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Complaints & Reviews

simply ridiculous

I recently worked for a company that was decimated by the financial difficulties of the current environment and had to let go 99% of the company (including myself). Needless to say the company has not been able to pay its bills and will inevitable file for bankruptcy.

During my employment I called (I worked in accounting) and set up a CORPORATE account for the company and verbally agreed to be placed as the adminstrator on the account under the verbal understanding from the representative that it was simply to be the contact person.

Upon being let go I inquired w/ AMEX to change the contact person to one of the remaining employees but I was informed the contact person would not be changed until the $100k balance was paid and that I was personally liable for the debt of the company. Needless to say the debt still has not been paid, AMEX and their collection agency is coming after me b/c the company will not return calls and cannot pay yet and the 100k debt of the company is now on my personal credit report!

AMEX's claims by agreeing to be listed as the contact on the account I agreed to be responsible if the company did not pay. The company is a public corp of which I wasn't an owner or officer, why would I knowing accept responsibility for the debts of a corporation?!! That's riduculous.

unfair practice

My story is : I have not receive AMEX statement nigher on-line notifications for two month in fall 2008 then...

unethical practices

My husband and I have been an American Express Card carrier for close to 10 years now. We have never been...

misleading promotion

This is a misleading promotion. They claim if you have a Platinum American Express Card than you can buy 1 business class airline international ticket and receive 1 companion ticket free.

They have a list of 18 international airlines that participate in this program. You must use one of these carriers.

I tried to do this and found out it is a phony program.

First I got the business fare on two of the approved airlines and I was told that you must book thru American Express Platinum Travel Services. When I called them I was told that my fares were not valid because they were not unrestricted. American Express told me that the fare for the flights I wanted would cost me more than the airline price for two Business Class tickets.

I went back to the airlines and priced the cost of unrestricted airfare. The new higher price was $8, 434.56 for Swiss Air. When I re contacted American Express they advised me that they did not have any seats in Business Class for my travel dates. There were seats available in Business class but not American Express seats.

I went to Lufthansa and found good flights for a new higher fare of $8744.68. The flights were Lufthansa 463 connecting with Lufthansa 2954. The return was Lufthansa 2941 connecting with Lufthansa 462. This price was for unrestricted business fare. I contacted American Express again, only to be told no good, because Lufthansa flight number 2954 was a code share flight with South African Airways and not eligible.

I tried South African Airways from Washington DC. I got a price of $8424.26. I would have to get my own airfare to and from Washington, but I would be flying only South African Airways which is American Express Approved. This fare is also unrestricted.

Once more I was turned down by American Express. They would book me on the same flights but for a fare in excess of $13, 000.00. When I questioned why, American Express said you have to use their own special prices.

In other words you can buy one and get one free, but only at a price created by American Express and costing in some cases more than double the airline price.

I am sure this is not only misleading, but a case of fraud.

extremely frustrated

I will try to summarize a very disturbing action that was taken by American Express with my AMEX credit cards. For the past 23 years, My wife and I have had AMEX credit cards. In particular, My wife and I had a Platinum card and a "Blue" card. A few years ago, I applied for an AMEX business card to be used by myself and my administrator for business expenses. Everything went fine.

In late April, on a weeked, my platinum card was denied at a local restaurant. This had occasionally happened in the past and it was always due to a potential security break and AMEX would contact me to check on a questionable charge. This is obviously a good thing and I was always impressed.

This time I never received a call so on Monday morning, May 4, I called the AMEX Platinum number and was told that my Platinum card had been cancelled. Not only had my and my wife’s Platinum card been cancelled, but they also cancelled our Blue cards and my business card!

It took the better part of the week and a total of 8 hours and three days on the phone to find someone who could tell me why they cancelled all of my cards. It turns out that my company business has its own merchant account and during the previous week, my secretary had reason to believe that there was a problem with our merchant account and used my business card to do a test of the system. Apparently, using my business card on our merchant account was in violation of AMEX policies and they automatically cancelled all of my cards. I was told that I should have known this since it is part of the 10 page, number 2 font, terms of agreement that I received with the issueing of the card. I never received any call or notification from them that this was going to happen or that it already happened! They told me on the phone that a first class letter was mailed to me informing me of the situation. To this day I have not received any formal, written notification. I proceeded to request that my annual Platinum fee be returned since I paid that in March leaving me with less than a month of account use. Platinum card fees are $425 for my card and approximately $200 for my wife's.

