Barrhead Travel Servicecompletely messed up hotel and flight times

D Jul 15, 2019

I booked my holiday through Barrhead travel because I thought it would have made my three destination holiday easier. I was completely wrong staff are horrendous! I was placed in wrong hotel in Bangkok as there are too royal Bangkok hotels and they were clearly unaware of this, the hotel was a shambles. I then went to Phuket we're i payed in the Barrhead travel Silverburn branch for an up graded room and when I arrived did not receive this had to contact Barrhead travel for a full day to receive my upgraded room with I already payed for!! To then have documents saying my flight was 9.10 of the 15th of July and being picked up by transfer they have arranged at 5.00am to then be told we missed our flight home as it was for 00.10 on the 15th with is completely unacceptable unleading information. The reason we used a travel agency is to avoid this as that is there job! Completely ruined my holiday. So I have had to pay for hotel and flights when this is clearly
Down to travel agent who booked flights/hotel!

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