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Complaints & Reviews

Resolved non cooperation and differential treatment

This is to compain about the poor services and non coopertaion received aboard the British Airways flight BA118
my ticket number being : ETKT 125 [protected] from BENGALURU to LONDON LHR on 20 MARCH 2011.
the staff onboard suggested i keep my seat UPRIGHT for the whole duration of the flight that is TEN HOURS so as to not cause discomfort to the tall gentleman in the seat behind mine. They refused to heed my request for different arrangements and suggested i switch seats when i was infact travelling with my business associate. My flight was acutely UNCOMFORTABLE and has left my back quiet sore. Also the tone of voice and body language of the attendant was rude and inappropriate. I am very disappointed and have decided not to travel with British Airways in the future and I shall recommend the same to family and friends. This is not the treatment we expect from a reputed organisation and we hope you do something about it.



People were very rude! I had a broken seat an a full flight from L.A. to London. We had a near crash landing... below are the photos of the roof that broke because we hit the runway so hard. Our pilot Pulled in front of another plane on the runway and both planes literally skidded to a stop! (photo also below) We asked for a snack and they told us "we are out, you snooze you loose" To make it all worse they dont even have anyone to complain to, just an email but Iv never received a response...


  • Iw
    iwolf1234 Mar 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Let me give it another try... The panels were being held by electrical only...


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  • Iw
    iwolf1234 Mar 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    One of 6 people I was with was a pilot for over 20 years... He swears hes never seen anything like it. So ### hole it sounds like the "problem" was the pilot. He missed his turn on the runway and pulled out in front of another plane to make a u turn. If there were problems the would have cleared the runway and made us priority. But im sure you know better then I would wouldn't you...

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  • Th
    thisisaustin4 Mar 04, 2011

    This is a great laugh for a Friday! Thank you (again) SP!!!

    Pilot, sure. And I'm going to be the next president...

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  • Th
    thisisaustin4 Mar 04, 2011

    Maybe you should see an otologist about that problem, sweetcheeks. It could be serious!!!

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Resolved customer service at airport

I am writing about british airways airline. I was on my hoiliday to india in last month (november). The time I was checking In from glasgow to delhi the staff was very helpful and had a good skills about customer services. On that time my weight in main baggage was about 28kg each bag. The staff never been overcharged from me and without any hesitation i checked in. The time I was coming back from Delhi on 30th November with Flight no. BA142 at 3.30am in the morning the staff at the delhi airport was so cheecky and not happy to help. I had to wait in long queue to check in. The time went on the counter Gourav mehta was on the counter and he was looking in the rush to check in. the way he was speking with the other customers and also with my group he was so cheecky. and after that he made a point i have to pay for the extra weight in the main baggage eventhough my weight for the main baggage was same as last time what i had from glasgow to delhi. Where at glasgow airport there was no objection with weight at delhi they were looking for extra money for same weight. When I asked for manager He said I had to wait then he call another member of the staff his name was Rohit Gupta. He present himself as a manager to me. I ask him are u manager? He say No. I says to him I want to speak with manager and he said I had to wait about half an hour to 45 minutes to speak to the manager. I think that is ridicolus such a big airline there is no manager available to talk to the customers. I waited about 0.30 minutes but there was no sign for manager then I decided not to wait longer and i Decided to pay rs 4230.00 for both bags and i will never will fly again with BA.

  • Pa
    pavish Dec 16, 2010

    I am writing about british airways airline. I was on my hoiliday to india in last month (november). The time I was checking In from glasgow to delhi the staff was very helpful and had a good skills about customer services. On that time my weight in main baggage was about 28kg each bag. The staff never been overcharged from me and without any hesitation i checked in. The time I was coming back from Delhi on 30th November with Flight no. BA142 at 3.30am in the morning the staff at the delhi airport was so cheecky and not happy to help. I had to wait in long queue to check in. The time went on the counter Gourav mehta was on the counter and he was looking in the rush to check in. the way he was speking with the other customers and also with my group he was so cheecky. and after that he made a point i have to pay for the extra weight in the main baggage eventhough my weight for the main baggage was same as last time what i had from glasgow to delhi. Where at glasgow airport there was no objection with weight at delhi they were looking for extra money for same weight. When I asked for manager He said I had to wait then he call another member of the staff his name was Rohit Gupta. He present himself as a manager to me. I ask him are u manager? He say No. I says to him I want to speak with manager and he said I had to wait about half an hour to 45 minutes to speak to the manager. I think that is ridicolus such a big airline there is no manager available to talk to the customers. I waited about 0.30 minutes but there was no sign for manager then I decided not to wait longer and i Decided to pay rs 4230.00 for both bags and i will never will fly again with BA.

