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complete lie

Trust American Express as far as you can throw a hippo.
Here are some ways to get there attention. It works!
Send Kenneth Chenault a certified package (usps) with your letter inside with your issue. Here is the adderess to use ( Kenneth Chenault, 65 Overlook Circle- New rochelle, NY 10804) also you can send to his office ( American Express -200 VESEY Street Suite #51 floor# 40-New York NY 10285.

reduced my credit line; suspend the card

I used American Express Credit card for over 5 years, it is un-limited credit card. I always made full payment until last year my econimal situation became worse. However I still made payment to meet the minimum payment request every month. But American Express suddenly reduced my limit to $3000 and stopped my using cash advance, which resulted me big inconvenience.

This month, I have a statement, due day is Dec.10, 2010. I got the statement late and made payment exactly on Dec.10. Since this card is linked with my ESSO speedpass, I found I couldn't fill the gas with speedpass. then I realized this card was suspended. I also use this card for cell phone automatically payment etc. The suspending my card has brought me trouble, I have to call and change credit card. My question is even they didn't receive the payment on time, they can charge me interest, why should they suspend my card? (My balance is only $1400, the limit is $3000.)

I have made full payment and decided cancelling this card.

  • Su
    sunil kumar agarwal Sep 24, 2014

    dear sir,
    i am holding American express platinum reserve card since 2009. my credit card number is 3769 339945 22009.on Monday 22 September 2014 i requested to block my card due to some fraud transitions, the same was done.i requested your credit card team to issue me a emergency credit card as i have to fly to Oman on Wednesday. .They told me that the card will be ready and you have to send your person personally to collect the card with the following documents
    a) passport original, as well as photocopy duly signed
    b) letter of authority duly signed
    c) original id of the person collecting the card, as well as the photocopy duly signed
    d) pan card photo copy duly signed
    I HAD SEND my person with all the requested documents to your office at cyber city at 16.00 hrs . this to my utter surprise that my person vinay kumar was standing at your doorstep. he informed me that you have to gave a telephonic conformation and than they will hand over the card to them. i called American express credit card team form times. every time they keep me hold more than 10 mins and every time they informed me that credit manager is busy and he will call you after five mins . that five mins never turned up. lastly i called them at 5;30 pm, and asked what happened.
    your team informed me that your executive is not holding all the document and now our office timing are over we could not able to help you. after hearing this words from your team my temperature got shoot up . i told them who was that person who has given this report, he has not replied to any of my question. there was lot of things i asked but failed to reply .
    my complaint is very serious and i want to know the action taken regarding this.
    sunil kumar agarwal

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incorrect balance

I openned my AmEx Blue account with a balance transfer. Soon afterward AmEx told me that they were being required to carry the balance for life at 0% interest. I can only assume they got caught doing something wrong. So far so good. Then it went sideways. Amex screwed up payment #2. they result was a cascade of payment crediting foulups and repetitive charges and credits. Eventually AmEx admitted all was their fault and cleaned up most of the mess. Somehow in the process they lost over $800 in payments. I have been complaining for 2 years. Each time they don't bother to just do the math. They take a guess at what I will settle for and throw me a few dollars. I finally had them send me a complete billing history. I created a spreadsheet of the original balance minus all the payments and proved exactly what they are missing down to the penny. I sent them the spreadsheet. I did all the math for them. Explained it all in plain english in a letter. So far they have failed twice to understand. They have sent back inquiry closed letters with answers that have nothing to do with the inquiry I have filed or the information I have sent.

I would like to get this resolved, but in the end I will just pay them what I owe them and close the account.


