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Complaints & Reviews

ripped off for days charges

I rented a car a hyundai, for 5 days at 39.99 a day and when I dropped it off the pakistani gut by the name of sam said, " no problem I will send you the receipt" well I got it from american express, the bill was for 355 dollars when should have been 200 plus tax.they had no excuse and kept talking in circles when i confronted them.I will be suing them for the ballance.Its time we ban the ###s doing this to innocent customers. Dont use Avis in Ocala, unless you want to get ripped off... signed, Raymond Martinez 10/18/10

  • Fa
    factual Oct 19, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    when he send you a receipt i would have said NOPE!!! i want receipt NOW..!!!meanwhile dispute charges with amex as theft sounds like he rented the car to a few buddies and left you on the hook for it..get exact costs through avis corporate headquarters and have amex authorize ONLY that amount..

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scam, fraudulent charges

Avis Fraudulent Charges
Avis scammed us. We rented a car from Avis at Frankfurt Airport in Germany during our vacation. From Aug. 26 - Setp. 9, 2010. When we returned the car, a rep. from Avis check the car almost with a microscope, then told us that there was a scratch on the front bumper by the passenger side. we took a look then and saw a scratch no more than 2-inch. He told us that we'll be charged 490.00Euro. He said it's nothing because it should be covered by the credit card we used to rent the car. This is a scam by Avis. The scratch does not even look new, it's was not easy to find, unless you put your face only few inches away.
A few minutes later he gave us a receipt with a picture that he marked there's a scratch at the back bumper!!! So, what is it then?? Back or front??

It does not matter because it all were already there. Avis's scammed us because there was a rental insurance from MasterCard, that covers up to $500.00. That's is why they charged a 490.00 fee for damage. But this is in Germany, so 490.00Euro becomes 690.00 us dollars!!

We are alerting the credit card company that this Avis charge is a fraudulent charge. But my advice is be very careful. Take plenty of pictures of the rental car before you drive off the parking lot. This way you have proof that you did not cause the so call 'scratch' or 'damages', and avoid a scam like the way Avis scammed us.

  • Jo
    Jonathan Grudin Aug 29, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    The Frankfurt Airport Avis rental car scam

    We had an experience almost identical to https://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/avis-rent-a-car-c377865.html. We obtained the car in an evening when the garage was so dark we had to use a mobile phone to cast light on the car body to establish that sensors (cameras, radar, etc.) weren't dings. When we returned the car, the attendant ducked down and reported a scrape on the underside of the bumper on the passenger side. It was a black cosmetic scrape on a heavy durable plastic black bumper. You wouldn't notice it standing up (even un daylight). As it happens, we had driven the car to one distant location and parked it so there was zero chance we had scraped it. They said I didn't have to sign the bill, but although I didn't they immediately put it through to my credit card. The bill including other costs came to $999 and some cents. By coincidence, friends of ours had a pebble ding their windshield in Iceland this summer and were billed over $900 for a windshield replacement. Perhaps charges under $1000 aren't looked into closely. When I told corporate Avis in the US I would contest this, they said if Frankfurt Avis didn't reply to my complaint in 15 days the charge would be dropped. Frankfurt Avis didn't reply and reportedly I was reimbursed yesterday. My advice, if you are not sure you are at fault, fight the charge, especially with Frankfurt Avis. I'd also recommend downloading all of these complaints about Frankfurt Avis to help make your case to anyone who might help.

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Resolved rip off due to not oing their jobs

Hired Avis car from Vienna Airport. Told to collect car in parking garage and all was fine with the car. Nobody to sign off on car, as the front desk is a long way from the garage. Got to car and found damaged. Assuming that the damage was recorded as per front desk I drove away. Upon returnung the car, I was told I needed to pay for the damage. No protesting would help and I was told I needed to pay for the said damage. After a while I decided to get on with my onward journey and sign the final payment with the said damage costs included.