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Resolved flight ba59 sun 21 nov (7:20pm)

A minimum expectation when booking this flight with BA is to have entertainment for the duration of my flight of 11hours. When I reported the monitor was not working and your crew member Tony reseted it several times. After the last time I had to go find him to ask what he was going to do next and he responded that there was nothing else he could do, as the flight was very full and the only seat available would be 38E or 37E (can't be sure but it was one between 2 people and another row of seats infront unlike where I was seated in 40E ( no seats in front and plenty legroom) which I'd pre-booked online specifically to get comfortable legroom. I received no apology for the inconveneince from Tony only "Do you want to talk to my boss (Helen)" and brushed off. Also when i asked if bus class was also full, he abruptly stated that even if it wasn't he couldn't move me there. Does your staff receive no training in dealing with complaints?

So i was basically left with a Choice of a worse seat or not having entertainment. Clearly your equipment is not regularly checked, and yet no extra entertainment units or repairs are made possible.
My colleagues' seat beside me 40d was duck taped in order to keep it up!?!

Another few things that occurred on this flight: On take off the lights were left on, during flight the lights went on and off randomly a few times, seemed unlike the procedure I'm used to seeing on flights, and to top off a bad experience, during the 20 minute descent a loud alarm went off for about a minute. No communication was made after to explain what that was about . All these things gave an all round impression that a) procedure is not very important at BA b) your planes are not very well maintained ( at least not the parts your clients get to experience)


My family flew from Washington Dulles (IAD) on British Airways. Our seats had bedbugs and my daughter and I each sustained 40+ bites during the flight. When we complained and I showed a flight attendant my blood-covered hand, he started taking the seats apart and trying to swat them. We flew the remainder of the flight with the lights on in an attempt to keep the insects at bay. Anyone who has received bedbug bites knows they are intensely painful both itching and burning concurrently for several weeks. Needless to say, it ruined our vacation. British Airways offered only $400 each for pain and suffering. We refused as too little.


  • Dm
    dmz3 Nov 23, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Brenda veers from the central issue.
    Obviously, the report above shows that simple treatments do not work.
    Not addressing the central point makes me think Brenda works for BA, owns BA stock or has some other conflict of interest.
    Many/most people would have reactions similar to those shown above making this a problem for anyone that takes a BA flight.
    Nothing provides permanent relief accept time. Bedbug bites many times contain pathogens which create secondary swelling/infections. So, no water, no cream, nothing will heal these bites accept the body’s own immune system over time.
    If someone accepts $400 from BA over this, they would have to agree not to complain publicly because such settlements contain those provisions. So, this is a public service to not accept the money and instead tell the world about an airline having a health problem on its flights.

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  • Ba
    ba-bites.com Feb 22, 2011

    I had a similar issue on some recent flights - what an awful thing to go through!


    Feel free to take a look around at my site and comment about your own experiences!

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Resolved overbook

Went to check in over 3 hrs early told we had to wait before we could leave our baggage.Went again to check in then told we had been downgraded from World Traveller plus to world traveller, we booked our flight in April 2010 for Nov 10 British airways they told us that they overbook seats for passengers that dont show.SO WHAT if they dont show you still have their money.We had a 9 hr flight my partner was put back into World traveller plus but I had to sit in ecomony BEWARE OF BA they are very immoral and they want to compensate with $163 Aust only to use on their airlines within 12 months I dont think so and BA I will fight for my rights.

