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changing credit records with false information

Dear Officers of the Federal Trade Commission and Officers of the Office of the Comptroller for the Currency;...

Harassing Phone Calls

I have been receiving harassing phone calls daily - up to 5 times a day from a debt collector hired by Bank of America. They are collecting home loans that were issued by Countrywide Loans - who was bought by Bank of America. They are looking for the previous owner of the house I currently live in. I have explained to every person I spoke with that Eddie Arizaga does not live at this address anymore. They tell me they will update their records and then 2 days later, the phone calls start coming in again. My 82 year old mother lives with us. She is in poor health. When they start calling, she gets extremely upset because she can't understand why they keep calling and why they refuse to believe that Eddie Arizaga no longer resides at this address. I screamed at these people on the phone last night. They are wasting their time calling my house because this person does not live here. What can I do to stop these harassing phone calls? Thank you.

  • Ro
    RobCRobCRobC Mar 04, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The exact same thing is happening to me. I have told them twice that I am not in contact with the person they are looking for, yet the continue to call. Is there a legal option?

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can't access my online account

I tried to access my online account today, Nov.27, 2010 with Bank of America using my online ID and Password...

pressured to open checking account

Bank refused to cash a $140 check, because I did not have a checking account with them. This despite the fact that the check writer had an account with them, and they have been cashing these checks for years in the past. This time, the branch in Mooresville insisted I open a personal checking account with them, even though we already have a 750k mortgage with them and I was able to provide ID, etc. They say there is "no way" they are allowed to cash a check for me, even though it's been done routinely in the past. To add insult to injury, I live blocks from the bank and have been paying my mortgage on time for years without there ever being an issue. No common sense, strong arm tactics to entice you to get an account will not work. Never trust these people. They are crooks.

&online banking fee&

I noticed an "Online Banking Fee" of 9.95 on my monthly statement. In May of 2008, I personally went to my bank branch and spoke to a teller. She said she would have it removed immediately and cancel whatever service it was - she didn't know what it might be from the label. I supposedly had a free account, as I had direct deposit paychecks every month.
Unsurprisingly, nothing changed. Due to some life upheaval I did not notice that the fees were still occuring every month. Finally, I wrote a letter in 6/2010 explaning the problem. I asked for 2 years of refund, since no one had been able to tell me what the fee was for. No answer. Huh. Amazing. I tried calling in several times but could never get through to an actual person in under 10 minutes.
Finally I used getahuman.com to figure out a direct number on 11/12/2010. The "Online Banking Fee" was for access to my bank records by MS Money. The representative could tell I hadn't used this service since 2007. She cancelled the service but was unable to issue a refund. I was tranferred to "the checking line" which was actually just the main automated banking number. First I was hung up on (ever heard a digital soundtrack get stuck on one tone? Painful.). Then I was unable to reach a human again in under 10 minutes.
I was originally going to stay at BOA until I got a refund for this issue, thinking it would be painful to move my automated payments to a new bank. But in September I learned it was pretty freaking easy - BOA allowed my bank information to be compromised and I received a new (unwanted) debit card number. It was much easier to switch in the new number than I thought. I'm almost out of checks. It's time to go. Too bad, BOA. Another customer slips away. I'd rather deal with a bank with actual humans working at it and drive a little further for an ATM.

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complete disreguard of customer

My wife has her Visa card for 23 years. Has never been late once in that time. She sent a payment to pay off her balance. The check was sent to the address provided by B of A. Ten days passed. No depost. Finally the check was returned with a letter saying they could not find the account number. It was clearly written on the check. Next we recieve calls from FIA Card Services. The CC collection company saying a payment was not made. The letter was read to them and the situation was explained. We told them a payment above the past due amount would be made the following day. A day later, FIA called again. 2 calls less than 24 hours, wanting payment. The agent I talked to couldn't make toast by himself none less help me. A "supervisor" got on the line, I told him of the payment. He stated unless the funds posted in three days he would continue the phone calls. I reminded him that according to the letter sent by B of A, I had twent days to make this payment. I had already checked, the paymet had posted to the account. Next day I called to complain about the harrassment. I was then told that the call was a misake and their computers update vey slow. This was just incompetence. The story continues. . We look over last months statement. I fraudulent charge was made. A call was placed to close that card and request a new one. We were assurred a card would arrive five days later. It didn't. Called on the sixth day. Three challenged service reps later, " the card was sent and handn't been delivered yet. It must be your fault". They would not provide a tracking number. After blowing a gasket, another call was made to CS. No record of a card being sent. Finally a call came in 9 business days later informing the card would be delivered. The question was asked, was a previous request made for a card? yes, however the system was down and never processed. Every call except for one, we were lied to by B of A and FIA. Being a Signature card holder means, you just get lied to my more supervisers than their cubical weasels. We'll see if a card is actually delivered.We have never been treated so poorly by any institution. AVOID B of A!!!

