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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved seating/fairness

As a normal Business Class passenger without a Loyalty Card or with a Loyalty card (Executive Club) with low Status (Blue ) - British Airways only allows seating on their HIGHEST prices not their Discounted prices. While I understand this for economy Class, , I DONT for Business Class. Anyone who is paying today's fares should have access to their preference if available being Aisle or Window. British Airways don't want to make their product fully available to anyone but their Frequent Flyers. They trap their Frequent flyer by little room to use their miles so it is a very smart way of collecting high yield by use of force in the way explained earlier. It is a Disgrace for an Airline who used to Fly to Serve! I hope to see the end of this airline one day as it is New Age Imperialism that makes an airline like this too big for it's boots and a disgusting attitude toward travel agents too. Better On a Camel is better than this Bloody Awful English Airline.

group bookings

Back in August 2011, I made a group travel booking (10 people), with British Airways (London-Las Vegas), for June 2012, for which I paid a 10% deposit (the remaining amount is due 26 March 2012).

The company then required that I booked the other leg of the trip (Lisbon-London) separately, seen that "only" 9 of us are completing that leg and the group bookings are for 10+ people. (I did so, and straight away paid 100% of the cost of those flights).

On 11 Mar 2012, one of the group members had to cancel.
We contacted BA and informed them of the cancellation, assuming that the passenger, as per the terms & conditions, would loose its own deposit.
They informed us that, seen that we would not be 10 anymore, but 9, we would lose ALL the deposits, so our best option would be to find a replacement passenger.
We weren't happy with this obligation, but we managed to find another passenger to join the group.
They now seem to have processed the name change, for the LON-VEG flight only, but refuse to do the same name change in the LIS-LON flight.

I understand that the conditions for a regular booking (non-group booking) don't allow name changes.
However, seen that this is a group of 10, that both flights are, in the end, part of the same trip, and that the name change is only required because BA themselves asked us to find a replacement, I strongly believe that BA should make an exception (which they can make, as long as they decide to).
I have tried contacting BA in several ways (groups department, reservations, customer service, Lisbon airport office) and none of these helped me or even accepted an escalation to a manager.
This is meaningless for the company, but a big customer dissatisfaction issue for me.
I'd like to see someone look at this holistically and feel that I'm treated as a person/passenger/customer, not just a booking reference.

In case this is not resolved, I am now looking at competitors options and considering cancelling this with BA (10, 000 £ business loss), plus never traveling with BA (which I do, at least 3 times a year), plus advising the approximately 50 guests, that are traveling LON-LIS this summer, for an event I'm organizing, to use another airline.


had to change flight owing to demise in family

Had two tickets issued Nassau-London Heathrow unfortunately owing to the demise of a close relative had to change departure date to attend funeral. advanced the flight by 6-days. Requested BA should refund the cost of issuing new tickets nothing more, two tickets under US$400.00. Their response basically offering condolences and no refund.

Resolved no meal

I traveled on 23rd Dec 2012 through British Airways from London Heathrow to New Delhi from flight No BA0143.
I am Pure Vegetarian Hindu person. I preferred Hindu Vegetarian meal in the itenary.
But the crew member rudely just put non vegetarian meal on my seat and did not inform me.
Fortunately I checked that it is non vegetarian meal, so I asked to change it. But crew staff told me that there is not any type of veg food available in the flight.
When I raised complaint through their customer relations they even did not give any compensation for that. I was feeling hungry for 12 hours. I did not get any food since morning in London till late night in Delhi.

  • Om
    OmParkash Chaudhary Sep 23, 2013

    hi, I was on the same plan and one the same date.
    Same thing happened to me as well and am also pure veg. Secondly this plan was delayed more than four hours and when I wrote to BA they say it's due to aircraft damage, so they can't compensate. Now I will fight case through my solicitor. I will leave BA. they really really bad in service.