Resolved recd. fraud e-mail

I have got one e-mail from the British airways courier company limited. I don't know weather thi...

useless voucher after delays

I booked on flight MN6239 for Thursday 11 June 2009 at 17h50 to PE. My booking was done a week or so before the flight. When we arrived at the airport we were delighted to hear that we were on a BA flight now. But then this happened. They made us book in (I had to be in PE later that evening), and shortly thereafter I overheard another passenger say that the flight is delayed for 5 hours. We were not told that when we booked in!!! I immediately ran off to customer services advising them I had committments that evening in PE, and can't miss it. I was told that there is nothing they could do (not even bump me to another flight!!!). I eventually arrived in PE after midnight, missing my committments. They did give us each a complimentary one way voucher for any local flight (obviously excluding taxes). Try using them however, is a different story. 'Sorry sir, no complimentary seats on this flight' is a sentence that I must have heard at least ten times. So when can I fly? Only when I pay!!! The delay was not weather induced at all. In any event, I guess that those vouchers were meant to distract us from complaining about damages we suffered (financially). No use now!

racial discrimination

I am a victim of racial discrimination. In all my years of traveling, I have never experienced
such blatant racism. I am appalled that British Airways employs such individuals as
representatives of the company.

I had booked a roundtrip flight ( 3A7KMG) through an online travel agency. However, on the night of July 13th, when I was scheduled
to leave, I had arrived at LAX in time for my 9:20pm flight departure and was turned away
immediately. The representative was a middle-aged white woman with shoulder length
dirty blonde hair and bangs. As soon as I walked to the ticket counter, the representative
was unwilling to check my luggage and refused to check me in, saying that I was going to
delay the flight. There was a white gentleman who was waiting in line in front of
me for the same flight, and he not only had carry-on luggage, but she let him go to the gate,
knowing that he still needed to go through passenger and baggage screening. I was in the
same position, where I was able to take my luggage as carry-on, but was still turned down.
This was clearly an act of racial discrimination. Moreover, I had no way to reach my travel
agency as they were closed for the day. I asked the representative at
the counter to help me find an alternative and see if she would help me find a seat on the next
flight, but she neither attempted to listen to what I had to say, nor did she try to check other
options. She simply stated that I needed to contact my travel agent the next day. She was
completely aware that I would be marked as a "NO SHOW" and made me miss my flight.
As this was a very important business trip, this event was not only an economic loss for my
company, but also a complete disappointment in British Airways. I was thoroughly disgusted
by the representative and the experience. DO NOT FLY WITH BRITISH AIRWAYS.

lack of oxygen supply

British Airways Plc.,
PO Box 5619, (S506)
Sudbury Suffolk CO10 2PG UK.
Tel.: [protected]
Fax. : [protected]

British Airways Plc Ref: 7481917

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Dear Madam.

Thank you for your letter dated 30th March 2010 answering on behalf of Mr. Willie Walsh.

To say that your replies disappointed me was the very least of my issues with British Airways Plc.

I supplied oxygen request forms exactly as requested; they were co signed by my Medical Doctor as requested.

I arrived at Calgary airport 27th May 2009 and British Airways Plc. let me go in to the airport lounge duty free area.

Staff then refused to fly me, asked me to get a form signed for oxygen level less than 4 litres per minute.

I was then told by British Airways Plc staff that may fly me the next day?

As a result of the pain fear and frustration British Airways Plc caused me I felt so let down that I had no choice.

I went on another airline with Bacteria masks flew over 9 hours using face masks which caused me great stress.

Add insult to injury I flew again with British Airways Plc. on 13th September 2009 again form filled for 2 liter flow oxygen.

On 13th September 2009 there was only only one bottle of oxygen was supplied for 91/2 flight.

On 29th September 2009 flying with British Airways Plc. again only one bottle of oxygen supplied for 91/2 flight.

Previously letters asked for assurances from Mr Willie Walsh that my needs would be fulfilled was not to be.

So lack of response in letters was the very least of my issues with British Airways Plc.

I have reported to the airline authorities at both Heathrow and at Calgary that British Airways Plc. failed me badly.

As a disabled person with peak flow less than 220 with Asthma COPD Bronchitis and low immune system.

British Airways Plc. has failed to meet my needs as a paying passenger and as a disabled person.

British Airways Plc. staff knew on the very first flight I was flying to my mother’s side that had a stroke.

So lack of caring letters, is it about the 1100.00 CAD I paid for the flight British Airways Plc. refused to fly me on?

I wrote letters in hope that British Airways Plc. would make sure they never put another person through that hell.

Can you imagine how much stress lack of oxygen can cause an oxygen deficient customer who is in need of it?

British Airways Plc. is not accepting reasonability is weak hiding in fear and prestige.

Not accepting responsibility is a sign of a coward’s actions and poor reflection of CEO spiritual values of not caring.