I recently purcahsed American Express travelers checks in Chinese currency. They were not accepted at any restaurant or hotel. The only place that takes them is the Bank of China. Even there, the first branchIwent to would not take them. When I finally found a branch that would, the transaction required 3 people and 30 minutes. At a large branch in Shanghai, I had to beg tem to take the check. The transaction took over 30 minutes.
They are selling a product in the US that is uselss in China unless you want to spend your day looking for and at a bank.

fraud alert - identity issues

I have been an AMEX customer since '07, used their green, platinum and now gold card. I move quite often and of course, I alway update my personal information for billing and shipping purposes. I average balance is between $5, 000.00 - $8, 000.00, which is always paid in full and on time. I have relocated to Washington, DC in May and have updated my address right away. Couple of weeks ago I wen to ATT store to purchase a phone, the charges were around $330.00 and the charge wasn't authorized. I have immediately received a call from AMEX 1800 number, asking me to confirm through their automated system that I was indeed the person making the purchase, which I did. I waited couple of minutes and told ATT rep to swipe the card again. Didn't go through again, so I called them back and talked to AMEX cust. svc. rep, she insured me that they are just making sure that it is me using the card. However I was so upset about the whole ordeal I just ended using my check card and left. Later on I called them again, I wanted to know what prompted this fraud alert. I have made a purchase (Tiffany & Co. in Tampa, FL, total charge over $7, 00.00) while I lived in Okahoma City and nobody ever considered calling me and making sure that it is me charging the card...The rep told me that this is just random fraud alert, didn't give me any details about what triggered this whole thing. I have explained to her that AMEX is the only credit card I have and use it every day, and since they denied a 300 charge, I don't feel comfortable using it every day, since I never know when it's going to work...I kinda got over it, thinking it is a one time unpleasant experience and moved on. Fast forward to this weekend (not even two weeks after ATT store visit). I tried to make a purchase online from (total of not more than $500.00) and my orders (two separate ones) got cancelled. Called Amex again, and was given the same speech about identity fraud and was told that I NEED TO FAX THEM MY SOCIAL SECURITY CARD, DL and UTILITY BILL in order to use the card, so they can confirm my identity. I was mad as hell but I did (except the SS card, I forgot) so after I faxed it I called them to confirm they received it and was told that it will take up to three day to review these documents and they will get back to me. She said that they need my SS card or my W2. After that I just completely lost it and didn't pick my words at all, if you know what I mean. I did tell her that I will get the SS card to them, wait until the end of the billing cycle, pay these idiots what I owe and CANCELING, CANCELING, CANCELING. AND DO NOT WANT TO HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH AMERICAN EXPRESS EVER!!!

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deceptive business practice

I received my first American Express card as a college student in 1982. The sole, thin plastic card in my...

doesn't work

I bought this gift card and loaded $500 on it to do online transactions until my replacement debit card from my bank comes in the mail and IT DOESN'T ###ING WORK!

Yes... I even called in the AMEX support center and updated my address, name etc. and put all those details into the websites I've been TRYING to order from, and it always fails. AMEX representatives have informed me that it's not their fault it doesn't work. ### AMERICAN EXPRESS!


Don't buy this gift card.

  • Sa
    Sanderle Dec 11, 2008

    We ordered an AMEX gift card and received confirmation on November 24th. When 10 business days were up I called the following three days asking where the card was. Was told all three times it was still on it's way and to wait an additional day. Finally on the 11th an agent admitted they didn't know where the card was and would have to reissue it. However it would now be another 5-6 days!! When I asked if there was a speedy way to receive it they said no. By the time I get this card (if I get it) it will have been almost a full month since the original order.

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  • Am
    american express gift card Jun 26, 2010

    brought american express $100 gift card from walmart, tried using it and was declined

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 25, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Some companies don't let you use those gift cards as payment.

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  • Pa
    paulie42652 Oct 01, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My wife purchased a $1, 000 gift card online to be delivered by United Parcel Service. The card never came, AMEX denies all responsibility and admitted the card had been used and all the value was gone.

    Then attempting to get satisfaction from American Express she was basically told "tough luck." Again we NEVER received the card. How a company such as AMEX can get away with leaving my wife out $1, 000 I will never understand, but telephone complaints have not worked, and a snail mail to American Express Customer service has gone unanswered after more then a month. They are no better then any Internet scam run by organized crime. They are thieves.

