Applebee'spoor management/customer service


My family and I came in to dine at Applebees' before seeing a movie. When we arrived we noticed it a nice crowd but was happy it was only one family ahead of us for seating. We waiting about 5-10 minutes and was seated. Once seated we waited about 15 minutes with no waiter/waitress welcoming us. I went to the bar and asked for the manager. The manger (bar manger) came and I asked her if she could explain why we've been waiting 15 minutes with no greeting from a server. She stated it was very busy and someone will be over and for me to go back to my seat. I asked her how long once I order for appetizers would it take and she stated about 15 minutes. How rude to tell any customer let alone another adult to go back their seat. We then waited another 10 minutes and someone finally came. We ordered appetizers. Something quick so we thought. Well the appetizers never came. Actually we waited almost 45 minutes for them. I then went back to the bar and asked for the manger this time Josie came out. She stated the other lady was bar manager. I told her what happened and all she said was sorry. I asked for the DM info which she said it was Max and told her we were leaving and to cancel order. To add fuel to the fire as I walked away her and the bar manager laughed. How dare you treat customers that way. This is far most the worst Applebee's I've visited. This one I will never be back to.

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