I did not expect too much from British Airways Plc. just the oxygen I requested on the British Airways Plc. forms supplied.

I at least hoped British Airways Plc. would at least get it right the second or third time of flying with them.

Sadly one bottle of oxygen will not give constant 2 litre oxygen flow rate for 91/2 hours.

How many times do you need to be told after all you are supposed to be the airline experts and professionals?

You’re sincerely

Mr W D Lindseth

Resolved poor customer service

Subject: Horrific experience for bereaved customer returning to work in Doha.
I had been off work for several weeks due to my mothers terminal cancer and witnessed her death at the end of February. Because my father was very unwell and also grieving I stayed with him for a couple more weeks.

I went to Heathrow airport T5 on 12th March to get the BA 125 leaving at 1020 for Doha. I was with my 2 older children who checked me in and drove me to the airport. I dropped off my bag and was given the boarding card with a 1000 closing time, plus verbal reminder for the gate cut-off time only. We were all still grieving, so we spent time with each other on the check in side. I spent some time hugging my children before the departure gate.
When I went to the gate to enter security I was turned back, with no explanation and went to the BA desk. They told me I was put on standby and go to the ticket desk. At the ticket desk they told me that they would not put me on the flight. They then told me that there is a rule about 35 minutes. I asked to speak to the manager who told me that BA had told me about this via its contracts and various notices. I pointed out that I am a bereaved person and that none of this would mean anything to me, and even then I would not know this would be done in such a harsh way, especially when according to them, I had gone over time for a matter of seconds. Actually the duration I was hugging my children. They offered to rebook the flight but, I would have to pay additional charges. I asked the manager, if due to my circumstances she would waive these charges, she said she could waive the charges, but she would not do so. She even implied that this harsh regime is designed to train the passengers. I was left feeling a distinct lack of compassion and also a failure to acknowledge that I genuinely didn't understand about this rule.
I contacted the Customer Services representative to whom I spoke for over an hour, my main point being to get BA to understand what a horrible experience they were giving me, for someone in my circumstances. Rather than get this basic point, she re-iterated that I had been "told" about the 35 minute rule - which was not true. She referred me to the Boarding pass, and I read out to her exactly, what it said especially the "important notes" on the back of the document. Then she just referred to the part which says, "Subject to conditions of carriage, copies available on request". She gave me the complaint reference number 8059201 to follow up with yourselves.

I think at this difficult time in my life if BA had shown some compassion and consideration due to my circumstances, they would have gained my respect and loyalty. Instead they compounded the tragedy of someone already in difficult circumstances, being bereaved, missing your flight, wasting your money, being told indirectly that you are stupid etc. I felt literally heartbroken at the end of this encounter. I decided to go and rebook, on another airline, even though this cost me more money.

In any case, the BA staff should have taken into account my personal circumstances, realised that this contributed to what happened and waived the rebooking fee. Showing that little bit of compassion and consideration would have won my favour, instead of leaving me doubly heartbroken at this difficult time in my life. Had they shown more compassion, they would have created a positive experience for me and not made me determined never to fly with British Airways ever again. Furthermore, I will give this message to all my family, friends, community and staff at work. At work, I will not endorse any future travel with BA in my job capacity at Qtel. I will also, let the EXPEDIA travel agent know, that this is the way that BA treated me, and according to BA they are also to blame for not making the 35 minute rule explicit to me.

Kindly note that I belong to a family of 7 making about 6 to 7 trips to UK a year, in addition to business travel for myself and staff. Prior to this incident I had made a commitment to travel to BA in future as, advance bookings. I want to now cancel these flights, please process this ahead of the 12 week period.

  • Bh
    Bhadresh Desai Dec 20, 2010

    I had a similar experience with BA and I had to rebook the flight and pay the additional charge. I missed out my flight by few minutes. This 35 minute rule is ridiculous specially when there was no queue on the day in question.

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Resolved wants compensation for all the inconvenience and emotional stress given to a 64 year old woman, and the all the staff stolen!

My mother-in-law was scheduled to fly from LasVegas, NV to Istanbul, Turkey on February 28th, 2010 - Flight # BA0274. Her first flight apparently arrived in London at 15:15 in the afternoon, and her connecting flight to Turkey left at 16:29 in the afternoon.