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expired card use

I found that both my Amex credit and charge card had been used this year, both for the same amount total almost £3000.00. The problem is both cards are old expired cards from 2 years ago. This is not the first time that somebody in Amex has pulled this scam with me, two years ago the same thing happened for a 5 figure sum, again on 2 different cards that had both expired long ago. I thought Amex were one of the best companies around, but now they are showing that they are nothing more than common criminals. Nobody can use expired cards, that is unless you work for Amex. I wonder how much they have stolen from me over the many years I have trusted them. I will never have online statements from any company again.

fraud by amex of amount 1,83410 india

dear sir I am your card holder. no xyz I paid rs a1, 83410 rs in cash on 26 july 2010 I was in a hurry as I went away to nagpur for my father died and could not check the date he took the money and put the date of 28th aug 2010, I dont know the man as he had the booklet of amex and had the identity card the point is your amex people have yet not credited my account I have the slip with me kindly look into the matter it is a shame that a company of ur stature hire such collection agencies thanking you my e mail is [protected] hoping u will do the needfull thx..

unlawfully aiding & abbeting fraud

I called Expedia (to avoid the web site) and spoke to a human representative. The human spelled my name wrong on the ticket (their error) so the ticket was not usable (you cannot board a plane if the name on the boarding pass does not match the name on your ID). I notified them immediately (but spent 6 hours on hold. I talked to India and Manila and other non-fluent English speakers who acknowledged the error but refused to correct it. (There is "a charge" to correct it). I called United Airlines and spent hours on hold (being transferred from one phone to another - listening to Rhapsody in Blue from the 60's) United Refused to correct the mistake (and they had US Airways on the return trip). I called Priceline (hotels) and after hours on hold they refused to acknowledge the notice. (ignored my call). So I called American Express and customer service understood that nobody would pay for a ticket that was WRONG and that there were weeks of opportunity to correct the error. So they started an investigation. Whomever does investigations decided it will be easier if I pay the charges than if they refuse to pay so I GOT BILLED. What this boils down to is that Expedia and UAL (and US Air and Priceline) KNEW that they tickets were not valid but KNOWINGLY submitted them for payment as though they were valid faililng to disclose a material fact (that they cannot be used to travel -- to accomplish the objective). American Express KNOWINGLY accepted their FRAUDULENT submission and aided and abetted them to collect from me (the object of the crime). But each of them (Expedia, UAL, US Air, American Express, Priceline) KNOW that there is no consequence for a crime they conspire to commit and do commit (there is a federal RICO statute but nobody cares). Experian, Transunion and Equifax will further aid and abet the parties. But I refuse to pay the fraudulent charges. There will be serious consequences for me but it is not just. No lawyer will help me since the cost is less than $500. Lawyers will help the other parties. I am on my own. Costco will not help me either (I called them). All of them KNOW what happened.

american express lies

I have been lied to for 8 months by this company (amex) they have told us that they would re instate my centurion card.. They told me they would refund 1 2000.00 deliquent fee, they have told us this and that by 30 different people... They have no answers other to pass you around and treat the consumer like sheep and or cattle...

I have charge millions of dollars on this card and have paid in good standing... Received a letter of reintatement and guess what they even say that is a lie... I would like to tell you that I have never been treated so un poorly in my entire life by a company that used to be a good company... It all changed 3 years ago... They were given a free loan by the us government... But goodness sake man give us people a reason not too... I would like to inform as many people as possible to stay away from them



rebate fraud

My credit card agreement states I am to get 3% rebate for my gasoline purchases. My bill reflects only a small portion of my gas purchases were recognized for this credit. On inquiry to American Express, they stated that my purchase of "automated fuel disp" by ASTRO (a gas company) would not be credited with this rebate "because the company's original registration with American Express did not state they were a gas station".
The only other sales by this place are cigarettes (my family and I don't smoke).