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credit card fraud

My husband checked our bank account on Friday morning, before we were due to leave town. A little while later, deciding to pay a bill before we left, he logged in again. Imagine our horror to discover that someone in LONDON used our debit card to buy airline tickets in excess of $1100! As it was still a "pending" transaction, Chase bank told us to call British Airways to stop the charge. They were the rudest, most ignorant, disrespectful idiots I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with. Did you know that without the flight number, they can't/won't fix any problems? Since I did not purchase the ticket, how would I have the flight number? I also have proof I was NOT in London to purchase the tickets! I was at work in Oklahoma City!!! So now I have to wait, while someone is trying to destroy my credit.

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Resolved wine bottles fall and split my head open

having loaded our overhead lockers and taken our seats the BA stewardess decided to move around stuff in the overhead lockers - against our suggestion she put wine bottles in first then a bag she did the opposite, when the plane took off from Singapore to London the wine fell out
and struck me on the head cutting my head open, lots of blood and mess -- stewards were great i suppose realising the trouble they could be in, however no upgrade or anything mentioned, i did not even receive a report or any thing once id left the plane --disgraceful

stay away

From BRITISH AIRWAYS PROMO <[protected]@googlemail.com>
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This is to inform you that your e-mail address which was picked through a wheel of fortune selection won a total prize of £350, 000.00 (Three hundred and Fifty Thousand Pounds Sterling)

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This is a legitimate Company and your e-mail provider supplies us with e-mail addresses of their subscribers which we randomly select two (2) e-mail addresses monthly.

To claim this prize,

Fill and send to our officer with the details below to start your claim process.

Full name:
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Officer's Name: Mr. Mike Cook.
E-Mail: [protected]@hotmail.com
Phone number: +[protected](forwarding number)

Dr. Christopher Gate.

Resolved disgraceful customer service

A cautionary tale and note of assistance to all those who have suffered the misfortune of travelling with British Airways and experiencing their unique brand of so-called Customer Service:

BA are an unmitigated disgrace when it comes to customer service and they totally ruined our wedding and honeymoon travel.

My wife and I suffered an appalling trip at the hands of this company and Mr Keith Williams, CEO, and his management could not be more disinterested.

We suffered rubbish on the floor, rude and ignorant BA staff and no food in the Lounge at Gatwick. We had no working entertainment screens, broken seat tables, faulty seat controls, rude and ignorant cabin crew, burned food, an hour wait for dinner and another hour delay being served at breakfast; not to mention the insects, yes, insects, in the seat arm compartment. All this in First Class.

I suggest writing to the following in the hope you have better success than we did. We found emailing them daily was the fastest way to elicit a response. Start with an email to Mr Williams, copied to all. That should provide some response. Good luck.


  • Jo
    JonnyGoLightly Jan 30, 2013

    Yes, British Airways customer service is appalling. My wife contacted them because on the 'help' (that's a laugh!) page about carrycots there are two buttons; “ Choose your seat in Manage My Booking ” and “ Reserve your infant's carrycot in Manage My Booking ”. However, the button to reserve a carrycot doesn't take the user to the place where a carrycot can be reserved. The 'customer service' told my wife that by reserving a carrycot position a carrycot was automatically reserved. When my wife pointed out that on the 'help' page there are two separate buttons, one for the seat booking and one for the carrycot reservation, they replied saying 'the help page clearly states that booking a carrycot position means a carrycot is automatically reserved' - if it was 'clear' then my wife wouldn't have been contacting them!!! Appalling, and not what BA used to be.

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  • By
    B Young Jun 25, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Tried to change the date of my ticket due to illness. £30 in calls because I am assuming the call centre is in India, passed from one department to another, an hour in total for the first call and another hour for the second call from outside the UK. Why does BA fly the flag but not have their call centre in the UK????

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  • 34
    343GS Aug 30, 2014

    BA does have a call centre in the UK, several in fact. You don't know what you are talking about.

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  • St
    Stewart Crawford Feb 05, 2019
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This company is a complete disgrace I have waited 3 weeks to get a response and all they said was sorry is there anything else I can help you with, what a load of BOLLOCKS this is .

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Resolved ba and chase credit card

British Airways, along with Chase Credit Card Company has misled the American Public with false advertising for their credit card. Here is the evidence:

1. www.chase.com/britishairways is the URL for the credit card that British Airways is advertising.