She does not speak English at all, and needed assistance. Before we sent her through the security in Las Vegas airport, we told the person taking her to the plane that she needed assistance once she arrived in London. We also wrote a note for her to show the flight crew, explaining the reasons that she needed assistance. She apparently asked hostesses for help once they landed in London, but they told her to wait. They made her wait until everyone else in the plane left. Thus, she was the last person to leave the plane despite the fact that her flight was delayed and she had only a very limited time to make her connection. The staff did not even look at what time her next flight was departing, however. Therefore, even though there was more than one hour remaining to make her final connection, and the fact that both her arrival and departure flight were in Terminal 5, she still was not assisted to reach her connecting flight in time.

After this incident, they called me from London on March 1 at 10:30am Pacific/6:30pm London time, and said that they would put her onto another flight the following day at 9:50am, Flight# 676. They told me that they would give her a bus ticket to get to the hotel where they reserved a room for her, with the idea that she was going to somehow take the bus back to the airport next morning. However, this ignored the fact that my mother-in-law does not know her way around in London and cannot speak English at all. I asked them if someone could take her to the hotel, so that she would not get lost, but the representative told me that they could not do that. The result was that she was stranded in the airport for nearly 24 hours waiting for the next flight after taking an all-night flight from Las Vegas to London.

This was most disappointing to us, for she is a 64 year-old woman that suffers from high blood pressure, which is triggered by stress. When I was able to talk to her on the phone, she was worried and scared, and said that she would rather wait at the airport until her flight left the following morning. It is shocking to us that a person of her age, who was not fully capable of looking out for herself, had to be left sitting in an airport for this length of time without proper care, especially given that it seems highly likely that a lack of attention on the part of the airline led to her missing her connection in the first place.

However, what was most galling about this situation was that the authorities at the airport insisted upon charging her extra $54 for one of her carry-ons when they did finally get her on a flight the next day, which would never have happened had people done their jobs in the first place. They claimed it was too heavy while it was not heavy in the USA. One would think that if mistakes by the staff had caused grave inconvenience to a customer, the last thing they would want to do would be to add insult to injury. They even took all the travel size body lotions and left only 4 of them while each was only 50 or 88 ml. People are allowed to take up to 1lt in their carry-ons. That's what it says on British Airways website! What is that? I understand they are doing their job, but is their job robbing people. This is very offensive.

After all, one of her suitcases arrived one day later after it was emptied! Even they stole her ID which we are very worried about. They stole $500 worth of gifts from the suitcase on the top of breaking both of the suitcases. I can not believe how this can happen.

We are all upset with British Airways handling of this situation, and think that some recompense should be made for the gross inconvenience that she underwent and the insulting way in which she was treated. We also request that this series of errors be further investigated to prevent such unnecessary situations from arising in the future. If we are not satisfied with your response to this matter, we fully intend to file a formal complaint with the relevant regulatory authorities.

Resolved frequent flier

I recently tried to use frequent flyer miles from British Airways to purchase tickets from Phoenix, Az to Europe. After searching for my dates I attempted to book only to find their would bee $312.00 per ticket in fees to use my "free" frequent flier miles. Needless to say I was shocked and will no longer do business with British Airways andwould encourage anyone else to think twice before doing business with a company that woud resort to such unscrupulous tactics .

  • Su
    Susan955932 Feb 24, 2010

    you are being charged for taxes and service fee to use your points. all airlines are doing the same-

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Resolved denied the right to fly even after having valid documentation

I had booked my flight to India and back with British Airways. My family which includes my wife and my 2.3 year old son left from Lubbock via Dallas and London to Bangalore. At the London Airport the BA staff observed that my son had an endorsement on his passport equivalent to a Permanent Resident card (as he was yet to receive his PR card) and allowed us to travel to Bangalore.
On our return trip, which was scheduled for the 7th September 2009, I was to fly with my son from Cochin via Mumbai and London to Dallas and subsequently to Lubbock. I reached Mumbai with my 2.3 year old son and had to move through airports and finally came by to the International airport at Mumbai and was made to check in at the BA counter.
They verified my passport and PR card and then verified my son’s passport and saw the endorsement and stated that we could not board the flight as the endorsement could not be accepted. When I stated that it was with the same endorsement that I travelled to India with, they had no answers.
This is when my ordeal began. The staff at the BA by the name of Kiran(Name changed) just refused to say anything else. He refused to understand that I was with a 2.3 year old son and absolutely no empathy for the place and situation I was in. Further he did not give me an option on what to do next. It seemed that I was taking a transport bus to a remote village to India because Mr.Kiran was not bothered whether I take the flight or not in the future. He did not mention what happens to my ticket. Did not give me an option.
I was in a city where I did not know whom to contact. On the same day that is September 9th 2009, I took another flight back to Cochin as I knew there was no point in staying back in Mumbai.
On returning back to Cochin, I took a flight with another airline and came to the US on September 11th. 2009. The ignorance exhibited by the British Airways

