Aeroflot Complaints & Reviews

Aeroflot / Bad behavior of Russian employee

Oct 18, 2019

I am munish kumar.. Indian citizen.. Living in vietnam.. I go to aeroflot airline office in 39b truong son near airport... I just go there for ask about flight.. Saigon to serbia... Even I have company in serbia.. Vietnamesee staff was there.. But I didn't bring passport... But I...

Aeroflot / baggage mishandling

Sep 29, 2019

I had travelled from New Delhi to Oslo by flight no Su 233 & my Booking reference no was WDGXKL. Initially your flight was delayed from delhi by 1 hour 10 mints .So because of that we missed Connecting flight from Moscow, Which was scheduled at 10:20 am in the Morning so We have to wait...

Aeroflot / rebooking my flight due to accident

Sep 01, 2019

Aeroflot I has to travel from jfk -USA to Cairo Egypt, unfortunately I had a bus accident the day before my travel I try to contact the airline to hold my booking so I can rebook firstly they refuse but after lot of fights on phone the just make hold and ask me to submit the papers my self to the...

Aeroflot / deported from havana cuba

Jul 22, 2019

Respected sir/madam Have a good day this is vigneshkannan from India currently working in grand Cayman islands I plan to go back to India on July 10th I travelled from grand Cayman islands to Havana cuba on 11th of July my flight from Havana to Moscow I had all my documents with me first they...

Aeroflot / Missing luggage from flight no. SU2316L on 29.06.2019

Jul 02, 2019

Aeroflot Sir, We travelled from Moscow to Berlin on 29th June through AEROFLOT Russian Airlines.We departed from Moscow at19:35. But we didn't get our luggage. We gave a written complaint at the Berlin airport to ground staff but we haven't received any feedback about our misplaced luggage...

Aeroflot / Poor service

Jul 02, 2019

I have sent twice complaints about this flight to the airline with no response. They ignore the traveler hoping they will go away. Delayed flight, SU101 on March 13, 2019 from NY to Moscow departed late and arrived thirty minutes before scheduled departure of connecting flight. Rather then...

Aeroflot / poor customer service

Jun 07, 2019

I purchased 3 tickets for myself and two of my small children. Then I called Aeroflot customer service to make sure we have seats that are together with my 7, and 9 years old. My children have special needs. I spoke with an agent his name is Anthony. He was very rude and said that he can...

Aeroflot / our baggage from moscow to amsterdam flight no. su2550 is still missing

Jun 02, 2019

We have on-boarded Aeroflot flight from Delhi to Amsterdam with a layover at Moscow. Flight number are:- DEL-SVO - Aeroflot SU-235 SVO-AMS - Aeroflot SU-2550 We had 4 check-in baggage out of which we have got 2 and rest 2 pieces of baggage are missing. baggage numbers are:- 1. 3555 SU...

Aeroflot / baggage services

May 31, 2019

Aeroflot This is to bring in your notice that I traveled to Paris from New Delhi on 09-May-19 via Aeroflot Airline and on arrival in Paris I found that my baggage was broken. I visited the ALYZIA helpdesk and they created a claim report for it. The actual claim amount was 65 euros and the airline...

Aeroflot / lost luggage

Apr 23, 2019

The lost my bag where i arrived in Uzbeckastain and foud my bag 12 hours later. I had to get up out the hotel bed and travel back to airport to pick up luggage. On the way back to the states the lost my bad from Russia to JFK. I came home 4/21 and its 4/23 and noone has seen my bag or even...

Aeroflot / irrational behaviour of a service crew member.

Apr 18, 2019

I was travelling with my wife and a 1 yr old baby from Brussels to Moscow on 17/4/19. I asked for a basic essential element, a glass of water to make milk for my baby. A crew member (Male air hostess) named AFGENY was so rude like a racist, on asking he bluntly denied. Had to ask other...

Aeroflot / poor customer service/ poor response

Mar 06, 2019

I had a flight on the on 17/01/19 from CAI to LAX and on 19/02/19 from LAX to CAI, unfortunately I had an accident on the 16/01/19 and My ankle was broken, I couldn't reach my flight. I contacted the sales office in Cairo, they said it's not there issue and we have to do it on the website...

Aeroflot / flight cancelled

Feb 09, 2019

On the 5th of january, 2019 our Aeroflot flight Bucharest - Moscow was cancelled. Was rescheduled until next day afternoon. Flight RO9205. It was 4 of us: me, my husband, my sister and her daughter. We lost our next flight that we were suppose to take in the morning on the 5th of january...

Aeroflot / no boarding announcement caused us to miss flight!

