Aspen Dentalfinance plan

L Jul 19, 2019

May 20 2019 had "free"appointment and established a treatment plan. High pressure techniques after a long and exhausting appointment used to set up an account. Was rushed thru this process and given a stack of paper and dismissed out the door. Got home and review the charges on the plan. Several added products and procedures that were not discussed. I called the next day to cancel that plan and confirm that no charges were made. My account balance was zero. I was told the transaction was cancelled...I have this recording on my phone. Went for a second appointment and signed new agreement for interest deferred account...Received billing on original account with interest. Paid the minimum in good faith that it would be corrected...called and was told a ticket was made. A credit was made to my account to correct the balance due but I'm being charged interest. Was informed today that they can not change this and that the second account I signed is not in the system. But yet they knew to credit the balance? So what happened to the second account?. Again all conversations have been recorded.

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