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British Airwayswheelchair service in london heathrow airport

I purchased my tickets from American Airlines for my mom which is 83 and I.
My journey started in Bucharest Romania going to London on BA flight 885-from London to Chicago on AA flight 47-and from Chicago to Sioux City on AA flight 3322 on Tuesday January 10th, 2017.
I am making this trip myself twice a year and my mother is making the trip once a year.
In the last 3 years I requested wheelchair for my mother which due to her age and heart illness cannot walk very long distance in a hurry. I never got a wheelchair in London to take me to Terminal 3 to my AA connection; I got different excuses and rude answers in London from workers being there at the arrival gate; always the people gave me answers as it was my error, wheelchair was not requested, request was not in their system. On this trip which started on Tuesday January 10th, 2017, I specifically called AA to make sure I will get the wheelchair when arriving London. In addition I have check in Bucharest at BA counter to make sure I am in their system with a wheelchair request- I was assured that they will be waiting for my mom at the airplane door when arriving to London; during the flight which was BA 885 I have confirmed with the flight attendant; she assured me she has my mother on the list for wheelchair; when we landed I did not get a wheelchair just rude answers from the BA workers working the flight; it is amazing the way a guy which looked to be or acted as manager was so rude and inconsiderate repeting to me that I did not requested a wheelchair and it is my fault .I was outrage by his poor customer service skills.
My mother walked with me having problems due to long distances between terminals .
I understand it is not AA fault but AA should talk to BA and do something about this wheelchair service which is not working at all in London; the way BA is dealing with old people traveling is unacceptable; I saw people missing their flights because of their disabilities and inability to walk this long distances and poor customer service on the BA side.
We arrived at the AA counter in London and people were very nice and treated us with compasion and respect.
We arrived US and not only this time but all other times there was wheelchair waiting for my mother ; they were very professional and respectfull people that waited and took my mother to our next flight.
Thank you American Airlines, thank you US for this outstanding customer service for people with light disabilities.
BRitish Airways has big problems with their wheelchair service and seems that is so big feel entitled to do nothing. I am very dissapointed as otherwise regarding customer service in flight they seem to be very well trained.
I would really appreciate an answer frim British Airways.
Thank you.
Valentina Beiu-Muller

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    British Airwaysflight cancellation

    Hello, last night I booked a return flight from Istanbul to Glasgow in order to see friends.

    The nature of my work however meant that I had to change plans at the very last minute, within an hour of my first flight. The consequence of which is that I am down as a 'no show' for my booking.

    I called BA to ask if I could change the flight so that my friend could come instead (not allowed, I was told) or instead to cancel the remaining bookings (again, not allowed).

    My complaint is this-- while I understand that the original flight, even the connecting flight for that day are essentially lost when you can't show up to the first flight, I find it extremely unfair that I also lost the ability to reclaim tomorrow's flights as well.

    I also find it ridiculous that I had to wait the better part of 15 minutes to talk to someone who was helpful enough to even offer me a partial tax refund. I booked with BA because I perceived them to be a fair company, instead I've been talked down to like a fool as if I intentionally missed my flights and I've been told that despite it being well over 24 hours I'm somehow unable to cancel certain flights.

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      • Aryan Russ Apr 15, 2017
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        There are no any dates/ time, flight numbers/ objective incorrect acts of the airline, prove of a damage resulted from the airline service.
        The compliant, as it is, looks groundless completely.

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      British Airways — in flight treatment flight ba0057 on 27/10/2016.

      I decided to fly BA after many years of flying SAA business class as I thought there service was declining...

