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12:00 am EDT

Barclays Bank - Unauthorized charges!

One of the largest credit card issuers in the US, this privately held subsidiary of a foreign bank seems to have a practice of late billing, slow processing, and unresponsive customer service that results in inappropriate assessment of late fees and interest on payments delivered to them on time but not processed in a timely fashion. Since they appear to profit hugely from this practice I have a hard time believing it is just ineptitude. They issue a number of specialty cards for a variety of airlines and retailers. Contacting their customer service is a waste of time. Cancel your card, and complain to the sponsoring airline or retailer, as their customer service departments might actually care. Complaints can also be filed with the FDIC using an easy online complaint form.

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Jan 26, 2010 11:00 am EST
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Barclays charged me a late fee 11 months ago which was their fault. After a few months of trying to get them to reverse the charges I canceled the card and opted out of their "new" fees and just making payments to the balance I owe. Four months later I get a statement saying I am now paying 30.24% interest on this account. I called them and told them they can't do this as I canceled the card and opted out of the new fees. They said since I had a late fee 11 months ago they can do this. I tried to write to the bank fraud in Delaware and they have not replied that was two weeks ago. I am paying off this balance and NEVER using Barclays again!

Sep 09, 2009 3:30 am EDT

I have had a Barclays card (via one of my favorite airlines) for less than 6 months but I am canceling it due to their deceptive practices. They receive my payment well before the due date but hold onto it until just after the due date before depositing it thus netting them $39 in late fees. With just a few searches on the Internet I have found others who have similar complaints. Is there any way to go after this company with a class action suit? I have warned my airline to beware of this relationship.


I would NOT recommend to deal with Barclay's Bank, Delaware. Everything said above about late billing, slow processing and unsecured accounts is absolutely true.
Stay away from this bank. It just has a bad reputation.

Aug 05, 2008 6:52 pm EDT

I agree that there must be something terribly wrong with Barclays Bank, Delaware. It recently denied issuing me an LLBean Visa Card, citing that information contained in my TransUnion Credit Report suggests that I am not a permanent resident in the United States.

Barclays PLC (US branch Card Service) - please read the Credit Report carefully. I have a perfect credit history for over 17 years in US. I have never been late with any of my payments. How could I have this continuous credit history if I don't reside in this country as a permanent resident?

Barclays Delaware then requested me to send them a copy of my passport with photo, or my birth certifacte to show I was born in USk, etc. etc. Or else, they would not give my credit card application further consideration. This is BLATANT violation of Equal Credit Opportunity Act!

LL Bean is a great company and sells high quality product. It should never partner with Barclays Bank, Delaware.

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12:00 am EDT

Barclays Bank - Poor service!

Juniper financial, owned by barclays bank (Delaware via uk) , informed me they can take from 3 to 10 days to note that a customer check has been received. And then they add an additional 24 hours to process that check. All the while piling up on the customer huge late fees - - even though check was in u. S. Mail and at their bank by due date. That allows them to pile up a total of 12 days on which they can charge late fees. And all the while check was mailed in time to arrive by the due date!

I view this not only as exploitative but also unethical and immoral. Where are the consumer protection laws that should throw this type of operation in jail. Juniper financial corporation of barclays bank is the credit card arm for airtran airlines visa program.

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Aug 07, 2007 10:21 am EDT

The only reason I agree with the above is that I had an account with this company and after 4 years I am put in collection because I was delinquent on an account I never knew I owed. The bank never wrote me or called me or did anything but put me in collection after owing this for 4 years . I probably owed $5.00 and now it is up to almost $500. I had a lot of purchases with this company and always paid on time. Why was I not billed for the bill they say I owe. I cannot get an answer from collection. No one can give me records. After 4 years I probably accumulated about $495 in charges. I hope someone from the company will contacts me. If I had a bill outstanding I would have paid it like all my bills. I pay bills immediately. You can see from prior months that I continually payed my bills on time.

If this company charges huge late fees I am sure they may never sent me a bill to me. I am not a judgmental person and maybe a mistake happened and I will accept that.


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12:00 am EDT
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DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS BANK. If you have a Credit Card account, pay it off IMMEDIATELY. This Bank is a RIP-OFF. I was directed to this Bank when I bought an Apple Computer. From day one, I had suspicions because they were vague about when to make my first payment. Secondly, when I made a internet payment, they were very slow to post it to the account...

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12:00 am EST
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I am very disillusioned with Barclays Bank and am currently having a problem with their online banking (which must have serious security problems) and their apparent inability to help me. It is the case that I travel a lot and am therefore not able to get to a bank very often, once a month max. On 24Nov06 I tried to set up a new payment online. Having gone...

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