costs, employees and thier lack of communiction

i was first given a quote that had nothing to do with reality, then the drivers that came to pick up my goods had a number of additional charges, that increased the quote of 1000.00 to 1500.00, then no one was honest about the procedures, it was my thought that my goods would be transferred when picked up and then stored close to the delivery point, but in fact my goods did not leave Florida until i gave them a delivery date, whiich means nothing because they have 14 days after a date to deliver, then the day prior to delivery i got no calls re: confirmation, (because the driver was busy) and on the day of delivery no calls or a delivery happened, the dispatcher is annoyed that i constantly call, but it will continue until my goods are in place

removed lower value items effectively resulting in loss of all points valued under $50

I have an Elite Rewards credit card from Bank of America. They recently announced that the point reward...

savings account withdrawal withheld

for over one year I have tried to close an account of ç 5000$, have been told variously, " it will be...


The branch states that they offer Notary services. I have gone there twice to be told:
1. "On, we do have the service but they are not here now" (Manager quote)
2. Oh, we offer this service but you need to get a special form that we do not provide to you. (Female, Blond Caucasion receptionist at entrance on 10.25/4:30pm)

If you are going to offer a service, why do you make it so difficult to use it?

I eventually went to UPS and they had the appropriate form which THEY provided and my resolution was done in ten minutes.

Unfair Business Practices

I am filing a complaint against Countrywide Home Loans and Bank of America for unfair business practices, harrassment and fraud. In 2006 Countrywide's refusal to negotiate the loan and monthly payment of my home, refusal to answer my letters & calls for months and over a year. Talking to several people from their office ohn the phone with no sucess. They continuely raised the payment and the interest rate after they said they would not, they knowingly also impounded my taxes into my payment without my consent knowingly after all the calls I made saying I needed them to negoiate the loan. This was the main cause I could not keep my home. I had made two monthy payments out of fear of $4000 each well over $8000 and they continued to harrass me and not assist me with help. I tried to sell the property quickly, I got ill from it all, emotionally and physically with huge stress. This has made me lose my entire life investment and ruin my credit. Three years later, I am being harrassed still monthly by Bank of America who assumed the loan. I could not sell the property and my realitor advised me to move out so it could sell it. Scared I moved within two weeks of her telling me to do it, and I rented a small place. Countrywide accused me of ambandoning the property and proceeded with threatening letters of foreclosing on the property. They told me that I no longer qualified for the modification loan that was offerred by them which I had tried to get before moving and they denied me. Their explanation was I moved and wasn't residing on the property. Some of my belonging were still there. Bank of America assumed the loan. Bank of America has been harrassing me montly since with payment invoices for over $5000 per month plus interest even after my calls and notifications that the property is out of my possession for over two years. They have also contracted with a company that sends me a bill montly to insure the property "Reconstruct". I have called and told them also that I am not the responsible person any longer for this loan and I have never signed any agreements with Bank of America and it is now a surrendered property through the Federal Courts. I want to file a complaint against both companies Countrywide and Bank of America for harrassment and breaking the laws under the Federal Rules of Court which protects consumers against these type of practices. I want to seek damages for the entire amount of what my house sold at auction for on September 27, 2010 which was put up for auction last month in the amount of $725, 000 plus interest. I want at least one million in damages which includes the emotional stress against my family, my health the loss of income, my life savings and investiment and the time that I spent on the phone talking to the Countrywide and Bank of America employees which were different everytime. I ahve documentation of all the letters and people's name who I talked to and made sure that I document their name so that when I set up a telephone conference I was prepared to finish the conversation. Countrywide made dates to talk to me but broke every single one of them. This is not right! This is why Americans have lost their homes and life savings while the mortgage companies continue to eat up the properties. The interest alone that they have raped us for, all of us would pay for the property that we have lost outright.

phone harrassment

Our mortgage was originally with Countrywide Mortgage, whom apparently sold it to Bank of America home mortgages. We have had to refinance our home, at the direction of a shady attorney and his alliances, to finance a very costly legal battle of our Marine son back in 2006-7, who was charged with murder in Iraq. Since that time, if we are even one day past the due date of our mortgage, we start receiving harassing phone calls. And, not only to our home phone, but to our cell phones as well, which in turn is running up those bills as well. And, we are not talking about a single courtesy call, but up to 15 times per day to any one line. After a while, we just stopped answering, and they leave no messages on the answering machine. And, should you decide to answer, you are told by recording to hold on to be connected to a live person, which sometimes really happens, other times not. And, these calls DO NOT come just between the business hours of 8-5 M-F. They come at all hours of the day as early as 6 am and as late as 10 pm, and on Saturdays and Sundays as well. Oftentimes, the calls come one right after the other, within a minute of one another. Then continue on throughout the day.

