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I ordered the $99 per month 'Bundle my Services' offered by AT& T/Direct TV. The way the deal supposedly worked is each bills you separately, but AT&T offers rebates on each bill to offset the amount of the billing to equal a total of $99 per month. Each month for three months I received separate billing: AT&T $120 and DXirect TV $60, for a total of $180. After complaining each month, not receiving credits for the overbilling, and the billing not being corrected, I cancelled the contract. At that time Direct TV withdrew $300 from my account for 'early cancellation fee' and since that time AT&T has turned me over to first collection agencies, then to collection attorneys. I have turned both of them over to my lawyer.


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    uncurled May 19, 2007

    Our service in Nov. 06. Prior to the installers leaving my home I called to confirm the monthly payments. The monthly payment was to remain the same for 1yr. It was to increase the second year by $10.00. Because the first bill was wrong, I called the 800 number. The bill has been wrong every month, we have called every month. Each agent, has apologized and swore that we would not have this problem again. Of course we have. My husband has also written them a letter. Now, we are told that Direct tv has never said that and that the previous agents were wrong. We have consistently paid the agreed upon amount. My package has not changed from the day of installation. Today, we were told that if we choose to cancel then we would have to pay a cancellation fee. Why? They broke agreement.

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  • Ju
    Julie Jun 19, 2007

    I purchased an HD DVR from Direct TV about a year ago. Ever since the day I got it, I've had technical problems with it: video and audio dropouts, and pixilization. For those of you that have Directv, it's the same thing you get in a REALLY heavy rainstorm. For nearly a year, I've had technicians come out to the house, we've replaced the dish, the wiring and the receiver. The satellite signal is as good as it could possibly be. After all that, the quality has not improved. I was patient with them, up til this months bill when they added a $70 charge for a "service call" that they refuse to take off.

    Don't sign up for Direct TV, they may call you a "valued customer" but that's all crap.

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    florence kohn Jun 29, 2007

    I signed up for direct tv a year and a half ago I thought that I was signing a 1 year contract. Then I found out that because I got a dvr from them I found out that I actually signed on for a 2 year contract, well the dvr took a crap a couple of times and they said that they were aware of the problem and were working on it, I waited for about a month and called them back they said they had to reset the dvr so they did it did not fix the problem another month went by and I called back and they said they could send me out a new one, and when I got it I was to send the old one back, which I did. then I got my bill in and there is a charge on there for them to ship it to me, I called customer service again, and after arguing with them, they finally agreed to take the shipping charge off but I would be responsible for shipping the old one back, I told them that I wanted to pay my way out of my contract, I was told it was going to be around 100 dollars well when i got my bill it was more like 324 dollars, they said that when they shipped out the new dvr that i automatically signed up for 2 more years, I told them that I would pay until the end of the first contract but I was not going to pay for a contract that I did not authorize, so they took it out of my bank account with out my consent, I should be able to prosecute them for theft, but once again the little guy gets the short end of the stick.

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  • Do
    Donna Gonzalez Jul 18, 2007

    I used my Amex card to pay a one time charge only for my monthly bill.Next thing I see that DirectTv has set me up for reoccurring charges and also set me up for not receiving a paper bill in the mail.I called them and they were very nasty with me.I called Amex who stopped the charge to investigate.I then paid the bill from my checking account and told them I would still like to receive my bill in the mail. It should have arrived 2 weeks ago and I still do not have this months bill, showever I paid it anyway.

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  • Hu
    Hugh Knox Aug 25, 2007

    I helped a friend out one month and paid his bill online. He cancelled the service probably a year later and out of the blue Direct TV charges my debit card for the amount he owed, which wasn't even past due! To top it off, it overdrew my checking account and overdraft charges were applied. Of course this outraged me. They can't just out of the blue charge someones card especailly if the card isn't the account owner. They should be hit by a huge fine.. becuase were I'm from, America, it's illegal to take someones money without an authorization! I will get my money back from them one way or another. I am in the process of faxing this and that. I asked for the overdraft charges as well as the other money. If I don't get my overdraft charges back, I would love to take them to court. I don't care if it is more than what was ocured.

    This is shady! Everyone beware of Direct TV!

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  • Ji
    Jim Berger Sep 01, 2007

    We have had Direct TV since spring of 2006. Last fall we ordered the ESPN game plan so we could watch our college football team. This past week we received our 9/2007 bill and they had renewed the ESPN game plan without our approval. When my wife called she was on hold two separate times for 30-40 minutes before getting a rude supervisor that would not cancel the service." Since the season had begun" We received our bill on Friday 8/31 and the season began that same week. This was the only time we were alerted to the charges. We had also canceled the package on the phone to Direct TV after football season last year. The supervisor told us that we had been notified of the renewal by a small line on the July bill with a 0 balance. HBO, and other premium channels can be dropped any time and fights can be ordered ala carte. They don't auto renew these automatically. We are canceling Direct TV and will short pay the last bill for the service. Don't get duped by Direct TV . This is a scam and they know it. I am reporting them to the Better Business Bureau as well.

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  • Jo
    joe b turner Sep 07, 2007

    I signed up for direct tv . it was nothing like what i was told over the phone stay away!!! its one big hassle.