2. A few months ago, their advertisement stated that if you subscribe to the card (which costs $95 a year); and spend a $ 5000 in 2 months - you would be entitled to a free ticket worth 25, 000 miles.

3. I subscribed to the card and spent the required amount of money. I received an email from Chase informing me that I am now entitled to this ticket.

4. My girlfriend did the same thing and subscribed to her own card.

5. When we went to procure the "free" ticket, we were horrified to find out that BA had added $ 528.84 for taxes and 'fees'.

6. An economy class ticket on BA to London from Washington Dulles travelling in November 2011, was being quoted at approx. $ 720 on various websites including their British Airways. Those included all fees and taxes.

7. This then meant that the "free" ticket's value for getting their card, was actually less than $ 200 and after you deduct the cost of the card at $ 95 - the actual value of their ‘free’ ticket was $ 105.

8. In order to then 'select' a seat, which is normally standard for all airlines at no additional cost (including BA on their site) – because this was a ‘free’ ticket I had to pay an additional $ 60 for the seat!
9. So, the net savings for the "free" ticket that BA was advertising ended up at a whopping $ 45!!

If there was ever a false advertising and an intentional misleading of the public - this is a great example. This is a rip off and they need to be stopped.

  • In
    intellex58 Jul 25, 2011

    Do the world a favor, go out and get sterilized you are to dumb to procreate.

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Resolved heathrow transfers - lost baggage

Our issues center on Heathrow Terminal 3 to Terminal 5 transits, lost luggage, rushing long distances and poor assistance with wheelchair/special needs.

From our experience, we are concerned that the Olympics in 2012 will be a shambles, for anybody transiting through Heathrow. Our holiday was ruined by the fact that our baggage did not make the flight on both legs of our journey. BA should not permit bookings with less than a two hour transit, especially with baggage transfers through Terminals 3 and 5. On the onward journey, our schedule gave us an hour and a half to get to the Terminal 5 gate for Rome, but the flight was delayed by 10 minutes and there were additional delays in getting to the aerobridge due to congestion, which effectively left us with less than an hour to get there, including waiting for the bus, train and walking long distances. (I had contacted the cabin crew an hour prior to landing to see if we could move nearer to the front for landing, but they assured us that we'd have plenty of time.)

I literally had to run to make the next flight. My wife could not run for medical reasons, and I had to ask the ground crew to wait for her. The amount of walking involved was unrealistic after a long-haul flight of this kind. To make matters worse, our baggage did not make it to Rome, and as a result, we had to wait in the airport for the next flight, which was effectively a 3 hour delay. This meant that we missed our excursions for the day.

We wanted to avoid the same experience on the return trip. We had planned a short break in Singapore and we wanted to avoid our baggage being delayed again, so we tried to call BA. It was impossible to get through on several occasions. We contacted our travel Agents, Flight Center who told us that BA would not change the Aberdeen flight to an earlier flight without paying about 210 Pounds Sterling from memory, as 90 minutes was considered sufficient time for the transfer. We decided to take the chance, but ordered a wheelchair for my wife to avoid the stress (she has cancer) of a repeat rush between the terminals. The check-in staff at Aberdeen Airport were very helpful. They advised us that we would be met at Heathrow with a wheelchair and they even gave us a seat near the front to avoid delays in getting off the flight. While we were booking in our baggage, the check-in person told us that there was an alarm that stated that our baggage could only be checked through to Heathrow because the transit time was too short. She made a phone call and was told to check it through to Singapore anyway. We told her that we had made every effort to get an earlier flight, but was advised that we had plenty of time.