Understand that we are usually just at the most, a week behind the payment due date. With not even two payments yet due. But, if you call and talk to them, they always want to collect the second payment, or no payment, as well.

Furthermore, to complicate the problems, anyone you do get an exact amount due from, will 100% of the time, not agree with either their computer records of what is due, or a second person in a similar home loan counselor capacity. THEN, we receive oodles of follow up correspondence/new payment coupons with NEW amounts that don't even come close to any dollar amounts transacted. And, why would any future payment amounts be altered.

Is anyone else out there having similar problems? We are located in Central California.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this,

  • Ju
    jun461 Sep 20, 2011

    Mine was Countrywide too at first and now Bank of America. I am having the same experience with Bank of America with phone call 2-3 times a day all hours of the day. You end up repeating the same info over and over. Now they are even sending a property accessor to my home everday. I am ready to call the police on him. I am less than a month late on mortgage payment. They are threatening me with an intent to accelerate foreclosure which is a legal document I think doesn't even exist. There is got to be a way to stop this harassment.

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boa falsely caused my homeowners insurance to be cancelled by allstate

I had Allstate homeowners insurance on my home on which BOA holds the mortgage. I was on vacation for 4 weeks during April/May 2010. When I returned home I had a letter waiting for me from Allstate stating my homeowners insurance had been cancled due to returned mail to them. This led to Allstate thinking no one was living in my home, or so they would have me believe. I subsqently faxed them utility bills that clearly showed that I was indeed living at the residence.

I received no further correspondence from Allstate, and I assumed the matter was settled until my insurance payment checks started being returned to me, stating my insurance was canceled. I was not able to figure out what was happening until late July 7, 2010. Allstate refused to reinstate my insurance as more than 30 days had passed since the initial problem. I then obtained homeowners insurance from USAA, my husbands bank.

I then looked at my on-line banking which provides mortgate information as well, but had never felt the need to use this function. I showed that Bank of America had charged me $2776.00 for morgage insurance.

I went in person to my local Bank of America branch about 3 miles from my home, I spoke to Banking Center Manager a Mr. Hilton Snowden. I showed Mr Snowdon what had happened and he told me there was nothing to worry about and that I would not be charged.

I was so angry at Allstate, that I called them again to go through what led to this fiasco step by step. First they claimed they could not reach me, and learned they were using a cell phone number that was over 3 years old. This does not speak well of Allstate either.

I then learned from Ashley, my old representative at Allstate that they had been told by BOA to cancel my insurance that I was not living there, and BOA had returned mail from me. I find this particularly deceitful, as I have had no contact with BOA since going paperless in 2006, since starting on-line banking.

Now 3 months later I find BOA has increased my payment to pay for the insurance they told me had been canceled. They are calling it an escrow account, but it is actually the same amout of money that would be charged if payent was late, which it never is, as BOA receives automatic transfer payments from USAA, my husbands bank, on the first of every month. I deposit my pension check into USAA, and use other income at BOA for online banking as I have been with them since 1998.

Now I have two concerns, why am I being charged the equivalent of a late payment, identified online as escrow payment. I do not have an escrow account, as I put over $100, 000.00 down on the home when built in 2005.

I will be visiting Bank of America later today. if I do not receive anything in writing and to my satisfaction, I willl be closing my account after 12 years. If my concerns are not addressed and fixed immediately!!!

I only hope there others out there as outraged as I am, as it is my intent to file a class action lawsuit ASAP aganinst BOA.

failure to follow through on harp refinance

I submitted a refinance loan application through the HARP program and submitted all the required documentation. Bank of America has drawn out the process for months, and I believe they have no intention of following through on the loan.

  • Co
    cornholio Oct 02, 2013

    You are right, they have no intention of following through. There is nothing making them do it. I am in the same situation and now the interest rates have climbed to a point it is not beneficial for me to refinance. It costs thousands of dollars tacked on to your mortgage to refinance and on top of that they screwed around so long interest rates are the same as what I am paying, even though I have applied 3 times. They lost my paperwork...oh we didn't receive this paper, ( so I send again and take pics of packaging and all documentation) nope didn't get it. For 2 years they screwed me over...and now I can't do anything. They really need to be sued for this.