Therefor all future car rental customers in Vienna, do not trust the Avis staff and refuse to take car without someone checking with you and signing off on the car. I FOR ONE WILL NEVER HIRE FROM AVIS AGAIN.

  • Ki
    King1970 Sep 16, 2010

    im ASSuming you will...LOL


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  • Hb
    H. Braun Sep 22, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Avis Complain, Avis scam:
    Re: Avis from Frankfurt Airport, car rental scam
    We were scammed for 449.00Euro by Avis car Frankfurt car rental.
    We rented a car from Avis ( Frankfurt Airport, Germany). After checking in they gave us keys and off we went. When we returned the car after 2 weeks. Person from Avis checked the car with a microscope and claim there was a damage. There was a scratch less than 2-inch long on the front bumper of the passenger side. Since no one accompany us to check the car before we took the car, there is no way of knowing if it was already there or occurred later. We were not the 1st customer to drive that car, car already has several thousands KM on it.
    But Avis promptly charged our credit car for 449.00-Euro Even though the credit card we used for the car rental cover car rental insurance. This is a Avis-scam. They have done similar damage-scam-claim many times before. I just wish we knew before we rent car from Avis, never again.
    All car rental should be careful. If there’s no procedure for a walk-through on the rental car you should take pictures carefully before you drive off the parking lot -- to avoid this type of Avis rental car scam.
    H. Braun

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insurance fraud, hail damage

I returned your Nissan rental car, on July 1st 2010, in perfect condition with a full tank of gas and I verified full levels of oil and critical fluids. I properly returned your cars keys and completed your exiting paper work with your agent that same day. Then to my astonishment, 9 days later, I received a phone call not from you but from a third party representative named Emmale Koyle, from Purco Fleet Services, telling me there is $1, 200 worth of "HAIL" damage that all of a sudden appeared on your Nissan rental vehicle. I can't help in finding these claims to be highly suspicious and deceitful.

If this "HAIL" incident is TRULY my responsibility I will honor fixing that vehicle, but first there are troubling concerns about your motives, methods, perceptions and Budgets policies. I expect any prudent and reasonable persons or business, with integrity, to answer these legitimate concerns before I pay this bill:

1- Why was this alleged damage not reported on my exiting paperwork when I checked out that day?

2- Why did you or a representative from Budget not immediately call me about this incident? Why did you or a representative from Budget not call me at all? (All calls confirmed by cell phone records). Why have you not responded to my emails?

3- Why are you using a third party to act as a non-eyewitness and liaison to this event when you were the one who initiated these proceedings? Why do you, a professional representative of Budget, deny conversation of help and direction?

4- Why do you withhold the name of the person or persons who "inspected" this vehicle? Therefore, what questionable qualifications and experiences are you hiding for these vehicle "inspectors"?

5- If this incident is truly my fault, why was I not allowed an opportunity to fix it?

6- In our initial phone conversation, July 12th, 2010, you mentioned there had been HAIL storms in South Dakota for the past 6 weeks. If this is true, Budget must have a fleet of "HAIL" damaged vehicles sitting at the Rapid City Airport car rental, non-covered, parking lot. Doesn't Budget carry vehicle insurance for these unforeseen circumstances or does Budget still assign arbitrary damage claims to innocent customers?

7- How many car rental contracts, of the Nissan in question, were issued after my exiting paper work to the vehicle repair shop?

8- Why has it taken 10 days, after my request on July 11th, for Purco Fleet Services to fabricate these damage and documentation papers?

  • Ki
    King1970 Sep 09, 2010


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  • Dv
    dvictormurphy Sep 09, 2011

    For piece of mind I say take the coverage and avoid deductibles, loss of use costs and liability issues. Your insurance will tell you that you don't need it, but don't tell you that it will cost you your deductible and could raise your premiums.. They also don't tell you that they do not cover loss of use..