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  • Ce
    Cecilia Alvarez Oct 09, 2007

    I cancelled my contract exactly on the day my contract was due. So I figured I wouldn't have to pay for any cancellation fees, but I was wrong after my cancellation they send me a bill of $10.00 because the Protection Plan didn't go into effect until a month after my contract started, so in other words I canceled to soon for the Protection Plan!!! Okay so I paid this right... now after 2 months of not being a customer of Direct TV they are billing me $92.88 for GET THIS... "2 movies, and 2 ppv events" that were "NEVER SEEN" and to top it off they confirm the fact that they were never seen!!! They are the worst company to deal with!!! Don't ever get Direct TV, plus when there is bad weather you don't even get signal!!! It is dangerous just think... what if there is a horrible storm that you need to be following and you can't because you have no signal!!! I would not recommend DIRECT TV!!!

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  • Ww
    W witt Oct 23, 2007

    I agree completely with the posting. I had the misfortune of trying Direct TV. I was promised a price of $39.99 per month for the Premier package for three months. When the installer activated the boxes, I was told that pricing did not exist. I was put on the installers cell phone to discuss the problem with Direct TV. Not only was the representative rude, she was completely useless. I told the installer to pack up their crap and get it out of my house. The installer asked if I would keep the service if he could get the pricing I was promised. He made some phone calls and told me everything was resolved. Unfortunately I agreed. I had the service for less than one week when I received the first invoice. The price charged was the full price, not the price I was promised. I called immediately to dispute the charge. I was told there was nothing they could do. I was offered the basic package for $40 per month. I refused this as it wasn't what was on the paperwork. I asked to be transferred to cancellations. To make a long story short, they refused to transfer me and I had to call back two hours later. I cancelled my service the same day. Now Direct TV is saying I owe them $150 for a cancellation charge even though they breached the contract first. Basic business law says that I had the option to cancel the contract after their breach. I called to dispute this charge and was told to submit a written complaint. I sent my complaint in with the paperwork supporting my argument. It took them three weeks to send a form letter stating that I owned them $150. All I can say is, good luck Direct TV. You will not receive one penny from me. I had the service for exactly one week and they breached the contract. I have sent my complaint to the FCC and Better Business Bureau.

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  • Rh
    Rhodora Gallarde Oct 31, 2007

    I went home last Oct 17 and received a message that my name was reported to collection agency by the AT&T. I was shock and called the given phone number and find told me to called there customer service. Same day I called the customer service to be asked to called there inventory center. Next day I called the inventory center and I found out that they claim that one of the box had no access card and I found out that I have to paid the access card or return it to them. Michael from the inventory center told me how much is the access card and send a message to look for it. Imgaine that AT&T waited for more than 2 month and then decided to submit your name to collection agency and denied that they did not received the access that was in box that they received on Aug 23.

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  • Su
    Suzanne Ledbetter Nov 14, 2007

    I am so disgusted by Direct Tv.
    I phoned to get information on signing up with them. I had $15 per month cable and expressed my concern with switching off of that. I was offered their football package with premium service for $49.99 per month for 4 months, then I can switch to the basic package. I was also offered a free DVD player, a free DVR, and $150 credit divided over 15months at $10 per month.

    The first bill comes and I didnt receive the $10 or the $20 off the the football package. I spent an hour+ on the phone with customer service being passed from one person to another, being told that the football package offer didnt exist. I called their sign up department at the same time who AGAIN OFFERED me the $20 off the football package while the otehr department denied any offer of the sort. Finally spoke to someone who said they knew about it, they would credit it AND teh $10 per month, not to pay my bill until the following month when the changes would be on it.

    Next bill comes. 1 month of $20 credit, not the first month. No $10 per month credit. I spend another 2 hrs on the phone with customer service, get hung up on by 2 reps who dont want to deal with it. Talked to a total of 5 people and finally when I told them they were not following through and I wanted everything out of my house I was transfered to the resolution department who accused me of not qualifying for the offer of $150. After threatening to tell everyone I know about their customer service and lack of follow through I was offered the $150 credit on my account. We'll see if it and the $20 per month for 4 months actually shows up.

    I'm afraid to call in with my friends account number that referred me. I am sure that will be a fight too.

    I wish I could get out of this contract and go back to my basic boring cable. This has been hell dealing with them. Stay away from this company! And if you have to deal with them..well good luck, since no one there has extensions or last names.

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  • Je
    jennifer mcginley Nov 24, 2007

    About a year ago I switched from comcast to direct tv and thought it was good until my bills were higher so I called and stopped service. I then got a big TV and got dish network. I love it ! Then recently without my consent they took money out of my account. So I am very very upset and now I sent back all the equipment before this incident and they told me if I sent back the stuff I wouldn't get charged. They did anyway so I want my money back and to tell everybody diecttv sucks. Beware of hidden charges.

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  • Ki
    Kim R. Washington Nov 25, 2007

    I am a customer with major $$ packages including football package, redzone package, all movie channels and HD television. I am unable to order pay per view from the online menu on their website. I called to inquire the discrepancies of the menu online and I was transferred to several people. I spoke to Carlos who could not help me on 11/22 at approximately 11 p.m. He transferred me to Carla. She advised me that the pay per view menu is not accurate. After we discussed alternative ways to find accurate pay per view listings, all very inconvenient, I asked to speak with a manager. I was placed on hold for approximately 10 mins. She then said a manager will call me back, but never did. I called again on 11/23 and was hold for 5 minutes.

