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Bad Service Bad Company

When you have a "Gold Card" that has no pre-set limit and you pay it in full every month on time, then why do they claim that all of a sudden there is a "pre-set limit" based on the economy???? I have employees stranded in other states who i can't get home because AMEX has "suspended our privlieges" because they can! What a joke and I am encouraging everyone I know that carries a card or accepts at their business to not use or take!!! Help the small business my ###, they screw the small business!!!

  • To
    Tollip Sep 15, 2009

    Has anyone else complained about receiving charges from gas stations on amex card that they can not remember making? Amex claims that these merchants are enrolled in quick serve program for expedient service and there is no itemization or signature required. The only form of support is what is given to the customer at time of purchase. Essentially they are saying that these charges are indisputable. With all the internet credit card fraud, I'm not too confident that this system is fool proof so I wonder if other people have similar complaints.

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  • Pe
    Peter Baker Oct 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to Glyndebourne opera house in Sussex, UK this evening. They take amex cards but said that if I used an amex card the cost would be £3 more and suggested I used a master card or visa which is free.

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  • Me
    m e brockbank Dec 14, 2011

    The ratio of exchange from Amex miles to airline miles changed to the detriment of the cardholder without proper notice.

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  • Do
    donna governale-tassinario Jul 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unauthorized charges were placed on my AMEX from 2/2012 to 7/2012 @ $9.99 a charge. When I called the 888-225-8568 number on my AMEX statement, they claimed I signed up with the service when I joined ATT. I have never even had AT&T as a service. Also, when I spoke to the woman on the phone (Jaime), she tried to get me to sign up for reduced rate. Unbelieveable!!! I am disputing the claim with AMEX. I know it it only $60 in undisputed fees, but it is the principle. This company is a scam.

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  • Pa
    Painterkapiti Aug 12, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are new to Amex, a couple of mother ago we ran into financial difficulty with the jobs which I see picking up.
    Because we lwere late they rang me and I explained the problem and told them I am working on paying off, since then I have been receiving upto 8 phone calls a day, I have answered the odd call and told them I don't answer blocked numbers this has gone ignored after them telling me they would leave a note on the Internet to leave a message.
    Another time I answered the phone the robot on the other end arranged with me that I could get the account paid by Sept in full and that there won't be any more phone calls this also has gone ignored.
    The other day I rang Amex to remind them about not answering blocked numbers, the robot in NZ told me to hold so he could put me onto the wright robot which sounded like an American who put me on told and transferred me to what sounded like An Australian who also couldn't help so once again transferred me to what sounded like an Indian who put me onto her supervisor that when the phone started to crackle and I couldn't hear her through the bad phone reception so I hang up . Still no satisfaction.

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  • Ma
    MarcoN. Aug 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes I agree

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have a negative credit report because of them

I have been a loyal American Express member since 1984. I have used the card for years for business purposes and have never missed a payment. Last week, I was checking into a hotel and was informed that my card was cancelled. As I had never been late with a payment and knew the card was current, I was sure that it had to be some fixable error. I called AMEX to get it straightened out. The exact opposite happened; the non-English speaking rep confirmed that indeed my card had been canceled because of a negative credit report.

Since 2005, when Hurricane Katrina wiped out my business and finances, my credit score has suffered. I have always made sure that I was current on my American Express bill, as I would need that card to help rebuild my future after the devastation of the hurricane. My score right now is the best that it has been in 4 years.

The big question is what my loyalty has cost me. I hope there is a class action lawsuit soon that sues for damages caused by their neglect of loyal customers.

this company is ran by a bunch of idiots

15 days ago I opened a cc w/ AMEX. I thought I did my research on which company is the best, boy was I wrong. I go to use my card for the 1st time lastnight & its declined. Ok... I call AMEX from the store and I'm placed on hold for 20 mins. Finally I speak to an awful women who tells me my debt to income ratio is too high and I have too many inquires. I pull my credit report once I get home I pull the one from when I opened the card and the most recent one. My revolving debt $100, my credit score increased from 738 to 740 and 96% of my credit is currently available. I'm looking at the same agency they claim they are looking at, I call to get answers no one gives me any sort of explaination. Since 2007 I have 6 inquires on my report 4 from auto loans and 1 from AMEX...go figure. I've never seen anythig like this in my life I'm pissed this company is ran by a bunch of idiots.. Not to mention I make close to 6 figures a year. You try so hard to be an responible adult and it does not even matter. I feel helpless.