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they held fast in their dishonesty

Avis gauged me, increasing my bill by 15%. I returned the car from filling it across the street. "7/8s full, " they said. Ten bars on the meter and the last one was half down. With hundred degree weather, gas expansion and all it might be 1/20 down. A half gallon max. I was charged for two gallons at 7.99 a gallon. "You want me to top it off, " I asked, "at risk of inhaling toxic fumes?" I was warned they charged an exorbitant amount if the tank wasn't filled. But filled they still charged me for two gallons. Corporate policy. Nothing they could do. "But the truth of the situation is something different, " I argued. They held fast in their dishonesty.

  • No
    notrentingfromavis Jan 04, 2011

    the AVIS COMPANY will charge people for gas, and most importantly any scratch that was previously on the car. They will charge people for old scratches. The agents whom check you in get bonuses for that.

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  • Pa
    payne0321 Apr 03, 2012

    The EXACT same thing happened to me. Same amount of gas, etc. I was told if it was not "FULL", then they had to charge me. I guess I should have taken a can of gas with me and filled it up when I parked it in the lot. What a rip-off! Needless to say, I will never use Avis again!

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I got a $182 deducted from my account instead of $28

I initialed to insure my rental car. I thought it was $28 a day for 3 days. That's the only amount that I read. That was reasonable. I got a $182 deducted from my account. They said it was 28 for one kind of insurance, another $ amount for another kind, and another $ amount for some more.

$182!!! I am pissed! I don't know what I am going to do. I needed this money in my account right now.

double charge

I have rented a car from Avis in Holland. I took it from Amsterdam and drop of in Paris according to my contract. In my contract total cost was 176 euro included insurance and 3 days cost of rental car. I gave the car back one day before 5 o' clock than contract date in Paris.

I asked them do I need to pay extra anything for drop on and drop off diffrent countries ? I have mails about those questions. But they never mentioned any other charge. They wrote me that every country's rules can be change. After ten days I saw that AVIS has charge 376 euro from my credit card. I asked them many times and they didn't reply related with my question. Europe AVIS directed us to Turkey AVIS and they said us the diffrence may be possible because gave back the car one day before than the contract date. So the Turkey AVIS also couldn't do anything. It's a ridicilous answer and I couldn't accept that.

Could anyone please advise me what can I do about it? How can they withdrawn double cost of rental car without giving any information?

this experience is the poster child for how to loose business

Tried to call the local location for two days, always redirected to the toll free number. Could not reach a human. Finally googled the location and walked a mile down there, Inquired about the phone situation, response "yea we've known about that" meanwhile some who appeared not be with the company was behind the counter on the phone. I suspect it is just easier to forward the calls than to have to do your job.

By the way, no cars of any kind available on a Tuesday morning (12 JAN)with no major events going on in town, something about cars in for mx. Not can we get you to the airport for a car or can you wait to have one brought over from the airport or even you might want to try the airport, would you like us to call you a cab. When inquired about a ride back to the hotel or another rental car agency...you got it, no drivers, but a warm body on the phone behind the counter. Zero customer service, zero cars and zero business from me. Bill Gatlin is the branch manager. This experience is the poster child for how to loose business.

over chargered for cleaning

I rented a suv from Avis rental car back in Feb.2010 for five days well I called back to change my reservation from 5 days to 7 days without being told that I would be charged an extra $10.00 on top of that my card was charged $50.00 extra and was told the reason for that is because the vehicle was returned extra dirty with pumpkin seeds and the seat was broken which was not true. I called the local branch which nothing was done also I called customer service which finally gave me a $54.99 credit after I complained about my card being charged another $64.99 for the same issue by a different Avis . I also spoke to the Regional mgr. Sherry Edwards that told me she would look into it and give me a call back which that never happen I had to call her only to learn the Airport Avis told her they had pictures of the dirty vehicle and I told her i wanted to see them which that never happened.I was never contacted back and had to get my $64.99 back from my bank.

