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Complaints & Reviews

delayed flight and lost luggage

First the aircraft had a fuel leak. Different folks from the aircraft came and told the passengers different stories. They would not release anyone's luggage so we all slept in airport for approximately 7 hours. Once probl resolved we boarded the plane. Not 5 minutes after we were seated, we were told we have to depart because crew has been woke too long and need rest. Took 2 days to get home and they miss placed all my luggage for 3 days

customer care

I am having booking with BA for 29th March 2014. BA rescheduled the flight and now I want to cancel my...


I gave already made complaint to BA website. No reply as yet. On 4 Dec this year 2014 I flew from Sydney to...

tired of hearing &we are sorry for the inconvenience&

I am tired of hearing "we apologize for the inconvenience" when I am grounded over 24 hours due to technical reasons - under BA's control - and charged exorbitant fees by the compay.

My employer purchased a two-way ticket for me from Phoenix, AZ to London, UK – a copy of which is attached here as Exhibit A, which clearly shows that I already had a valid ticket to travel from London, UK to Phoenix, AZ on August 23, 2014. On that day, I arrived at the airport a few hours before the flight and checked in my baggage with a BA employee. I was never informed by this representative of any cut-off time to pass through security, nor were there any details regarding this issue on the boarding pass that I was issued. When I tried to pass through security to get to my gate I was refused entry and told to check with BA representatives, which I did next. At this time I was informed that I missed my flight, even though there were at least 40 minutes to departure. I tried to reason with the BA employees; however, they were very rude and condescending and were thus unable to resolve the situation. I spoke with a ticket issuer and a manager and they both refused to listen to my pleads. They did not care about the fact that no one has brought to my attention this policy that they claim to have in place. Instead they asked that I pay a fee if I wanted to fly to a different destination the same day or be put on the next day’s flight to Phoenix. Under the pressures exerted by the BA employees and their gross and repulsive disregard, I paid the fee that they asked for and flew to Vegas a few hours later. Because no one informed me of any cut-off time to pass through security and no such details were available on my boarding pass I dispute this policy that BA claims to have in place. Furthermore, since I already paid BA for a service – a two way flight from Phoenix to London – I find it ridiculous to be asked to pay an additional fee.

British Airways adopted a perverse way of doing business is not at all consistent in how it treats issues of lateness. As an example, the first leg of my journey – scheduled for June 11, 2014 - was postponed by BA for technical reasons – i.e. circumstances under their control – by 24 hours. They refused to offer any type of compensation for delaying their customers by 24 hours instead they request and force their customers to pay fees for what they claim was a few minutes delays.

The word should be out about these unfair practices and others should feel encouraged to share their stories.

erroneous charges

Nothing like being charged for seats that are "not as advertised", being told they can be changed dependent on the passenger capacity at the time of departure and finally getting stuck with the worst seats on the plane while others in "free" seats spread out all over the plane to make you despise the carrier, in this case British Airways. I wrote to them the day we returned (9/1/2014) and to date (10 days later) have not received a response. I requested a refund of $180 for the four seats I booked, since the plane was at less than 70% capacity and, as I have stated, they would not re-seat us in better seats (the ones we thought we had booked) which were available and empty. I will NEVER fly British Airways again.

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apalling service

I have travelled British Airways twice and both times have been a bad experience. I have travelled with other airlines and not received the bad service I did with B.A.First time I was transferred to B.A. From another airline my two young children were with me. They tried to separate us on a long haul flight, I had children's meals booked and paid for that wasn't on their list, so we didn't get them.When I enquired about the meals the staffs attitude was extremely rude and uncaring. Eventually she went to first class for a meal that didn't turn out to be any better. The whole experience was upsetting and uncomfortable for both my children and I, it resulted in having an argument with the air stewardess who then realised her mistake with no apology. The second time was last week flying to Rome. The flight had been cancelled we were given very little explanation and not told until after the flight should have taken off. We were redirected to Heathrow from Gatwick given a bus ticket and 1 1/2hrs to make the next flight. We went down to the bus station tried to get a bus only to be told we needed to book a coach. In the end because of rush hour we missed check in.LuckiLy as we had done it online they allowed us through but no one else on our coach made it. The whole experience was terrible stress levels were running high for everyone, with very little explanation, advice or help. Will I be using them again the answer is no.