As of June 18th, I have not received even a prorated refund, and trying to communicate with AMEX results in me wasting my time for at least 2 hours with every call. I mentioned to an account representative from North Carolina that every communication I have with AMEX seems to disappear into a great big black hole. He assured me that he would personally take care of the matter and call me back before the end of the day. He has never called back and it has now been almost 2 weeks. I asked him for a telephone number to contact him and he graciously gave me his “direct” line. That number turns out to be their direct line to their “big black hole”. It is answered by a machine!

Four weeks ago I wrote a letter to a VP who's name I was given, to explain the situation. I have yet to hear from her or even receive an acknowledgement! I would really appreciate your help in this matter. I don't know who else to turn to. It is extremely frustrating. By the way in case you are wondering, they have confirmed that my credit history has been fine and has nothing to do with this whole bizarre episode.

  • Sa
    Santo Palomo Sep 15, 2009

    I gave up my American Express cards years ago.
    Once American Express established outsourced, customer service in India; I bailed on American Express.
    Why should they have my personal information? What stops them from copying my personal information and
    using it against me.
    Yes, many financial, credit, and debt collection companies are overseas. Limit your exposure to these companies.
    Use cash, if you can.

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credit limit

A portion of my complaint is in the letter below sent to American Express, sent on 9 Sep 09. I have filed five letters with them beginning in July 09, the latter three requesting a customer service manager call me. They have not responded to this request. My issue with them is simple. I was given a $2K credit limit when I applied for the subject card. Prior to this, I had a Northwest Airlines WorldPerks Visa with a $15K credit limit. Unfortunately this card was discontinued after the DELTA/NWA merger. I can't purchase two tickets from Hawaii to the U.S. east coast for under $2000. American Express declined my request for a credit limit increase to $6K stating it was based on my credit report. On 6 Aug 2009, I pulled my credit report and while it is a bit low, the Experian report used by AMEXCO rated me at 730 (Excellent). I had one record of "collection filed", a $63 hospital bill that I've disputed and sent to my health insurance company. AMEXCO also says my "proportion of loan balances to loan amounts are too high". Each of my loans are joint with my spouse. We together earn over $340K/year. I would cancel the card but unfortunately my airline has partnered with them. I keep getting what I think are computer generated declination responses. I think if I can talk with a manager directly, I would get a favorable response. Any ideas?

Excerpt from letter to AMEXCO (Mr. Robert Garinger, PO Box 30374, Salt Lake City UT 84130:

As you know, this is my 5th letter asking for reconsideration of my credit limit and 3rd letter asking to speak to someone directly about this matter. I do not believe calling the number on the back of the American Express card, as suggested in the Sep 2 letter would get me to the “right” person who can appropriately address my situation.
Also, your Sep 2 letter indicates that I was asking for “specific details regarding (our) score system/FICO”. I do not seek this information. I am familiar with the FICO system and as you know, I attached my Experian FICO score (730 - Excellent) to my last two letters to you.
I truly feel that if I had the opportunity to talk with one of your managers, he or she would certainly see that the $2000 credit limit is absurd. My FICO score and my income alone should be sufficient to raise my credit limit to $15-20K. I’m only asking for $6000. In most cases, I cannot buy two airline tickets from my home in Hawaii to the East Coast for less than $2000.
I believe the system you employ that denies increases in credit limits, is faulty. As I stated before, it appears to be generated by broad rules and lacks customer service or human relations."

  • Jo
    John Ritter Sep 30, 2009

    This complaint is exactly MY complaint. I have gotten repeated denials of increase in credit limit from $2000. Same reasons. I did get a call from a high level representative who just reaffirmed, robotically, that "these are their rules." I have a high income, always pay off in full, have had no difficulty with a credit line 10 times higher with MasterCard (American Airlines-CitiBank).

