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EasyJet reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Dec 13, 2006. The latest review Plus Membership Fee was posted on Mar 1, 2021. The latest complaint reimbursement for cancelled flight not received was resolved on Feb 14, 2017. EasyJet has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 185 reviews. EasyJet has resolved 65 complaints.

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EasyJet Complaints & Reviews

EasyJetPlus Membership Fee

Apparently the Plus Membership fee is an auto renew annual fee - but of course they don't tell you this but rather hide it in the fine print. They don't even warn you of the upcoming fee being due to give you the opportunity to cancel your membership.

With travel restrictions this membership is practically worth zero and the loss of income means I can't actually afford to pay the fee of £215.

So upon querying with my bank the unexpected transaction, I contacted EasyJet to request a refund - to which they have refused.

In today's times particularly, when many reputable companies are doing the honorable thing of refunding customers - EasyJet prefers to take the stance of being self-focused and profit from these tough times.

I would like them to reconsider their decision and refund me the money so I can use the funds in a more appropriate manner!

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    EasyJetFlights cancelled / refund/ voucher

    My flights were cancelled in March 2020. I asked for a refund and easyJet issued a voucher. I spent 4 months trying to get through to them and when I did they called me a liar saying I requested vouchers and it cannot be changed. I asked to speak to a manger, they left my holding on for 40mins then said one wasn't available but would call me back within the hour. No one ever called. I tried again and got the same response and again no one ever called. I have asked them to extend the vouchers for another year and they refuse saying it isn't in there terms and conditions. I have asked them to refund me then as I originally requested and no response.

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      Dec 08, 2020

      EasyJet & OPODO — Flight Refunds

      K1FD8K9 booking ref [protected] - I have been awaiting a refund from EasyJet via Opodo for months now. Our...

      Easy JetCustomer Service

      I have been attempting to get hold of this company for 10 days now! My flights to Amsterdam have been changed to such an extent that my short anniversary trip with my wife has been ruined. I have tried on 6 occasions to contact Easy Jet on their customer service telephone number. These are the time periods that I have been on hold before giving up. 17mins, 48 mins, 40 mins, 1hr 02 mins, 2 hrs 03 mins and 1 hr 03 mins. Totally unacceptable periods to be kept on hold, especially when the call is interrupted every couple of minutes to say one of the team will be with you shortly!! I have now sent 5 emails to the company asking for a voucher for the flights ( that I can use later in the year) I have heard nothing other than an auto response which served no purpose. We were due to fly on Monday 27th July. We will not be going. Easy Jet's customer service for a front line company is appalling! All am trying to obtain is a flight voucher to use at a later date because of changes to my flight itinerary which are wholly unacceptable!

      David Curtis

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        Dec 12, 2019

        EasyJet Airline Company — boarding gate at luton airport

        On sunday december 8th our 18 year old daughter and her two friends were flying to malaga from luton, flight...

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        EasyJet Airline Companyhands free service - priority luggage

        You should not advertise that you will receive your luggage ‘priority' if you pay for hands free as we did not get our cases out first at the carousel. When we got to Palma one of our cases was LAST off and when we got back to Glasgow it was one of the last cases off even with a big priority label on it.

        All of the other priority passengers did not receive their luggage first either!

        This is false advertising and should not be getting promoted.

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          EasyJet Airline Companyflight eju8534 22: 06: 2019 from naples (nap) to gatwick (lgw)

          Dear Sir/ Madam,
          Re :-flight on June 22nd 2019 from Naples (NAP) to Gatwick (LGW) EJU8534 16:45 local time Seat 11C SB

          On this flight my mother in law was forced to change seat with a young girl in row behind because your cabin manager/Stewardess decided that she didn't look capable to be in the seats over wing. We paid extra for these seats and although we said she was capable and had'nt been questioned for the seats going out, was told " The plane wont move till she moved" She said we would be reimbursed as was going on the flight log as yet no money has been returned. In Fact we want the whole price for her ticket refunded for the utter humiliation this women caused. My wife spoke to the Pilot on arrival at Gatwick and was assured we would get refund Capt Stefano G De Filippis, he said he had to back his crew regardless!!! We could have said the same of the captain he was old and had grey hair should he be flying a plane? Its was completely unnecessary and we have waited if to report Easy Jet to authorities for ageism.
          We await our refund and an apology for Mrs D Fearn
          Mr T K Milroy

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            EasyJet Airline Companydelayed and damaged tool box