mattress, credit

american express has always been a great credit card company in my books but i bought a mattress from sleepys and wasnt happy with it because it was damaged so i called american express to dispute the charge cause they have always been really reliable in the past and this time they have really failed i will stop using them and my company, family and friends will NOT use american express or sleepys anymore!!! And the company that is supposed to insure me for my mattress gaurdian products also sucks!!! Now not only cant i sleep on my helll exspensive mattress that i couldve used for a down payment for a house, and pay for it now i have to go buy another one you do not seek to satisfy your customers and thats why you will never be a good buisness!!!

incharge debt solutions

I was just on a debt management program with incharge debt solutions and they have been accepting my payment...

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unauthorized charge to checking account

My son would, on occasion, ask me to pay his American Express (AE) bills using my checks or he would phone in payments using my checing account number (I would say yes each time when AE asked if this was ok). My son then paid me cash to cover the payments. My son is now in a dispute over a $1, 100 charge and AE unilaterally (AND WITHOUT MY AUTHORITY OR MY SON'S REQUEST) took the $1, 100 from my checking account to pay the bill. I am not a co-signer on his credit card. He disputed this action and got the run-around. I then told my bank of the unauthorized electronic debit and they reversed the charge. AE is now charging my son $73 for a canceled electronic payment. My son is now also fighting AE over the $73 item.

Watch out if you pay another person's AE bill by authoring an electronic transfer from your checking acount!!!

unpleasant experience

I just spent 63 minutes on the phone with American Express (most of the time on hold) trying to get someone to explain why 1) they lowered my credit limit and 2) why they raised my interest rate by 3%.

I was told that my credit limit was being decreased because I wasn't making large enough payments. For the past five months, my minimum payments totaled $829 while my payments totaled $1200. The customer service rep I spoke with, Kimone, informed me that the amount I paid was not enough to prevent my credit limit from being lowered. When I asked how much was enough to keep it from being decreased, she told me she didn't know but that "the customer is supposed to know to pay more." I fail to see the logic.

After having the second customer service rep, Darnell, keep me on hold for over 30 minutes in order to verify that American Express was raising my interest rate, he then transferred me to the third rep, Shanaine, who when asked why my interest rate was being raised replied "it's hard to say." World class customer service!

I must say I have been an American Express card holder for over 6 years and have NEVER had one problem. It's sad that they have decided to make the "little guy" pay for other's financial mistakes. I plan on taking out a personal loan and paying off this account (the same as I did with Discover - at a much lower interest rate).

  • Id
    idoldoll Dec 12, 2011

    I have been unable to get a straight answer from anyone at AEX. They have moved all their call centers to India and it's really, really hard to understand those people who just read from a script and don't answer any questions straight up. I've had an AEX card for almost 30 years, but today I canceled it. What a bunch of jerks! I had two business accounts and closed one because merchants that the company dealt with didn't accept AEX now. So what did AEX do? Closed them both and then wouldn't talk to me about it because the accounts were closed. AEX has gone DOWNHILL and where I once recommended them, I warn people of the rude, uninformed, convoluded reps and policies.