• Would have costed me my job as I was to join back work on June 11th 2009.
• Both my son and myself was put through mental torture with no one to help at the Mumbai airport and it seemed that everyone was asking me for money for helping us at the airport.
• It costed me dear as I had to take another flight back to Cochin and later to the US.

Resolved poor customer service - lost baggage

4 weeks after transiting through Heathrow, we still have not recovered one of the 3 items BA lost. One piece of luggage did arrive intact, our stroller arrived BROKEN and the third piece of luggage never arrived. Now as a frequent flyer there is nothing unusual about lost luggage - it happens! but our experience dealing with BA is what has frustrated us. After receiving a tracking number and telephone contacts we have called and left at least 10 messages, been redirected to various numbers many of them disconnected, received automated responses to web enquires or been dismissed by anyone in BA customer service who keep telling us it is not their concern and redirecting us to the same disconnected or unanswered numbers. BA couldn't care! good luck if you choose to fly BA - hope your luggage arrives safely.

  • Lost luggage happens on every airline, not just BA. And why do you leave 10 messages? They probably got the first one and the reason they didn't call you back is because they have no news. If the bag shows up they will send it to you. End of story. Do you believe they only look for the missing bag when you call them? No, that's not how it works... Maybe someone stole the bag, maybe it's stuck in the bottom of a pile at Heathrow and nobody will find it until somebody cleans out the storage... Just move on with your life. File a claim so that you can get compensation and then, with any luck, the bag will show up one of these days. Just stop calling - it doesn't do any good anyway...

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  • Ms
    mss_understood Mar 13, 2010

    We have had a similar situation and no one is returning our claim. We left for Italy with three childen in December. BA lost (yet to be recovered) 3 of our 6 bags and our stroller arrived proken the day before we left home from our three week vacation. We had christmas gifts for our relatives and children (aged 2, 4 and 6). It is now March and we have not received one cent in compensation and no acknowledgement with the exception of an automated reply when we posted our claim on-line. In addition, visa is willing to give us a tiny fraction ($100o) but they need written confirmation from BA that the bags are lost. We can't even get this--so not only are they not compensating us we can't even get token compensation from Visa who is willing to give us something for our troubles merely for having purchased the ticket with Visa.
    Our trip was pretty much ruined (one that we saved up for about 5 years to do) and we haven't even received an apology let alone compensation.
    Very dissapointed, unprofessional and inhumane, quite honestly.

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Resolved poor service

We recently booked a trip to New York using Britsh airways to fly from glasgow to Heathrow then from Heathrow to JFK.

Our first flight from Glasgow was delayed as there was "Bad weather" in London.. We were suppose to fly at 10.35hrs but ended up leaving Glasgow at 14.50hrs. In view of this, we were re-routed onto a different connecting flight to JFK.

When we reached Heathrow, there was a light snow fall..Living in Glasgow..I'd experienced far worse withour any disruption to travel! We were dismayed to learn that as all flights had been grounded, we had nowhere to off load and were left sitting by the runway on the plane for over an hour. When we finally off loaded, our new connecting flight had left without us - 10 mins earlier! We were re-routed for a third time but this meant that instead of reaching New York at our first scheduled time of 1600hrs (New York time), we wouldn't be reaching our destination until around midnight. We had spend approximately 10hrs sitting around in airport lounges. I actually had to go to the customer service desk to ask for food discount vouchers as they weren't even offered!
The flight was ok..but we had to be down graded due to the number of customers who were now on our flight - and 1st class takes presidence over everyone don't they!!