We got to Heathrow exactly on schedule but there was nobody to meet us. We walked to the information desk near the gate and they advised us to wait at the seats for a wheel chair, explaining how tight our connection was. 12 minutes later, one of the air hostesses came up to us and gave us a wheel chair and told us to hurry or we'd miss our flight. The attendant at the customer service desk told us that he had phoned through to Terminal 3 and that there would be somebody waiting for us. When we got to Terminal 3, we checked at the Special Assistance desk after getting off the bus. Nobody knew about us, and they had to organise a wheel chair. This took another 8 minutes. By the time we got through security, we only just made our flight, only 5 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

When we got to Singapore, we waited for our baggage. It hadn't made it (no surprises there) and we contacted the lost baggage department. They were extremely efficient. Apparently, this is a daily issue with Heathrow, and there were approximately 12 people with the same problem. It appeared that most (possibly all) had transited through Heathrow. They assured us that our bags would arrive the next morning. They actually arrived at our hotel room at 10:30pm the following night, and we had two nights in Singapore, so effectively we had them for the day we were checking out. My wife has a fuller figure, and it's almost impossible to get swim-wear for her in Singapore, especially with the 35 pounds we were given. We booked in to the Marina Sands Hotel, and one of the attractions was the infinity edge swimming pool on the roof. My wife never got to use that because of the baggage delays and the fact that she slept in on the final day.

So we're really not very happy with BA at the moment. The service on the flight was also mediocre. The highlight was the last leg to Australia, and the service was much better on this leg. It was a Qantas code share.

To end on a positive note, BA's coffee improved dramatically between the outgoing and return flights. On the outgoing flight, it tasted a bit like a mild detergent solution. It was the worst beverage described as coffee that I'd ever drunk.

Resolved racism

Dear Sirs,
This is to report to your company an unexpected, outrageous, unreasonable, antisocial behavour of a member of your staff and this is of lady Shilta Hill at JFK airport on the 1st of May, 2011. It is true that only one ugly, arrogant, rude impolite “professional” is needed to spoil the good image of British Airways and to make two passengers unhappy. The said lady was responsible at the final boarding point for flight number BA flying from New York to London Heathrow.

We were ready to get on board, my wife has already gone through and lady Hill has decided that my bag was not of the right size. This is the bag that I brought all the way from Cyprus, through London Heathrow, to New York, to Miami and back to New York. She looked at my passport and she whispered (ha Cyprus) and she got furious. She was shouting and yelling and pointing at us as if she was an army commander. I guess it was her colonist syndrome.

I consider this as a personal humiliation and a clear case of racism as the lady continued on her temper and started threatening and blackmailing us that she would live us behind.
I do not care...
This is my flight (…I have the power.. I do whatever I want… you bloody foreigner..you bloody Cypriot, .. this is how she sounded in my ears)
I know immediately when I see a bag..
I will send you back..
You have to pay now..
Sit there..

I have politely explained to her that we have checked in, properly and the gentleman at the checking point was satisfied. He has actually twice checked our bags and he was fully satisfied. I have suggested to her to talk to the gentlemen and she agreed to call him upstairs to confirm that this was the case.

I have also explained to her that the bag fits perfectly in the measuring box, it was only because we bough a couple of duty free items and a bottle of water that made the bag look a little bit baggy but she kept shouting.

As an old client of British airways I felt so much humiliated especially when she was weaving her hand towards me like I was a school child.

I will certainly wait for your response, after you “thoroughly” investigate the case, I keep names of other passengers who were there when the lady was performing and demonstrating her power and I reserve my rights as the case is a real case of discrimination and racism but it is also a case of humiliating somebody because.

I have explained to the lady that I had a surgery a few days ago and I was not allowed to lift any weight and BIG bags so that I could show her that the bag fits perfectly okay in the box but the gentlemen downstairs have checked that already but she kept shouting, I could not go n with her as she used her POWER to blackmail me.
Looking forward to reply
Best regards
Panteleimon Makris

Resolved no seatbelt no kindness

British Airways 680 Class S on Tue, 15DEC2009 at 16:20
You all know these guys! They'r rude, not gentle! Don't even think about to fly with them, you'll regret it...
They were 1-2 hours late.When I got into the plane, I saw that there was no seatbelt on my seat! Even they had 2 extra hours for maintenance, I couldn't manage the check seats! And when I told them this, they replied me it'd take extra half an hour to change it or I'd change my seat. They behaved like it was not their responsibility! At the end of course I had to change my seat...