      British Airways3 destination e ticket booked and managed online with ba app

      So in july 2016 i made a trip (Ba booking ref x29xae) from my home in thailand to uk - angola - uk - nigeria - uk - back to thailand. Used the web site to set up flight dates and get a fare. At this stage thought about the issues of booking a e ticket supported by the ba app on my phone - with ok connectivity that this was the way to manage such a trip - as apposed to the original method of getting a travel agent to book & ticket and then make any changes required. So i called the ba booking telephone number from their website and asked them 'was this going to work' will i actually be able to manage my trip online & with their ba app - talked about issues of needing to reschedule flights - bring forward and back - this is all set up to do on the ba app. I was given direct assurance by ba that if i met the £150 admin charge i would be able to switch and change flights from the app and extra charges coming direct from the visa card that booked the flight. So reassured i bought the e ticket. Flew as booked thailand/uk/angola/uk/nigeria with no issues, no changes required. In nigeria looked like i could leave 3 days earlier than booked so then tried to rearrange the flight. The option to do this from the app does not work from inside countries, despite the app having location enabled, it just says feature not working and to call ba local office - but does not give you any numbers to call. Ba in nigeria with google search gives about 9 possible number to work through before one opens up to the ba call center in india. I bought the e ticket with app management specificaly to avoid this. Ba india are quick to offer me a rebook on earlier flight - they have space - then the shocker - i have not only to pay the admin fee but also what they claim is value of the earlier flight some +$1000 on the original fare. I declined. They did come back some 6 hours later with an alternate offer - this commercial sales people at work on promise of a commision. During this call i was told that in order to take up an offer i would be required to make a cash payment in local (Volatile) currency at a single bank branch in abuja in the capital city some 300km & 6 hours drive away - no they cannot accept any other payment. For an e ticket bought originally on a visa card!!! More from the web site - ask to change flight online its say online charge is 0 - see print out attached. Payment by cash at just one bank branch with opening hour 10-3pm was riddiculously impractical i and i declined.

      How can ba value a wednesday night flight at double the cost of the original booked on a saturday -as seat that now become available?

      Quite simply ba made false claims about the overall product - and its potential management. They did not deliver. It could not be managed from their app. I am asking for a refund.

      Ok they came with information (When demanding extra money) they have special regulations dreamed up for doing business in nigeria - this should have been provided at the time of booking - to advise saying we are not able to offer the service as indicated on the web & the app in this location.

      Attached below are screen prints taken from their website showing conflicting information from their indian call centre. It was e ticket surely exact terms stated on web site should apply??

      Then comes the issue of raising a formal complaint with ba ( case reference is:[protected]) - this strictly web managed - takes 3 months for inbox to move case to the top. It has no upload facility to offer copy documents and when they ask you to respond it has to be on their terms - a little grey text box. All well designed to drive away the mildly annoyed passengers with temerity to complain.

      3 destination e ticket booked and managed online with ba app

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        British Airwaysdiscouraging the use of award travel

        I tried several times using my earned BA miles (37576). When I tried to go to London, they said I have to pay an extra $ 700 as London airport tax !!! So I tried use my miles on partner airlines to travel domestic in U.S. Wherever and whenever I want to go, the seats won't be available ...any day any month !!! Or they will give one way and return date won't be available. When I check the particular airlines, lots of seats will be available on all dates !!
        Their intention is discourage the passengers from using the miles and so that they give up eventually. So, what's the use of flying BA ?

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          British Airwayslost luggage

          I traveled on a American Airlines flight from Chicago O'hare, July 17th through London Heathrow connecting to Dusseldorf Germany with British Airways on Monday July 18th. Flight numbers AA046 and AA936. Upon arriving my luggage did not appear on the carousel. Using the attendant at the BA luggage carousel I reported my luggage missing and was given file reference number DUSAA10487. 5 days later I am still working with BA on retrieving my luggage, however, BA is unwilling to help me for the following reason.

          1. The file reference number was erroneously created by BA staff/representative as an American Airlines (AA) reference number. BA acknowledges it is their error, and that, as the last carrier, the file reference number should have been opened for British Airways.
          2. American Airlines has an electronic record of passing the luggage to BA at LHR. Date and time stamped and visible on their website.
          3. BA is unable to process any claims on the missing luggage until the file reference number is changed to a BA file reference number
          4. BA customer service agrees that BA needs to change the file reference number - but they can not change the file reference number at the baggage customer service call center
          5. After 3 days I found someone at the call center willing to send an email to the Dusseldorf airport trying to get them to change the file reference
          6. After another 24 hours I asked the call center to repeat the request to Dusseldorf airport.
          7. 5 days later, still no change by BA, and BA call center continues to insist they can not help even though they acknowledge all the mistakes are made by BA personnel.
          7. I have 7 days to file a claim for compensation - but guess what - you need a BA fie reference number to claim for lost luggage.

          Summary: BA lost my luggage. BA opened the wrong type of tracking file. BA won't/can't correct the file. I can't file for compensation as long as the wrong file number is open. In short, BA through gross incompetence or cunning procedure has misappropriated my luggage for 5 days and counting.