    This Delta-Amex card is not worth the effort. Too many businesses do not accept it, and in order to keep the balance low enough to avoid rejection, I have resorted to sending in payments "UP FRONT." (This didn't seem to make any difference to American Express!)

    As I took the card in response to numerous solicitations from Delta Airlines, I am surprised at the fact that American Express is actually turning away my business by the low credit limit. I cannot believe that the majority of their credit card holders with higher credit limits are more responsible carriers of credit than I am.

    I am in the fortunate position of being able to pay cash for virtually everything I buy, and my only need for a credit card is the convenience of those transactions by telephone, internet, certain vending machines, 0n-board airline purchases, etc.

    For these, I shall use my MasterCard, and American Express can look somewhere else for a customer. I am canceling my account with them.

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no one takes this card

The delta sky miles american credit card is worthless. Hardly no one takes this card. My husband and I...

wrong card sent

I was informed once I went to cash in the rebate I expected at the end of the year, over $75, 000 dollars spent with much of it at the 5% cash back I expected only to be told that I had the WRONG card. I was then informed that the cards looked identical except the Blue Cash had the small word "Cash" on it. I asked how I was suppose to know that when they sent the card because I had never had the card before and they said "well you probably wouldn't because they are basically identical" I am angry, disgusted, and in somewhat of denial. How can they do this to people. We changed our entire lifestyle to use this card primarily. We pay it off EVERY month. I have spoken to AMEX and they have opened a resolution case number but I don't believe they will owe up to THEIR "mistake" or "fraud, whatever the case may be. This just isn't right. How can they do this people?

If this has happened to anyone else, please comment. Thanks.

  • Jj
    JJBL Nov 19, 2009

    The same thing happened to me...But we just noticed it and it's only been 2 months...We didn't even know there was a blue card, not blue cash...We applied to the card through a link that was sent to us through a chat session with one of their agents. They opened a case...we'll se what happens.

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christopher jackson, manager of procurement at american express in new york city

Would someone at American Express please tell Christopher Jackson who is the Procurement Manager for American...

nasty phone calls

I have been a customer of American express for about 4 years. I never had any problems until I got a little behind recently on my monthly payments... Most companies understand and have been very good to work with me, NOT American Express; they have a collection agency out of Florida that is absolutely horrible to deal with. I have gone out of my way to work with them and pay my debt, They want full payment of 12 grand ASAP, they have threatened me with lawsuits, leans on my house, , they will not give me a break on the payments or interest. All I get is nasty phone calls, threats and everything else... I want to pay my debt but because of their business practices, they are making it impossible.

  • Tu
    Tubal Aug 29, 2009

    This has nothing to do with American Express. You got behind on your bills, they sold your debt to a collection agency. Even if they WANTED to help you out, they can't, because your debt doesn't belong to them anymore.

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  • Le
    leaving Sep 10, 2009

    Same thing happened to me. I closed my accounts with them and asked to be put on a payment plan. The first three months went fine, I paid on time...Then they sent a letter telling me I did not comply with the plan. When I called to find out what it was all about, I was told by an account manager that he did not have any idea why I was bumped from the Plan. He had put in an appeal and it was denied. I am now dealing with a collection agency that says they are working for American Express, and they are demanding pymt in full. I honestly want to pay my bill but can't do it all at once.

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  • De
    Defenderofyou Dec 11, 2009

    I have had the same thing happen to me and I am also very upset about these tactics. I can tell you this. It only takes 5 people that have the same type of issue to come forward with a claim of unfair and deceptive trade practices to the Attorney General of New York. My credit has unfairly been impacted by this program of which I faithfully complied with. There are probably hundreds if not thousands of individuals being affected by these actions and I think it should be illegal. I am consulting an attorney and will fully pursue any and all remedies. Under the freedom of information act, news agencies can nudge government about any investigations being done in unfair and deceptive trade practices. They must produce documents under these requests. There is no more hiding and I bet this gets bigger and gains the attention of not only the board of directors but stockholders and stakeholders alike. I think they have a real up and comming PR issue here. Maybe they will be able to see the error of thier ways and contact 10 year members and say..hey, we might have screwed up here and need to make this right, then again maybe they just run the risk of facing more srutiny with continuing to mistreat thier customers.