    I waited until approximately 6:30 p.m. to call again. Luis transferred me to Lisa who was very unsympathetic. I explained that I did not choose to repeat my complaint to the manager therefore I would not share the complaint with her. She placed me on hold for a short period of time and then informed me that I would not be able to speak to a manager. I can leave my contact information and a manager will call me back within 24 hours. I pay too much money to be treated like that! I called again after a moment that I took to calm down and reached a very nice man, Rick. He apologized and empathized with me. He did not seem uncaring at all. He admitted that I should never have a problem talking with a manager and again apologized for my inconvenience. He placed in my account a $5/month discount for 3 months and another $5/month discount for the next 3 months for my inconvenience.

    I am still filing this complaint because I do not believe there are enough consultants like Rick working for Directv. Carla could have been just as helpful, but she chose to give me the runaround. Over the past 4 months, I was promised 5 free pay per view movies, which I never received. I was promised that a return kit would come after I upgraded my service to HD so that I may return the other receiver. I never received a box to return the receiver; I was charged for the past 3 months with service from a receiver that no longer worked.

    If there was a better act in town that offered the football package I would take it. I had Comcast Cable for 10+ years and their customer service was horrendous, hence the reason I went to Directv.

    I think they should value me as a customer and offer me something more for my patience. Especially considering the amount of money I pay them per month, almost $200! I hope this complaint does not fall on deaf ears! In my opinion, if they can have accurate pay per view listings on the tvlistings menu on their website, they should be able to have accurate listing on the pay per view menu or remove it from their website. It was accurate the first few times ordered online.

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  • Tr
    Trinia Arellano Dec 13, 2007

    Oh my goodness!!

    The exact thing happened to us! We were charged for an NBA package that we didn't order. My husband ordered the package last year. He's in the military and we have not even lived in the same state for almost a year and I don't watch basketball, so I know I didn't order it--so I was confused when I got the bill. We got the same run around about not being able to cancel the service because we were sent a notice on the July bill. I pay my bills online, so I never got the notice. To make a long story short, we got them to take it off of our bill. We then tried to cancel and were told we would have to pay $150 fee. We've been customers for over a year. We fulfilled our contract obligation, so I wondered why the fee. We were told we started a new service (DVR) so we had to have that for a year before we could cancel without a fee. My husband bought the DVR from a friend and they were attempting to charge us for it. We got that cleared up. I do plan on cancelling the service tomorrow.

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  • Mi
    Mike Filhiol Jan 02, 2008

    I hope someone at Direct TV who is responsible for customer service and for contracting out service calls reads this. I have NEVER had so much trouble getting something done as I have had this past 2 weeks, since I started with this service. I began by buying a TV at BEST BUY and signing up with Direct TV. Installation was on 12/19 and it was satisfactory.

    The very next day, the HD DVR began constantly blinking out and resetting, and this went on for 2 days. I called for service and an appointment was made for 12/22. I waited and the tech never showed. I called to find out what happened and was told that the appointment was canceled because I was not home! When did he come?, I asked. It doesn't say, was the response. There was no notice of a visit left at my home. I was home the whole time and no one rang my doorbell.

    I rescheduled for 12/27 and by this time, the HD DVR box is dead. Nothing. I awaited during the scheduled time, 4-8pm, and even called DirecTech to verify that someone was coming and was told yes, he should be there around 7pm.

    At 8:50 pm, I called and was told that the appointment was canceled. Why? I asked. No reason, was the response. I became livid as I realized that I had no hd service to my brand new home theater setup and I was realizing that it wasn't going to be easy to get it. In fact, I still had no idea how difficult it was to become.

    I assured the phone rep that I was very unhappy and that I wished to speak to someone who could get me service first thing Monday am. He told me that there was no one who could do that. I had to wait until 1/2 between 4 and 8 pm to get service. I asked how was I to know that someone was going to show. He said that he guaranteed that someone would be there. Make the appointment, I said. (It should be noted here that the only reason I went and got all this stuff was so that I could watch all the great College Bowl games coming up this past week in High Definition Digital Direct TV! Maybe next year.)

    One hour ago, I called DirecTech Southwest to verify that my appointment for tomorrow was still good. The girl told me that the appointment had been canceled. Why?, I asked. No reason, she said. Can someone please tell me what the hell is going on with this outfit? I am ready to take anything that says DirectTv on it and blow it up. I called Direct TV back and talked to *****. He said he was assigning my "case" to someone who can get things done. First thing tomorrow that person will call me and take a personal interest in my case and resolve the issues which are deemed unacceptable by DirectTV.

    If they are unacceptable, why are they happening? Is there anyone in charge over there? Who is getting paid to ensure that customers are getting the service they are willing to pay for? I don't want my a** kissed. I want some HD service for my new TV and I'm not getting it. To sum up, I am not getting HD service, for which I have ALREADY received a bill. I have scheduled THREE appointments and ALL THREE have been canceled for no apparent reason and I was NOT NOTIFIED. I have been shuffled from phone person to phone person with no resolution and no reason to believe that this will be resolved anytime within the next week. I would recommend to anyone reading this who is considering subscribing to this service to seriously reconsider. If I had known any of this going in, I would have stuck with COMCAST.

