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British Airways reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Aug 17, 2006. The latest review Charged to re-book when BA have advertised a free re-booking service was posted on May 31, 2021. The latest complaint Inordinate delay in granting refund for a cancelled flight was resolved on Jan 16, 2021. British Airways has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 172 reviews. British Airways has resolved 53 complaints.

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+61 130 076 7177 (Australia)
+64 99 669 777 (New Zealand)
+43 179 567 567 (Austria)
+32 27 173 217 (Belgium)
+45 70 128 022 (Denmark)
+49 421 557 5758 (Germany & Rest Of Europe)
+31 203 469 559 (Netherlands)
+351 808 200 125 (Portugal)
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British Airways Complaints & Reviews

British Airways — I was denied boarding

To whom, it may concern, I am writing to explain about my dissatisfaction with the British Airways /Air...

British Airwaysunethical behaviour and loss on my part

I sent an email about my dissatisfaction with the British Airways since January 2018 but i got no response till date. i am highly disappointed, below is the email i sent months ago.

British Airways

2 Jan at 13:37

To whom it may concern
My Name is Cordelia Obolo and i booked a flight to Nigeria to see my family and attend my son's graduating ceremony, booking reference(TE32FB). My Flight (30 November 2017 @19:25) was meant to be from Manchester to London and then from London to Abuja. On getting to London, my flight from London to Abuja was cancelled and scheduled for the next day.

This cancelled flight made it impossible for me to attend my Son's ceremony on 1 December 2017, as if that was not enough, all of my four baggage (ABVBA31604) were not checked in with me. i waited at the Airport for several hours but all four baggages were missing. I could not attend my son's ceremony, my grandson also could not get his stuffs in my baggage which he ought to go to school with.

I had a very distasteful experience with British Airways, my cancelled flight caused me a lot, not only was my flight cancelled, i missed the important occasion i was suppose to attend.

After two days, i got a call to come collect my baggage, i found my bags in bad condition, one of my bags were opened and i could not find the souvenirs for the wedding i attended in the UK, lost 3 pairs of shoes, and right leg sandals, umbrellas and make up Kits, just six days ago, i realised i have lost more valuables than i thought.

This is the worst travelling experience i have ever had, even the few gifts i was given to give to a few people abroad were missing from my luggage.

I would hope that you take these complaints into consideration and that you would compensate me for inconvenience and my too many losses.

I believe that I am entitled to some form of compensation from the airline due to inconvenience this has caused me, missing the occasion I was meant to attend, tampered baggage, missing baggage, wasted hours and losing lots of valuables.

Date of Travel: November 30, 2017

Flight: BA1405 Manchester to London

London to Abuja (Cancelled FLIGHT)

I can be reached on my mobile ([protected] or [protected]@yahoo.com);
I would appreciate an update as soon as possible.

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    • Updated by Cordelia.O · Mar 06, 2018

      Cancelled Flight, Delayed Baggage, missing items in luggage and baggage badly torn and ripped open, very unprofessional

    • Md
      MD Rashadul Islam Mar 06, 2018
      This comment was posted by
      a verified customer
      Verified customer

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    British Airwaysba4143

    Booking ref 5YMEE5 we had no notification of our flight this week we did not know it was Cathay as it was ba flight number so 24 hours before we try to check in online and can't because we are referred to Cathay, as Cathay have 48hr check in there were no seats left and I spent a sleepless night worrying that we wouldn't get on the flight, In the end we sat by the toilets! We did not know it was Cathay and when I get home I will show you my copy which has at the bottom in the tinyest print cx0133S, I will be looking for compensation for this as neither Cathay nor ba reminded us of the impending flight online check in

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      • Aryan Russ Sep 28, 2019
        This comment was posted by
        a verified customer
        Verified customer

        If the author wants the compensation, the complaint regarding the delay of the flight or regarding the lack of the services on the international contract of the air carriage along with request on reimbursement, preferably of the defined sum, shall be submitted to the air carrier as follows:
        - air carrier name, address
        - passenger name address contacts
        - PNR of 6 signs or e-ticket number of 13 digits
        - events in the chronological order; I assume that the text of the public complaint match this condition partially
        - reason of reimbursment; I assume that the text of the public complint match this condition partially
        - the sum of the reimbursemnt or the other form of the reimbursemnt

        The air carrier shall reimburse within 10-15 days, which usually air carriers do not do.
        Each air carrier employ the lawyers.

        The subsmission of the complaint to the same addressee more than 2 times is useless.

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      British Airways — baggage

      This is my 2nd trip to Amsterdam where luggage has been delayed. In late October 2017 and January 21. I fly...