  • Un
    Unhappy Avis renter Jan 17, 2011

    Alert: Review contract carefully! Sadly, I have another unhappy experience to report, fortunately didn't cost anything significant but a few minutes of our time. Our family arrived in San Francisco with an online Avis rental car reservation. The chatty, friendly rental clerk offered to upgrade the vehicle and we clearly responded that we wouldn't mind an upgrade if there were no increased cost involved, that we really didn't see any need to pay for a larger vehicle. Nothing was said regarding whether or not a car of the type we had reserved was available, either way. She offered that she could still perhaps give us a larger vehicle if we desired... and we assumed based on the prior exchange that her offer was without a cost increase. We said "Sure, fine, if it's possible, why not?"

    We walked to find the car and were soon loading our luggage when by chance we reviewed the signed contract. We realized the contract price was significantly more than our online reservation. Suffice to say, we returned to the office, spoke again with the same rental clerk, and pointed out that she had charged more than our reservation specified. At that point she became entirely unchatty, and without apology or explanation, carried through to re-issue another vehicle in accordance with our online reservation. We transferred our luggage, moving over the kid's car seat, and driving away. We were sure glad we caught the price increase right away!

    On reflection, we were astounded that the clerk went ahead and upgraded WITH A PRICE INCREASE when we had clearly stated that we wanted to keep with the original online quoted price. I have tried contacting Avis Customer Support only to let them know of our dismay, and still have yet to speak to someone except for an agent who only makes reservations.

    We recently traveled again and utilized Avis, however after reading some of the other complaints on this board and on other websites we'll need to think twice before renting from Avis or Budget again. And, judging by other people's experiences we'll need to keep a careful eye on our credit card bills for the next few months to guard against over-charges.


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  • Jo
    Joleene Jul 06, 2012

    This was the first time my husband and I have ever rented from Avis and it will most certainly be our last. We were told to return it with a full tank of gas, which is pretty standard. We were told nothing else. I guess my bad is that I have never really spent the time to read any of my car rental contracts very carefully because most things are pretty basic. BIG MISTAKE!!! We have two dogs, which we don't generally transport in our cars much. BUT we end up wearing the hair everywhere. I have never had to clean a car when I brought it back, ever. We got notice today that we are being charged $250 for cleaning fee because they found dog hairs on the floor in the front. I am so mad right now I can't see straight. I don't know if there is anything I can do but I am certainly going to fight it. I will never rent from Avis again, ever! I have never had a problem with Alamo or National. But Avis just lost a good repeat customer and anyone within the sound of my voice or fingers. That is absolutely ridiculous.

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Resolved false charges

I rented a Hyundai Elantra for a wedding. I only needed it one day but I was told minimum rental was 2 day...


Rental Agreement #: [protected].

2 Day Unlimited Miles SUV Rental returned with a full tank and 1 hour late.

I was charged $1, 196.02 ... that's unconscionable enough.

There has also been a "Hold" on my bank account for the amounts of $429.12 and $430.00 since March 27th.

That brings the total charge to $2, 055.14; for a 2 day car rental.

Rest assured, not only will this will pursued to the fullest extent allowable by law, but I will post this information on every message board I can find on the Internet.

  • Am
    amlalone Sep 22, 2010

    pulling up your agreement it appears that you had gmc acadia on a one way rental, you were charged the rate for a van which is cheaper than the luxury suv that an acadia is classed at, so right off the bat you are receiving a small discount. this rental was a one way rental from stewart airport to ft lauderdale airport, your one way rates are 329.99 aday
    and 249.49 an hour, is that ridiculous charge for an hour? absolutely but it is stated on the cnotract you signed (im assuming there). the airports have fees ranging from 10% to 15% nationwide just for being an airport and your taxes there were an alarming 19.125%, you also had ldw on the car at 9$ a day and also it appears rsn which is an extended roadside service (covers tires and keys). your total amount according to this receipt is $842.22. you cannot get the hour back, you did not return the vehicle in time for the two day charge alone. as far as holds go they are not a charge, so do not consider it a charge, and your bank should release them upon showing them your receipt. not sure if the 1200 has been changed to this amount after your complaint but it does not appear so, so you are providing false information on thsi one