    BTW, I did do troubleshooting on the thing, like resetting and unplugging and checking and rearranging wiring. I call DirecTV tech support and was told by a lady there that the problem was with my TV! Thanks a lot!

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  • Da
    Daniel E Clark Jan 09, 2008

    On the 4th of January at 13:00 Hr's I was Installed the Direct network satellite system, with 2 sets. I recently disconnected from another satellite co because of Horrible service. I was told that Direct TV was Very good. The Installer did a good job of Installing both set's? He got the living room set working, and was checking the bedroom set. He checked the signal, and said it was very good. But the converter wouldn't read the card.

    He then asked me if there were any splitters in line. I told him yes" the former co put it in" He the Installer said it wouldn't work with the splitter in" I told him the living room is working off the splitter, he had no comment? I remover the splitter from the line and ran a new line to the LNB. The receiver acknowledged the signal from the dish and loaded. Then a pop up came up stating the reader could not read the card. So after talking to 6 different customer agents I was told the card is defective. I was transfered to an agent in the card department? Now each of the six agents I talked to Had me run the whole test sequence? I was on the phone for Hr's. The girl in the card department finally said she would ship me out a new card that day and I should have it in a couple of days. I said Ok" I was so stressed out by now I said fine. Five days have now gone by and No Card By now I am so mad, I called direct TV and wanted to talk to a supervisor. after a number of trys and getting shoved from extensions to ext, finally got to talk to a live person, Which couldn't help me. Finally got connected to another. I explained to him I just want my set working. This guy ran me all through the set up trouble test. I told him Look " we know the card is bad, I want this problem fixed? I said I know there installers in the area everyday, why cant he stop by and replace your defective receiver? I was told he didn't carry spare receivers on his truck? I then said Don't tell me that" I helped him do the installs, and he had a whole stack in his van. The supervisor then told me that it would cost to much to send him out, and thats not the way they( the Company) do things. I then asked this Supervisor" Then the customer does not matter that your company Installed me with defective equipment? But I can wait to you get around to fix things.

    Even after I receive the card there is no guarantee it will work, I said you got a Bill to me in the mail in one and a half day, and you expect to get paid on time" What's wrong with this picture? I just jumped out of the frying pan into the fire. What a terrible mistake I just made connecting to direct TV Their service is worse then the company I just came from. I know I just waisted my time writing this letter, it will end up in file 13.

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  • Ri
    rick morrison Jan 28, 2008

    How did it turn out?

    I have had Direct Tv service for over five years. I had my service moved and upgraded to my new home on Dec,7th.2007. The installation was very messy, they left wires hanging everywhere inside and outside the house, never connected the ground cable outside for electrical safety, and we lost signal every few minutes. I called and complained and Direct TV sent another tech out almost two weeks later. He stated the first tech was fired and he “fixed the service”. Within 15 minutes we began to lose signal again.

    I called and e-mail Direct TV about this, offering pictures to prove the service was installed sloppy and didn’t work.
    I e-mailed them several times, it’s easier because their call centers have people that can’t speak clear English and are very hard to deal with and understand. Finally I told them to cancel my service because they couldn’t meet there commitment to me and provide a working service. I also asked for a return autho# to send their receiver back to them.

    Around a week later Jan 11th.2008 I received a disconnect e-mail and bill for 93.00 .I e-mailed them saying I had no service for that month so how do I owe them.
    On Jan 18th.2008 a box with return instructions was delivered to my house for the receiver.

    On Jan 22nd. 2008 I saw Direct TV was pulling $562.83 from my checking account.I took of work and went to my bank to stop this from happening, I signed a stop pay but my bank had to investigate it first. I was told to contact Direct TV and ask them to stop the transaction.

    I called Direct TV several times, I was told the charges were for an early termination of service.I told them again I never had a working service to begin with.I got nowhere with the call center, the language problem was just to much, I asked for some one that could speak better English and I was repeated the same thing again. Direct TV used a check card I had used before to pay my bill on-line and charged my account without my authorization $562.38.

    When I got home that evening I received a bill from them stating what the charges were and it was due immediately.
    No one that speaks good English will talk to me from Direct TV, THEY broke the law pulling money from my account without authorization, caused my account to bounce checks, left me unable to buy groceries this week for my family, I’ve lost two hours work as of today trying to clear this up. Tommorrow I have to go to my bank again and to an attorney.

    What a nightmare, please pass this on to everyone to warn them about direct tv’s practices
    Richard C. Morrison
    [email protected]

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  • Hi
    highplainsdrifter Feb 05, 2008

    another day off of work without pay because of this crappy company i guess they figure everybody can just throw away $100.00 to miss work waiting on them to show up!! im friggin pissed!! do not hire directtv

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  • Ge
    Gerda McDonough Feb 23, 2008

    Our satellite stopped working. We had to wait seven days to get an appointment with a four-hour window. Technician did not show up. Ironwood communications called after the four-hour window to let us know that they had missed it! They said the technician MAY be able to come in the next five hours. They say they did show up five hours after the expiration of the four-hour window but we had to leave the house for another appointment. Just to be clear.. We waited from 8am-4:30pm and there was no technician.
    We called DirectTV, who were unapologetic and the agent suggested we cancel our service with them!!! After speaking to his supervisor, we made another appointment for two days later.

