Arby's, Lincoln Park, Mithe supervisor jamie l. gaston, enjoys mistreating employees because she having a bad day at home.


The Supervisor Jamie L. Gaston, enjoys mistreating employees. Manager won't stop her.
"The store Manager will tell you. Well Jamie, is having a bad day at home and she'll always take it out on all the employees".

This is the terrible problem about Jamie Gaston, she'll invitation you for a 2 or 3 day weekend, to her cabin in Jackson MI. Jamie will make such that you send your money on the beer for her weekend (the young are sucker out of $60.00 to $80.00).
One or two weeks later, Jamie Gaston, well start writing you up "Final Written Warning" or firing you.

Why is Jamie Gaston, any untouchable and a unacceptable Supervisor??????
Why cann't she be fired??????

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