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J Aug 02, 2018
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I I'm a strong lover of applebee's half off appetizers like most people and I expected to get half of appetizers and I didn't receive that when I went to my Local applebee's I went around 9:30 expecting half off apps because when you Google when does half off app start it says on week days after 9:00 p.m. So I went in Expecting no problems As did most of my party. After we got our check we did ask the manager and he said That he couldn't Change it even tell the website clearly States It should be half off. We didn't entirely make a big deal about It. The only thing I wish happened was the server would have told us that it wasn't half off after noticing every single one of us ordered an appetizer and just an appetizer

half off appetizers


  • Om
    Omeomya Aug 02, 2018

    You didn't verify that they had happy hour? You were responsible for checking this information when you arrived at the restaurant. Just because some random link on Google says something, it doesn't make it true. It isn't even a link from the Applebee's website. The website does NOT clearly state it should be half off. A blurb from a random third party website says that many Applebee's offer half off appetizers, not all. Not the manager's fault that none of you took the time to verify.

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  • Se
    SeriouslyNow1952 Aug 02, 2018

    Oh, you googled it! How about asking the restaurant ahead of time if you can't afford to pay full price? And how was the waitress supposed to know that you are all a bunch of cheapskates just because you only ordered appetizers? I hope you left her a good tip, it sounds like your whole table was a bunch of whiny pain in the ass customers. I doubt you did though, since you're so cheap you order only appetizers and then whine because you had to pay full price.

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  • SubSquirrel Aug 02, 2018
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    “Many locations” means not all have the offer on “some” appetizers. Did y’all bother to ask your server which appetizers were available for the half-price special?

    This is your own fault, not the restaurant or Google. Always confirm specials beforehand. Common sense, yanno?

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