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raising interest rates

Just got the same letter everyone else has gotten about American Express raising their rates. Not only are the existing rates usurous in view of the ridiculously low rates in the market today, the new rates are positively shameful. Thus, after being a customer for 28, count 'em 28 years, I have cancelled my account and three other accounts held by family members. I'd like to see how you're going to recoup earnings now, Amex! All the good, loyal customers are going to ditch you and leave you with all the deadbeats. You deserve it!

  • Am
    AmexHater Aug 21, 2009

    I got the same letter on about the same date. A notice of intent to raise APR. So I called to say, fine, close my account, I'll pay off at the existing rate. Guess what? The very apologetic Customer Service lady said no, actually you can close your account, but we're still going to raise your rate. When I expressed shocked disbelief, she said, "Well, the law changes today so we had to do it."

    In other words, "Before they make what we intend to do illegal, we're going to screw as many of our customers as we can." I pointed out that what they were doing was unique in my experience -- i.e., I've had other cards notify me of their intention to raise interest rates, but never had one behave so dishonorably as to unilaterally raise my rates despite closing my account. "Yeah, I'm really sorry, " the nice lady said.

    She sounded genuinely ashamed to be party to what the company was doing. I can't blame her. It's like working for one of those telephone operations where they sell fake burial plots or cancer insurance to fleece old people out of their savings.

    It is disgusting to think that the law, until now, allowed a company to do as Amex is doing in this case. Amex, despite its carefully groomed image, has decided instead to throw in with the bottom feeders: the loan sharks, war profiteers, companies that sell spoiled food to Third World countries, all with the excuse, "Well, it's legal."

    I'm writing to my congressman, both senators, every Amex celebrity spokesman and sending off press releases (talk is admittedly cheap, but at some point one of the press releases will get picked up). And of course closing my account, which I've since 1995. Never made an easier decision in my life.

    They're slime.

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interest rate increase

Just got a letter from American Express dated 8/4/09 that they are raising my interest rate. Not beause of a...

lowerin credit limit/late fee

About a year ago I signed up for the automatic payment with American Express, in Oct 08 I received a letter saying that my payment was late and I was getting charged a late fee. I called American Express and explained to them how I could not be late because I was actually in their automatic payment program. In other words, they have access to my bank account to take out my payment without me worrying right? Wrong. They stated it was a computer problem and they would fix everything. Well low and behold my interest went up the next month, which I called and complained. They lowered back where it was before. However, the next month I paid 10K off of my 17k bill and they immediately lowered my credit limit. The letter stated due to late payments and too much credit on other amex account which was a zero balance. ?? I called again and they said the computer automatically generated the lowering of the credit limit. OK but what about my credit score now? I was in the upper 700's but now that I started paying off my credit cards other credit companies have started to lower their limits as well. All this means is even though I'm paying off my credit cards and trying to be a good consumer I'm getting it in the ### in the end because my credit report is only going to show me being maxed out on my credit cards as long as they keep lowering the limits as soon as I pay something down. Does this sound ridiculous and illegal to anyone else?e

  • Mr
    mrsbigdaddy Oct 31, 2009

    Yes...ethically it is a horror. But illegal -? Not yet. But it should be.

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denying they sent e-mail offer for 35,000 miles

I received an e-mail offer from NWA/Delta and Amex on May 1st, 2009 giving me an offer of 35, 000 miles for signing up for the Delta Sky Miles Amex. The e-mail was from account [protected] It stated that I would get 25, 000 miles on my account once I had made $1, 000 in purchases within the first three months. And then the remaining 10, 000 would be posted afterward.

I applied for the card, and spoke with an agent regarding the offer and she confirmed it was valid and that my husband could sign up for it too.

I made $1, 000 in purchases within the first month and paid off the card in full. I saw 15, 000 miles applied to my account, and I was confused because I thought it was supposed to be 25, 000 and then another 10, 000. So I called Amex and spoke with an agent who now said it was going to be 15, 000 and then two more increments of 10, 000 miles. I patiently waited until August to see the miles show up, and they never have. I called Amex and spoke with an agent today who denied that they ever sent me such and offer. Luckily I saved the e-mail offer, faxed and e-mailed it to them. They are also denying that such an offer ever existed now!

