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J Aug 07, 2018

My name is Joen Baker and I used to be an employee at the Appleebee's location in Aiea, Oahu. I just recently quit my job because I felt like I was being mistreated by my boss. I've made some mistakes like any other normal person does but so has my boss and she never owns up to it. Quick question, shouldn't a writen up statement between you and the manager be private and confidential? If so, then please tell me why my manager was going around telling everyone what I had said! An incident happened at work with a bunch of us employees and we all knew the consequences of our actions, as did I. I owned up to my mistake with no excuses. They had found something that should'nt have been in the freezer and blammed it on the wrong people. I wasn't going to have that on my guilty conscious, knowing that people would be getting fired and it wasn't even theirs. So I told them that I knew whos item that actually was and my two managers assured me that no one would know who told them the name. I wasn't going to tell them the name until I knew they were serious about it. So I finally told them and they told me that they were going to say that they had caught them on camera and that no one would know that I was actually the one to spill the beans. But then, tell me why that following morning I get all of these rude awakening text messages from my furious co-workers because my so called "BOSS" went and spilled the beans about everything I had told them. I was so angry and confused because what kind of boss would tell others about my "private statement" and then reassure me that no one woule ever know. So not thinking straight I texted my boss and may have said some things i shouldn't have (which I apologized for right afterwards) and asking her why should would do that to me? And she completely denied it the whole time, blaming it on the other manager that was there with us. I know it was infact my boss because I was on the phone with my co-worker while she was with our other co-worker on the phone with our boss. And when I told her to her face that I know she was the one to tell everyone she lied straight to my face and was just playing the victim role saying "believe what you want, but I didn't tell anyone anything", " I wasn't the only one sitting down with you that day." So thinking I could trust my other manager I messaged her what was going on and she totally didn't care on what I had to say. She immediately called our boss and I know that they were plotting some scheme against me because they had called corporate before I even got a chance to! That is so messed up considering they never wanted to give me corporates information. They fed them false information and twisted everything up making me look like the bad guy at fault when actually it was all of their doing. Also that place is so unprofessionally runned! They need way better management there. I've also heard that some of the workers be smoking ice in the walk in, inlcuding my boss. How can they let someone who smokes ice run a restaurant? I'm being punished by not having a job now, while she's still at work running a restaurant. Actions need to be taken, my side of the story should be heard too regardless!! Boss's arent allowed to socialize with us outside of work, yet here she is always hanging out with us and treating us to drinks. I'm still so hurt, mad, stressed, confussed, and just frustrated that Appleebee's would have someone working for them that acts this way. I thought she was someone I could trust, but apparently you can't trust anyone at Appleebee's!!!

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