            When renting a car in Florida, on collecting the car I got charged a huge amount of money (more than the...

                            Budget Rental Carcharge for additional driver

                            Picked up my rental car and asked if I could add an additional driver when he arrived the next day. I was told there would be no additional charge. When we stopped by the next day they wanted $100+. I was told because I had no kind of discount (AAA or Costco which I would have qualified for had I known) that there would be an additional charge. They had already charged me $449 for 8 days. They advertise $17 or $24 weekend days but just try to get that. Impossible. I spoke with 4 people at customer service and they would not budge. From now on I call this company WILL NOT BUDGET.

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                              • Ne
                                Negative Result Jun 27, 2016
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                I rented a car at Budget Rent-A-Car at Charleston SC airport through American Airlines. Everything was fine until I got home and checked my credit card statement. There was an additional charge of 50.92. I called Budget Customer Service. They stated that the charge was to top off the gas tank. I told them that I filled the tank before returning the car. I also told them that I had to fill the tank 20 miles from the airport because at 4:30 AM It was the only station opened at the time. Also when I returned the car at the airport no one was at the desk. When I checked out the car I was told someone would be at the airport check in desk at 4:30 AM, and my printed check-in instructions say to turn in the car at 5:00AM which I did. I had to leave the keys on the counter along with 2 other people who returned their cars to an empty counter. I called customer service and they told me no one is at the check in desk until 6:00AM. I got nowhere with the customer service person, so I asked to speak to a supervisor. I was put on hold for about 5 minuets and was then told the manger was to busy to speak with me. I asked for the corporate office number and was given that number. I called the corporate office, unable to connect with a person, surprise, surprise. Never again Budget, or Avis. American Airlines drop them!!!

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