      British Airways — canceled flight and no rebooking

      I received a notice that my flights got was cxld O6YQBS récord locator so I called BA and they said I had to...

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      British Airways — flight service

      Good day, I would like to complain about the following flights: BA0054 15 Nov...

      British Airwayswrong delivery of baggage & baggage missing for over a month

      My flight was on 11 September 2017, flight number BA1370 from London Heathrow to Manchester Airport.
      My new Missing Baggage Report Number is LHRBA26284 as of 17 October 2017. My baggage receipt number is BA573087.

      Previously, the report number was MANBA 22863, but a wrong baggage was delivered to me. Then, it was changed to MANBA 26284. The baggage status seen on Missing Baggage Report was 'possible match found' before it changed to 'found'. However, I did not receive any calls, emails, or notifications on the updated status.

      It has been more than a month since my baggage went missing. I have called countless times to British Airways Baggage Team and I get different responses each time.

      On 17 October 2017, during the call, I was advised to call the courier services. The courier services said no baggage under MANBA 23430. I made another call again and I was given a new Missing Baggage Report Number which is LHRBA 26284.
      The status was '1 bag possible match', then it changed to '1 bag still missing'.

      I could not get a confirmation from Missing Baggage Report or from the calls I made to the Baggage Team if my luggage was found or delivered.

      On the same day, I received an email from [protected]@sita.aero and below are the details:

      Subject to Conditions - Your item is located and is being
      sent to the delivery airport. BA112/17OCT - Scheduled
      Arrival Time: 18OCT/0625

      From: New York J F Kennedy International Apt
      Name: HODGE
      Tag Number: AA262217
      Original Flight: AA318/16OCT/AA1406/16OCT/BA178/17OCT
      New Flight: BA112/17OCT
      New Route: London Heathrow Apt
      Bag Type/Colour: Type 22: UPRIGHT DESIGN SOFT MATERIAL - BROWN

      None of the details sent matches the descriptions of my luggage. If this baggage is sent to me, this will be the second time a baggage is wrongly delivered.

      Prior, I have sent numerous emails to British Airways Customer Relations. In the emails, I described and attached pictures of my baggage. I did not receive a single reply.

      Attached are my luggage's images, which I sent many times to British Airways Customer Relations. I have also mentioned that the brand is CROCODILE and cabin size.

      I am frustrated with the service and work ethics of British Airways Customer Relations and Baggage Team. I understand that there are many missing luggages to deal with, but I'm asking your help to assist me in locating and delivering the correct luggage to me. I have to return to Kuala Lumpur soon and I need my luggage urgently.

      wrong delivery of baggage & baggage missing for over a month
      wrong delivery of baggage & baggage missing for over a month
      wrong delivery of baggage & baggage missing for over a month

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        British Airwaysba uses predatory practises! they cxl itineraries if you have a challenge with an existing flight.. at your cost!

        BA uses Predatory Practices! they cxl itineraries if you have a challenge with an existing flight.. AT YOUR COST!

        Never book a leg with BA if it is not mandatory to your trip! You only have down side.

        We flew to UK, a week later we had a challenge with a flight in the middle of our vacation.. BA cxl'd our flight back to the states in a week AT OUR EXPENSE! when we paid to reinstate, the FLIGHT WAS ONLY 60% FULL!
        PREDATORY PRACTICE! .. With their paying customers!

        Avoid BA at all cost..

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          British Airwayscustomer (dis) service

          I just spoke to a guy at the BA "help desk" trying to reserve a seat for my Mother who is 86 & profoundly deaf.
          Traveling San Diego to London next week.
          The agent insisted on speaking to my Mother who couldn't understand his very strong Indian accent (I barely could myself & I am British).
          Initially he said all he needed was her to repeat her name which I was eventually able to get her to do then he had multiple other questions relating to passport & credit card which he insisted she understand & answer.
          His condescending tone & lack of respect are not appreciated & I will NOT be traveling BA ever again.
          What "customer service"???

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            British Airways — flight delayed

            Booking reference: U9NGV5 Flight was delayed, got off the plane and back on. Someone took my seat on the...

            British Airwaysseat assignment

            I would love just a resolution to my claim below: (as stated in both complaint cases I have not received any feedback on):

            I have gone on the BritishAirways.com prior to our travel, as advised by your agent over the phone, to purchase and guarantee seats on the plane for my wife and I.

            I have done it about a week prior to avoid any possibility of seats being taken to MAKE SURE - our seats would be together. I have purchased. A more expensive seats on the upper deck - next to each other- and I even paid for extra twin seat in front of the wall.
            We do not like traveling so far in crowded cabin and this is why we went ahead and called you prior, went online earlier and purchased our seats for the total of $198 ref12582262968280posted to my credit card on 8.8.2017 charged by British Airways.