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stay away

I have been with American Express for 14 years and have always been on time with my payments. A few years ago I was offered the extended payment option, so that any charge over $100 would go on the revolving account. In the last couple of years I have had to put some car repair bills on the extended payment. My balance is about $9000. We have limited ourselves with our every day spending on the card so that know we will be able to pay the bill each month. My father passed away a couple of months ago and my husband and I have been traveling back and forth from Texas to Washington state to help my mom move near us in Texas. We did not get the American Express bill paid until Oct 15th. Exactly three days late, I was contacted on Monday Oct 13 at work asking me about the payment and I told them about my father and that I would get the payment to them. They said that was not a problem this time. On Oct 15th I received a letter from them that was dated Oct 3rd (so it took 12 days to get to me) that due to my debt to income ratio from the reporting agency Experian they were suspending my extended plan. Then on Oct 22nd I received my statement for which a $500 payment is due by Nov 11th, and I also received in another separate letter from American Express. It said due to me being a valued customer with American Express they wanted to sign me up for the extended payment plan. Of course I got on the phone to try to understand what was going on with both letters. The first girl I talked to transferred me to that department. Well that department is in India, the connection was so poor and she could not speak English very well that she had to hang up and call me back for a better connection. The connection still was not very good, but she asked me what date was on the letter to sign me up for extended payment plan. I told her there was no date on it just a reply by November 30, 2008. She said it was sent to me in error, even though it said Dear Ms Derby, I was not suppose to receive it, and basically the joke was on me. I asked to speak with a supervisor and held for about 20 minutes and just hung up. Then I called the regular customer service back and asked for a supervisor. A Mr. Robert Carr talked to me I thought we had a rather good talk. He also told me that I received it in error. It seems that it comes from their marketing department and American Express has not informed their marketing department about my account. So once again ha ha the joke is on me. I asked him if he could explain to me why American Express for the last two years has looked at my overall credit every month and sometimes twice a week. He said he did not know the answer but would call me the next night with the answer. Okay, on to the next evening, I get a phone call from American Express about 8pm from a Tamika and she tells me that I have to come up with my minimum payment due of $500 that night or American Express would cut off my account. I explained that I just got my statement the day before and the $500 wasn’t due until Nov 11th. So once again I asked to talk to a supervisor and his name was Chris Ball, and he did not have very good customer service skills to say the least. He told me due to my debt to income ratio I was out of luck and either I pay the $500 then or my account would be cut off. I asked him if I had ever not paid AX and he said that didn’t matter and according to their agreement page they can do whatever they want, whenever they want to me and that I just have to sit back and take everything they dish out to me. I asked him that I wanted it in writing about the $500 payment that night and he refused saying it is all in the agreement and he could send me another copy of the agreement. I just told him to close my account and that due to how they have treated me they just might go to the bottom of my list. They are determined to ruin my credit anyways with suspending my account because I wouldn’t pay them the bill the next day after it arrives. I am just really fed up with AX and after reading all the stories they must be in a world of hurt right now. The supervisor Chris Ball told me that AX was one of the few that was making money. Boy, he sure needs to do some research on his company. Oh, and I could hear the little clicks in the call with him and I told him that I knew they were recording me and he of course denied it. And today in my mail was a offer from American Express for the Black card which carries $450 per year. And another letter stating that because I am such a valued customer with American Express they are offering me a Blue card with 0% interest on balances for 12 months. How many more am I going to receive from their marketing department before they relay the message to them. Thank You for listening and at least I know I’m not in this alone. Loretta Derby.

  • J1
    J106 Jan 25, 2009

    I had a personal card credit card. After my divorce I was trying to organize my debt and enrolled into debt consolidation with American Consumer Credit Counseling. They informed me after one payment that American Express was not willing to participate. So I continued to make my payments to ACCC and AMEX separately. I always paid on time, but without any notification I started receiving calls from a collection agency. I thought it must be a mistake because I paid everything on time. Apparently AMEX decided to send me to collections. I called them to fix the error and while they looked into it and verified the mistake they said it was too late now that my account was gone they couldn't fix it. After pleading with several different credit agencies over the year and attempting to work out a payment plan I gave up and reported them to the BBB without a response. I just reported them to the NH Attorney general. I took another posters advice and lodged a complaint through We will see! I will be heard eventually.

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  • Tu
    Tulle Jan 25, 2010

    I have been a member of American Express since 1988. Started with their Green card and eventually been upgraded to Gold, Platinum and Centurion. In addition, I also have Amex Delta card and American Express Blue. On average month, I charge around over 35 thousand US dollars every month. I have always been current with my American Express payment and always sent payment on time. I am totally debt free except my mortage. I do not have any seconds nor owe any credit companies. Since last month, American Express called me and said they have put my Platinum card on hold until I clear payment of 2200 dollars. I was surprised to hear they put my American Express card on hold and told me not to charge any further as they will be declined. I asked them the reason for this since I have charged few million dollars with them from the day I became one of their members. They told me that my recent charge of $2200 and on my Platinum card was over the limit. I did not understand how they calculate their limits since I charge over 35K per month between all their cards. After long conversation, I asked them to cancel my Delta American Express card. Now I am considering canceling the others. They perhaps forgot that I pay over 3k in annual fess and charge over 350k every year. They even asked to provide w2 and tax return to proof that I am capable of paying high limits. I asked if I ever paid late since 1988. The answer was NO from them. But they insisted that I have to make payments before they can take the hold out to charge again. I am very disappointed with American Express for being a very loyal member for over twenty years. Never in my wildest dream expected this from American Express. I guess they are hurting too with financial crunch.