            I flew from Bristol to Belfast on 14/7/19 for work purposes and easy jet wrongly sent my tool box to Amsterdam. On the 15th I received an email informing me my delayed tools would be on a flight arriving to Belfast from Amsterdam at 10pm. The following day (16th) I attempted to confirm this with easyJet customer service quoting my reference number, but their attitude and unwillingness to even try and track it was awful. I then contacted swissport and Belfast international airport who informed me the box had not arrived and they believed it was sent to Bristol by mistake again. I was then told it would be flown to Belfast that night. On the 17th swissport told me it had not arrived from Bristol and now they were unclear where the box was. I contacted easyJet again was could not get a straight answer from their call centre after two calls and two different operators who spoke broken English and told me they could not understand me as they attempted to rudely talk over me on several occasions.
            I stressed the importance of my missing tool box on every call I made as I was not able to go to work and eventually have a £690 loss of earnings for my three days without tools.
            When the box finally arrived in Belfast a lock had been ripped off it and the box was split down one side damaged beyond repair.
            The swissport employee basically chucked the box at me with a number to call to try and sort out a replacement and a pre filled in damage report saying the box was "scratched".
            I hold out little hope that I will receive a proper replacement never mind my loss of earnings due to the extremely poor and disgusting care shown my easyJet and swissport over the matter.

            delayed and damaged tool box
            delayed and damaged tool box

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              EasyJet Airline Companyhold luggage charge & unclear information

              When I was booking my flight from Malaga to Milan, there were options to add extra hold luggages and it says that on each flight I can share the weight with whomever I'm traveling with. So I bought an extra hold luggage, and thought everything was smooth and easy.

              And then the most unpleasant thing happened upon my check-in at Malaga airport (29/05/2019). The check-in staff yelled at me, saying that I only booked for one bag, and I should pay 52 Euros for the other bag. I was surprised and so was my travel mate because we clearly understood it differently. I think for this matter, she could at least talk in a more desirable manner.

              We scrolled the Easyjet website, and tried to make a new booking just to see how does it exactly tell us about the luggage. It does not tell anything about each person should buy one hold luggage in order to share the allowed weight. Not even on the terms and conditions!

              The information given was very ambiguous and as the result, it felt like a trap. I believe Easyjet should improve on how they inform the customers, and it's only fair if they refund the inconvenient luggage charge.

              hold luggage charge & unclear information
              hold luggage charge & unclear information
              hold luggage charge & unclear information

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                EasyJet Airline Companyflight delayed and incorrect information

                Hi there
                I flew yesterday from Pisa (italy) to Luton (london) and my flight number was 2304 & booking reference was EZY2304. Originally my flight was booked for 16.20 departure and I received an email from Easyjet on 14th May to tell me that this has changed to 16.10.
                On the day of the flight I went on the website to double check my booking and found that Easyjet had sent us the wrong information and the flight had infact been changed to 15.10. We then had to leave in a mad rush as we had to get to the airport an hour earlier than expected.

                I want to make a complaint about the hassle this caused us on the last day of our holiday. We had to leave our hotel earlier than expected and had not organised the correct travel to the airport and so had to make other last minute arrangements due to Easyjet emailing us the incorrect information about the change of time. I would like to request some compensation for this error.

                Nikita Johal

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                  EasyJet Airline Companylugged

                  I purchased a ticked from vienna to liverpool over your website and purchased an extra cabinbag. The groundstuff of easyjet in Nice, since I was flying over france was extremely rude with me, why I do not have any speedy boarding and made me pay 60€ for something I had already purchased, this is an inacceptable behavior, the disrespectful way they also talked to me. So I payed twice for something, I had already purchased... first I also even managed to put my purse into my lugged it even fitted to this iron thing still 60€ extra. I am very angry, since I planed my travel in ahead and carefully.
                  40 070 569 Booking reference

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                    Feb 13, 2019

                    EasyJet Airline Company — Unethical behaviour

                    When boarding Easyjet flight 606, seat 6F, from Belfast INTL to Liverpool on Thursday 24th of January 2019 I...

                    EasyJet Airline Companystaff

                    I don't usually complain, we had to land in France due to a passenger having a fit which we sat for about 20 minute understanding the situation had to be sorted until we had to set off again.it wasn't until we saw the air hostesses coming from front of plane asking if anyone would like a drink or anything when she got to us she went back to the front so I waited for another air hostesses and asked for a drink and she said they had stopped serving not once did they announce it and also couldn't get any duty free on flight as they locked it up as I say again not once did they announce it . I was really disappointed I have never experienced nothing like it

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                      EasyJet Airline Company — luggage

                      Upon arriving at the airport, we duly checked in our hold luggage and had a small kit bag as part of our...