Resolved hazels incurred owing to cancellation of the flight

we three passengers 1)venkatachalam k.v. dr.ticket code no5L5MEH2)mrs vidya venkatachalam.ticket code 5L5MEH3)IYER JAYASHREE MS ticket code no 7DXB3P were to travel by BA 198 on 11th may 2011.our flight was taken off at 1.20 pm at mumbai airport.after 2 hours of running in the runway we were informed the owing to technical faults we shall be taken back to mumbai airport.after 3hours of frustating wait we were served a very mediocre food of sndwiches and maaza &potato chips.they didnt try to put us into next flight of air india with the excuse the flight was full.eventhough business class tickets were available.then they announced that there no flight available overnight.we were all put in a hotel for a overnight stay.nextday morning we were called to mumbai airport and british airways people dumped us in the kingfisher airlines fight IT 0007 departing at 1 pm.our baggages were cheked in throughout to edinburgh the connecting flight being BA1462 from london to edinburgh.but we were not given the boarding pass of the flight BA1462.we reached london when we reached the departure of flight ba 1462, we were informed that our reservation were not conformed and the flight is overbooked and they refused any seat in the flight and we were given the next flight on nextday 13th may 2011 morning 6.30 am flight ba1432.we were asked to claim our baggage.but the baggage was already transferred tothe storeand we were again denied the delivery of the baggages.so we were without any spare clothes etc we were put in a very lousy hotel ibis overnight.we had to refresh ourselves next day morning without any spare clothes and necessary essentials.then we travelled by the light ba 1432.inshort these are the hazels and great difficulties we had to face because of british airways faults.we request you assess and consider the said complaints and pay us proper compensation.
DR venkatachalam k.v.
mrs vidya venkatachalam.
ms iyer jayashree.
my email id is [protected]@hotmail.com kindly reply me.

Resolved misleading website ticket booking

I recently booked a flight for my 87 year old infirm Mother to travel to London Heathrow from Malaga on 20th May. I selected Departure and Destination airports by name and was delivered a list of flights one of which I booked. I checked the price and details and time and paid. I noticed a couple of days ago on one of their reminder emails that the flight was indeed going to London Gatwick not London Heathrow. I went to the website and made another selection using the same criteria as normally if there is no routing from one place to another there is no option to select flights. However on BA's website you ask for London Heathrow and they give you flights to Gatwick! I called customer services to see what could be done but they told me they don't fly Malaga to Heathrow anymore and haven' for 3 months - I asked why there was still an option for Heathrow from Malaga and why they gave back flights to another airport? I was not given a satisfactory answer, told I could change the time of the flight but would have to pay £150 on top of the £105 I have already paid for the flight. Their customer services rep was officious and unhelpful and told me his senior manager had told me to tell him that he would only say the same and on that basis would not come to the phone. At least they could change the flight to earlier in the day without charge for an elderly and frail person! The current flight arrives at 8pm (equivalent to 9pm Malaga time) and the journey is over an hour back to where she lives. I think it is a disgrace.

  • An
    angus whitty May 08, 2012

    On the 07 05 2012 I experienced almost exactly the same situation as you. I took screenshots on my computer of the process by which when you book a seat from Heathrow on the British Airways Website to a city in Europe, in my case France - although it clearly shows you have selected departure airport as Heathrow and then confirms this on several subsequent pages, it then later includes flights departing from Gatwick. It is extremely misleading because at this stage you have no reason to expect that any other flights other than from Heathrow will be listed. Like you I later found out (in my case as soon as I had the flights confirmed, which was a matter of minutes only) that my ticket was leaving from Gatwick. immediately I began the process of trying to get them to change the booking back to heathrow. i kept all my correspondence with them - which is many pages and many attempts using different access routes to BA. Athough the flights from Heathrow were listed on their site (out and return) as only £10 more than the flights from Gatwck I was expected to pay almost £100 on top of what I had already paid for this journey. As of now they still haven't done anything about it. It is impossible to get proper communication with BA - they have built a fortress of non-communication.