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  • Ma
    Maker Mar 10, 2010

    American exprress charges $30 dollars on a day late payment of a balance of $2, 000. The company has these charges as hidden.

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  • In
    Inrtoled Jan 13, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I puchased a Blu Ray player on a new American Express Account through Costco. After about 9 to 10 months the player would have problems with the sound capabilities. I contacted Costco concierge service at about 12 months or so and they said that I would have to go through AMX for this problem. AMX gives an added year onto the warranty of items purchased at Costco but, since they had decided to cancel my account before this problem was dealt with they would not honor the extra year warranty even though it was wel within the two year purchase date. Is there anything I can do ? I had to pay AMX for the player. I realize this may not be a large monetary puchase however there is a matter of principle here. Not only should Costco take a better look at who they are supporting in partnerships but AMX is not a company that seems to have much integrity.

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  • Mi
    mid2348 Jan 18, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Your Mom Knows Best, Pray tell you have some sort of life outside trolling the Complains Board?
    Inrtoled, Did you speak to a manager at Costco? If not, call them and explain your situation to the manager. The managers will usually take the time to listen to their customers. According to your post you paid AMX for an extended warranty, and they are trying to renege on their commitment to your warranty; therefore you have a legitimate complaint.

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  • Lo
    Loodane Feb 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am literally fed up I have never had an American Express credit card I don't even know how they got my number they call 7-days a week it is always a recording in a British accent they give you a number and a reference number to call them back. When I give them my personal information to find out what it is about they say they don't match have nothing in there system matching that information and they apologize for the inconvience then the phone calls stop for a couple days. Then today it started at 8:00 a.m. and it will conitue til midnight i want it to stop. The number that is calling is 866-512-8710. I want my number removed or i will file charges against them for harassment I am also contacting the FCC and the FTC.

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reduced credit

SCROOGED BY American Express just before XMAS with "There has been a change in your account, please call [protected], your credit limit has been reduced!" But wait there is good news, "you can pay the balance and presto your credit limit will be restored" One hitch, it will take 72 business hours to use the card that means no XMAS PRESENTS until Dec. 23rd.
Let me think, pay off the card or use the cash in the bank to buy XMAS Presents for next 4 days???

underhanded business practices

American Express knew exactly what they were doing when they raised and changed the interest rates and terms on many accounts in August 4th 2009 mailing.
As I have been told by Amex customer service.
"These changes went into effect before the Law changed on August 20th 2009". This law gives the consumer the right of a 45 day cancellation option.
I would like to put forth this scenario for your speculation: They, being American Express, had advanced notice of the changes that were coming on the 20th. They moved on the changing card members accounts to insure they would entrap the greatest number of account holders they could before the law took effect. All perfectly legal. I guess it was a good move on their part it improved the bottom line in the short run.
I for one will never do business with them again and I will spread the word of their business tactics until my dieing breath.