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            British Airwayscommunication and customer service

            April 27, 2016 I am currently on hold for a supervisor for about 10 minutes and then was transferred to a phone that is ringing forover3 minutes, but, not answered not put back in a queue.

            I would presume this is because no one really wants to hear a complaint or to help.

            British Airways says on their website that a seat can be picked with the flight time of 24 hours without payment for the seat.

            This appears not to be true.

            I am on a code share flight with American Airlines and I have a seat on American which I paid for.

            I waited to get a seat on British Airways based on what I read on the website. When I tried to manage my booking, it sent me to American Airlines to check in. So I called British Airways and was told I would not be able to get a seat until I got to the airport for assignment.

            I am almost 60 years old and asked to speak to a supervisor.

            That is when I was transferred to this ringing phonen that is never answered.

            British Airways should be ashamed.

            Dawn Erickson #Z9YJN9 for April 26, 2016

            By the way, the phone is still ringing and I am hanging up now.

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              British Airways — cancelled flight and cost of new ticket

              I was obliged to cancel a flight for my son in December 2015 and was told that, instead of a refund I could...

              British Airwaysfare/refund - theft

              I booked a full fare flight on 2/16 and due to an injury had to cancel on 2/22. I was told it would take seven (7) working days for the refund. In seven (7) days the refunded 318.23 to my account. I paid $2, 429.48. When I called into query when the balance was to be refunded I was told they only were required to refund $328.23 minus the $10 handling fee. They claim I bought a non-refundable ticket but I would never have done that for an Intercontinental Flight. They said it was in the small print on online booking. So in my opinion British Airways has fraudulently kept $2, 111.25. On hold for the third customer service representative, not holding out any hope.

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                British Airwaysbaggage loss/delay

                Booking Ref 32933F. Under Paul Roberts. Flight no.BA0207 Heathrow to Miami 12/12/15 Flight no. BA1888 Miami to M.Bay. 12/12/15 No baggage at Mbay on arrival, all 3 bags left in Miami. Very tired and unhappy after 24 hours of travel. 3 hour wait at Mbay to report with 15 other passengers. 1 bag delivered 12.30am 14/12 very un pleasant after long trip day before, remaining 2 bags arrived 4.30pm 14/12 No clean clothes for 48 hours. This has spoiled the early part of our holiday. We would be satisfied with a financial compensation for the inconvenience caused of 500GBP. Alternatively, since booking, our return flight from Mbay on 2/1/16 has been brought forward to an earlier time, which means we will be in Miami for 10 hours before our connection to Heathrow. If you could put us on a later flight with significantly less time at Miami we would accept that as compensation. I await your offer.

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                  British Airwaysservice

                  Hello, I understand, you're a non low cost airline, yet still trying to take money from consumers where you can by charging for seat assignment before 24 hours. I couldn't do the seat assignment before this time period because of that, so I woke up at 7:00 am so I could the day before (mind you I have to wake up at 4 the next day to get to the airport, thanks) and guess what. It didn't work. So I had to call, sit on hold, and eventually get a seat assignment - all easily done online in 2015. But you couldn't do it. Then, when I asked for a seat assignment on my returning flight without a fee due to the glitches in my reservation, I was told it is only possible by paying. Funny thing is, as "family oriented" as companies these days are supposed to be, that is Christmas Day which is one day that is deciated to my family. Now, I need to undoubtedly call you guys again, sit on hold, to make a seat reservation simply so my girlfriend and I can sit next to each other. Now THAT is customer service. He refused to do anything beyond this despite noticing the glitch in my reservation. I'm extremely appalled that he could do absolutely nothing charging me and I will be sure to spread the word of such horrific I customer experience. I fly week in and week out and have never seen something so terrible - let a lone from a non- low cost airline. I hope there is something you can do to rectify this - if not you have my word I will never step a foot on your plane and I will make sure my friends don't as well. Happy Holidays - from a customer that actually cares about spending their holidays with their family rather than on a phone with you.

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                    British Airwaysflight charges

                    In September 2015 I purchased flights that would take me from Washington DC to Manchester England. First was a flight from D.C. to London. Then a connecting flight from London to Manchester. While I was away, my plans changes and I wanted to skip the flight back from Manchester to London and only use THE ALREADY PAID FOR flight from London home to D.C. British Airways charged me $800. to cancel the Manchester to London flight WHICH I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR. Not only did I not get a refund (of-course not) and you know they resold my ticket, but, I had to pay a cancellation fee AND PURCHASE the SAME ticket I HAD ALREADY PAID FOR from London home to D.C. Unbelievable. Unethical. Perfectly legal.