            Unfortunately contrary to our belief that everything was taken care of upon check in the gentleman handed us tickets for the completely different seats than the ones we purchased. We went to complain before boarding to the lady and boarding station who despite to our please continued telling me - sorry you have never made reservation with British Airways, we don't have your assigned seats in our system sorry whoever you gave your money too hopefully you can get a refund (she consistently kept embarrassing me trying to convince me in front of other people gathered around that I have not made my arrangement on British Airlines because she would see it then a I must be a liar). She also stated that all the seats are assigned already we will not be able to sit together.
            My wife is afraid of flying and sitting 10 hours alone was horrible stress after 2 hours of hopeless arguing with the staff at the boarding station.

            It was the most stressful flight in my entire life, first time with British Airways and the worst despite me even paying extra for additional comfort.
            Not only we did not get seats together we got them in lower deck and most crowded in the middle of e rows completely different than what i paid for.
            It has been awful experience that I never wish to go thru again and hope nobody from my loved ones or friends will never go again- I will suggest every other possible.

            IF you may please just assist me to obtain the aforementioned refund for the service not rendered (referencing Article 9 of U.C.C.) so we can part ways and consequently I may seek airline that honors commitment and cares to accommodate its patrons.

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              British Airwaysold aircraft

              Flying by their planes is like traveling by an old bus. Almost the same. The seats are small, uncomfortable, old and in a horrible condition. The salon is dirty, some trash can be seen. Maybe it's ok during a flight, but what about the moment when passengers come into the plane? I really hate flying with them, they are extremely in need of modernization.

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                British Airwaysair service

                My wife and I had reservation on British Airways  from Prague, Czech Republic to Dallas-Fort Worth  (DFW) with transfer in London Heathrow (LHR).  Initially, tried to check in at Prague for leg  from LHR to DFW, but could only check in for  first leg of flight. Told by BA Prague agent to  check in at Heathrow for second leg to DFW. She  only checked our baggage through LHR.  I checked  again at the gate to inquire as to why my bags  were not transferred all the way to DFW. Gate  agent also said to check in at LHR. Flew to LHR  and at arrival gate we were told to proceed to  from Terminal 3 (T3) to Terminal 5 (T5) at LHR  and check in. This required that we clear  immigration and customs at LHR and then take  express train to Terminal 5.  Upon arrival at T5  BA desk for check in, we were told that our  reservation was not for 8/15 but for 8/16. Even  after I produced reservation confirmation for BA  193 for 8/15, they continued to say that our  reservation was for 8/16, never telling us that  BA 193 on 8/15 had been cancelled. After  considerable discussion, I asked if maybe  American Airlines was handling this flight for  BA, since this had happened on our flight from  DFW to Amsterdam on 7/25.  He then said  that "yes" we were on American and that we had  missed our flight.  Upon analyses I told him that  that transfer was not a legal transfer since it  did not allow sufficient time between flights.  He continued to say that we were scheduled for  BA193 on 8/16 or maybe on an American flight. I  tried to contact our travel agent but they were  not open due to the time change. I was able to  contact them later on an emergency phone number  and it appeared that BA had cancelled our flight  without notification.  We returned to T3 and  American was able to get us on standby for a  flight from LHR to DFW with transfer in Chicago  O'Hare (ORD).  Upon further review the AA agent  said that it appeared BA had cancelled BA193 for  8/15 and moved all reservations to 8/16. Again, I  received no notification from BA on flight  cancellation even after checking with their  agents.  I think BA was deceptive in their practices and  communications. I suspect this was done to  prevent having to accommodate our lodging at LHR.  Since we had already been away for 3 weeks we  were not interested in staying at LHR anyway. Since I am 6'3", I had paid for extra legroom to  BA. Even though AA was able to get us on their  flight, I was crammed in coach for over 10 hours. My wife is 69 and I am 71. This required  considerable stress, and a fast pace to transit  four airports, clear immigration and customs  twice and clear security three times and barely  make connections. Obviously, I will endeavor to never fly BA again.

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                  British Airways — not honouring a written commitment

                  As a Bronze Executive club member I received email a week before my flight on July 30th to reserve a seat on...