  • Mo
    MonicaC Sep 20, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We owned a business that had become successful. We "survived 9/11 and public FEAR to not leave home. We carried on. He "earned" an AMERICAN EXPRESS CORPORATE PLATINUM CARD as well as the AMERICAN EXPRESS CORPORATE GOLD CARD he already had !!!
    This was used for business purposes, computer related .. HE was even talked into a" Platinum Plan" -the benefits and offers. He got a "Disability" plan that you coud only get having had a GOLD AND PLATINUM PLAN..Of course he had to PAY on it to the tune of
    $ 200-300 FEE PER YEAR. W E LL...ON TOP OF THAT he was NEVER late or called in for leniency.
    Low and behold He had an accident..a bad one in a grocery store with what turned out to be INJURIES worse than first thought...Well this DISABILITY POLICY was GOING TO BE MORE THAN WELCOME*. We sent in the claim after the accident from a friends house. That was in 2003.He was TURNED DOWN. . Not all the paperwork was in from ALL THE DOCTORS so we were IMMEDIATELY TURNED DOWN. AGAIN NO HELP..WE HAVE BEEN PURSUING THEIR FAULTY PRACTICE EVER SINCE and you know what ???? NOT ONE LAWYER WILL TAKE THE CASE OR IF THEY DID ONLY AFTER THREATS by us.. to see his file IT WAS ALL BUT EMPTY after the first lawyer promised so much...Pages of copies of communication were non existent !. The company disappeared and so did the lawyers we tried to get to help us. DO NOT GET ANY POLICY OFFERED BY AMERICAN EXPRESS* EVER. They Disappeared. His broken neck and back full of damaged discs do not respond to medication . Lifestyle ? Pride? HE FELL ON WAX IN A GROCERY STORE (w/d) that foreign strippers were actually not there.They left no hazard or danger signs or warning cones* NOTHING * The other problem is that the subcontractors hired to wax and strip the was "Abdul?. We have had THREE SETS OF USELESS LAWYERS (lost house trying to get ONE in GA to do SOMETHING) ..At the same time an article in a GA paper illustrated how much lawyers have stolen from lawsuits and how many died waiting)... IF SOMEONE ANSWERS ME - I AM ANGRY AND NEED RESULTS. I ACCEPT LAWYERS COMMENTS BUT WITH HELP... NOW I HAVE SCIATICA AND DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE (hereditary and occupational) and barely CAN TYPE* WE DID NOTHING WRONG> SOMEONE HELP... WE now have a local "legal aide rep" working in this with AMEX and have heard nothing. We begged for updates but have had none...again.. STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS IS almost gone. IF SOMEONE WOULD HAVE JUST PRESSED THAT BUTTON TO FILE A SUIT AND NOT BRAG WHAT COULD BE DONE SO EASILY...TO BE DONE LIKE THIS* WHY ? AMEX COULD HAVE CALLED LIKE WE DID OR ANSWERED OUR EMAILS OR CALLS.. MY EMOTIONS ARE TOO B A D RIGHT NOW> WHAT POWER DOES AMERICAN EXPRESS HAVE TO SQUASH CUSTOMER CLAIMS FOR INJURIES TO PERSONS THAT PAY FOR PROTECTION THRU THEM PLEASE AMEX CALL ME>> I ALSO FEEL THE LAWYERS ARE SCARED TO DEATH TO LOOSE T H E I R PLASTIC IN THEIR WALLETS THAT THEY FLASH TO BE A BIG SHOT*** THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS WHEN YOU NEED HELP..and PAY FOR IT
    moni in georgia

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  • Mo
    MonicaC Dec 21, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is my complaint.. I just completed one again. I had no response to the first one posted in 2012. Is this site the least effective ?? responded to ? read ? What does one do to get attention which leads to help ??? admission of responsibility and action ????? What does it take... Who can I contact with American Express to have an educated dialogue with concerning action on this matter. I can not nor will not stop... JUSTICE* help for the abused card holders who have to even PAY for the "privilege" ?

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former awsm technology owner works for amex

I was looking on the Internet recently searching: “AWSM Technology” and I found Christopher...

credit line reduction/card denial

I have been an American Express customer for 12 years, perfect history, perfect credit and have had almost all of their cards at some point in time. They decided to take upon themselves to reduce my credit to almost nothing and causing me a headache to say the least when trying to make an important purchase for my biz. Their only excuse is they are protecting themselves from risk. BS!!! They are taking their problems out on good. loyal customers. Now I can't get ANY card from them because I show a "negative" in their system due to credit reduction. I hate AMEX and their poor business practices and will cancel the cards and NEVER accept their card with my merchant services...I SAY CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT!!!


change in agreement without notification

We have had a card member with American Express since 1999. We started using their flex pay account and have had this account for a while. I noticed that the payment amount was changing but not for the better. In May 2009, my monthly payment was $198.00 and after paying a little over $400.00 of the account my currecnt monthly payment is $216.00. When I called today to questions the payment amount increase, I was told that they change the way they calculate the payment from 2% of the amount due to 1% plus the interest. When asked if I received a letter concerning the change John placed me on hold and when he came back on the line I noticed he started a recording of our conversation and said, no, I do not see where a letter has been mailed. John also stated that we this information was on the agreement which was on page 2 however, I noted that the agreement we agreed to was the 2% and was not notified.

First, I am outraged that we weren't notified in the first place and secondly this is the second change that American Express has made to our accout with out notification which I guess you could say was the straw to break the camels back.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

Martha Cuneo
201 Faith Circle
Carlisle, PA 17013

bad business practices

American Express had apparently fallen into tough times and is trying to remedy their situation any way possible. Here is an example that happened to me just last month.

If you do not have a balance or make a purchase in any given month AME X does not send a statement or email about your bill. I have not received a bill in 6 months, I never use my personal Blue AMEX card.