1 week delayed baggage, no contact from ba

Traveling from Abuja, Nigeria. To Denver, Colorado USA, with stopover in London on 25th. June 2014. One of my bags was not picked up from London and I was given a form and reference number. On the site, it was updated that the bag had been picked up the next day, however till now, no bags, no calls from BA, don't return calls and after 5 visits back to the Denver. international Airport and countless calls was eventually given a wrong bag! now they are interested... Good! But not in my bag but the wrongly delivered one!? How does this work, is this still BA or a third world airline?

  • Gi
    Gisela Rodenburg Jul 03, 2014

    Flew from London to NYC on the 28th of June. My bag did not arrive. Until now, norhing has been done. BA never called me. There is no updated information on the website. I am leaving to london tomorrow and have spent all of my trip with non of my stuff.

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they over booked the flight which meant my flight was changed to the next day

I was booked to fly to heathrow on the 945am flight to heathrow, when I arrived at Belfast city airport at 8am there was a lot or people waiting to check in, after waiting I hour, I was told there was no more seats left on the plane, explained to the member of staff that I had an onward flight to bangkok the lady tried to get me an other flight and could not, so because I did not check in on line I didn't get my seat, surely it came up on there system that I was booked right through to Thailand with British airways, there was people on the flight who could have rearranged there flight more easily as their final destination was London, one chap in front of me checked himself in on his mobile phone, but told me if he didn't get flying today it didn't matter to much as he could rearrange his business meeting .Would have thought British airways would hav given me preference seeing i was booked on a long haul flight to thailand, could they not even hav e asked people already checked in and give them compasation to allow me to fly, they give me £200 compasation which is chicken feed to me my flight was very important i missed my daughters wedding, iam now booked on the same flight a day later, money wont compasate me for what i have missed iam very upset and disgusted at how in this day and age a flight can be over booked they know how many seats is on a plane and when there booked and payed for the plane is full simple mathe it called counting, so i believe they over book on purpose hoping that people dont turn up and then they sell the seat again if this is what happens its a very dodgey business and not professional, considering the repuation that brutish airways are supposed to have i wish i had went with my normal airline ... i want an answer to the reason why they could not get me on the flight seeing that i was going onwards to thailand they could have offered other travellers £600 or what ever and iam sure that some one would have taken the money and give up there seat, but there was no effort made to try to get me on my flight considering it was a long haul conection .Iasked could they not even up grade me to business class seeing as they had made the over bookings i was told no they cant do that considering the amout of money this flight cost. i would have thought that they could have called me on the pa system and checked me in before other passangers who were just traveling to london surely iam entitled to more than a messly 200 quid for my troubles iwas going to the other side of the world and they could not get me a seat, they didnt care and didnt try, how just how and why would any one ever over book, people that do that are no different than cowboy builders .because you are allways gong to let someone down some time so your doing it on purpose . please contact me and tell me whats else yur going to do seeing as you have ruined the one thing in my life that i should have been there for my daughters wedding my god ...David press

  • 34
    343GS Aug 30, 2014

    So let me get this straight? Your complaining how awful British Airways are for offloading you from a flight because it was oversold, but you want the carrier to preferentially offload other people so you can get on? Do you not see the absurdity of your comments? The compensation you were offered in industry standard, so the fact that you weren't offered anything more is irrelevant. Any actions BA took were in line with thier ticketing rules, which you agreed to when you purchased the ticket.

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refund refusal

In August 2013 I paid for an upgrade at the airport. Upon boarding the aircraft, I was informed that the upgrade seat was broken and I would have to fly in my original seat purchased. I immediately asked about a refund and was told not to worry, it will be taken care of. I'm still waiting for my refund!! Phone calls, emails, faxes...I even provided my bank statement showing the charge on my credit card.
The arrogant response I got from BA regarding my refund has left me beyond angry. Due to staff incompetence, negligence and miscommunication, they are simply going to keep MY hard earned money?
I left a comment on the BA FB page and only by chance discovered that they have hidden my comments.
Yes, BA should be ashamed. I have been a loyal customer for many years now and this is what I get?
Shame on them!!

  • Mo
    Mollymo Apr 15, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We were flying from LHR to Boston return trip and had to pay an extra £244 for 1 ski bag and 1 boot bag. This seems excessive to us but BA say that it is the correct cost. How come Virgin do not charge for these items but BA rip you off.

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customer service

Good day,

I seldom have the opportunity to fly with British Airways. However, this past Sunday upon my return flight from Cape town - 6410 my service experience from this airlines in flight crew was aweful.