    Same four-hour window, 8am-12pm. It is now two hours past their four-hour window. I have spoken to various call centers including one in the Phillipines. The dispatcher apparently does not answer their calls. Ironwood called one hour after the appointment time to see if their technician had arrived. When I suggested that they call him to find out if and when he would be coming, they put me on hold and transferred me back to a Phillipiines call center!!

    We have now been without television service for 10 days. It is February 23, 2008. In this day and age you can make an appointment that is on time with the DMV, for goodness sakes.

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  • Je
    jennifer Feb 27, 2008

    I want my refund of 19.95. I will contact the channel 8 news reguarding this situation along with the countless other complaints.

    This is absolutely the WORST company in the United States. They are a bunch of liars and there customer service is grade AA dog @#*%.
    I called direct tv to recieve service since i kept hearing how they are #1 provider with the lowest price (no wonder they have the lowest price...they are a bunch of thieves). My first service call was "rained out" and had to be rescheduled (allthough it never rained here). At that time the tech CONFIRMED MY ADDRESS and rescheduled. The day came of the next appointment and after taking off work to wait for direct tv ..they never showed. I called direct tv and after an 11/2 hours they finally found me in the system and offered me a $15.00 credit for my loss (allthough i make 15.00 an hour X 8) and "promised me" that I would get service 2 days later on a Saturday. Saturday morning came and i was so excited to hear from a tech. However this is how the conversation went.
    Tech: Hey this is so&so from direct tv. I was calling to find out how to get to your house.
    Me: Ok. You go here and here and so on.
    Tech: Well I am in Roanoak and it is sixty miles from your house.
    Me: Ok well what time do you think you will be here?
    Tech: Let me call dispatch and i will call you back.
    That is the last time I heard from the "professional installer" as they say.
    The tech had called a couple hours before my actual appointment so when i called direct tv they said I had to wait til after the missed appointment to call.
    So...I call direct tv after the missed appointment to explain my problem with the faith of SURELY they would come out right away to fix it. But once again here comes the runaround. But this time i have to say was a pretty good BIG FAT LIE. She sais oh the tech went to the wrong city. "YOU" gave us the wrong zip code. Ok...I have two words..BULL ###. I have lived here for 2 1/2 years and payed my 12-15 bills a month , gived my address countless times. Never have I given the wrong "zip code" before.

    So at this point I want to cancel. I dont want anything else from this JOKE of a co. and I am pissed. She informes me i can't cancel because i will be charged a cancelation fee. I HAVE NEVER FELT SO HELPLESS BEFORE. Usually you can get high enough in the company that someone can satisfy "the customer". That is what customer satisfaction is all about right????? WRONG.
    So I have to swallow my pride and reschedule.

    Super Bowl Sunday!!!!!! They are supposed to be there between 8-12am. Once again they never showed. I don't think i have to tell you my feelings around this event.

    This letter can only begin to tell you of the NIGHTMARE I encountered with this company. Not including the hours of time i spent on the phone with them, the promises they made, the money they really owe me for all the credits they gave me before the service ever had a chance of being installed, the I'm sorry's , the I understand your frustration, Bull ### if you understood you would make it right. No wonder there is a lack of communication, you can't ever understand these people.

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  • An
    Andrea9889 Mar 01, 2018

    @jennifer I have been trying to cancel my service since November, and 4 months later I am still getting billed. I keep calling and they keep promising that my service is canceled and guaranteeing no more charges, and credits, which never come through. This has been the biggest waste of time and money I have ever gone through. In the end I am just having to go through my bank to contest charges and not allow any more charges. I am considering legal action and have filed a complaint with the FCC and Federal Trade Comission. I will also tell all my friends and family about my experience and post reviews wherever I can to impede any more people going through this. I cannot believe such a dishonest company is allowed to operate.

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  • Ho
    Howard W Fisher Feb 27, 2008

    Yes we were approched by gentlemen from direct tv offering a free up grade as he stated what we had was outdated , we were upgraded to a dvd receiver but was to save us $ 10.66 from our own bill which would be less than $ 50.00 per month my 1st bill was$ 73.42 not less than $ 50.00 after numerous emails sent out and many phone calls later Direct TV gave me a choice go back to my old programming at a cost of $ 60.66 now i have a choice to make return to old programming or pay $ 73.42 in a year plus rental fees. As for a free upgrade yes it is $ 13.42 + up grade as for the company they even said it was fraud by deception. that is there words but really was not given a choice take it or leave it is my options. We are Senior Citizens this all happened 1-09-2008 up grade made as the end of feburary and dont see an end in sight unless we go to court to settle this mess and should not happen but they still remain firm on there commintment not to settle as we agreed. Yes they even took my old receiver which we owned as the same as the dish in my front yard we have contacted the Attorney General of our state also the Department of ag. we also contacted the CFO of Florida this is as far as we go we also have an attorney who states that the contract is void as it has only my name on it and my cell phone number but yet my wife is primary owner with her SSN # . Now that is a long story made short.