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To: office of the comptroller of the currency (Occ) date: 10-11-10
Customer assistance group
1301 mckinny street, suite 3450
Huston, tx 77010
Fax no. [protected]

From: stephen j. Guidetti

Complaint against
Bank of america
622 fairview road
Simpsonville, south carolina 29681
Frank bentley
Banking center manager
Tel: [protected]
Fax [protected]
Cust. Svc. [protected]
Frank. [protected]@bankofamerica.com

To the office of the comptroller of the currency,

I would like to report bank of america for refusing to allow me to enforce an instrument (Cash a check) drawn on their bank without giving them a right thumb print even after I submitted a state picture i. D. , a social security card and a birth certificate. Uniform commercial code & sect; 3-411 and & sect; 3-501 specifically states the reasons for refusal to pay/enforce an instrument and not giving a right tumb print is not among these reasons. Bank of america is violating public policy.

The incident:
I went to the drive up window to enforce an instrument (Cash a check) drawn on the bank of america. I was told at the drive up window that; & ldquo;the drive up window was for bank of america customers only and that I would have to come inside the bank and be identified. & rdquo; I went into the bank with a state identification card, a social security card and a birth certificate and was told I would have to be & ldquo;right thumb printed, when I refused to be thumb printed frank bentley the bank center manager refused to allow me to enforce the instrument.

With three forms of identification did bank of america have reasonable doubt whether or not I was the person entitled to
Enforce the instrument. If I was given an instrument (Check) drawn on bank of america does that then make me bank of america customer; whether or not I have a bank of america account? Is there any doubt now whether or not I am the person entitled to enforce the instrument?

I believe that with the all the identification I had presented to the bank that there was no reasonable doubt that I was the person
Entitled to enforce the instrument and that is the extent of my responsibility. Banks can not set bank policy outside the law.

I have been damaged by bank of america with frank bentley; banking center managers refusal to pay an instrument that I was lawfully entitled to enforce, in that frank bentley banking center manager and agent of bank of america has dishonored my instrument.
Since bank of america is a federally regulated bank this may be a case for federal court.

Tell bank of america and all other banks to stop requiring a right thumb print to enforce an instrument it is ignorant and unreasonable means of identification, we need to stop this now before the banks start requiring blood samples to enforce an instrument; I say no; we need to stop this now, no one else requires a right thumb print form of identification and it is not required by law, like when you pay by check or credit card any where else.

Signed stephen john guidetti
Uniform commercial code
§ 3-411. Refusal to pay cashier's checks, teller's checks,
And certified checks.
(A) in this section, "obligated bank" means the acceptor of a certified check or the issuer of a cashier's check or teller's check bought from the issuer.
(B) if the obligated bank wrongfully (I) refuses to pay a cashier's check or certified check, (Ii) stops payment of a teller's check, or (Iii) refuses to pay a dishonored teller's check, the person asserting the right to enforce the check is entitled to compensation for expenses and loss of interest resulting from the nonpayment and may recover consequential damages if the obligated bank refuses to pay after receiving notice of particular circumstances giving rise to the damages.
(C) expenses or consequential damages under subsection (B) are not recoverable if the refusal of the obligated bank to pay occurs because (I) the bank suspends payments, (Ii) the obligated bank asserts a claim or defense of the bank that it has reasonable grounds to believe is available against the person entitled to enforce the instrument, (Iii) the obligated bank has a reasonable doubt whether the person demanding payment is the person entitled to enforce the instrument, or (Iv) payment is prohibited by law.

§ 3-501. Presentment.
(A) "presentment" means a demand made by or on behalf of a person entitled to enforce an instrument (I) to pay the instrument made to the drawee or a party obliged to pay the instrument or, in the case of a note or accepted draft payable at a bank, to the bank, or (Ii) to accept a draft made to the drawee.
(B) the following rules are subject to article 4, agreement of the parties, and clearing-house rules and the like:
(1) presentment may be made at the place of payment of the instrument and must be made at the place of payment if the instrument is payable at a bank in the united states; may be made by any commercially reasonable means, including an oral, written, or electronic communication; is effective when the demand for payment or acceptance is received by the person to whom presentment is made; and is effective if made to any one of two or more makers, acceptors, drawees, or other payors.
(2) upon demand of the person to whom presentment is made, the person making presentment must (I) exhibit the instrument, (Ii) give reasonable identification and, if presentment is made on behalf of another person, reasonable evidence of authority to do so, and (Iii) sign a receipt on the instrument for any payment made or surrender the instrument if full payment is made.