I slept through most of the flight but woke up to the airhotess arguing with one of the passengers. The passenger was complaining about how loud they where taking throughout the flight. The Airhostess [Lucy and Beverly] shouted at the passenger that he should send an email if the service was not up to his standards. Then as soon as he walked away she spoke very loudly so most passengers could hear: 'this thing that the customer is always right is crap' and if that was not bad enough when the gentleman approached her she turned her back on him and said Í wasn't talking to you - you can write an email.' Sadly this behaviour ruined my trip. Not only was their behaviour utterly rude, but very disrespectful.

You would expect this from a low paying airline, but not from British Airways.

I am in the service industry myself, but his was ridiculous. They where so rude I would not employ them to wash toilets in case I had guests that might interact with them.

Really not impressed...

Nadia van Vuuren

discrimination by british airways

I had to face discrimination and racisim in my flight back to Kuwait from Heathrow (London) on 30th June 2013. When i asked the crew member that i need veg. meal and she said sorry sir but its finished and i was just sitting in 3rd row from where she started distributing the meals, so i just had juice and water but in next row when a lady argued on same topic, so the same crew member gave her the veg. meal which really shocked me that how can an Airline of this standard have staff/crew members who are racist and donot bother about the passengers on flight.I want someone to please forward this complaint in any newspaper in U.K.Because this is not acceptable that a member of an airline like British Airways decide to give meals on passengers color and race.
This is not acceptable at all, i am preparing to take legal action against British Airways but need someone to forward this news to any british newspaper aswell.

unruly passaengers

Yesterday, my husband and I flew back from London to Newark on British Airways. This was part of a longer trip from Hungary. Our flight from Heathrow was full of high school students on a holiday. They seemed to be unsupervised. My husband and I were in the middle section with three seats. Four students sat in the three seats behind us. They moved about constantly and frequently kicked the back of my seat. When I asked the girl behind me to stop kicking she made a face and said my backrest was too close. At that time she had her feet on her seat and her knees against my backrest. When I complained to the stewardess she said there was nothing she could do. The plane was full. Why were four students allowed to spend the entire trip in three seats? I think the stewardess should have had the students return to normal seating. She could have asked the chaperone to take my seat. I wonder how long they would have put up with the kicking. I have arthritis and for me the entire trip was miserable. High schools students know how to act better and should be held responsible.

cheating of price

I searched for flights to washington as specified in the image attached below,
It showed on usaflights.co.in that we can get the return flight tickets @ Rs. 43860 as on the specified dates
but when we proceeded for the booking and payment, it wasnt getting executed Why ???
I want the tickets @ the price mentioned in the photo proof...
Why are they asking for extra money, Reply as soon as possible...
Shall i assume that British Airways is also a fraud company ????

cheating of price

  • Ne
    neha321 Oct 03, 2013

    usaflights.co.in is one of the best provider of air tickets and hotels for travel to usa...they were showing fares ..u need to call or email them to check the availability on your dates...hope this helps you answer your query ...

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  • Ne
    neha321 Oct 03, 2013


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customer service

I booked two tickets through the British Airways web site. Unfortunately I had to cancel one of the tickets so I called within 24 hours to cancel. The customer service representative told me he couldn't do anything because the system was down.

I called back later only to be told I was outside the 24 hour period to cancel my ticket. I explained what had happened but two BA representatives told me there was nothing they could do so I couldn't cancel the ticket and had to absorb the loss. The representatives were also extremely rude and condescending.

I am looking for an apology and a refund on my cancelled ticket.

  • Ir
    Irvin Littlewood May 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Last year due to a timetable fault I had to cancel a BA ticket. After a lot of being passed from BA .com back to the Cyprus Office I was given a travel voucher. This should have settled the matter as I travel a lot from Cyprus to Manchester.
    However then BA gave up their franchise with GB airlines who operated this route on behalf of BA.
    I am now left with a travel voucher I am unable to use.
    I have again being in contact with both the Cyprus office and BA.com. Once again I have been passed between both offices with no one being prepared to assist me with a cash refund. (bear in mind it was only my own cash!!) I have now been told even though the routes have been changed. The voucher is not refundable.
    I am left £500 out of pocket.
    My view is beware using British Airways as they have no idea of how to deal with customers or their complaints.