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insurance scam

I recently were on a business trip to San Jose CA and I rented car from AVis at the airport. I rented it for two days. Upon returning the rental car, I was shocked that the guy who checked the car said that there is a scratch on the bumper ( at the lower portion) so I am liable for it. To start with, it was an old car which was not worth the price but I was in a hurry for a meeting, so I did not make any fuss. While using the car, I barely drove it much around and pretty much used it to drive from office to hotel. I was forced to fill up teh paper work for something I did not cause and upon probing I realised it was just an insurance scam. So, for people out there, please be careful, Avis is coming up with all kinds of tricks nowadays.

  • Hu
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  • No
    notrentingfromavis Jan 04, 2011

    avis will charge you for an old scratch on their car and charge you an outragous amount.

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stealing money

I've rented audi a3 at avis darmstadt in 2009 aug. While travelling across the europe, someone scratched that car's door. Person who served me while checking-out said that I should no worry and they will contact me for that matter later. What I got instead - they charged my card for usd1300+ - just for the scratch on the door. Moreover, my bank charged me usd180 more for overdraft happened with my card's account. I tried to contact avis and ask for explanations, but they just couldn't send me any valuable information, just kept sending me some papers telling nothing. Simple way to steal your money since you put your signature under the contract letting them charge your card backdating. No matter how serious was damage - they will charge you for maximum possible (or even beyond possible) amount. Simple but unfair way to earn money. I will never use their service anymore and never recommend them even to my enemy. Robbers.

  • Tw
    twentysixes Mar 16, 2010

    Well did you get something in writing saying that you were not at fault and not responsible for the damages by Avis? Generally speaking any auto damage no matter how small should be reported to the police. ESPECIALLY WHEN IT IS NOT YOUR CAR!

    The repair costs however are about right for that car. To bring it to exactly 100%, they probably had to repaint the entire door and that costs about 750 - 900 Euro depending on the color.

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Resolved fraudulent charge

I recently rented a car from avis at the orlando airport. The car was reviewed when I returned it on feb 1, 2010 and I received a 'receipt of return'. The employee stated the car was fine and I didn't need anything else. I just received a letter 2 days ago dated feb 19, almost 3 weeks after the car was returned stating there was excessive soilage damage in the car and they are going to charge my credit card $250. The car was spotless when I returned it! I have left messages to the person noted on the letter who is not returning my calls. This smells of soilage but not by my act.

dispute billing

Ref:avis ra#u126128225, u126128273, u126128170 As president club, I rented 3 full size cars with double...

Resolved awful service

I'm a preferred member and up until the last six months, sevice has been great - now the mistakes and errors avis is making is driving me away

1. I've had to go to the counter and stand in line 3 out of 3 times when picking up a car.

2. Avis has added a $13 to my bill for fuel service if I drive the car less than 57 miles without asking me if I bought gas - hey, it's cheaper for you and me if you ask... Did you buy gas before you put the charge on my bill and I have to reverse it with a phone call to your customer support. I can do things too that screw up your day, just like you screw me

3. Avis lot boss in atlanta (fri, 2/6) has his head where it doesn't belong. He's allowing cars to build up at returns so it blocks the bus to take us to the airport (nearly an half hour wait for that problem)

4. The person receiving cars at atlanta doesn't understand the concept of fill each queue in order — people had to wait 10 to 15 minutes because others coming in after were put into an open lane

Avis - I had come to depend on your dependable, efficent service. Your screwing up and falling behind. It can't be good for your future.

Resolved car rental upcharge

Prior to traveling to germany for a vacation, I reserved a rental car through avis at an estimated cost of $463.31. When I arrived at the avis rental counter at the frankfurt airport, I was told that german law required cars to have winter during the winter months, and the same car that rents for $463.31 with summer tires costs 469.94 euro (approximately $690.00) with winter tires. A $230 upgrade just for winter tires.