                  British Airwaysdelayed/ lost baggage

                  Dear Customer Service,
                  I was recently (2nd of August) traveling from London Heathrow to Miami for my holiday, and I must say that until now this is the worst experience ever and it is taking away all my joy from my holiday.
                  Starting from the beginning, I arrived to the Heathrow airport at 5 am to do my check in and leave my baggage. I informed lady that there is a small literal problem with my last name which appeared on my boarding pass while I was doing my online check in, which I admit this mistake was made by me while booking a tickets. Lady told me that I should go to BA customer service who will change it for me and said I need to take my luggage with me because it will be sent from there. I was queuing for my turn in customer service for around 40 min, just hear from gentleman that the changes were not needed and I can easily travel like that. So I wasted 40 min waiting for nothing. I left my bag with him trusting that it will be sent to my final destination. Clearly I was wrong.
                  In Philadelphia I realized that that my luggage was not there, I could not find anyone competent to tell me what to do, why is not there, where to go and how to sort it out. All they said was “if it’s not here go to your final destination and make claim”. Obviously all my flight from Philadelphia to Miami I was stressing if my luggage miraculously appear in Miami. It did not.
                  I went to Baggage claim to report that my baggage is delayed/ lost. Woman took my address and information how my bag looks like keep repeating how sorry she was to hear that. Yes, I was sorry as well that my bag went missing because now I am on holiday without my clothes, medicals, shoes or even swim wear. She said that someone will call me within 24h to inform me if they locate my bag.
                  Again, nobody ever called me even after 4 days ! Tracking website was keep telling me that my bag has not be located.
                  I called American Airways Customer Service 4 times already!
                  First time woman who picked up the phone could not find any information where my bag was, I gave her a statement what happened at London Airport assuming that guy from BA customer service did not send my bag at all ( last time my bag was scanned was in London). Lady sent a message to BA including my story to get any news from their site if they found it or not.
                  Next day again I did not receive any call or update in my matter so I called American Airways once again. And for the first time I actually have spoken with someone who could help. A Lady named Patty said they received a message from BA saying that they found my bag and they send it to Miami 3rd of August. She said that he will send another message to schedule delivery of my luggage to the place where I am currently staying.
                  Again, I received no call with update. So I called today again to AA Customer Service ( 5th of August) asking where is my bag and when I can received. And somehow I got information that my bag has not been located! There is clearly no information flow between people. What he told me that BA and AA is not the same company and because I claimed lost baggage at AA I need to wait to BA communicate with AA to actually send my bag. It looks like 2 companies who cooperate together are not able to speak to each other in past 3 days !!! How is it even possible? So now I am on my holiday in past 4 days which I can really enjoy, I am spending money for basic clothes and underwear to be actually able to go and enjoy the sun. I still have not received my bag, they still don’t know where is it and I’m 100 % sure they are not planning to send it any time soon. No one is making any effort not saying about doing their job properly to actually find my bag and send it back to me.
                  To conclude, I have been waiting for 4 days without my luggage. At the same time it appears that I choose the worst airline company with the most untrained staff. The different information given upon departure shown a lack of training from BA side. I had many different stories of what to do and what needs to be done. They could not even assist me to let me know where should the bag been picked up (Philadelphia or Miami). And it was a simple question of reading the baggage ticket (stating MIA). Such a waste of time.
                  Then I have been dealing with the most silent guest relation call center. No one knew what to do or where to look! Your team is stating that we should be contacted after 1 day … it has been 4 and I had to call all the times. You have been wasting my time and my money! I had to deal with your incompetence. You decided to make a partnership between AA and BA… not me!! I took a flight ticket with BA, and I do not know who lost my luggage but you have to deal with it internally. Now you are blaming each other that I opened a case with AA, and I should have done it with BA so that is why the call center cannot have access to the system. Nobody informed me! And as far as I can see I sure that your staff was just here to write the information on the paper stating the same story like robot, to all the guests looking for their luggages … “your luggage is with custom”. Mine was not but look like your team is train only to do the same. Smile and repeat the same story and how sorry they are. I am really sorry for them too now!
                  Then after 4 days, I had to call because nobody even try to give me any information or to call me back. One (Patty, which is maybe the only competent person) finally gave me an answer. But no follow up has been done from your team then. And when I called again, the gentlemen said “that they are still looking for it”. I had to re-explain the story in order for him to acknowledge that YES you found the bag!!! Such a great relief !!! which was brief… since he was unable to find where in MIAMI was my luggage or even if my luggage really arrived! How useless is your service honestly. The customer has to do your job and explain the same story after and after … I am exhausted of you miscommunication, your unprofessionalism and your 5 stars incompetence.
                  To conclude, the gentlemen told me … to go to the airport to find my luggage!!! HOW COME IS IT POSSIBLE !!! I am in holidays and you are wasting my time and my pleasure! You are going to move and ask your upper management to do something. I need my luggage to be delivered to the place where I stay asap. I need YOU to do the follow up. My expenses will have to be refund !! and I am travelling back on the 14th of August, you better do a commercial gesture.
                  Hopping that this letter find you well.
                  Kindest regards
                  Klaudia Wieczorek
                  More information that you can find useful:
                  File Number: MIAAA02145074
                  Bagtag: BA296955

