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M Sep 12, 2018

My husband and I went to Applebee's yesterday evening 9/11/18 in Auburn, CA. The waiter came over and asked for our drinks, I ordered a rootbeer as I'm pregnant and he ordered a tall beer. Next we ordered our meals. Meals came out, mine was ok, but I was able to eat it. My husband received a burger that was way under cooked to the point the meat looked raw. he had wiped some on a napkin which looked bloody. That is unacceptable. I let him know he should ask for a new one. The waiter came over and asked how everything was, my husband let him know his burger was bloody and asked if this is how they all come out and the waiter said yes, which I find hard to believe. The waiter asked what he'd like to do and he simply said he didn't want to do anything. The waiter walked away and then came back and asked again. So my husband let him know he'd like a new burger made with no pink. The waiter left his meal on the table and walked away. He then came back with a manager. The manager asked if he'd like them to cook the burger a little more and he said no I'd like a new one all together and the manager looked irritated about that. She said they'd take the current burger which he had cut in half and put it back on the grill, he said no I don't want that I'd simply like a new burger. She wasn't happy about that and walked away with his plate. At this point I finished my meal. We had a to go meal we had ordered but said not to cook until he received his meal and at this point we didn't want to wait longer once he got his meal so I let the waiter know to cancel the to go order. Finally we received the burger which looked much better and we said thank you. The waiter asked my husband if he'd like another drink he said sure I'll take a small beer this time. The waiter walked away and came back with a note pad and proceeded to ask my husband if he had drank in alcohol prior to arriving at applebees. Mind you at no point did he make a scene he simply requested a new burger. I have never even had any one ask this question before. So I say excuse me why are you asking and the waiter said he's doing his job and didn't want to get sued. This is ridiculous and at this point we are angry and feel discriminated against and harassed for even being asked this question. All we did was ask for a new burger so he could eat his meal. They didn't even allow him to eat his meal before they came over asking if he had consumed alcohol before arriving. At this point yes my husband was upset and asked for his bill so we could leave. Never did anyone apologize for his meal or even offer a to go box for the meal he had to wait a second time for. My husband was very frustrated and had the bar tender lady telling him to stop disrespecting the waiter and I let her know he disrespected us and we are just trying to pay our bill and leave. He had the bar tender, waiter, and manager harassing him. He didn't even get a chance to sign his receipt or get a copy of his bill before the manager was escorting him out of the restaurant. He let her know he would be disputing the charge as he didn't even get to eat his meal. She was very rude and let us know she heard that we'd be disputing the charge. I've never received such poor customer service at a restaurant before. Normally if someone is not satisfied with their meal they apologize and ask what they can do and they do whatever they can because they want their customer happy. After all that's why we go out to restaurants to enjoy a good meal. But all we got was discriminated against for asking for a new meal. Nobody should be treated in such a way. I have included a photo that my husband took of the bloody raw meat he picked at when he had cut his first burger in half.

Applebee's Restaurants, Auburn, CA

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