Today I tried to use my AMEX business card which is registered to my company but has my name on it. It was declined after many attempts to use it. I called AMEX as a business owner. It turns out that my wife paid a doctor's bill 5 months ago with our PERSONAL account. I never received a bill or email. They shut off my business account, which is completely unrelated since it "has more activity" than the personal account that was at fault. Again, these two accounts are not attached in any way other than that my SSN shows up on both files. I paid the bill to reactivate my card and was told about all the fees and interest rate changes I was going to incur. I hung up to further investigate what had happened.

I searched all of my files, I am very studious record keeper; I checked my emails since I use Gmail and have never deleted a message in the 6 years I have used it. There were no bills or emails from American Express relating to cancellation, late payment or billing statements for my personal account.

I called back and told the person on the phone that I have not received a bill in 6 months. The service person on the phone answered back that "his records show that I have not received a bill or email for that account in 7 billing cycles" I asked if he could see that information on his screen and he told me that all service personnel can. He then informed me that he would fix all the problems that I incurred.

Turns out that this is normal modis operandi for AMEX. The service person policy is that they will not tell you that it is their fault unless you point it out. They were going to make me suffer for a problem that was obviously their fault.

The second half is that they closed a completely unrelated account. I am checking with a lawyer if this was an illegal action.

balance scam

I called American Express to pay off my existing balance on a CLOSED card. When I asked for the
PAYOFF BALANCE (definition-the balance that would lead my account to zero so that I have no outstanding balance) I was told that they could not give me an accurate payoff and there could possibly be some outstanding interest charged on my account due to unaccounted for transactions. Again, my card is closed and I have not used it for five months. It has to be illegal for a financial institution to nickle and dime their customers and quote them ambigious payoff amounts. It shouldn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. Maybe they should spend some of their interest revenue on upgraded computer systems that offer accurate payoffs. My payoff confirmation given to me today was 4284 and it better be correct!!!

  • Ir
    Iris Roman-Velez Oct 13, 2009

    I had an unsavory experience with a representative of American Express many years back. The bill they sent went to another address in Jacksonville even though I live in Hollywood, FL. When I called to find out what was going on, they said I needed to pay interests (the amount initially billed was a mere $300 or so). The representative was very rough, not professional at all. On another call I made, I found out the bill was sent to an erroneous address and the representative hinted that who else would live in Jacksonville but us. We sent the $300, but did not pay the interest. They reported this to one of the credit bureaus. When I went to buy a new car in 1997, the car dealership people laugh given our excellent credit and told us to report them.
    Years have passed, nor me nor my ex-husband, relatives, close friends, want an American Express card - you are buying class that is not there. Iris.

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scam, scam, scam

I am currently going through a very frustrating issue with American Express right now. Two weeks ago my dog required emergency surgery that would cost $2, 000.00. I don't make a lot of money and I didn't have it available. When I was paying my AMX bill online I saw an option for pay over time. I have a Gold card, which as I'm sure you know has to be paid off every month. So I called and spoke to a representative and asked her about the program. I told her how much I was going to spend, I asked how much the monthly payments would be and what the percentage rate was. The last thing I said is I need to you to make sure I'm eligible for this. She said yes, Ms. Skoby there is no problem. Go ahead and put the charge on the card then give us a call to set it up on pay over time. I said to her, are you sure? I don't want to call back and find out I'm not eligible. She said, yes everything is fine and it wouldn't be a problem.

So, I got the surgery for my dog and I called AMX. And wouldn't you know it. The person I talked to this time was extremely rude and said that that never invited me to partake in that offer. Which obviously they did or I would have never known about it. I asked to speak to a supervisor and all she would say is I'm sorry the representative told you that but we will not be able to extend that offer to you. I asked to speak to another supervisor and they said they will have someone call me. No one did, I called back, they said it may take awhile and no one was available to talk to me. Every time I call now I get the run around and I don't know who I can talk to about this.

Please help me. Can they do this? I don't have the money and I don't want my credit ruined. I would have never done this if they didn't tell me it was fine. I can't return any item. I wasn't trying to spend money I don't have I just wanted to save my dog and they told me it would be no problem. What can I do here? My bill is due Dec 7th and I have a feeling they will keep evading me until then. Any information you could give me that would help would be greatly appreciated. I hope they aren't doing this to other people. I want people to know so they don't get in the same stressful situation I am in.

