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J Apr 11, 2018

I go to this arby's almost every single day. But about 90% of the time their food sucks. I always order the same thing. Its an egg and cheese croissant and their croissant is just about all the time hard and not edible. They never offer to replace it or anything. They know us very well, but customer service with that sucks also. Plus with me not getting meat I also do not think I should be charged the same amount. This is not right because Arby's is double dipping because you charge me for the meat and don't use it on my sandwich but get double the amount of money because you charge someone else and I paid also and only one slice of meat is going on. They have old signs on their windows for deals and they don't offer you that even though it's on the windows. It's not my fault that you forgot to take it off...I have never seen such service anywhere. This happens all the time but I have finally decided to complain. I would like something done or some kind of great compensation for this. This is not acceptable.
Date: 4/11/2018
order id: AAARLGVYAJA4
dt326: dt
Restaurant number: 05567

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