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  • Da
    David from San Jose Mar 15, 2008

    You can get a $100 credit to your account if you ask for it. I had this happen to me where the tech arrived 4 hours after the 8-12 time they gave me. I called and complained and the lady who I spoke too said they wont tell you about the $100, you have to pretty much complain and request it. Though it has to be proven that its the techs fault on why he didnt show.

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  • Da
    danab42 Apr 01, 2008

    I got a $200 charge on my credit card TWICE from Directtv...we called them and they said they couldn't help us since we don't have an account with them! I had to cancel the credit card.

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  • Ma
    Marianne Friedman Apr 02, 2008

    Direct TV Protection Plan Service - a consumer nightmare. We have second home, called and went through all the "troubleshooting steps" 3 times, yet they refused to schedule appt. I had called 2 months later, since we are not at the second home frequently. They told me that they couldn't schedule appt. without the steps being gone through for the 4th time. When I informed them that I had a code so that they could set appt. they said the code was only good for 5 days and I had to go through the steps again. I already had a tech coming out to upgrade receiver and wanted to schedule at the same time. When I spoke to supervisor, she asked me to repeat steps, I informed her my husband had been on the phone and mentioned a few of the steps we had gone through and she said that since I hadn't listed all the steps (from a conversation 2 months ag0), she couldn't schedule. I asked her then how I had gotten the code if we hadn't been through the steps?? Since I couldn't recite them, she refused to schedule. What a nightmare!

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  • Ja
    Janice Miller Apr 16, 2008

    Have tried to contact them by the email they provide and it comes back. I feel as though they scammed me and many others . I want to find out how to get them off my credit card now.

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  • Do
    Don Cooper Apr 18, 2008

    I would like to discontinue my service with Direct Tv. We will be going out of the country for a period of time. My name is Don Cooper the last 4 digits of my social security is 4529. Our zipcode is 95641. Any assistance in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Don Cooper

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  • Wa
    waymon mack May 01, 2008

    I swicth from time-warner cable too directv because they said they offerd a better package what a bunch of crap that is then they tie you into the service for a year i'am on disabillity so it's hard for me too pay 140.00 monthly but first when they sent me my first bill it was 3 months later so you know this bill was 400.00 dollars well i tried too talk too the finally they made arrangements but said that was it know more arrangenments well i'am still trying too cacth up on 4/30/2008 my service was stopped well i call and told them that i get disabillity and only get 800.00 amonth so could i work out something well he said that i could pay 128.00 and it would be turn back on. Well on 5/1/2008 i called back too confirm the rep i talk too said i had too pay the hold bill befroe reconnection. Well i said then i might as well go too time-warner she said well they will charge me 150.00 early termination fee. Wow as if i care if i can't pay the regular bill what makes the jerks think i can pay 150.00 dollars. My point is that sprint'psnc gas company'duke-power all work with you but this sorry company looks down on people that are in less forunate cases. So i would tell everyone i know to get rid of directv and got too time-warner in this area. Times are hard so sometimes you have too give alittle just too keep a customer. Believe me i know a few i think i can change there minds about directv. Wake up directv you are not the only tv service and i'am so glad

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  • Mi
    Mike Nicolay May 11, 2008

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  • Valerie May 16, 2008

    I switched from Direct TV to Dish Network. Direct TV sent me some boxes to return their equipment, which I did. They received it on March 22. On March 24th, the charged my credit card $519 dollars for "unreturned equipment". I immediately notified them of the mistake, and they told me they would refund the money. It has now been over 6 weeks and still no refund. My subsequent calls to them only get me the standard "the refund is being processed". Emails to their customer service department get me the same response. Nobody there will tell me when I will actually get the refund, only that it is being processed. So if you sign up for Direct TV, be very careful about ever giving them a credit card or bank account number, as they charged a credit card i had used to pay my bill almost 2 years earlier - somewhere in their contract it says then can do that. My advice - stay away from Direct TV. But if you do decide to use them, never pay your bill with a credit card, as they will make charges to it and then never return the money.

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  • De
    deb donnelly May 27, 2008

    I also am having issues with Directv Inc. I started their service, in April of 08. When the installer showed up to install only part of my order was here. He only installed one line to our HD DVR box and it never would record. He stole our satellite dish from previous company. He never had me sign the contract. I called, I have written I get no where. I cancelled the service and went back to Dish, which they have been great. I am now being billed for early cancellation with directv and they are not showing the partial pmt I paid on the day I started service with them. I seem to get nowhere. I have emailed, called, written to the only address they give. Nothing. I just get another bill for the same amount. I had service for 3 days. The service completely stopped working on the 3rd day and they told me it would be 2 weeks before someone could come out to repair. Bad customer service.

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  • Ma
    Marty Jun 09, 2008

    I had an account with DTV in Colorado in 2006 and 2007 before moving to FL on August 27, 2007.

    Today I received an invoice from DTV for $41.84 for three alledged pay per view movies from NOVEMBER OF 2006. Today's date is June 9, 2008! This is AFTER they'd withdrawn nearly $500 from my checking account debit card for the 'Final' billing in August of 2007. (remember you have to give them a credit card when signing the contract - BEWARE - of DTV's Scam/Fraudulent Billing practices) Part of that $500 was for a DVR receiver that I mistakenly thought was mine to keep. It wasn't. I sent it back.

