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Aspen Dentaltooth extraction, bridge

Currently having complications from a tooth extraction. Also a bridge that has still not been inserted. I've had an infection, had to go to a periodontitis for a bone graft that was unexpected. And now having to have a root canal because one of the prepped teeth is so damaged from having to wait for the healing from the bone graft. What was supposed to be resolved in four appointments has now become ten plus and I still have no bridge and have had a lot of pain, and when I try and speak to someone no one calls back. Aspen dental referred me to a periodontitis to have a procedure to fix something that they did not tell me they caused. When Aspen removed a molar on my upper right side, they left pieces of bone and a huge hole that had to be filled on before I could get a bridge. They had the bridge made anyway, resulting in the middle tooth being twice the side of the other two. Even the Dr and the tech said "that looks really weird". It wasn't until after they attempted to insert that they realized there was a problem. In the mean time, the temporary caps fell off of one of the prepped test probably 5-6 times. (This is how the tooth that needs a root canal). My last visit was today to get another temporary cap after having been in severe pain for over three days. The Dr simply shoved a cap on, cured it with a light and it promptly fell off. Then she tried with cement, shoved it back on which was very painful. Told me that I probably need a root canal, but the specialist isn't back until August. I asked at reception if I was responsible for paying for that and she said yes. I absolutely do not understand what is going on, nor do I ever want to go back. And now I have a major problem on the right side of my mouth.
Jennifer Jones

tooth extraction, bridge
tooth extraction, bridge