Uniform commercial code
(3) without dishonoring the instrument, the party to whom presentment is made may (I) return the instrument for lack of a necessary indorsement, or (Ii) refuse payment or acceptance for failure of the presentment to comply with the terms of the instrument, an agreement of the parties, or other applicable law or rule.
(4) the party to whom presentment is made may treat presentment as occurring on the next business day after the day of presentment if the party to whom presentment is made has established a cut-off hour not earlier than 2 p. M. For the receipt and processing of instruments presented for payment or acceptance and presentment is made after the cut-off hour.
Federal law
Title 31: money and finance: treasury
Part 500—foreign assets control regulations
Subpart c—general definitions
Browse previous | browse next

§ 500.314 banking institution.
The term banking institution shall include any person engaged primarily or incidentally in the business of banking, of granting or transferring credits, or of purchasing or selling foreign exchange or procuring purchasers and sellers thereof, as principal or agent, or any person holding credits for others as a direct or incidental part of his business, or any broker; and, each principal, agent, home office, branch or correspondent of any person so engaged shall be regarded as a separate & ldquo;banking institution. & rdquo;

illegal foreclosure

Bank of America and Fannie Mae are crooks along with the real estate brokers who are working with them on buying foreclosures. I was told by Bank of America on a conference call 08/05/2010 that they would postpone a foreclosure auction on my home scheduled for 08/11/2010 until they reviewed my new paperwork I submitted after finally getting a job, after being laid off and out of work for a year and half. The entire time I was laid off I paid half my mortgage each month, which was over half my un-employment compensation trying to keep my house. I was encouraged by BoA to continue paying at least half my mortgage payment each month as a sign that I was trying to keep my home. I constantly asked them to reduce my monthly payment $300.00 and then I would be able to make the $800.00 monthly payment one way or another. Every time they would review my paperwork they would stall, lie and never commit to any answer one way or another. So, after being told on 08/05/2010 that they would postpone sale of my house for 30 days as the paperwork was reviewed by the underwriters. Between 08/05/2010 and 08/11/2010 I was never contacted by phone, certified mail or any other way that they were going to sell the property on 08/11/2010 after stating that they were postponing the sale. The first notice I received was from the buyer's lawyer telling me I had 5 days to vacate the house on 09/03/2010 because it had been bought on auction. On 09/03/2010 I contacted BoA and ask them what was going on them what was going on? And they told me my paper work did not get to the under writers until 08/15/2010 and it was already stamped as sold. BoA told me that Fannie Mae came in and said that they were denying the postponement and to sell property. So after spending the rest of September trying to track down answers through the maze of phone numbers given by BoA, I was finally able to talk to someone from Fannie Mae on 09/24/2010 who then told me it was BoA that declined postponement and sold the property and gave me the number of the party that would offer the "Keys for Cash, relocation assistance program." They informed me that they would give $1800.00 dollars if I was able to be out of my house by 09/27/2010.I told them that it was not enough to cover the first month rent and a deposit to find another place to live. I am now going to court now to fight an eviction from my own home. My next step before court is go to the local news station that is doing a story about how BoA and Fannie Mae are taking taxpayer dollars and not doing any loan modifications and are just using the program to steal property which they are now selling to selected brokers at a low investment price while getting the government to supplement any costs they incur at the expense of the struggling home owner.

  • Ha
    happy birthday to me! Oct 03, 2010

    Check the news:

    Bank of America (as well as Chase and it seems a few other mortgage companies) are temporarily halting foreclosure proceedings in some 23 states after an official admitted during a deposition that they did not read all of the paperwork they signed.

    The reason is legitimate: they couldn't read every one because there were so many. The individuals signed 7, 000 to 8, 000 per month, which means that OVER 200 documents were signed each and every day by that one official. In one working day that amounts to 30 or so foreclosure document signed...meaning one every other minute.

    It's all over the news. You might want to contact a lawyer.