    DTV's explanation of how they could charge for 3 movies almost a year and a half later and over 9 months since the account had been closed and the receiver returned?

    The ACCESS CARD inside the returned receiver (received by DTV 9 months ago) showed three PPV movies. I didn't have a phone line in the apartment where the billing originated and because of that, if I'd ordered a movie, I'd have had to CALL them to have them send it to the dish. Not to mention, doesn't a FINAL bill MEAN 'final!?'

    And WHY hadn't they CHECKED the receiver until 9 months later FOR the access card? Isn't there a statute of limitations on DTV's B.S.??????

    Needless to say, I will NEVER recommend their company after all the b.s. they've pulled and I'm currently waiting for a billing supervisor to call me back. They wanted to have me write a letter to them which I told them I wasn't inclined to waste any more of my time dealing with a SCAM DIRECTV company.

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  • Da
    Dawn Jun 11, 2008

    Where to start is with AT&T (Bellsouth) where a sales representative sold us a bundle deal. We already had home phone and Internet with them and he said we would save money by adding DirecTV. He gave us the pricing and we agreed it was less. He also assured us there were no contracts for any services. Our billing came separate from AT&T and DirecTV. The pricing never matched what we were quoted or had on paper. We had countless conversations with DirecTV and were contantly treated badly and met with rude behavior. Pay Per View movies don't allow you to pause or stop a movie and they did not start on time. The service went out during storms, when it would be nice to see the forecast. Our pre-schooler was unable to use the remote easily. Also, we signed a contract without knowing it. How? When we called to disconnect the service, we were told that we signed a two year agreement. This was the paper we signed the day it was installed. The paper we thought only signified that we received a dish and four receivers as we were told by the installer. We were completely deceived. My husband and I have exhausted all measures with both AT&T and DirecTV and we have to pay $300 to void the contract or be turned over to collections. We've been treated as if we are ### of the earth and ignorant. We are college-educated, hard-working adults who made a HUGE mistake. Please make everyone you know aware that DirecTV is a bunch of CROOKS taking advantage of people during tough economic times. I hope they pay dearly and lose their entire business. AT&T severed their relationship and told me over the phone that they lost many customers due to this same issue, including their dishonest sales rep. This helps me in no way, other than to warn others not to go down this same path.

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  • Dj
    dj5615 Jun 19, 2008

    For the past 2 1/2 weeks, each and every day i receive a solicitation call from direct tv. Their current promotion is to upgrade to additional hd channels for 3 months free and then only 4.99 / month. The first *representative* that i spoke to told me...That my viewer exerience needed to be increased and that *i* was foolish if i didnt increase my own experience. After politely saying no thank you, i have received calls every day even as late as 9:45 pm. 4 calls placed directly to dtv asking to be placed on their do not solicit list and being assured it was *taken care of*, have not corrected the problem. Next call, they lose a customer...Period...

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  • Sa
    Sandra Pixton Jun 25, 2008

    Back in January Direct TV had an offer in the Sunday paper for $49.99 a month for 12 months with 3 months of free premium channels. This was to include over 200 channels including locals. DVR service.We have gone back and forth with them ever since I have called and told it would be taken care of then they send me to someone that I could not even understand because he did speak English and asked to speak to someone that did. I gave them the Promotion Code from the flier as well as the offer on the net. they seem to be be able to find this offer! I have a copy of the offer from that Sunday's paper as well as the down load with names, dates and times of everyone I have spoken to since our first bill to complain about always have to "search" for a channel being told they were installing a new satellite to improve their service and a bunch of we are so sorry for the inconvenience but no one has changed the billing to what it should be. They are charging us $72.99 a month. Last month they just added a policy for $5.99 in case something went wrong with the service to avoid a "service call" of $80.00. This month I got a charge for the internet! I have been with AT&T since it came into existence! I called and asked about the charge only to be told that I must have called for it! i don't think so. I am very dissatisfied but afraid of what they will do to my UNBLEMISHED credit rating if I stop service before it is up. I agreed to the 12 month service but I agreed at $49.99 not the $72.99 they are charging me. I could go on but I stop for now. I hope that this helps someone else before they make the same mistake we did. It is not always as good as it sounds!

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  • Valerie Jun 26, 2008

    Really bad service. I am getting out before the installation happens before it is too late. I have spent at least 4 hours in the past two days with at least 15 people trying to figure out what I actually bought.

    I finally found out and I was definitely lied to multiple times. The managers talked to me like an idiot. They definitely are legal scam artists!!!

    They told me the same things over and over and over. I just told them to give me what I was sold. They can’t do it so I try to cancel. Now apparently they can’t change it yet. I am not a spiteful person but you should be warned.

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  • Valerie Jul 04, 2008

    My sister who is almost 70 decided to let Directv install satellite TV in her home. She then had to move and gave me the equipment to return. I tried to get them so send me the return box, but was told that it was THEIR POLICY that it must be sent to the original address, The new renters finally gave me the return box and I returned it. Now they are charging MY credit card $518.

