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Nov 23, 2016

Avis - Unauthorized credit card charged

This complain is about unauthorized credit charges on my Card. I rented a car from Avis Budget from 7th September till 17th September from Heathrow airport. On 31st October 2016 when I saw my statement, there was an additional charge of 95 pounds into my credit card. No explanation was given. I have sent an official complain to them on the 1st November and they gave a tracking number and after several reminders, I did not get any reply from them.

My rental agreement number is [protected]. Reference number GB393043740.

Complain ticket number is TKT003282548

Avis - Bogus credit card charges

Avis has been tacking multiple charges onto our credit card months after the car we rented in Europe was returned. These charges are purportedly due to Avis being requested to provide our contact information to undisclosed municipalities which requested it. Yes, you read that correctly. Avis provides our name and address to some municipalities and then bills us for 50 bucks for each request. Avis is not being fined or incurring any other cost. They are simply giving out our information and then charging our credit card for $50. The implication is that we received citations of some kind in these municipalities, but we got no moving or parking violations during the trip. When I ask them their justification for charging us, they reply that it is in our terms of service. Avis knows that no one reads the entire terms of service, and even if they did no one would ever expect the rental company to brazenly bill the credit card for something in which they incurred no cost and provided no service. Avis may have the terms of service on their side but they have no concept whatsoever of business ethics or customer service. I intend to make sure their costs in lost business exceed whatever funds they are able to extract from us, and also to make their task of extracting the funds as difficult as possible by disputing all their charges.

Avis - Gave car not suitable for driving

I rented through travelocity a car from avis turks and caico airport location for july 30th to august 6th). When I reached, I noticed very few cars in the front (little did I know that they have many cars in their back parking lot.) the car I rented was too small, so I requested a larger one, and I increased the rental by 1 day. The rep showed me a grey car, and stated that is the only car she had at the moment (mid-size) I checked the car which had a lot of dents and scratches. As it was the only one in the lot that was not a mini, I had no choice but to take it. I was charged over $500. The rep tried to tell me to get road assistance but I thought it was an over kill, if the renting place take care of the car, I don't have to worry about it breaking down on me.
Of course, the same technique, they tried to get me to get insurance for it.
On august 7th, went to fill up the tank before returning the car. I decided to check the glove compartment and read about the car. To my dismay, I found out that the car was not suited to be driven since 2013.
Upon my return home, I contacted avis. Its rep send me this long message that can be summarized as "we don't care, it is not our problem."

Jul 30, 2016

Avis - Attempt to bait and switch

Back on July 7, thru July 10, 2016 our family rented a vehicle from Avis Rent a Car at Bergstrom Intl Airport; we recently reserved a Luxury car, a Lincoln MKZ via Priceline. I had bid for this vehicle for approximately two weeks trying to get the best deal and finally got accepted approximately $56 dollars a day. During the bid process, I received many rejected offers and with each rejected offer, Prineline offered other vehicles at a much lower price. Example would be a Chrysler 300 for approximately $24 a day. Which I did not accept as we wanted the Lincoln. Finally my bid was accepted at $56 dollars a day and I made confirmed reservations. Sidebar - the $56 a day turned out to be $87 a day with fees and taxes! Anyway, we arrive at Bergstrom Intl Airport and go to get our vehicle only to be told they do not have that vehicle and that they will substitute it with the Chrysler 300; WTF. I told them that is not acceptable and they stated the only other option with be to pay for an upgrade (started at $28 more a day and talked they down to $20+ additional a day) to get the size vehicle we needed. Reluctantly, I decided that we needed the space and did the upgrade. Going upstairs now to get our up-sale, I mean upgrade I notice the vehicle they assigned to us had a dent in the door. Then, I looked to the right of that vehicle, then to the left and see two, not one, yes two, Lincoln's. I went back to the office and addressed this issue. They apologized and assigned one of the two and gave me my credit for the up-charge, I mean the upgrade. They explained that those two vehicles were not in their computer. I now have returned and addressed this with Priceline. Priceline said it's their partners issue and they (Avis) will have to address. After weeks of no response, I communicated again today with Priceline and they said Avis resolved the issue and gave me a coupon for $25 off my next rental. Come on... I asked Prineline what they can do to ensure their Clients are not taken advantage of in the future and they said that our chat conversation will be reviewed by management. I wish I could say that to my customers/clients - No I don't; what a convenient response. Words to the wise, be careful with the bait and switch and the name your price on Priceline. Sorry so long winded but this is terrible, a large company with the name Avis. wow, Wow, WOW!