I e-mail NWA and Delta executives about the issue too. I'm a great customer with an 800+ credit score and a high limit who likes to travel frequently. I've never had an AMEX before, and I probably won't if they don't remedy the problem for both me and my husband in the next 15 days.

block the card without any reason

American Express blocked my corporate credit card account without notifying me. I have consistently paid my balance in full each month, and have never missed a single payment. When i had got a last call from american express the female said your bill is being outstanding. I replied her that if you might have send the bill across then it is being paid. i am not going to seat and see that the bills are being paid or not as being the director of the company.
A very poor service.
That female didnt like my tone that is the reason she blocked my card this is the respect and attitude they show to their customers. And block card because of their personal likings or dislikings.
My main concern is that this event will negatively affect my credit rating. As far as the account goes, I am happy to be rid of it and will vigorously campaign against American Express for their unfair business practices.
AMEX cardholders should BEWARE! It is sick company.

  • Pl
    plditallo Nov 30, 2009

    Thanks for leaving your experience online re: AMEX on the complaints board. I wish these practices were ONLY relegated to American Express--but such practices are pervasive in the credit industry in general. I have started a new, free social network where I hope all of us can keep each other alert to these types of practices. I'd love to have you join!:-)

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cancelled card, no notice, loss of rewards points

My Blue Sky card was canceled the day after I paid off my balance. I found this out when I went to use my card and it didn't work so I called customer service to see why my card didn't work to find out they closed my accounts.

I never missed a single payment (on any account) during the 4 years I had the card and my credit rating had gone up since I opened the account. I lost all my travel points and the insurance on an upcoming trip.

I did some research and found out the contact information for the SVP of Card operations. I called Ms Camaraza's office and spoke to her assistant, he was understanding yet offered no resolution. Their form of resolution was to credit me the finance charges for my last months statement... What a joke! My travel points and trip insurance were worth hundreds more.

I urge you to voice your own complaints to Ms. Camaraza's office via her email or her assistant's phone number below. They need to understand the poor business decision they have made by canceling loyal customers' accounts.

Doria Camaraza
Senior Vice President, Card Operations
777 American Express Way
Ft. Lauderdale, Fl 33337


Her assistant's contact information is:

James Schindler
Executive Assistant
Executive Office
American Express

[protected] ext. 56812

  • Er
    EraseYourDebt Jul 02, 2009

    It is time we as customers show the corporate banks they cannot survive without us. Remember American Express is in more business that just credit cards. Keep that in mind when you have the opportunity to become a customer. Remember this post and how they treat their customers. I have had a similar issue and they refuse to restore my credit line to what it was. So I refuse to do business with anything boasting the American Express name. In addition, I am making it known, how responsible customers with a long standing history are treated. Please check out my blog @

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  • Dk
    DK-42 Oct 13, 2009

    Agreed. I had gift cards canceled for no reason, and when I called, Jeri, ext. 55214, was the rudest most unprofessional 'supervisor' I had to speak with. I am actually closing down my card thanks to this snob.

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  • Re
    ReamedByAmex Jan 20, 2011

    No point touching base with James. He is no good. Just the true blue american express Blooded person. Dont waste your time.. (like I did) with this. Just move on to other Credit cards. Yes, Amex may offer benefits, but at cost of stores expenses and more and more are dropping Amex. Plus, Visa and Mastercard is very competitive and reliable. I am done giving these dorks any business..

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unethical credit line management

Boycott American Express
American Express does not value customers.

American Express can and will cut your credit line at will! Additionally, they no longer move any of your available credit between cards!

Most importantly, thier revolving 'Plum' card is worst of all. They cut our credit line down around 80% on that card even though we had no outstanding balance. And no late payments on any cards.

Furthermore, American Express sends out requests for financials sometimes, and though they are optional, if you don't send them in American Express will cut your line down though they give you no warning of this either.

Boycott American Express. They have no regard for your history, how long you've been a card member, how dependable you are with payments, or how much you've spent with them in the past. They could care less.