On the return leg..we voiced our upset at being down graded but were informed there were no available seats...being frequent air miles collectors, we'd upgraded to business.
Again we were delayed leaving. Once we reached Heathrow terminal 5 - we waited forever just to have our flight announced at the gate - it finally flashed up 20mins after the scheduled time. A throng of people who were all in the same boat all rushed to the gate where you could hardly find a seat!

Once on the plane - shock horror - another delay. Another hour sitting on the plane due to a mechanical failure!

At the back of the plane behind us, were BA staff heading to Glasgow for whatever reason. Serving breakfast, when they reached us, we were informed they had run out and only had vegitarian options left.

It was a disgusting mess of beans, mushrooms and a cream filled egg roll...Yeuk!
But to my further horror...Out come the full breakfast variety for their non - rev colleagues sitting behind us!

When we complained we were informed that they'd managed to "find" some more!

I have never been so glad to get off a BA flight and be home. All in all.. my experience has led me to believe that BA is a very tired and depleated service that needs a major overhaul to compete with the likes of Emirates (Who I couldn't fault) and Virgin (who are far superior)
I think the staff are totally over paid and you are charged for a service that simply does not exist.
BA is reliant on it's name for superior service - but sadly that is a thing of the past. BA is no better than a no frills airline. At least with them you know what to expect and are not charged an arm and a leg to get to where you want to be! When you fly with BA you expect a certain standard...I'm sorry...but it just is not provided any more!

  • Sf
    SF67guy Jan 20, 2010

    You should have checked to weather in advance. If you had known it was questionable, you could have rescheduled your trip. I mean, it's not like they made you hike to your destination. All you had to do was sit on your fat behind. And pack a lunch next time if you have such peculiar dietary requirements.

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  • Sf
    SF67guy Jan 20, 2010

    And next time, if the plane has a mechanical issue, demand that they fly it anyway. They can fix it some other time. It should be good enough for just one more trip before it falls apart in the air. You can always charter a private jet for $15, 000 US per hour to transport your royal self.

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Resolved negligence by british airways

My name is Sukhdeep Narang.I have a complaint against your airlines.I boarded on british airways flight BA 10...

Resolved bad comunication, dodgy charges

I am extremely disappointed with the service I received from British Airways Cargo at the Manchester Airport...

Resolved lost baggage

My brother and I travelled back from Canada to Dubai through Air Canada connection Bristish Airways dated 29th of September, 2009. We had three luggages but none were handed to us. We have reported the irregularity but since then we have not received any updates from them tracking down our LOST Luggages.

At Dubai Airport, they failed to indicate that those luggages belong to two parties, Walid Chafic Mrad and Ghassan Mrad. If you will check the flight where it originated (Ottawa, Canada) you will find the luggages that were lost belong to two parties.

We are hoping to get this matter settled the soonest possible time.

Contact details:

Walid Chafic Mrad
Phone: +[protected]
Fax: +[protected]
Email: [protected]@hotmail.com

  • Da
    David Ebbs Sep 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    In early August 2007 myself, my partner and her two children we flew on British Airways from Heathrow to Menorca. One of our bags did not arrive on the outward trip and none returned to the UK once our holiday was over. BA Lost Baggage will not answer phones and there are no ways to leave messages. We leave emails on the BA website and have to this day not heard anything from BA oyjer than an automated 'do not reply to this message' acknowledgment. At the airport the BA employees were of fundamentally useless and only gave us a 'Lost Baggage' Report Number. BA cannot tell us anything about where the bags may be, if we may ever see them again and if we can claim against them for the loss. I cannot claim for the loss of my stuff from my own insurance as there is no record that my bags are actually missing! There are no phone numbers to call, no address to write to, no complaints system or website to view. BA is hiding away in a cloak of their own ineptitude.


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  • Al
    alison basaj May 10, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


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Resolved customer relations

British Airways charged me a fee for rebooking flights. The flights were connecting in Heathrow, but due to BA's lack of providing the right connection time, I missed my plane and so they charged me 90£ for booking a new flight.

After talking to a costumer relations-representative, at first I thought well, I'm getting a refund. Then suddenly he started refusing "liability" and kept apologizing. Dead end.

Do not fly with this company, they're rude, incompetent and the level of service provided at any given time is flat out pathetic. Be warned.

  • Je
    jeff87 Nov 06, 2009

    it is worst man
    i paid 247 dollar just to change a ticket and i hate the customer service
    all agent gives different answer
    i will nevr travel with same company

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