    For information on how to file a complaint you can look here:

    It will give you information to help you file a complaint with Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Consumer Complaints and Assistance

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  • Ch
    Chris2 Oct 10, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    About BoA illegal foreclosure, not only this bank is not willing to work with its customers during these hard times. When we were all making out payments on time and never late, they don't care a hoot about that. Our President gave the bank money for homes and the TARP funds to help businesses. But did they help? NOt those SOBs- CEOs, What they did instead, is fill their pockets with the funds and did not look back. Now that the new SMall Business Bill for $30 Billions was passed, let's see how the banks will help the small businesses. I am in the same position like the writer about BoA. I have a small business, and I wrote to Wachovia when I saw the decline in my business. I asked Wachovia for help in reducing my monthly payment from $7, 500.00 per month to about $4, 000.00 per month and to put the difference at the end of the mortgage, and in doing so, I can save my business and stop me for laying off my employees. They gave me the round around. I even asked about the TARP funds, and the so called VP Edgar Bermudez, told me " the TARP is not for my business". I was then offered a forebearance for 1 year and by the time I reached back to my office their attorney sent me a an email saying that they forebearance is for only 6 months and that I have to pay over $15, 000 for the paper work, stamps. etc. I immediately contacted their attorney to correct the agreement, and I also attached a copy of the TARP bill, as it was intended by Congress..." to held business and commercial mortgages...". they got angry with me, because I challanged them. I did contact VP Bermudez about the email, and since they had changed their mind with 30 minutes of our meeting, I requested that I taped our converstaion, and he refused, I then asked him let us communicate through email, in this way we will all understand each other, he again refused my request. He then told me that he will march my folder to the legal department to start foreclouser, and my replly to him was " well edgar, you do just that, I will march my folder to the Federal Bankruptcy Courts.." About 2.5months later, I received a letter from the court with reference to Wachovia filing foreclosure proceedings against me. It appears that when you stand up for what you think or know is right, Wachovia Banks hates that. I have contacted CEO John Stumpf, and he is silence on this matter. To show how vindictive this bank Wachovia is, they are willing to settle my mortgage for half of what I owe rather then to work with me for the full about. That's how wicked they are. All this what I am saying is the truth, as it is documented in the 11th Cirucit Court in Miami-Dade county. I even contacted the OCC, and the Bank gave them false information. THe OCC also stated that the bank have their rules to govern by.. So what's the use of the OCC, when they Bank did not follow the US Congress rule on TARP. With this new Small Business BIll for $30Billions will the CEOs again fill their pockets and not help the small businessmen like myself??
    I have nothing to hide for, nor do I have anything to fear but fear itself. I name the bank officals, because I want the Public to know who they are. Whether the want to suit me, that's fine, I have nothing more to loose, because of Wachovia, VP E.Bermudge-(that's the title he gavde himself, because whenever i call and asked for VP Edgar Bermudez, no one knows him as aVP), CEO John Stumpf, because he refuses to get involed, because I am like David fighting a great giant.
    If anyone want to contact me, i can be reached at my email addresss or call me @ 305.895.7171

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  • Ry
    ryan79 Feb 04, 2011

    to johnnyg1963, I am in a similar situation. I was one month behind on my mortgage and was offered a forebearance agreement from the bank. I called BOA several times before signing the agreement to have a very sound and fundamental understanding of the offer. After the forebearance agreement I resumed paying my mortgage in full, and 4 months later I received a notice of default/foreclosure from BOA. I called BOA and was subsequently given a different description of the forebearance agreement, one that does not match the legal definition. I pleaded with BOA to save my home and they stated that I would qualify for one of their modification programs, just simply send in the requested documenation. Once I completed that I received several notifications stating they had not received all documentation, though I sealed it with all documents. I retrieved all the information requested and faxed into a case manager. The case manager stated I needed to request a postponement of foreclosure and would email me the instructions. In the corresponding email in late Septemeber, the case manager stated they had made the request and that it had been approved. 6 days later I received a notice on my door that Fannie Mae now owned my property. I called BOA several times and emailed my case worker. For two weeks I received and "out of office agent." On December 10th I was notified that my loan modification had been denied but I had three options to avoid foreclosure. Again my home was sold on October 5th, when in good faith I was working on a loan modification. I to am going to court to fight the eviction. Have you had any success or any reccomendation?

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  • Cc
    Ccanner Jun 03, 2016
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My house has been in foreclosure for 2 years now and I just want it to be done already, bank of america keeps sending me papers saying it is going to auction, but it never does, I moved out 8 months ago, and am being sued by the HOA for not paying dues and all kinds of other things, not to mention the 2 years of late payments that go on my credit. I wish they would get their crap together and take the house already. I tried a modification, a short sale, and multiple other things to keep the house and that didn't work, now I just don't get why they are taking so long to take the house, I am tired of wondering and waiting, I could be rebuilding my credit already. What can I do to get them to get it done?