The only way to show them that this total disregard for customers is unacceptable is to hit em where it hurts, their wallet. Boycott American Express. Stop using the American Express Card. It may have a few perks, but when you you think you can depend on them, they'll screw you in a heartbeat.

Check out this quote: "Tom Sclafani, a spokesman for American Express, said credit lines offered when the economy was booming might not be appropriate when growth contracts. The company has been cutting credit lines based in part on the overall debt level of the business.
“What we are trying to do is strike a balance between a customer’s spending needs and managing credit risk, ” he said.

American Express offered the first credit card tailored to small business 20 years ago. Other companies came onto the playing field over the last decade, when a healthy economy turned small businesses into a lucrative source of new accounts as the consumer market became saturated."

Source of quote:

I recommend all small business owners to save more to self fund and boycott American Express. They won't be there when you need them. They don't deserve your business. They cannot be trusted or depended upon.

  • Ny
    NYLisa Nov 16, 2009

    yeah well u can thank the new credit card laws and the greedy fat cats on Wall Street who stole all the money and gave us this recession. I had no hand in this recession, did you? Why are we suffering for it? It's very unfair, well this is the cost of living in a dog eat dog country where only the rich can survive.

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5 letters to Amex, last ones to CEO's:

Auto pay is designed to generate late fees and finance charges. Sign up takes 45 days, any changes you need to cancel and re-apply and that takes another 1.5 billing cycles. Amex computer pay site AND autopay are not linked. So your bank account info such as default bank, will not be same as autopay, (if you have more than 1 bank account) Two separate companies, yet on same site! Amex is behind the software update time frame. Also notice when you sign up to auto-pay it defaults to the 20 day payment date? That is designed to generate last day to pay bill, so if there is a problem, too late for you to phone or do a computer payment. Zap with late and finance charges. I even tried to pay ahead and Amex wont take $$. For Email addresses go to Corp. site and look at media contact to get email format and then to corp management site to get names!!

Any changes to auto-pay takes 1.5 billing cycles! Poor. I have made changes to Auto-pay, and thinking that industry standard is 3-4 business days for payment changes, I get late fees and finance charges, because American Express is not consumer friendly. Your online site NEEDS updating, code script re-written, Auto-pay and online computer pay sites linked to share information. Or BOLD CAPS DISCLAIMER informing consumers any changes will take affect after 45 days! Your own customer service reps agree site is poor, and designed to generate fees for Amex. I've sent the normal letters to "Email Us" as viewed in the attachment, noting my frustration on Amex lack of updating software. I even try to prepay my outstanding balance, by $2000 to have a credit balance and can't! I have to wait for a billing cycle? A customer wants to give you money and Amex won't take it?

  • Nk
    NKP1 Feb 25, 2013

    I had the EXACT same problem. Spent hours on the phone. I have a recorded conversation with them. Even with the CORRECT bank info (verified by them 4 times), their system wouldn't allow me to make an electronic payment. I couldn't pay them and they were charging me interest. Definitely a racket! They don't even care in the end if you stick with their card or not. I've had amex for 5 years but I think this is it!

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  • Sr
    SriP Oct 29, 2013

    These guys are idiots...I was kicked out if autopay for some reason that I still was told and charged me fees...I am canceling my card - absolutely worthless customer service.

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  • Lm
    LMFL Dec 03, 2013

    This is the same story as mine. Absolutely, hands down, the worst customer service I have ever had with a credit card company. The "update your bank account" link will ONLY update instant payment and not autopay. However, you won't know this because nowhere on the page does it say that you also have to update your bank account information with autopay as well. You won't know you needed to have done this until they send you an email AFTER it's too late to do anything about it. I got charged a $25.00 fee. When I explained to the customer service rep and then her supervisor that I indeed updated my bank account information correctly they kept repeating over and over that I also needed to have updated in autopay. I kept asking how I was supposed to know that when it didn't indicate that anywhere on their site. They just got beligerant and told me that it was my fault and proceeded to lecture me on how I need to be more aware of where my payments were coming from. I could not believe what I was hearing. I still don't think they understood the problem. Account is being closed ASAP!!! I will only use Discover from here on out.