Jul 29, 2016

Avis - Avis car rental

My grandma passed away so had to fly to Michigan from Georgia, I flew into Chicago Airport and went to Avis to rent a car, I had the car for literary 2 days and was charged $400. I am outraged, how can anyone afford to rent a car, that was just as much as my flight was. Ridiculous! I rented the vehicle on july 25th returned the 26th, so really just a day 1/2 rental.

Jul 29, 2016

What were the charges for?

May 27, 2016

Avis - Unauthorized optional services

I made a rental car reservation from Avis via Expedia with a total expected charge of $60.57. I picked up the car at the CMH airport location on May 13. There was a long line at rental counter. The...

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May 08, 2016

Avis - insurance fee

I booked an AVIS vehicle for my trip to Panama City on the AA.com website. During the booking process I was offered an insurance policy from ALLIANZ. I paid for this policy and went on my merry way to Panama. On my arrival at the AVIS counter in Tocumen Airport, the agent at the AVIS counter totally ignored the insurance policy that I showed from ALLIANZ and insisted that no car rental firms in Panama accept insurance Policies from Allianz. For me to get a car, I had to pay 31USD per day and a 300 USD deposit. So here I am thinking that all I had to do was pick up my car and pay the 90USD for the week, I ended up having to put out over 700USD extra. The 300USD deposit is supposed to be refundable. Todate I am still waiting for it. The 31USD per day was totally unexpected and I am trying now to alert all travelers that they should be careful when booking AVIS from a third party website. I called Allianz and they refunded me my money and told me that it was unethical for AVIS to deny coverage because they are a globally accepted company. Anyway, I got caught in this deceptive trade practice so I am warning all travelers to please find out if the insurance they bought in the US is valid or be prepared for huge rates for insurance on arrival in Panama,

I sent a complaint to AVIS and no one had the courtesy to respond. I also copied AA.com customer service and have not gotten a response. So looks like this is a learning experience. Will try another car company when next I visit but I am sure to call before to make sure I don't get trapped into this type of mess.

May 13, 2016

Avis car rented for one day .in Toronto at the Hilton at 8500 warden Ave in Markham, the gas tank was 3/4 full I was promised GPS with Dodge mini caravan it was not clean The guy said it would $80.00 USD I was charged $132.00 USD, called up and asked why, the guy said it CDN my bank said he charged in cdn but at a higher price .
I will not rent another vehicle from Avis the people are cheaters
Rosey Kidd
[email protected]

May 06, 2016

Avis - rewards program

I rent a car nearly every week from Avis and have "Preferred Status". Each time I inquire about my points for a personal rental they are clueless.

Yesterday I was given a 1-800# to call. Today they informed me they cancelled the old program in July and eliminated all of my points. Furthermore, they went on to tell me I have no points since I haven't re-enrolled in their new program.

Avis is horrible.

Their service is horrible.

Can't wait to move to Enterprise.

Apr 12, 2016

Avis - car rental

I rented a car from avis south africa arranged via my tour company. The car was delivered to my hotel in cape town on 22 february. I paid 2500 rand deposit via a debit card. I knew there was a one-way charge to pay as we were dropping the car at port elizabeth but was told this could be deducted from the deposit which would be repaid in pe.

The car was great and served its purpose well for the next 11 days. When we returned the car (with a full tank and no damage) there was a bill of 1, 113 rand for the one-was charge and delivery to the hotel in cape town. I asked for the balance of my deposit 1, 387 rand but was told that this couldn't be paid immediately and would take a few days. I was not happy and asked why it could not simply be repaid to my card but was told "the system won't allow this". I was not happy to leave the country owed money but had no choice as my flight was about to leave.

Three weeks later the money had still not shown up in my bank account, so I sent a message via the customer services page of the website. I got an automatic reply saying I would get a reply in a maximum 10 - 15 days. After 10 days I chased but no reply. I have since sent another un-answered reply.

I would never use avis again in south africa or any other country and would advise all travelers to south africa to do likewise.

Mar 22, 2016

Avis - car rental - credit card payment reservation held for 6+ days

Rental agreement [protected] refers. I collected the avis vehicle on 16/3/2016 and delivered the vehicle 23 hours later on the thursday. Upon collection I was told the estimated rental costs would be...

