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NU Car Rentals Complaints & Reviews

NU Car Rentals / car rental dispute overcharging by $60 (did not receive $23 credit as agreed)

Jun 14, 2019

Please find our letter of complaint with NuCarRental Fast Track - overcharging my credit card by $60 /// they agreed to provide me a credit of $23 (please refer to my letter of complaint to David, Manager of NU CarRentals. Look forward to your reply. Thank you. Michael Ford email...

NU Car Rentals / car rental las vegas

Jun 12, 2019

The staff was rude and nasty from the getgo. We dropped the car back off handed the key to staff behind desk. We then asked for receipt were told will email when ready. My 78 year old mother did not feel comfortable leaving without receipt..staff practically screamed well it will be done...

NU Car Rentals / customer service, vehicle maintenance

Jun 01, 2019

I have picked up my car and i have noticed the car inside interior was filthy and stained and also had a bad smell. For a rental company to give out a vehicle in that condition was unacceptable. I had called to return and switch out the car and unfortunetly they only had minivans. As i...

NU Car Rentals / rental car

May 19, 2019

I booked a rental car for an intermediate car, when I showed up to pick up the vehicle (after waiting 45 min to catch the van to the location) I was told they did not have my car. They attempted to put me in a smaller car for the same price. I asked for the next size up for the same price...

NU Car Rentals / deposit return

Jan 11, 2019

I don't know where to start! I was charged $200 instead of them holding a deposit on my credit card! First they told me it will take 7 days to be put back, then 10 days I called today which is the 11th day! And they were so damn rude! Told me to call my credit card company for a fax number...

NU Car Rentals / cancun car rentals

Dec 28, 2018

I rented a car through NU on Expedia, and when I showed up they said they didn't have a car for me. It completely messed up my vacation plans. The rental agency had my number, but did not call me. By the time they to, d me this, there were no other cars available in Cancun for the same...

NU Car Rentals / car rental in las vegas

Nov 01, 2018

Contract las-58426. My issue is the woman told me when I rented my vehicle that I didn't have to return it until 12:30 on the next day I was forced to upgrade the car just because I showed up an hour early paid more money which was supposed to be $10 for the upgrade at the end my bill wa...

NU Car Rentals / nu car rentals reservation unethical contract web page

Oct 30, 2018

I went onto Expedia web page and entered the exact dates for my car rental. Double checked the dates to make sure they were right before completing the transaction. The immediate confirmation page showed different dates. And there was no reimbursement policy. I contacted the confirmation...

NU Car Rentals / "early drop off" charge after rental

Aug 31, 2018

NuCar / ActionCar Rental added a $25 charge to my card after I returned the car. When I called the MCO facility to inquire, they ("Ray") said it was for an "Early Drop Off" charge that was in my contract. A) There is no Early Drop Off charge in the attached Terms and Conditions that wa...

NU Car Rentals / no response for a refund inquiry

Jul 23, 2018

Sir/Ma'am. I booked a car rental w/ NU Car rentals through Travelocity on 1 July 18 (1130L pick up) & was unable to use it due to or flight landing at 1pm. I called your NU branch in Miami, FL & the rep advised that they were sold out so we were not able to redeemed/use the reservation. Since it...

NU Car Rentals / nu car rental o'hare

Sep 12, 2017

On Friday 9/8 i rented a car from NU. I'm very dissatisfied for the following reasons. - 30 minute wait time for pick up at O'hare - 40 mins waiting in line at rental agency to get car. -surprise request for auto insurance verification. - no bold notification anywhere on the website does it...

NU Car Rental / Leaseway Car & Truck Rental / unfair practices

Aug 15, 2017

I rented through Car Rental, com and was able to make reservation on NU Car Rental Confirmation # 7970021498NU. To my surprise, the provided contact number on my confirmation was never answered in more than 10 times. Upon arrival at the airport I had to wait for over 40 minutes to be picked up...

NU Car Rentals / TransCanada - They steal your money

Dec 03, 2015

TransCanada and NU Car Rentals Scam companies I should have read the reviews and complaints online earlier. NU Car Rentals advertise a low rate of $11 or $13 a day online but I ended paying more than $100 ! On top of than I expected the that's the cost a full day but since I exceeded...