ATT Directv / directv

Coral Gables FL, United States

If you're not committed to hbo, i'd recommend using dish network. (dumbest thing dish ever did was getting rid of hbo) the month that i've been with directv has been a nightmare. Two of my four tvs are not working and i've gone the gauntlet with their tech support and got no where. Service sucks. Programing is ok but navigation sucks. (you use the up bottom to go down! Really!) i've been on the phone with 7 different techs for over an hour. Their repair guy was here but didn't fix it completely. He gave me his number to call if things went south. I called him and now he says he can't come out until he gets an order from directv. When I call tech support, they tell me I don't have an account! I'm watching the tv as we speak using directv!! If, per chance, someone from directv actually reads this, it would great if they can address my issue professionally and efficiently and let me know at [protected] My advise is to stay far away from directv!! The entire industry needs better regulations to assure that customers are served. As it is, they have the consumers by the short hairs.

Jun 12, 2019

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