Jan 21, 2019

Aeroflot We missed our flight to Athens due to Aeroflot's despicable customer service at the airport in Russia, on January 3, 2019, flight SU2110, party of three. We arrived at the Russian airport from NYC for a connection with final destination to Athens. We Arrived at the Russian airport with...

Aeroflot / irresponsible behavior of the aeroflot members

Jan 09, 2019

Hello, My name is Goldman Levin Zhanna Channa, Address: 46/1 Morgentau st, Jeruisalem Israel M: [protected] e-mail: janna. levin.[protected] On 20.12.18 me together with my husband Goldman Andrei and two our children: Adel Goldman and Osnat Levin took a connected flight from TLVNY...

Aeroflot / staff

Dec 16, 2018

Hello, I would like to launch a complaint towards a member of your staff in terminal D. I had a flight with you from Male (321) which was delayed so long that my connection flight to Amsterdam left just as we arrived. I got moved to a flight this morning and told I would get a hotel for...

Aeroflot / insufficient compensation for damaged baggage

Dec 01, 2018

Aeroflot SUBJECT: DAMAGED LUGGAGE REPORT NO: TLVSU46206 FLIGHT:SU101/29 OCT 2018 & SU502 29 OCT 2018 TRAVEL: FROM JFK- NY TO TELAVIV BENGURION AIRPORT PASSANGER NAME: MR.METIN SOREF Dear sir/madam: I had a very bad incident with Aeroflot on Oct 29 on my flight from JFK newyork SU 101 to Telaviv...

Aeroflot / chick in luggage

Nov 21, 2018

I sri souvick sen travelled from geneva to delhi with my wife amrita joydeep ghose on 21.11.2018 in flight number su2381n and su232n. When I landed in delhi the officials told me that my luggage has not been delivered to delhi airport so after filling in the required address and custom...

Aeroflot / provide a wrong information to customers

Oct 21, 2018

24 июня мной были приобретены 2 билета на имена : Lubov Farberov, Michael Farberov на рейсы компании Аэрофлот: Aeroflot 122 SVO to JFK Oct 7, 7:50 PM Order ID: O-2B679700 Airline Record Locator(s): WXQWPR (SU) Depart Arive Stops Travel time 7:10 PM JFK -> SVO 11:20 AM 0 9h...

Aeroflot / damaged luggage and missing potable locks from my two stroller

Oct 21, 2018

I am Akansha Verma from India. I flew from you airline on 16th October, 18 from IGI airport, New Delhi to Berlin schonefeld. The flight no was SVO SU 233 and SXF SU 2318. Ticket enclosed. When I received my strollers (VIP & safari) at Berlin in damages condition & potable TSA both lock...

Aeroflot / baggage broken, damaged and items lost.

Oct 01, 2018

Aeroflot I flew to SVO from Delhi on October 1 2018 by flight no SU233. My name is Achyut Prasad Wagle. First, the lady at check in didn't behave that is generally expected from hospitality industry. I handed over a properly locked bag with a small padlock. But when I received it at SVO the bag wa...

Aeroflot / double charge for wrong sold tickets

Sep 13, 2018

I bought round tickets for my sons 6 and 8 y.o. to Moscow and back to New York. I was flying with my kids to Moscow on June 2017. I returned back to New York on July, 9 2017. My sons were supposed to come back along on September, 6 2017. All tickets were sold by Aeroflot through travel...

Aeroflot / ground staff kanchan; check in procedure

Sep 03, 2018

To whom it may concern, This is in regard to my flight from Delhi to Moscow on 14th August Aeroflot 1:30am. We came across one of your ground staff who did our check in named KANCHAN. Extremely rude, disrespectful, made us lose our batter back ups, didn't inform us to remove them from...

Aeroflot / lost baggage and customer service

Aug 10, 2018

My son luggage got lost on the way to JFK. His tickets was an transit from Chelyabinsk to Moscow to JFK to Portland, tags on bags was put through only to JFK by some mistake that Aeroflot made.Bag was lost somewhere in Moscow and it is missing for 5 days, when I call to ask about update...

Aeroflot / issuance of a ticket with an mct (minimum connection time) not achievable

Aug 09, 2018

It appears that other than flights via Moscow, all flights at an intermediary airport, bags must be retrieved from arrivals and rechecked in for the next flight. On the 7th August, my wife, 63 and not able to walk fast was advised at Barcelona airport that she would have retrieve her bag...

Aeroflot / problems with delayed flight

Jul 20, 2018

My name is Alina Tusheva and my husband and I had horrible experience traveling with Aeroflot. Our flight SU100 Moscow-New York on July 18th was delayed for 6 hours. Having another flight after that we knew we wouldn't make it. Once we got to JFK New York we found that our luggage wa...