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Mar 04, 2016

Avis - over charges

I rented cars from AVIS once in December and three times in January while my car was in the shop. The agreed rate between AVIS and the auto shop was $30/day. I had the car for 1 day each time. I got charged $30 for the December rental. The January rentals came to $60, $565, and $135. They claimed I had the car a week and returned it 250 miles away. I was supposedly returning a car 250 miles away while I was at work. And they charged me $30 for tolls in that city. I called and explained this didn’t happen. They told me they would refund the money within 48 hours. They did not. I called at least 4 times and each time I was told they would refund the money within 48 hours. They finally refunded $290 of the $700 in overcharges. They have been unable to produce paperwork showing where I was the one renting the car for those dates. The auto shop has told me they have received several similar complaints, (AVIS stealing money) and are changing rental agencies.


Avis - car rental

I have had a long, complicated and exhausting time emailing Budget/Avis
and have got nowhere with them. I see an error was made on their part including very poor communication with me about parking fines.
Yet now they will take no responsibility so all the costs and stress has been put on me and my aged parents.

I live in South Africa and visited my parents in the UK July 2015.
I hired a car through Rental.com which was from Budget/Avis at Heathrow.

During my holiday I accidentally drove into 3 bus lanes.
We do not have bus lanes in South Africa, so I did not know about them,
I did not see signs for them, as soon as I realised I was in them I got out.

One was in Kingston and 2 in Brighton.

I was not notified by Budget of this instead they started taking money from my account. Totalling R3225.78 which is a lot of money in South Africa.

07/08/2015 AVIS RENT-A-CA5223630000280515 -608.68

11/08/2015 AVIS RENT-A-CA5223630000280515 -595.48

26/08/2015 AVIS RENT-A-CA5223630000280515 -2, 021.62

Shocked by this I contacted Rental.com who I hired car through and was informed it was likely traffic fines.

When I contacted Budget Avis they confirmed this and sent me copies of the fines. I realise they were taking money to cover the traffic fines from my card which was swiped at Heathrow.

What upset me was they did not email me to tell me about the fines until after I had contacted them. Instead they sent information to the UK address I had given them. This is my parents home, who are now in their mid 80s.

I saw on the fines they sent me that if they are paid immediately they are greatly reduced. This is what I thought had happened that Budget/Avis had settled the fines using my SA card details.

However several months later I got a very upset and angry message from my dad who I understand had received threatening letters from Brighton authorities demanding two fines of £97 be paid immediately or else action would be taken. My parents being old and easy to scare paid the money.

The Brighton fines were originally for £60 reduced to £30 for early payment.
I thought these had been paid long ago by Budget?Avis at the £30 rate.

When I wrote explaining all this to Budget and asked that they repay the extra £134 that had been charged for late payment they denied all responsibility. Yet I understand they have charged me about £90 admin fees. Yet to me it is very clear they did not fulfil on administration duties and requirements to notify me adequately of the fines.

Nor did my parents receive notification of the fines being raised from £30 to £60. Instead they jumped straight to £97 with threatening letters
- for fines I believed had already been paid.

I can send you correspondence with Budget/Avis if this will be useful.

This has been a very unhappy and tiring set of events and I am now worn out not only by their incompetence, but their lack of understanding compassion and willingness to admit there were errors on their part.

I would appreciate any assistance you can give to achieve a satisfactory result to this sorry state of affairs.

kind regards
Judith Briant
24 De Stadler Ave, Capri Village, Western Cape 7975, South Africa

Feb 22, 2016

Avis - problem with communication and standard

I booked with other provider (ORBITZ) Avis car and service. AVIS standard is not asking and not looking on others insurances. I had my insurance with ORBITZ and in my head insurance is MY insurance...

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Avis - deposit not being returned

I arrived home from a holiday in South Africa 3 weeks ago and have still not received my deposit. When I left, there was a dispute as the man who checked in my car said there was a scratch on the left bumper. On the form that I signed when I received the car, I was shown the exact scratch and the man wrote on the piece of paper 'rear bumper'. I was not aware that it needed to state left or right as I have never needed to hire a car before. When I told this to the man inspecting the car, he told me I was not telling the truth. I then sat on the floor and cleaned the back bumper and asked him to show me the scratch which he claimed was there, which he could not. Which means that the scratch on the left was in fact the rear bumper scratch that was mentioned on the form. I didn't have time to argue with him as I would miss my flight, due to traffic on the day. I am now awaiting my R2000 deposit. Surely it doesn't take 3 weeks?