I wrote avis complaining of the upcharge, and received the following response:
"I have spoken with our international department, and they stated that it
Is german law to have winter tires on cars. Please accept our sincere
Apology if germany did not include that anywhere in your reservation
Confirmation. I have reported this to management for correction."

Resolved fuel

I filled car before returning to airport and they charged me $13.99 fuel charge after I got home because I didn't drive enough miles and provide proof of fuel! After the surprise charge on my amex, I called and they say they require a gas receipt for anything under 75 miles because maybe you didn't even fill the car... I had to take the time to fax them my credit card statement to show the lousy $4.21 it took to fill the car! And it took three phone calls to find out what this charge was even for.

Also, when I dropped the car early in the morning, there wasn't even an agent there. All other companies had agents then.

Resolved insurance bait and switch

Has this happened to anyone else?? I'm seriously considering looking at filing a class action...

I rented a car from avis through hotwire, and when I went to the counter, the agent kept trying to "upsell" me on everything but I said no. When she was going through the options, she either showed me on the form how much the insurance would be and I said no that's ok, then she gave me the form to initial. I asked her why it said $105 instead of the $52 that I paid through hotwire and she said they didn't know how much I paid through hotwire but that was the avis charge in their system and that I would only have to pay what I paid hotwire.

Well, when I went back a few days later to return the car, I saw they'd charged me this same $105. I couldn't figure out why, and so I disputed the charge. They took off a $15 charge for going over the time - the manager said even though I brought it back at the contract time, I picked it up an hour early so they should have adjusted my return time, so he waived that fee. But I was talking about the whole thing, not $15. The manager shows me where I had allegedly agreed to insurance at a cost of more than I paid for the car - $90. (I realized that this $90 plus the $15 equals the $105 initial payment I saw, which makes the initial $15 "late" charge also suspect, unless they knew somehow i'd bring it back "late.") I explained that the agent either circled that herself when she was showing me the options or circled it after I signed because I have never in my life purchased insurance for a car rental since I have my own. We had just gotten a rental car the other day and also declined the insurance.

I did notice that enterprise (the rental company we got a car from a few days prior) also tried to upsell us on options and even asked what my deductible is, like he was trying to scare me into buying the insurance. I'm thinking this must happen a lot?

  • Ba
    BarbadosB Feb 25, 2010

    A very similar thing happened to me and my wife when we recently hired a car from MIA Avis. I never request the or accept the additional insurances, but when I returned the car I realised that I had been charged for the 'ALI' despite refusing the additional insurances. When I inspected the agreemnt I noticed that the initial next to this section of the agreemnt did not look the same as my initial where I had initialed eslewhere on the document. I firmly believe that the ring and initial was made after I had signed the agreement but before the copy was returned to me. I am most unhappy about this situation and have complained to Avis.

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  • Am
    amlalone Mar 25, 2011

    One step at a time

    first why should they adjust your return time that YOU selected based upon the fact that you came in early. Should they have asked? yes. Should you have made sure before you signed it?

    similarly, if you signed the paper saying accepted next to the coverages, then you accepted them.

    Now the deceit of the insurance agent was clearly wrong and underhanded,

    just be careful what you sign off on, if the manager showed you where you did, then your inability to pay attention is what cost you

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  • Lo
    lowkey235 May 10, 2011

    they have you sign on a electronic screen the print and circle the prices afterwards, they are not very forward with the costs as they are upselling you. The counter person who hustled me made them seem mandatory. You end up with triple the cost of your quote.

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  • Jo
    jojustjo May 29, 2011

    I rented a car in lawrenceville ga and had the worst experience I've ever had doing this. When I brought the car back( and got charged an extra day because there was no night drop box available) the clerk disposed of the original contract and proceeded to complete a new one with an additional charge of around $61.45. Also, while down in Fla I got hammered by a toll of $1.25 which turned into $11.25 because I got charged a CONVENIENCE FEE OF $2.50 PER DAY FOR EACH DAY THECAR WAS RENTED. Which math fans, looks like the car was rented for 4 days & not the 5 the corporate types say. Anyhoo needless to say I will never use their product again. Enterprise here we come!!!