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                      British Airwaysairline service delivered not what we paid for

                      We were scheduled to fly from Budapest to Phoenix on Sept. 21, 2015 via London. On Sept. 20 we received an email from British Airways stating that our flight was delayed. It was clear from the new departure time that we would miss our London connection. No attempt was made by British Airways to reroute our ticketing at that time. We were told to get to the airport early to make alternate arrangements. No staff were available when we arrived and we were first in line. Rather than handle reticketing at the main ticketing desks, all passengers who needed to be reticketed were directed to a single line with one agent handling all reticketing. This line moved at a snail's pace. The multiple agents at the main desks continued to check in passengers who presumably did not have connecting flights or who did not need to be reticketed. The agents in Budapest are not British Airways employees, so they claim, and swore they could not make the necessary changes. Only the one agent could. To say there was chaos in the area at the time is an understatement. By the time we were told to queue in the other line, there must have been at least 50 people ahead of us. Finally, we were told there was only one routing that would get us to our destination that same day. This routing entailed an extra layover and we were not given seats in the class of service we had purchased tickets for. The only remaining seats on the flights were in the back of the jets by the lavatories. Hardly equivalent to World Traveler Plus quality. It has been almost two months and thus far I am in the dark as to whether my request for refund is forthcoming. We paid extra for a more direct route than we ultimately flew and we paid extra for the World Traveler Plus class of service. I am aghast that British Airways has not indicated that we are entitled to a refund given the fact that we paid for something they did not deliver. Case reference [protected]

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                        British Airwaysinflight communication

                        BA891 - 13/10/15 Sofia to London No information given over the intercom as to the delay in landing at Heathrow. Obviously the circling was due to landing priorities, but would be helpful to be informed, as a passenger sitting one away from me was getting rather anxious & making inappropriate comments which could have unsettled other passengers. Just a suggestion to help keep passengers informed. Otherwise a good flight... Thanks. Andrea from New Zealand.

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                          British Airwayscustomer service

                          BA simply do not care about their customers! Having pre-paid for 4 specific seats to Orlando and back again to Gatwick BA did not provide the seats, and now still weeks later are not providing a refund, they simply want to offer "evouchers" - I want my money back not vouchers! Writing to the CEO makes no difference, he does not reply at all - one of his "customer relations" team members responds, I actually do not think Mr Williams, CEO of BA, cares at all about his customers - so far 6 different people all of which have no idea what the issue is have sent me emails - I only want my money back. BA HAS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE VALUES AT ALL - DO NOT FLY WITH THEM, IF YOU HAVE A PROBLEM THEY SIMPLY DO NOT CARE!

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                            British Airwayssafety demo - no good if your at the back of plane - first class passengers are given personal broadcast

                            Complaint regards safety demonstrations on board Embraer 190SR
                            FLIGHT FROM MAHON ON 26th sept [protected] am

                            I refer to the above and confirm I am a frequent flyer using British Airways flights from the London. City airports.

                            The flights are excellent, food very good and staff most helpful.

                            However I felt I must draw your attention to the fact that the most important part of the flight is customer safety. With this in mind myself and many other passengers seated at the rear of the plane were unable to see the inflight safety demonstration properly before take off.
                            We all noted that there were about 8 passengers seated in first class and they had the previledge of having a personal safety demonstration whilst the rest of the passengers were straining our necks and most passengers half way down the plane simply could not see the safety demonstration at all. In this day and age why was almost 95% of the passengers safety not considered important? All the steward needs to do was move forward from the end of the first class passengers about 20 foot and the problem would have been solved? I cannot believe British Airways make a distinction between the first and second class passengers when passengers safety is concerned? Are you saying now that the first class passengers mean more to you then the rest of us and the rest of us have to second guess what we have to do in an emergency?
                            I think you will appreciate how angry passengers feel about this, and I further think you will agree that when and if an emergency was to occur it is to everyone's benefit including your staff that every passengers knows exactly what they are doing to evacuate the plane and assist each other?