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loan modification work out program

I don't even know where to start! I feel like I have been fighting a losing battle for over a year now. I applied for a home loan modification last July, 2009 when my husband lost his job. We were approved and were sent the final paperwork, signed and returned it via Fed ex. We made payments at our normal rate and upon receiving our interest statement for 2009 for income tax return, I noticed that it showed we had only made two payments the entire year. I called for months spending around 64 hrs. in total on the phone with bank of america trying to get them to get my information correct...no luck. Finally I saw that they were putting my payments in a partial payment balance and not applying them towards my loan. Several customer service employees tried and even told me that they had transferred the funds over but it still did not all get moved over to the correct account. Months later I finally got the right person and that problem seemed to be fixed. Then I received a letter of foreclosure that was a credit amount of $752, yes, that's right, a letter saying they were going to foreclose on my home if they didn't pay me!!! Unbelievable!!! Finally, I talked to what seemed to be a knowledible person at BAC and they noticed that my loan modification had never been closed out properly and that I should re-apply for it again so that it would be fixed once and for all. I did and it has been over three months now, I have called almost every day, received a sale date for my home to be auctioned off and I have even filed for a post-ponement of sale and followed all the rules but still have no answer. In a matter of a couple of days my home will be taken away and I can't get a straight answer from anyone at BAC. They actually keep telling me to check back with them in 72 hrs ...I have run out of time and am forced to file for bankruptcy now in order to stop the sell. I guess they were going to call me after they sell my home to let me know if we received our loan modification or not!!!
This treatment is cruel and unusual and something must be done to regulate these big companies that have our lives in their hands. The system is broken and needs a major overhaul. I have never been this stressed out before in my life and have had to battle all of this while going through surgery, a week's hospital stay and a terrible diagnosis. Instead of concentrating on my health I am spending my time listening to uneducated and misinformed employees of Bank of America Home Loans.

  • Ha
    happy birthday to me! Oct 04, 2010

    Check the news:

    Bank of America (as well as Chase and it seems a few other mortgage companies) are temporarily halting foreclosure proceedings in some 23 states after an official admitted during a deposition that they did not read all of the paperwork they signed.

    The reason is legitimate: they couldn't read every one because there were so many. The individuals signed 7, 000 to 8, 000 per month, which means that OVER 200 documents were signed each and every day by that one official. In one working day that amounts to 30 or so foreclosure document signed...meaning one every other minute.

    It's all over the news. You might want to contact a lawyer.

    For information on how to file a complaint you can look here:

    It will give you information to help you file a complaint with Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) Consumer Complaints and Assistance

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  • Tr
    tracee282000 Dec 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have a similar problem right now with Bank Of America...I was in a modification since last March...I am now 2 months behind with that payment which of course isn't listed in their computers yet! But I called to make a payment today and i was told my modification that wasn't even recorded in the system yet was cancelled due to the house was vacant!!! I still live here!!! So now they have me 12 months behind and a vacancy!! I am sooooo mad right now, i don't know what to do...they did say looks like things got messed up someplace...YEAH!!! GRRRR...so I know your pain...

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home loan modification

In January my husband after not working for several months started the paperwork to apply for a home loan modification through Bank of America. We were asked several times over a few months to provide the same documents over and over again. In August my husband received notice from one of his credit cards that they were reducing his limit (this was a business account) from $10, 000 to $1400. He contacted the credit agency to fine out BofA had notified the credit companies we were several months behind on our mortgage. I will skip all the fluff in between the past few months making phone calls to incompetent people to the present. Now we have been told we don't qualify but owe BofA $5000. BofA sent our loan to Freddie Mac, that was 2 months ago. Now we are still waiting but being told our mortgage is way behind as we have not paid. We have proof via canceled checks our mortgage has always been paid. Yes we paid the approved "TRIAL" period but we were never told to stop that payment. So, in a nutshell BofA has destroyed my husband's credit making it very difficult to run his business. What ever we owe to BofA will be put on the back of our loan so we will be actually paying more for the original loan. We were not one of those people who bought above our means...we actually purchased a foreclosure 3 years ago at $240, 000. We put $20, 000 down and now owe $172, 000. Our house is worth about $90, 000. It is really a shame that this bank has destroyed our credit, not helped reduce our mortgage payments but made them higher, and still have not given us a final answer. We have also asked for a total breakdown from them of all money in and out so that we can compare. We hear nothing from them. Should we walk away??? I was trying desperately to keep our house but now I am not sure we can because of the damage BofA has done.

  • Cb
    cblake919 Aug 13, 2010

    I applied for and received a loan modification, on my home loan with Country Wide in Dec. 2008.

    Bank of America took over my loan in April 2009. I immediately began receiving letters form B of A regarding applying for the same modification, saying they needed additonal financial information.