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Resolved customer support is worthless

Avis customer support has exhausted my patience, so I'm considering this the final chapter. If Avis is your cheapest rate when you go to rent a car, take a second to think about the risk you might run of having to deal with customer service. I am not going to be a loyal Avis customer anytime soon.

I used Travelocity.com to book the cheapest car I could find for Kallie and I to use on our flight to California over Thanksgiving. Avis was the cheapest, but not by much. We picked up the Pontiac G5 at Sacramento airport on Nov 25th on our arrival. It was the smallest rental car I've ever been in, which put me more in a contemplative mindset as I wondered why I've never had such a small car even though I've always rented the cheapest before.

The car worked fine until Friday evening in San Francisco. While sightseeing, I parallel parked but was not able to turn the key to power off the car. It was if it was locked in the on position. We couldn't leave the car running and unlocked to sightsee. We tried all the obvious things, then called the 800 number listed with the rental docs, and they had us try the obvious stuff again, then we told them we'd just go to the nearest Avis center and return it. We were near empty on gas, but there was an Avis location in town, not far away. We got to the location shortly after 5, and it closed at 5pm. That meant that we would have to drive ~30 minutes to the San Francisco airport. We got there, with less than a gallon of gas left, I'm sure.

Upon our arrival, I had the 2 employees and a manager sanity check me and they could not turn the car off either. They said to go inside and talk to customer service to get a replacement car. They initially said they would have to charge me for returning the car with an empty tank, but since I couldn't turn off the car, it wasn't safe for me to fill it up before returning it and they let that charge go. The desk representative also volunteered a $25 voucher for our inconvenience, and asked her manager to bring the voucher to the desk for us over the walkie talkie. ~20 minutes go by, the very nice desk rep pages her manager again. We use the rest room, talk about the car, wait around, until the desk rep then physically goes to the manager's office to find the manager had left for the day and locked the office with the voucher inside. When the desk rep came back to us, she said that she would leave notes in their system for our reservation so that when we returned the car in Sacramento, they would give us a voucher for "more than $25" since we had so much trouble and had to wait. We got a replacement Ford Focus, and went about our lives.

...until Sunday, when we realize we may have left Kallie's Macbook under the passenger seat with our only copies of wedding photos on DVD. We called the San Francisco airport location, and they said they don't see any notes on a laptop, but the car is at their repair facility off site, and no one would be able to look for it until Monday, but they would have someone call me back once they were able to look. By 4pm Monday, I hadn't heard anything back, so I called them again, and they asked me where to look for it, so I said, "in the car", and they wanted me to be specific, so I said to try under the passenger seat or in the trunk. They called back after a few minutes and said they were not able to find it there.

Fast forward to Tuesday, Dec 1st at 4:00am. We drop off the car at the rental location to catch our 6:00am flight. The receiving employee only has a hand scanner that prints our return receipts and she has no access to a computer or vouchers. She said that we would have to wait until the desk representatives come in at 7:00am. So I decide I'll have to pick this back up once we get home.

I give a phone call to the customer support number. I explain the voucher situation to them, and they say they'll send it in the mail to me right away. Seemed easy enough. I also called the SF location again to have the search the whole car, thinking it might have moved or we put it somewhere else. They said they will leave an open case in the lost and found if it ever turns up, but it's not in the car.

A week or so later, I receive a letter from Avis with a voucher attached to the bottom for $25. The letter is your basic canned apology letter, but the voucher, at least, had something identifying on it...an expiration date of 12/31/09. They had given me less than a month to use the voucher. That's pretty much insulting, and I said that in my letter to them. I used the contact form on their site to send it to them. I could repost it here, but it's basically the same as this post and carries the same tone.