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    jbbj0104 Nov 19, 2009

    I am SO sorry about your experience. You are right, it was wrong for them to do what they did to you. I had a bad experience with them, but it was no where near the stress they are causing you! Unfortunately, I do not have any advise for you...except perhaps talk to your bank and see if you can get a person loan to pay off your AMX.
    Good luck and God bless!

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    amexgirl Nov 24, 2009

    as an amex credit rep i see this almost every day...that is a previos reps inability to do their job. the first rep you spoke to obviously not trained properly. We do have a payment plan. Its called CARE, which is probably what she had advised you about. However, CARE is a one-time offer, and once offered there is only a limited time in which you may signup. So even if you had been eligible, you are not anymore. Sadly the only thing you can do at this point is, as the previous comenter has advised, is maybe get a bank loan or borrow from a friend.

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terrible customer service

After being a loyal customer with American Express ( Since 1988) and millions of dollars in business with...

account service

We had our american express blue card for 10 years, had a balance that went up and down consistently. Never...

unfair rate increase

I received the same rate increase letter. I have never paid late or missed a payment. I had all of my higher interest rate balances transferred to American Express Blue. I was lured into a fantastic fixed rate that was supposed to be for the life of the loan! They lied! Capital One also did the same thing to me. Also, I had never missed a payment or paid late. Capital One, at least offered to keep the fixed rate if we cancelled the card. I did that. However, American Express would not do that for me. I called and begged. I was almost in tears. The letter they sent did not even have a phone number to contact them regarding this rate increase. I call this the old bait and switch! False promises and false advertising. I told the credit person at AMEX that she should check out how long I was a customer and see how I NEVER paid let or missed a payment!!! She said "Oh, we appreciate that." She also said that the government was passing a law that would prevent CC companies from doing this. clicked!!! The CC companies are all jacking up the rates before the law is in effect!!! THANKS A LOT AMERICAN EXPRESS FOR LETTING ME KNOW HOW YOU ARE RIPPING PEOPLE OFF UNFAIRLY BEFORE THE LAW IS PASSED!!! WHY!!! I can't take it anymore. I cancelled my Amex card and will now struggle to find a way to get another loan to pay off my balance. A loan that will not offer false promises! Help! Any ideas???


Ps - We all need to go on you tube and complain like the woman who was mad at bank of america! They lowered her rate after that!

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    cleanhonda Nov 27, 2008
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    I just spent 63 minutes on the phone with American Express (most of the time on hold) trying to get someone to explain why 1) they lowered my credit limit and 2) why they raised my interest rate by 3%.

    I was told that my credit limit was being decreased because I wasn't making large enough payments. For the past five months, my minimum payments totaled $829 while my payments totaled $1200. The customer service rep I spoke with, Kimone, informed me that the amount I paid was not enough to prevent my credit limit from being lowered. When I asked how much was enough to keep it from being decreased, she told me she didn't know but that "the customer is supposed to know to pay more." I fail to see the logic.

    After having the second customer service rep, Darnell, keep me on hold for over 30 minutes in order to verify that American Express was raising my interest rate, he then transferred me to the third rep, Shanaine, who when asked why my interest rate was being raised replied "it's hard to say." World class customer service!

    I must say I have been an American Express card holder for over 6 years and have NEVER had one problem. It's sad that they have decided to make the "little guy" pay for other's financial mistakes. I plan on taking out a personal loan and paying off this account (the same as I did with Discover - at a much lower interest rate).

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over charging

american express business card that I had was a great card. I wish that I still had it. However, I would submit my payment on time. Then the company would not post my payment and charge me a late fee that I always had to fight to get removed. My last fight with american express was because they said I did not send in a payment. I sent proof that I did. Then the next month, I recieved a call stating that I owed tripled the amount of what they said I previously owed, i.e. $700. I explained that I had sent in proof that I did not owe them the $700. It did no good. Each month they would triple the amount until it reached $2400. I continued to use the card and send in my payments, which I always over paid. However, they still continue to stress that I owed more and more. So, they would not listen to me. I asked them to send me all my bills so I can see if they were posting my payments but they never did. Since then, they sent the bill to a collection agency. I demanded my rights for the bill to be sent back to american express and denied that I owed them the amount. You can do this under the revised credit reporting act. since then, I have not heard from them. I am sure that my crtedit is ruined. However, I will never use them again. I know that I paid them in full.