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  • Ma
    Marklashendock Jun 21, 2018

    American Express - Bad experience:
    After 32 years as a member I have had it with American Express and today canceled the card.
    Over the past two years American Express has converted my billing to electronic system automatically without my consent. And then my US mail delivery of us statement was discontinued without my consent. Then American Express failed to deliver an electronic notification of a due bill. And proceeded to charge me late fees month after month after month. This has happened four times. Today I got fed up with their failed business practices and canceled my card after 32 years of ownership. That was in April 2018 now and June 2018 I received another bill from them after having canceled my card in April for $226.95 with compounded late fees and after never receiving statements from American Express since January 2018. So I had to call again today in June to dispute this charge is for an account that was canceled in April. Of course, that entailed an hour or more of time on the phone been put on hold being passed on to other people put on hold past and additional people I could I could speak with someonet o resolve The matter. So now they tell me that now my account is cancel it wasn't canceled back in April but is canceled now I was successful however to have them waive the late fees because they did not send me a paper statements in in the mail as I required. American Express is dead to me finally after 32 years and two months. I never want to deal with this company ever again in my life.

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Feb 22, 2009 reservations made Double Tree Hotel.
May 27, 2009 Called to add a second person to the second room.
Diana at American Travel cld the hotel. Put me on hold. Upon return told me the hotel was not accepting resrvations, closed to college students month of August. I said, when we get there we won't have a place to stay. Answer, yes, therefore I cancelled the reservation and asked if my credit card would be credited, she said yes.
Now I see I am being penalized for the cancellation. Question how can one be penalized when there would not be a place to stay in August.
5/30/09 cld American travel again spoke with Clifton who cld the hotel and came back with a different story. They were honoring the rooms already booked. Now why did Diana tell me different? I would not have cancelled. Misinformation was given and therefore I should be credited the $540.92 to my American Express card. This penalty should not be applied in this case. This is still May several months from August and not a last minute cancellation. Misinformation was communicated therefore I should expect to see a credit on my credit card. Thank you for your prompt attention to this matter.
I may have to take this to a higher authority if not resolved.
Check google and you will see UMASS Lowell has aquired Doubletree.
Your American travel reps need to understand and communicate the americans in the way Clifton did. Diana did not inform correctly nor clearly.

notice of future card charge refusal

I've held an Amex card since 1976, loved the convenience of being able to charge and pay in full each month whatever amount I needed to, use the rewards system etc. I gave each of my daughters their own card under my account so that they would have an emergency fund. I signed up with Amex Open/Blue i 2002 when I started my own business. Always paid on time, excellent credit rating. In May 2009, I started getting pressured by Amex Blue to pay off my business balance under the guise of offering me a 'promo', so that they could lower my credit limit. On my Platinum card, I've charged tens of thousands of dollars each year and today I received this email "
The balance on your account has reached a level where we must suspend your charging privileges."

The charges were $811!!! I called them and was told that my 'charging privileges' were based on my previous 6 months, that was news to me. I don't even want to think of my reaction if I were to be put in the situation where I would need to charge a purchase and getting it rejected - how embarrassing. I'll empty my rewards account asap and then will cancel, don't need that type of harassment from a financial 'partner'!

  • Ja
    Jason May 28, 2009

    I charge and pay off about $4K a month on my amex, never carry a balance. I am dreading that same email.

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  • Go
    goinLAte Jun 29, 2009

    i got the "phone call" this morning at 8:30am... demanding my balance of $1550 be paid immediately, so they could "unfreeze" my card. The bill isn't even due for 3 more days!!!

    And then I though about it... they are trying to punish me by not allowing me to use their card. Oh well!!!

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  • Wr
    Wronged in Harlingen Texas Jul 04, 2009

    AmEx sent me the same email last night, time stamped at 7:30pm. NO phone call, NO letter...just this unjustified email. I have previously charged thousands of dollars per month, of business travel, airline tickets, hotel, car rental, and of course paid it before the amount was due each month. The current charges on my AmEx Green card is $600.00. I am "voting" with my right to use whichever card I choose by the card issuer that deserves my business. I have always been treated well by them for many years, UP UNTIL NOW. Doing the same, emptying my rewards points, paying off the card and not using it anymore. Wronged in Texas...

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