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Resolved denial of entry to flight

I am an Indian citizen and I booked a flight on British Airways.com for a return trip from Rio de Janeiro-via Sao Paolo- via London Heathrow-to Dubai on 11 May 2011. The local airline from Rio to Sao Paolo was on Tam airways. I got my 2 suitcases checked in all the way to Dubai at Terminal 2 of GIG (Rio) airport. At the gate (31), I was not allowed to board because the gate agent said that I needed a UK Transit Visa to make the 3 hour stopover in London. The agent at the check in didn't tell me that. I was told to wait while the flight left.
No where does BA state that a transit visa is required, not on their website before or after making my booking and they took my credit card payment, not in the e-Ticket, not in the email they sent at purchase, not in the email they sent 1 day prior. They can read out their tailor-made response that it is the responsibility of the customer to get the required "travel documents" but that does not mean visa. I have made the trip of Dubai to USA a dozen times, via London, Frankfurt, Paris, Amsterdam and no one required a transit visa (Tv), not even in London. So, how is one to know that the Tv is required for non US/Canada flights? How is one to know that US/Canada is special while the other countries are not treated specially?
Should not BA inform their customers that there is a possibility that a Tv is required for UK? Even on the BA website, they only tell you that you need visas for the final destination (on their page where you can enter port of entry/exit and citizenship.)
I was not the only one who was fooled by BA. There were 2 others at Rio airport on their way to India who were denied entry to the flight. They were merchant marines and their company had booked them the flight. So BA fooled a company involved in travel and shipment, not just individuals who didn't know all the laws of the UK.
When my wife called, they say that an "Alexander" apparently called and asked for passport information on the 9th. We didn't call BA or never received a call from BA. This is a lie that they fabricated and has posted on their customer case file, to be able to later claim that they did their part. Why didn't they just send me an email about the visa, after all they sent me an email saying "We are looking forward to welcoming you onboard flight BA0246 from Sao Paulo (Guarulhos) Terminal 1 on 11 May 2011 at 16:15."
If I had known that BA required me to get a Tv, I would not have chosen BA. So BA hiding information makes them a liar and a thief because they are deceiving customers into buying their tickets and then not refunding their money after being denied service.
TAM agents gave me the run around. First one said that she will help put me on a Rio-Sao Paolo-Johannesburg-Dubai flight. Then she stated that she cannot do it for free, I'll just have to purchase the new ticket. They also told me to go to BA counter in Terminal 1 from Terminal 2 where TAM is at. Guess what? No one at BA counter, because they only work a few hours during the day when they have a flight out of Rio.
If you call BA on the phone and you get to be put on hold. They only work 9am to 6pm.
If you go to purchase a visa from the links on BA website, they send you to WorldBridge Service, owned by CSC Computer Sciences Corp, some big corp in bed with the British Government. This is just a way for the British Government to fleece passengers using a service that they already paid for, passengers who are just passing through their airports without staying, when they have already paid all the fees. They fleece and inconvenience passengers by putting them through more bureaucracies when all they are doing is trying to go from A to B and don't care about UK or stopping over there.
I called today (12 May) and talked to Constantine with a German accent (BA customer service is out of Germany) and after wasting my time, he finally transferred me to Christine Dujour, the Supervisor. After much arguing back and forth and her repeating the party line printed out for her, she said that she refuses to give me the refund. She can refund the airport tax minus the $30 service fee. She behaved very unempathetic and unsympathetic the whole time. It is almost like talking to a robot.
I am cancelling the payment on my Visa credit card for this purchase because I feel as a customer that BA lied to me, failed to give me a service for something I paid for, withheld information from me which they had the responsibility to do.

