Bank Of America Corporationbank closing down my account!!

I have banked with them for 11 years without issues. Today I went to Walmart and used my account just fine, but when I got home I couldn't log into my bank account, it was like it had vanished. I called because I had no idea what was going on and got sent to some EXTREMELY rude lady who just said that they have made a "business" decision to shut my accounts down without warning and for absolutely no reason. When I'd ask questions she'd just return to her script. She said they do not have to give me a reason as to why they've done it per the agreement I signed when opening the bank account. Not only am I out of state, I am now scrambling because I get a direct deposit in two days, and there's no guarantee I will be able to go to a bank branch here and withdraw my money (mind you I had money in there now already). They put in a request to be able to get my funds from a bank branch instead of waiting on a cashiers check from them. After googling I am seeing so many people have had the same thing happening to them, as recent as yesterday.

What on earth are they doing, and do they realize they're screwing with so many peoples lives?!

Oct 01, 2019

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