    I did not authorize them to use my credit number. Next the new renters gave me another box from Directv that contains a near receiver. Where is the common sense? I had been a customer of Directv for almost 15 years and canceled my account with them. I think it is really bad when the salesman can convince a senior to sign up for a long term contract without specifically telling then the down side. She tells me she didn't have to sign anything. It is THEIR POLICY that the customer doesn't have to sign up for the service. Just using it the first time gives them the right (THEIR POLICY) to charge a termination fee. The government is finally taking on the cell phone companies for this practice. Word of mouth advertising does work both ways. Do these companies even care enough to read all the complaints against them?

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  • Je
    Jeannine Hodnett Jul 13, 2008

    My experience with DirectTV began when 2 salespersons came to my home to sell subscriptions to the service, with a claim that DirectTV was voted #1 in customer service, and showing me a graph that "proved" it. . I care about good customer service and signed up. Later I realized that the installation time was unclear. I spoke with Chin, customer service rep, to confirm installation time. I was told there seemed to be no evidence of installers coming at all!.

    I was referred to a supervisor. When I asked if he would kindly tell me if the installers were coming morning or night, his response baffled me. He said "our workers don't have cell phones so they can't call and tell you when they are on their way." That seemed like an absurd answer, and I still didn't know when I needed to be there for the installers, day or night. This made it it ridiculously inconvenient for a homeowner.

    I was told that since DirectTV uses workers from other companies to do their installations, and there would be no way to discover my appointment time. But DirectTV supervisor Lisa W. gave me her number and asked me to call her back Tthe number she gave me had no answer or message phone. The workers did come eventually, but I noticed that the reception was snowy and poor, so I called right away to report this, within 45 minutes of the installation. On 9/15/07 another worker was sent but still reception did not improve.

    My next call was to request that the service be removed entirely, but DirectTV, Customer Service Rep# LKCO887, manager at the Florida Call Center told me to let them try once more to repair the problem.
    After this repair also failed, I spoke with called customer service Agent Zach 403-519 and asked him to discontinue service, as I had never been able to use the service, and 2 attempts had failed to clear the reception.

    Zach told me I nonetheless owed 287.00 because I "had not met the contract cancellation requirements!" I told him "No on the contrary, I have been trying for days to cancel my service, and my first call was within one hour of installation. " I told the rep that I had been working with DirectTV on this for days. but Zach informed me that his records showed no evidence of my contacts or communications with DirectTV whatsover. Therefore he said I would have to pay fees and charges!

    Zach told me to wait on the line for a minute while he spoke with a supervisor. I began to note the time on hold. Before I hung up, 45 minutes on hold had passed. Zach never returned to the phone, and their records still showed I owed 287.00, which is a lot of money to me. Then I was sent three bills, one after the other, for service that I had never used, and never worked properly.

    I had to make several more calls to try to wipe out this bill, but Agents Shawn, Rose, Tyler and Anthony rep 401231, told me I had to pay the money. This is not what I call "best customer service of all satellite companies". I was tired of calling only to hear that I had to pay money for "failure to keep the contract".

    Finally, after hours and hours of this, agent Shanna solved the issue and I would be billed only 4.46. Or so I thought!! I was relieved. 6 months later came a bill for hundreds of dollars more, along with a collection call, even after I was told I didn't have to pay. There seems to be a lack of accurate record keeping protocol within DirectTV, and a preponderance of unscrupulous billing practices.

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  • Sh
    shygirl Jul 14, 2008

    i don't know but i have had no problems at all with direct tv. they have had problems with me in the past..because in the beginning i'd call them even if i needed to call the other company. (my dvr recorder was not working right or i did not know how to use it at that time...i am an expert now). thye have been verypatient withme...once i got to know which botton to push. i was with dish network...i had problems with them...not so bad..but enough to trnasfer to direct tv. but i was just reading the coplaints with

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  • Gr
    Greg Jul 15, 2008

    My name is Greg and I have had Direct Tv for two months and I cant wait until it is disconnected. I signed up for the $29.99 a month advertisement, and was told that my bill would be no more than $34.99 with tax. My first bill was $60.00 my second bill was $87.00. I spoke to several Direct Tv representatives who continued to lie to me and tell me that I was paying $29.99 a month but all my credits didn't go through yet, and since the Representative that I first spoke with never mentioned anything to me about waiting for credits, I know that I the $29.99 advertisement is "False Advertising" and fraudulent. I was disconnected by reps when I asked to speak to a supervisor, and told by a person named John at the corporate office that my bill was not going to be corrected to what I was told my monthly bill would be. Thus far I have paid them almost $100.00 and I will not pay them another penny. I just sent a letter and the "wrong bills" to the ceo at the corporate office but since I read online that Direct Tv files most of their complaints and does not respond I am not expecting a response... The emails I received from Direct Tv where more lies and false advertisements it got to the point where I told them to stop emailing me. I would not recommend Direct Tv to anyone...

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  • De
    deejung Aug 02, 2008

    I recently Cancelled my Directv service, due to my husband works for a cable co. I explained how happy I was with the service, because I was. I had my debit card on file, but was not set up automatic monthly payments. All payments had to be authorized by me. Well, I look at my bank account on 8/1 and they took out my end payment without my permission and stated it was in the contract that they could. I still have not found this in my contract and besides that I never renewed a contract after my two year agreement was up. Thanks to them, my rent check bounced and I face charges or possible eviction. I was told by them, TOUGH LUCK.

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