Avis - deposit & overcharged moneys not reimbursed after 4 months

To Whom it may Concern:-

I, Desmond William Painter of South Africa hired a car from the above-mentioned Company from 10 September 2015 to 24 September 2015 on Contract No.[protected].
The Avis Representative – Y. Sabbar – apparently could not do the transaction on our Credit Card [which is the norm in our Country by putting a “hold” on one’s card]
He then also overcharged us - after we had agreed on a price which my Son negotiated from Rudboud University in Nijmegen – and proceeded doing one weeks hire
on our current a/c & on our Savings a/c for the following weeks rental. When we timeously returned the car – in good condition – on 24 September 2015, another Representative
assured us that the overcharged amount {75.31 euro} + the deposit {95 euro} would be paid into our bank a/c within 10 working days. {Total= 170.31 euro} This did not occur!

I have since sent several email messages to avis-europe.com only to be responded to with an automated standard message with the Claim no TKT001693364 & a promise that the claim will be attended to within 10 to 15 days.

Not getting satisfaction from The Netherlands, I asked Avis, South Africa to take up the matter on my behalf. They registered Case No: vx5RXf / Reference No: 033pQ8. The Netherland office assured Avis South Africa that the money was already paid into our ABSA Bank a/c. Banking statements on all my ABSA a/c’s proved the contrary and requests via Avis RSA to get proof of payment from Avis-Europe were bluntly ignored.

I have copies of all correspondence to both parties if needed.

I will be much obliged if You can assist or make recommendations how to be reimbursed. With the Rand/Euro exchange being as it is, 171.31 euro is quite a substantial amount
for a Senior Citizen to “write-off” in our RSA currency.

Thank You
Kind Regards
Des Painter


I am really disappointed that Avis-Europe has not even attempted to reply, expect for the automated e-mail response. They claim they have reimbursed the overcharged amount - info given via Avis South Africa - but did not provide proof when requested via the latter.


I am very disappointed with Avis, Netherlands! I always support this Company in South Africa and have never had any problems. One would not expect a first world country / company to treat a tourist in this manner. Avis-Europe has not responded once, other than the automated reply. It's a disgrace to say the least. I have even reported this to the South African Consulate in Nethelands & European Car Rental Conciliation Service but neither of these institutions have jurisdiction to assist.

Dec 18, 2015

Avis - rental agency @ seatac airport

The rental agency team slips you in for an upgrade without telling you. The other thing is they give you faulty GPS that loses GPS signal even though your personal equipment works. The car had maintenance issues...not a flat but not enough air. Too close to the airport and due to weather, the safest thing was to go back to the agency. They then tried to blame the fact that I should have pulled over and missed my flight. I am not familiar Seattle metro area. I don't know the safe areas. I do know that with all the accidents, I shouldn't park on the side of the freeway. The recourse is the counter or the 800 complaint number. They shift fault and blame and no conclusion. Not like National at all who is very customer focused

Nov 24, 2015

Avis - upgrade to a smacking 6500 usd

My parents had booked and already paid for a (highest class) car via the internet. When they arrived jetlagged at the station in Orlando, FL the person there asked them if they wanted to upgrade their car for about 200 USD to a BMW but did not mention 200 USD/DAY. He also "forgot" to inform them about the total costs for the 25 days trip. As my parents don`t speak english very well they unfortunately accepted this "deal" and signed the papers. When they returned the car they had to pay an additional 6500, --. It is all legal, they signed it, I know. But you can be sure that we will spread the word how AVIS personnell works and how easy one can fall into this trap, especially when one is tired, jet lagged and doesn`t know the language so well. We will avoid AVIS in future at any cost.

Nov 29, 2015

I had a very similar experience in Dublin recently with Europcar. Offered us an upgrade at a bargain price for the whole hire period and then charged that rate per day on the contract. Like you say when you are tired after a long flight you don't expect to be lied to and have to read all the small print. I will not be so naive next time.

Nov 12, 2015
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Avis - australia car rental

Dear Customer Service, My name is Gauthier Blesbois and I contact you regarding the recent booking I made with Avis Australia. I rented a car at Perth Airport from November 7th to November 10th with...

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Oct 28, 2015

Avis - unprofessional customer service

I called to discuss charges and see what could be done as I felt I was charged multiple times for the same fees. I realized there are two sides to every situation, both the consumer and the customer...

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Avis - prepaid fuel service

As sent to Avis: I rented a Nissan Sentra with the "Market Value" fuel service option. When I returned the car the fuel charge was $81.58 USD, $114.75 CAD. This alarmed me. I looked up the size of the Nissan Sentra fuel tank, 11 gal. The going rate for gas near the airport was $2.79 a gallon, therefore a "Market Value" of $3 would have been appropriate. Based on the tank size Avis charged me $7.42 a gallon. Do you think I want to rent from Avis again, NOT!

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