Aspen Dental Managementimplant

I went to the aspen dental office in valdosta ga, on Norman Dr .July 2, 2018 with a broken tooth on bottom .was told it had to be pulled and implant, so I trusted them that they could do the job, So after 13 months and 5 try's with getting a crown, on August 1 2019, he finally got one to stay, the crown is not going to stay, it's not worth the money or time I endured, It has a gap at gum and I can't bite on it without it jabbing in the gum, plus if I get food next to it it will shift, and food gets up under the tooth .I sent a letter for full refund with no response ..I might not get any results, but I'll make sure that aspen dental customers will know not to waste their time with them.,
Edna Bryan

Oct 05, 2019

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