Resolved delays

We were booked on Comair/ BA 6292 on March 26 2011 from Livingstone to Johannesburg. When we checked in no comment was made on a delay. After the SAA flight from Livingstone to Jnb had departed we were told that the flight would be three hours late in arriving. To cut a very long story short, the plane did not arrive for nearly five hours, we boarded a Kulula flight which had NO FOOD on board, we had not been offered one single thing to eat or drink by BA groundstaff, they had volunteered no information on the delay nor the whereabouts of the plane. My children had by that time gone for nearly 12 hours with no food- there was nothing to eat at the airport and over 100 people waiting for the plane. By the time it turned up, via Victoria Falls in Zim, we were all worried about missing our overseas connections. The (unpleasant) flight crew told us arrangements had been made to expedite our baggage at OR Tambo but on arrival we were not even parked at a gate- we were stranded taking a bus to the terminal. By the time I got to the in transit desk the SAA agent gave me boarding passes (I am an elite flyer with the Star Alliance) but told me that if my husband did not hurry to book in the luggage we would miss the flight. The luggage took half an hour to come by which time we had missed the last boarding call. SAA at that point said it was up to BA to sort us out. We went with the agent to the BA ticketing counter where upon we were told we would get "nothing" and that their obligation to us had ended when we got off the plane! She rudely said we should have been given vouchers by the ground crew in Livingstone! By that time we had missed our connection to London and our ongoing flight to Canada. I have written to COMAIR with no response, written to BA to ask for a document to send to my insurance company for us to make a claim for the $1, 600 it cost us to spend a day in a dreary airport hotel in Johannesburg with three tired children. Shame on you BA, never again. I will stick with the Star Alliance and wish I had made the connection with SAA.

  • Mu
    Murate Jan 18, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    With regards to my compliant logged on 4th of FEB 2010, I was asked to mail a lady by the name of Tessa Enslin my claim form that I needed to fill in. Two months have passed and I have not received feedback from her . I sent her a mail for feedback on the 2502 and got no reply . All I can say is British Airways ***** !!!

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ba fail to supply oxygen 3 times.

British Airways Plc.,
PO Box 5619, (S506)
Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2PG UK.
Tel.: [protected]
Fax. : [protected]

British Airways Plc Ref: 7481917

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dear Madam.

Thank you for answering on behalf of Mr. Willie Walsh.

I arrived at Calgary airport 27th May 2009 after supplying oxygen request forms exactly as requestedand British Airways Plc. The form was co signed by my Medical Doctor as requested.

British Airways Plc. let me go in to the airport lounge duty free area.

Staff then refused to fly me, asked me to get another form signed for a lesser oxygen level than 4 litres per minute.

I was then told by British Airways Plc staff that may fly me the next day?

I had no choice I went on another airline with Bacteria masks flew over 9 hours using face masks which caused me great stress.

I flew again with British Airways Plc. on 13th September 2009 again form filled for 2 liter flow oxygen.

Oxygen supplied on that flight was not sufficient to fullfill the 9.5 hour flight.

On 13th September 2009 there was only only one bottle of oxygen was supplied for 9 flight.

On 29th September 2009 flying with British Airways Plc. again only one bottle of oxygen supplied for the 9 hour flight.

Previously letters asked for assurances from Mr Willie Walsh that my needs would be fulfilled was not met or to be.

So lack of response in letters was the very least of my issues with British Airways Plc.

I have reported to the airline authorities at both Heathrow and at Calgary that British Airways Plc. failed me badly.

No response no change.

As a disabled person with peak flow less than 220 with Asthma COPD Bronchitis and low immune system.

British Airways Plc. has failed to meet my needs as a fair paying passenger and as a disabled person.

British Airways Plc. staff knew on the very first flight I was flying to my mother’s side afetr she had a stroke.

So lack of caring letters, is it about the 1100.00 CAD I paid for the alternative flight British Airways Plc. refused to fly me on?

Is it about the fair I paid British Airways Plc. to take me safety and consideration to the UK. and they did nto fullfillt heri contract with me.

I wrote letters in hope that British Airways Plc. would make sure they never put another person through that hell.

Can you imagine how much stress lack of oxygen can cause an oxygen deficient customer who is in need of it?

British Airways Plc. not accepting responability is weak company hiding in theri fear and thinking prestie is more importantt han caring about customers well being.

Not accepting responsibility is a sign of a coward’s actions and honest reflection of CEO poor lack of spiritual values and of him not caring.

I did not expect too much from British Airways Plc. just the oxygen I requested on the British Airways Plc. forms supplied.

I at least hoped British Airways Plc. would at least get it right the second or third time of flying with them.