                      EasyJet Airline Companyflight delay

                      booking ref evg97rb - 25.8.18 - flight ezy 3104

                      With regards to the above i have filled out 2 compensation forms, e mailed 4/5 times
                      as the reply from easy jet on both my compenation forms was that my flight was not delayed for 3 hours which it was
                      and i have proof.

                      departure was meant to be 2145 - we took off after 0215 on the 26th august

                      therefore 4 and 1/2 hours!!

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                        EasyJet Airline Companyhand luggage

                        I was boarding flight FZY 7083 at Liverpool on the 10 September I was asked to check that my hand luggage went into the container it did but was told it had to go down to the bottom. As my hand luggage has 3 wheels on the bottom I had difficulty. I was abruptly told I would have to pay £47 and it would have to go in the hold. I was told to stand at the side of the lady and wait I had to stand there till all remaining passengers boarded. I felt degraded and humiliated through the whole procedure. I tried to explain to the lady that I live in Portugal and came to England on the 27th July with Easy Jet and had no problem with my hand luggage and tried to explain that I have used the same hand luggage on Tap BA Ryan Air Monarch and Easy Jet many times and never had a problem. The lady never acknowledged me the whole time and kept her back to me. As I stood there I could see people with hand luggage bigger than mine and they were told that they would go into the hold free of charge. The whole experience left me shaking I felt degraded and humiliated I am sure a criminal would have been treated better instead I was made to feel like a criminal. I was told to leave my case at the bottom of the steps to the plane. The whole experience had left me shaking. I do suffer from High blood pressure and take medication for this and have no problem. When we were airborne I felt unwell my wife then realised that my medication was in the bag that was in the hold. I don't remember much of the flight and didn't want to say anything as I was apprehensive of the response I would get.The whole experience was like a nightmare. One response I got from the lady when I paid the fee was I will make a comment that you came to England with the same hand luggage. I doubt that she has. I have receipt for the payment. Please do not misunderstand me I am all for people paying if the hand luggage is too big. I had booked and paid for a case to go into the hold on that flight If I had any doubt that my hand luggage was too big I would have booked that in also at a cheaper price. I was always brought up that manners cost nothing and they are ways in handling any situation. The lady in question had neither abrupt and rudeness is all that I received.

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                          EasyJet Airline Company — missed departure

                          easyJet booking reference EVP2T7H flight departure 19.40 flight no EZY2227 on 10/9/18 When I went to flight...

                          EasyJet Airline Companyboarding not allowed

                          Today the customer registered with booking number EVPCP1G was not allowed to take the flight EZY3858 from Tenerife Spain to Paris France. Their webpage (http://www.easyjet.com/en/help/boarding-and-flying/travel-documents-and-information) clearly states that a valid passport is needed and a visa but only if requested. The fact is that people from Venezuela are not required to have a Schegen Visa to enter the Schengen space (And she was in Spain already by the way!). But the crew in the airport keep asking for it. My Venezuelan Mother in law could not come and visit us. Asking for a refund to the French Customer Service of EasyJet I was clearly answered by a rude customer relationship manager that no refund was possible even if a complaint was filled.

                          boarding not allowed
                          boarding not allowed
                          boarding not allowed

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                            • Updated by FXR · Sep 13, 2018

                              We received an email from easyjet yesterday with a refund of the airline tickey.

                            EasyJet Airline Companyduty free package supposedly not found

                            Good day

                            Today I landed in Gatwick from Prague, flight number:EYZ8994
                            I unfortunately forgot my dutyfree package on the floor of my sitting area.

                            I have gone to customer services to ask for the return of this after cleaners have cleaned to be told that it has not been found.

                            This plastic bag contained 180 pounds worth of tobacco, dutyfree, to which i have not recieved back.

                            Is there a solution you can offer for me please as I feel that this is theft if somebody on the cleaning team has found it and it cost me a lot of money.

                            I look forward to a solution please from yourselves.

                            I am a very frequent flyer with Easyjet as I live in Czech Republic and my work takes me very often to UK and Ireland.

                            I look forward to a return email from yourselves, thank you Daron Martin

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                              Easy Jet — delayed flight

                              image1.png image2.png Hello I wondered if you could help me. My flight was delayed for 27 hours with...

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