                            Please re consider your procedure ASAP, the first class passengers will be more comforted by the fact that their fellow passengers could actually help save there lives in the event of an emergency rather than have a personal broadcast of the safety demonstration. Who ever came up with the idea to give first class passengers a personal broadcast needs sacking, ludicrous idea and very outdated, all your passengers health and safety should be of equal priority.

                            Please can you kindly confirm how this will be managed in the future. This is the 3-4th time I have experienced this on British Airways flights- I feel disgusting and a massive oversight on your part.

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                              British Airways — wrong information given regarding sick relative prior to return journey.

                              Flight From Heathrow returning to Austin Texas 24th September 2015. My father fell very ill during my...

                              British Airwayspoor customer service-all aspects

                              Contacted them separately on two issues and received the most condescending replies from their staff who clearly did not read the content properly at first and when they actually had, did not offer any compensation that I would have expected from a company like BA to their Executive Club members. Both issues were BA's fault and yet they refused to do anything about it. One issue is with baggage: damaged on arrival at Philadelphia where a BA rep provided paper work which did not have a reference number but assured me not to worry as I would get a SMS containing but never did. When I wrote to them about it back home, they essentially said it was too late to claim compensation (the correspondence address on the paperwork as for NY which was no good to me as I don't live there). Second issue is from the same journey: I had to make a change to my return flight which was not actioned appropriately. I had spoken to their own sales rep before leaving who assured me my request was on the booking notes and would be actioned appropriately when I ring back to confirm. It was only when I was attempting to check in for the return flight that I realised they had not actioned it as I requested. I had to skype them from the US to fix this and where I got contradictory information - one sales rep said they treat each call as separate so the notes do not matter while another said the notes do matter. After writing to their so-called customer relations on both points, I received replies back which incensed me as it was clearly a scripted reply where they got basic details wrong with no genuine attempt at customer services, especially when one of the sale rep for the second issue stated BA have claimed fault during the phone call. I have even had a nil response after requesting an receipt of the whole journey so see how much they have charged me so I feel robbed too. I am, therefore, endeavouring not to fly with them again as I am so upset at how they can treat a loyal customer for almost over ten years.

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                                British Airwaysdamaged suitcase and missing items

                                It is appalling & so highly unprofessional, that BA can treat a complaint in such a manner. It's been a month & half since my initial complaint about my claim for missing items from my suitcase (which was broken into & destroyed from my Rome to London flight) has been lodged. After the initial correspondence there has been NO RESPONSE from their end. Since my return to Kuwait on 30th August, I have TRIED several times to contact you'll on +[protected] & + [protected]. It's impossible to get through, as when one dials the extension to speak to an agent the line gets disconnected. I have spent a lot of money making these international calls. It's been a very frustrating & unfulfilling experience trying to reach an agent of BA. I have lost valuable goods from my suitcase. I want the settlement for my compensation sorted out as soon as possible.

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                                  British Airwaysuncomfortable flight and horrible service

                                  Dear BA,

                                  I flew BA 203 from London to Boston on Saturday August 22nd and that is the worst flight journey thatI have undertaken in my entire life!!!

                                  A/C didn't work and I had to endure the heat throughout the journey.The attendant did mention that it was a hot day outside and once the flight picks up, the temperature inside will cool down. It did slightly cool down, but it definitely was not a good A/c system. I had just flown from Hyderabad - London via BA & that was a good flight. A/C was good & Hyderabad temperature is hotter than the London temperature and still the A/C didn't work in this sector of the flight!

                                  Next thing would be the entertainment sector - The same programs are being shown again and again with no changes. I flew from Boston-London & London-Chennai in July 2015 & the same programs/movies were repeated in August when I flew back. We pay hell a lot of money to travel by flights & this is not the proper way to entertain your customers!!! I was sick to my stomach during my return flight due to the heat & also there was no distraction due to the poor entertainment that was repeated. Also, some of the movies were deleted and no new movies added during my return flight - this added to my frustration!!

                                  Lastly, I saw droplets of water falling to the ground inside the aircraft, not sure if there was water leaking or if it was from the AC. But that was not good at all.

                                  Also, the flight attendants were very rude and made my children & I wait for our food though we had already booked our meals.

                                  I had a terrible experience & will never ever step foot on BA flights again. I am looking forward to discuss these issues with a BA representative so that others are saved from these issues


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