    I have sent them the same information several times, and was notified that it was received. The last letter received and the information returned May 2010.

    I received a call from B of A today, Aug. 2010, and was told I owed 13, 000.00 for back mortgage, and that I was turned down for the modification in Oct. 2009. I have received no notification of anything.

    B of A has received and accepted my mortgaage payments at the modified rate all this time with no contact to advise me, my payments were short. How can this be!! I was also told the 3 month deferrment, that Country Wide re-negotiated with me, by adding 10 years to my mortgage, was included in the 13, 000.00.

    I would like to make my situation public and need any information on having this company stopped from the outrageous fraud they are inflicting on people and stop this practice of stealing homes.

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  • Bo
    BOFA SUCKS BIG! Sep 07, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We were "approved" to qualify for the Home Loan Modification. BofA sent us the docs t begin our Trial Payments beginning 01/1/10 and was to last for 3 periods. Well, here we are in September 2010 and I have faxed and Fedexed the same type of documents multiple times over this past year...everytime they asked, they got their documents. A month ago, they said they needed some bank documents and I faxed those. I just received a letter stating that I do not qualify for the modification because the home is NOT my Primary Residence! WHAT???? Where else am I supposed to live? How did they suddenly decide that I don't live there? I don't understand why they could be playing games like this! Why didn't they just ask to verify? They are just a bunch of Crooks!

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  • Sd
    sdphrp May 03, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My original mortgage company was Taylor, Bean and Whitaker but Bank of America took over my loan. I recently had a death in the family that caused hardship with my finances. I contacted BOA about a home loan modification and it has been a NIGHTMARE from the start! I have NEVER been late with a mortgage payment. I contacted BOA about my financial situation and they made it seem like everything will be o.k. I started the process in January and it is now May. I recently received notices from BOA stating that I am NOT eligible for a home loan modification and they want to do a short sale.. WHY? HOW? I thought the reason for a home loan modification was if you were having financial hardship! I will NOT be able to make a mortgage payment this month and I'm worried that they are going to lock the doors and take my home! I am disabled and have a daughter that I am raising on my own. I thought the purpose of the home loan modification programs were for people in MY situation. I have NO other family to help me and nowhere else to go! One attorney contacted me about my situation and wants to charge $2, 000.00. If I had that kind of money then I WOULDN'T be in the situation that I'm in. Does anyone out there have any FREE advice? PLEASE HELP ME!!

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  • Sd
    sdphrp May 05, 2014
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I guess Bank of America is scoping the internet for complaints! I had just posted a comment on here and BOA called me! I just realize today is my 5TH mortgage anniversary! YEAAAAA...not!! This has been the worse situation that I've ever been in!! I have NEVER been so stressed about anything like this in my entire life!! I used to be so proud of my house but it has become a nightmare! NOT the house just my mortgage company!! I TOTALLY DESPISE BANK OF AMERICA! They should change their company name to "BANK OF UN-AMERICA"!! i still say they should be shut down! Investigate them and you will see so much illegal activities!! SHUT THEM DOWN!1 I think the government should make them pay back all of the money that they invested in BOA!! THEY ARE CROOKS AND NEED TO BE STOPPED "TODAY"!!!

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holds on deposits for a whole week

I've been banking with Bank of America for years and thought they are good.

I recently started to notice that I got ripped off quite often.

Whenever I make deposits for more than 5k/day, BoA put a hold on my account for the amount over 5000 for a whole f... week. So when my scheduled payments due, BoA charged me for overdraft. Beautiful reason.

I called BoA today when I noticed the hold and both their customer services as well as the Suppervisor told me that there is nothing they can do about that. It's their policy.

Seem to me that BoA has become so big that they now don't need customers. We should go and do our banking some where else where they value us.

management & security guards who don't know who the customer is

My recommendation is that you do your banking at Wells Fargo, a Credit Union, or a bank that hires management and security guards who value the customer. Sad part is that many of the employees here (minus a few) are pretty good.

There were unprofessional and unwelcome comments made by security officer in the parking lot. I parked in the "Bank Only" parking space after using the bank and checking my account via the internet @ the nearby starbucks.

The security officer made a comment to me that I didn't walk into the bank nor out of it; when in face, I had my statement printout that I did in fact use it and didn't spent less than < 40 minutes at the nearby Starbucks. He made some false accusations about me that were untrue. Perhaps he doesn't understand that both the taxpayers + customers are keeping him the bank going. In this case, I am both a taxpayer and a customer and so are you.

My recommendation is that you find a bank or credit union that doesn't make accusatory comments to the customers face.

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