Sadly one bottle of oxygen will not give constant 2 litre oxygen flow rate for 9 hours.

How many times do you need to be told after all you are supposed to be the airline experts and professionals?

Will it take a person dying on a British Airways Plc. flight due to lack of oxygen before British Airways Plc. or other people do some thing about it?

You’re sincerely

Mr W D Lindseth

Resolved no refund for medical emergency

Some friends of ours just took a trip to India so that they could adopt their young son. While they were there one of them became seriously ill and spent some time in hospitals there. Their new son also suffers from a heart condition in which he required oxygen for the flight home. Due to mom's illness, they needed to return to the States immediately so that she could recieve medical attention. When they called the airlines to see about switching their flight, they were informed that it would cost them in the thousands to make any kind of changes. After many phone calls that led nowhere they were forced to take a flight with a different airline and were not able to get oxygen for their new son. Both have returned and are doing better, but when trying to seek out a refund for what was cleary a medical emergency, they are unable to do so because of British Airways policy. It seems they may be one of the few airlines that operate like this. I think it is very sad that when a family was most in need and after they already had thousands of dollars of their money, they were so inflexible and unkind.

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    NCBSWEET Apr 21, 2011
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    Is being human their responsibility or do they need a mandate to exhibit kindness? Oh, I see. That could cut into their bottom line. I assume you would agree that their behavior was not nice or commendable in this situation. You would think that if for no other reason than improved customer relations (which relates to bottom line) they would at least have tried to be helpful. This family has a huge following in the US and you can bet none of us will ever fly British Airways in the future.

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    sprouty Apr 21, 2011

    We know that acquiring oxygen is not an airlines responsibility, in fact this family had a script and their own oxygen, that's not the issue, the issue is that being in the business of flight, it is wise to have good PR in working with your customers and this family called the airline 72 hours prior to their original flight and was seeking seats on an earlier flight...there were seats available but they were going to be charged not just a switch fee, but so much money that it was cheaper for them to go with a different airline completely and now they're out 1700 dollars. This family would have likely travelled with British Airways in the future and that company would have made money from them, but as a result of their trying to make a buck on people in need, they lost not just that customer but others who have heard of how they treat customers.

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me and my husband are pensioners went to the united kingdom for a much needed holiday that had taken us a long time to save for because they are doing this, all other airlines have concluded refundsin dec2010 and got caught up in the snow story
we lost three days of our holiday plus the seats we had paid extra for, on our return we asked our travel agent flight centre south africa to put in a claim for us which they did, we phone them on the 20th april to find out why our claim is taking so long, they said that british airways would not cooperate with them the reason being they are merging with iberian airways and they will look at claims when completed, is this aruse so that the company can say they are no longer ba and wont pay, why must we suffer

first v business v economy

I travelled London-Mumbai last time first class. The overall experience left me feeling that travelling in First was not worth paying the difference for once I was on the flight. The inflight entertainment was down on both legs of my travel and food was poor. I didnt bother complaining as nowadays there doesnt seem much point. Just have to make sure you do not invest in that choice again. Yesterday I travelled business class on the same journey. I skipped dinner since it was late and asked if there was simply some ice cream. The Stewardess informed me she always carried some. Later I was served another desert not of my choice at all and there was no mention by her of the ice cream. I had skipped dinner hoping breakfast would be served in about 6 hours and on the menu card a good choice was presented. However on being served breakfast we were informed that there was only going to be continental breakfast available and that the option of scrambled eggs with mushrooms was not available afterall. Actually I arrived more underfed than if I had travelled in economy. It was an hour through baggage/ customs and another hour to my hotel and I did not feel as if I had travelled a higher class of cabin at all. Next time perhaps I will try a lower class since in my experience of travelling with BA these days there does seem to be more of a genuine and consistent effort to keep customers satisfied in those cabins.

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    JKDE Apr 10, 2011
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    You arrived underfed because you refused to eat dinner when it was offered. Your decision to not eat was yours, not British Airways. They tried to feed you, you refused. Every passenger was offered food. Open wide next time the airplane tries to land in the hanger.

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