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  • Ar
    Argie Deminsky Jun 21, 2011

    You manage to forget a stroller of an 13month old baby outside the plane after boarding, you didnt had the sensitivity to help the mother and the baby in their stop over in Heathrow, you told them THAT YOU CANNOT GIVE THEM THE STROLLER BEFORE THE FINAL DESTINATION?????????? YOUR CREW LIED TO HER!!! and ONLY in Chicago you informed them that the stroller is missing???!!! Where is the respect to the customer or a simple humanity???? A week after and no news and there is not a phone nr we can call to talk to a physical person?????? YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS NON EXISTED...You should be ashamed I wish you go out of business sooner rather than later. YOU ARE A JOKE.

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  • An
    Anna-Marie Lamprecht Dec 26, 2012

    To Management
    I flew british airways from Johannesburg South Africa to Harare Zimbabwe today, 26th December 2012. Flight number BA6267 . The flight itself was good but the service from the cabin crew was absolutely disgusting. They were unfriendly and grumpy! The service was also incredibly slow! We were on the Zimbabwe border and were still waiting for our drinks. When I made a request I received a dirty look. I found this poor service very disappointing especially as we pay alot of money for the flight which is supposed to include decent, friendly service. As I see it if the cabin crew cannot be friendly then they should find other jobs.
    I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please kindly respond to [email protected]
    Many thanks

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missing luggage

At my recent flight from Milan to Toronto at Pearson Airport I was informed that my luggage was left back in Milan. During my stay in Toronto the online page never changed "tracking continues" but to my surprised after 4 days I was called by an agent confirming my luggage by identifying the contents!!!??? To my relief the luggage was found and was going to be sent the day after. That day never came when I was in Toronto!!! On my return 7 days after I contacted the customer service at Heathrow Airport as it was my stopover destination. They said that the luggage was at the airport (never sent to Toronto!!!) and will be sent back with the next flight (!!!) to my Milan address. It has been 3 days and there is no news from my luggage. Are they messing with me!!! I feel lucky because I was visiting my family but all week I had to go around with the same outfit...now I want my stuff back !!!

customer services

We went through the complaints procedure after horrendous flights to and from the USA. On the return journey we upgraded from economy hoping to have a quiet relaxing back to the UK. The seat in front of me collapsed when the passenger reclined and fell onto me. I picked a window seat hoping to sleep but then had to move to an aisle seat with trollies and all and sundry walking backwards and forwards. There were other problems as well which were all documented in the complaint. Unfortunately BA do not take complaints seriously and the only compensation was vouchers for their online shop or flight vouchers. We accepted the flight vouchers only to find that they picked an airport on the other side of the country from where we live for the flights to start from. Being disabled we pick our holiday destinations including flights very carefully but obviously slipped up on this one. I expect we were a subject of great merriment in the BA office.

  • Ra
    RasDef Dec 22, 2010

    My complaint is about the closure of Heathrow airport and the slow and completely disorganized response by BA due to a little bit of snow. Stranded customers felt a total lack of cooperation between the BA staff and their manner in dealing with such a situation. The helpline provided did not work at all, and through there accounts people said it was a helpline based in India! Otherwise customers are to go on the internet to rebook a flight that did not exist, since all the flights are canceled. What a complete farce! All the time I was stranded on the island the BA assistance staff were providing different unreliable information that made the crisis all the worse. There was no effort to put people on waiting lists for outgoing flights and they obviously did not provide any information over the fact that they had the responsibility to accommodate customers. Heathrow airport is the main base of operations for BA, but everything that was done as a response to the snow situation forces me to understand that BA are unreliable, indifferent over customer ills, and completely irresponsible over their obligations. From this crisis and my personal experiences I will never fly with BA again and when I do come to London, I will never again go to Heathrow airport. The heads of BA and of Heathrow airport should resign due to their irresponsible response over the situation and to their complete lack of compassion to customer’s ills.