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                    British Airwayswheelchair and other assistance on flights in the eu

                    Flight reservation: Q8YWF3. Passenger name: Mohammed Ismail Hassan Scott
                    Date of travel: 29th May
                    Disability assistance required - Down's Syndrome young adult

                    I booked a return flight from London-Madrid after reading the information on the BA website about assisted travel. This is the section of information about adults with developmental impairments:

                    Seating: If you have a specific seating requirement, please contact us.
                    Airport escort: If you're travelling on your own, let us know if you want us to arrange an escort to guide you through your departure or arrival airport.
                    On board: If you prefer, cabin crew can provide individual safety briefings before the flight departs.

                    However, I have been unable to book the assistance required in "Manage your Booking". When I phoned Customer Services, I was told that only a wheelchair could be provided. I booked this, but have no record of the conversation.

                    I wold like to remind you of EU law - published on the BA website:

                    It is now the responsibility of the airport operators, within the EU to assist anyone with a disability during their time at the airport. This includes intellectual disability or impairment, age or any other cause of disability.
                    Airlines should provide the airport operator with advance information so that the appropriate service can be offered. To enable us to pass your request to them, please contact us 48 hours in advance.

                    I would like to have all arrangements sorted out before my nephew travels. Could you please indicate the steps I should take?
                    Thank you
                    Katharine Scott

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                      British Airways — cancel of flight from lax to jed

                      Dear sir, please check my pnr 5QFTPR (TKT NUMBER [protected]) .This passanger return back from airport due...

                      British Airwaysfrequent flyer

                      Dear Sir,

                      This is not a complaint but rather a call for assistance. I flew with British Airways in March and April last year and to date the frequent flyer points for my Malaysian airlines account has not been credited. I was given the impression that British Airways need to confirm the flights before Malaysian Airlines can update my Enrich Account.

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                        British Airwaysundisclosed seat assignment fees

                        I confirmed a Premium Economy flight for two from San Francisco to Nice, France (reference 3UMU4K) for over $4, 000, only to discover after confirming the payment that there would be an additional fee to select seats. I find that to be extremely unfair (to charge an additional fee after already charging a large additional fee for the Premium Economy class) as well as unethical, as you do not disclose this fee until after payment is made for the ticket.
                        I will do my best to find another airline to fly and cancel this ticket within my 24 hour grace period.
                        You should be ashamed!
                        John Hawkins

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                          • Aryan Russ Apr 15, 2017
                            This comment was posted by
                            a verified customer
                            Verified customer

                            The are no facts, which show any emotional or material loss resulted from the British airways acts:
                            no PNR fligt numbers / flight dates / request confirmation by the British airways
                            The British airways as well as any other airline is not respionsible for passenger' wish to refuse to travel irrespective of the amount paid..
                            The complaint looks groundless completely at this stage.

                            0 Votes

                          British Airwaysstandard of meals served and service

                          BA 2159 & 2158
                          Premium Economy - Return Granada via Saint Lucia
                          I.E Salfarlie
                          Parsomage Lane
                          East Sussex
                          TN36 4BL
                          06th.Feb. 2017
                          On my outward journey to Grenada I requested a Veggie meal which I did NOT receive and had to go without any food on my trip. On my Q&A survey to BA I have pointed this out the error and also the standard cleanness of the plane.
                          On my return journey I did receive a veggie mean, only because the crew had run out of meat dishes and was providing every one that was left with veggie option. I had to use plastics cuticle as they had also run out of cutlery. The meal was of poor quality and was lacking in taste, no favour and was hard. I could not eat it and just had the side salad. Several passengers near me also could not eat this meal.
                          The morning tea was worse, it consisted of a quassant and a chocolate snack, which I refused, I had expected a hot meal to start the day.
                          I am hoping BA will take my comments on board and respond with a favourable answer.

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                            • Aryan Russ Apr 15, 2017
                              This comment was posted by
                              a verified customer
                              Verified customer

                              The wish of a passenger for meals is just a request for a service.
                              It is not clear that the BA has confirmed the exact meal in the PNR / reservation for the passenger.
                              As well there are no flight date/ fligh time / fligh numbers .
                              So the claims, as it is, looks groundless completely.

                              0 Votes

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