Aeroflot / disrespectful and humiliating behavior

Jul 02, 2018

To whom it may concern, My name is Noa Gibson. Earlier this year I flew on Aeroflot with a guitar and was permitted to bring it on board where it was stored by the crew, since it didn't have a hard case. On may 13th, to get information before booking my flight to Israel, I called the...

Aeroflot / hand luggage

May 31, 2018

Dear Sir/Madam I am Argine Aleksanyan and I was traveling on 28/05/2018 on flight SU1861 from Yerevan to London via Moscow and I just can't tell the level of frustration and humiliation I have endured at the Aeroflot check-in counter in Zvartnots airport. As usual, I was about to...

Aeroflot / unable to cancel flight due to my father having a stroke and not able to fly at all

May 10, 2018

Aeroflot Tickets bought for 2 ways. Multiple attempts to reach customer service resulted in no decision. Aeroflot will not return money period. Before they cancelled my fathers flight and switched it to another day even though he has 3 plains to change. Not did they provide room (I had to paid out...

Aeroflot / bad seats / flight from phuket to moscow

May 09, 2018

Seats number 28. Just before toilets and no reclinable seats.. Over 10 hours flight... There were other two free seats but the hostess didn't manage well the situation and we couldn't change our place to have a normal flight like the other passengers. We paid our tickets (4...

Aeroflot / airline didn't act fairly

May 01, 2018

I booked a ticket with Aeroflot because I was going for my Jewish holiday of purim. I chose this flight because I have a father of 4 and didn't want to leave my wife for too long. I left Feb 27 iflight Su 0101 was scheduled to leave at 2:20pm arrive in Moscow at 7:10am on Feb 28. Then we...

Aeroflot / baggage delayed and broken when received in madrid as well as india

May 01, 2018

My recent encounter with aeroflot has been pathetic. I had a flight on 14th April 2018 to Madrid via Moscow . On reaching Madrid, one of my baggage which had all essentials didnt reach on time. The ground staff (most casual) told me that bags in moscow and will be delivered tomorrow around...

Aeroflot / bad service and rude behave

Apr 22, 2018

On 31st march at 05:10 I and my wife had flight to London through Moscow. But I couldn't fly because of time shift supervisor. Officially we had 46 (23+23) kg right for baggage and 10 kg per person hand baggage, my cabin baggage was approximately 5 or 6 kg and fitted to the case. The...

Aeroflot / vandalism by aeroflot

Apr 13, 2018

I travel with Aeroflot on April 6 from DXB to SVO and JFK final destination. I paid Comfort Class fue I'm pregnant and wanted a better comfort for my back aches anyhow when first meal start passing the flight attendant asked me what do I wanted chicken or fish. I can not eat fish...

Aeroflot / unethical, humiliating and discriminating behaviour

Mar 29, 2018

On 28 March, On my return flight from Tehran to London, the flight number SU 2580, when I wanted to check in with the boarding desk, the lady who checked the passport and the ticket for boarding, had a very disturbing, irrespecutful, and embarrassing behaviour with me in front of all other...

Aeroflot / jfk check-in staff and supervisor

Mar 03, 2018

Flight 103 from JFK to Moscow, on March 1, 2018. An African-American woman was checking us in, and started measuring all of our bags with a tape and, trying hard to press on the surface of the carry-on bag so that it would be too wide. But what shocked us was that she would let some people...

Aeroflot / luggage lost and local staff attitude

Feb 27, 2018

On 9th february 2018 I flew from amsterdam to hanoi with aeroflot with flight number respectively su 2551 and su 0290, I arrived and was announced that my luggage was not placed in the plane in time so I would get it back at my door the next day. I filled in the form and waited and the...

Aeroflot / incompetent people - transfer desk

Feb 10, 2018

Aeroflot My name is david troiss aeroflot number [protected] - membership since 12 years. I and my collegue mr. Tomasz brys arrived with a delay with flight su235 10.02.2018 from delhi to moscow with a delay at 10:00 o´clock moscow time. We arrived the transfer desk at 10:10 o´clock asking for gate...

Aeroflot / airline delay

Jan 26, 2018

Good afternoon! My name is [name removed] and I want to complain about my flight (from Moscow Sheremetevo to Bucharest, Otopeni) which has been delayed for more than 7 hours: 25 JAN.2018, SU2034N at 9:10. The supposed time of arrival in Romania was 11:25, and I have arrived at 18:10 local...

Aeroflot / the worst airline – they will do everything possible to rip you off

Jan 18, 2018

My boyfriend and I had bought our tickets from Aeroflot to head back to France from our long stay in China, both of us payed for two pieces of checked-in luggage each. His flight left four hours after mine, so he was not in the terminal until sometime later. We both ride...