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  • Ja
    jack portr Sep 29, 2012

    that suck

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  • Ag
    Agnel victoria Nov 29, 2012

    Miss Baggage
    Details : Airport DFW - carrier BA - no of file ref : 45283 - contact provided Tamieka ( number 9729734173)
    Date of arrival 27-11-2012 14:40

    I took flight from MAA - DFW ( transit in London, heathrow), I missed my baggage when arrived into Dallas - the baggage was delivered the next day and i found one the bag was with borken lock and one of the handle was torn appart .. i am not sure on the things missing
    when i try to reach out to the above contact there is no response .. I need a quick explanation .. or i need to have this issue escalated in a higher level ..
    here is my contact 908-347-2528 -- Try reaching me out soon


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  • Mi
    MikoQiu May 14, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My complaints was about the staff did not check me in at Heathrow airport for my plane change and only gave me the boarding card for half of my journey. The plane was from London to Berlin then to Beijing, but because I did not have a visa for Berlin I could not get on board of my plane nor pass the custom. It was already 7.00 pm when the custom people asked me to wait and my plane was supposed to be take off at 7.30m pm. Luckily the plane arrived 2 hours late, but if not I could have missed my plane and could be in great trouble too.

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very poor ba experience

Below is a letter I wrote to British Airways about 4 weeks ago. After a weekly follow up, I have still not...

british airways flight was delayed and ba staff over a 3hr and 21min back and forth refused to assist in any way to change my ongoing flights.

british airways flight was delayed and BA staff over a 3hr and 21min back and forth on the phone refused to assist in any way to change my ongoing flights. I ended up having to pay Aer Lingus to change my ongoing flights. The BA flight was 4 hours delayed which meant I would miss my ongoing Aer Lingus flight. What followed was over 3 hours of BA sayng we can't help and contatc Aer Lingus. Aer Lingus saying that BA is causing the delay to my itinerary and they have to change the ongoing flights to ensure I reach my destination. I finally gave up and asked Aer Lingus to change my ongoing flights and I would pay. Aer Lingus were great and waived the change fee and I only had to pay the fare difference for catching a later flight. I will never fly with BA again. Anyone but BA going forward.

bad customer service

Re : Miu Yee Emily, So, BA ref.: 343JUQ

I would like to complain against The British Airways customer support staff " NIRMALA" who is a customer service staff at British Airways counter at Heathrow Airport terminal 5 on 11th June, 2012.

The incident happened on 11th June, 2012 at Heathrow Airport Terminal 5 British Airways customer service counter at 8:00pm.

After calls to Britsh Airways customer service and I had been declined to offer help to change date of flight, I drove and showed up in Heathrow airport terminal 5 and handed in my ticket with BA reference no. and asked help from the customer service staff "Nirmala". I requested her to change my flight to 14th June, 2012 and I can pay the penalty GBP 100 and asked them to reissue a new ticket for me.

The working attitude of Ms Nirmala was very rude against me and she said few of their BA customer service staffs had explained to me on the phone that they could not change flight for me. She said that she was sitting at the counter there not to listen to me talking my flight changing date. Although I have explained to her that the Hong Kong ticket agent had closed and it was midnight in Hong Kong. And the flight that I want to cancel was BA027 on 11th June, and was going depart UK 2 hours after. She said this was my responsibility to find help from Hong Kong ticket agent to issue ticket for me and none of the British Airways business.

She told me that British Airways could not help and told me to aboard the flight at that time or this ticket would be voided.

After repeated request for help, she refused and insisted that she could not help. Lastly, I asked her to cancel my flight on 11th June BA27 22:00. And also asked her to book a seat for me at 14th June BA27 22:00 and left Heathrow Airport in very disappointed to British Airways.

How can British Airways Airlines offer such a bad service to their customer ? Why they cannot offer better services as other airlines, eg. Cathay and Virgin.

I have experience to change flight in UK from Virgin and Cathay Pacific Airways. The customer service of Cathay Pacific and Virgin Airlines are very friendly to help after keying in my ticket reference no. and easy to change flight on phone by paying penalty GBP 100. Immediately the customer can give me the solution on phone.

I am very disappointed to British Airways Airlines and I shall tell my friends not to consider taking BA as their wishing airlines list.



As a normal Business Class passenger without a Loyalty Card or with a Loyalty card (Executive Club) with low Status (Blue ) - British Airways only allows seating on their HIGHEST prices not their Discounted prices. While I understand this for economy Class, , I DONT for Business Class. Anyone who is paying today's fares should have access to their preference if available being Aisle or Window. British Airways don't want to make their product fully available to anyone but their Frequent Flyers. They trap their Frequent flyer by little room to use their miles so it is a very smart way of collecting high yield by use of force in the way explained earlier. It is a Disgrace for an Airline who used to Fly to Serve! I hope to see the end of this airline one day as it is New Age Imperialism that makes an airline like this too big for it's boots and a disgusting attitude toward travel agents too. Better On a Camel is better than this Bloody Awful English Airline.