I am stunned by the lack of rectification Amex has produced regarding the misinformation they provided about my gift card

I am an experienced business person, which is why I am stunned by the lack of rectification Amex has produced regarding the misinformation they provided about my gift card. On 5/7/10, I attempted to use the small remaining balance on a $50 gift card ($11.65) toward a much larger purchase at an area Walmart. In order to process the card, the clerk needed the balance, which I'd forgotten, not having used it in a couple of months. She advised me to call the # on the back of the card, the "help" #. I did and was told the card no longer had any balance; that it had been used up in a February 2010 Target purchase. Therefore, the clerk discarded the card, and I paid for my purchases otherwise and left. When I got home, I reviewed the register receipt from that Target purchse, only to find the card, in fact, had an $11.65 balance...NOT A ZERO BALANCE!!! I'd been misinformed;HURT BY THE HELP FOLKS!!! I called Customer Service 5/10/10 and, without the card #, they could do nothing but advise me to fill out this form...sort of "the victim being punished" theory. In the computer of the gentleman who took my call Friday, lies the information about my card...they have it, I don't. I was told it was worthless when it wasn't. It's sort of "legalized theft" by explanation of "Oops! I made a boo-boo." CS must have told me 25 times how sorry they are and how much they apologize, but not once did they offer to send me a card for the $11.65 they, in effect, took from me! That's all I $11.65 Amex gift card. As a business person, I might even continue to consider Amex gift cards I'd thought of doling out. Without it, I most certainly won't! How could I give the gift of victimization to someone?! I cannot provide card #'s due to Amex's misinformation, so my money becomes Amex's. What kind of business environment do we have; what kind of human beings are making and dishing out policy within businesses? Sad thought, no?

a cruel and unbelievable act from amex

The day before I traveled to china to adopt a special needs toddler, I called american express to let them know I would be using their credit card solely (And no other card) while in china for 15 days. (To earn miles, of course!) a week and a half later I tried to use my card, which had a very high credit limit, at my hotel in guangzhou. The charge was denied and I was informed that I was over the limit by $300! Sure there was a mixup, I called amex, who told me they had lowered my credit limit by over $13, 000 while on my trip!! My tears, pleas, requests for a supervisor were ignored, and I was simply told the exercised their right to do it and that my credit score had just gone down, maybe because I had charged over $5, 000 in plane tickets on their card.

So thanks, american express for the baby gift. I will always remember my trip to china and how interesting you made it for me. And yeah, this is beside the point, but it felt especially cruel after the amex rep had just a week before thanked me for letting me know of the trip, added a note to my account, and wished me a wonderful trip, adding what a precious thing I was doing to help this child.

they are unethical in there business practices

I filled out an application in the airport and only put down my information for credit. American Express put two other card holders on my account and now will not send me the original application that will prove it and sent me a word document as my original application for credit. They are unethical in there business practices. I never used the card and now I have a balance on my credit report they (American Express needs to remove it).

jacking up interest rates is an unfair practice

Call me an idiot for letting you do this to me a 2nd time. It appears if a customer starts making minimum payments or is nearing their limit you jack up the interest rates. For no good reason, you decided to increase the interest on my acct, and at a time when interest rates are going down all over the place. I never been late on a payment, and my credit rating is excellent! The supervisor in customer service refused to refer me to her manager, or even give me her manager's name. You obviously do not want to discuss your policies with your customers. Jacking up interest rates is an unfair practice. Why in the world would you feel 15.25% interest rate is justified at a time when mortgage rates are under 5%? You are gouging your customers... and furthermore you know it!

  • Za
    ZAYNE22 May 11, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    i kinda agree...but i was having a hard time paying my bills last year, and i didnt pay them at all for a whole yr...and they just settled out with me for $315 dollars...which was more than half of what i owed!!!

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I have been harassed by automated computer-dialed calls

I have been harassed by automated computer-dialed calls from American Express that claims there is an issue with my account. I do not have an account with American Express. When I call the number they cited on the call it asks for you to enter an account number. I finally figured out how to get a human voice and have called them three times to remove my phone number from their automated list, but still am receiving the calls.

  • Frankly True Aug 08, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am sure this is a phishing scam to get your account number, it is Not AMEX calling you, they don't do that in an automated form. Someone is hoping you are gullible enough to punch in your account number on your phone. Calls are probably not even Domestic but use a spoofing program to make it seem they are. I would suggest you call AMEX and report this to them.

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awful, awful company

I have been a AMEX cardholder since 1988. Paid my amex Blue bill online because I was on vacation and this happened to be when all the hullabaloo with the new tax laws was also going on and then in Sept. I did not receive my paper statement but I did receive an email telling me that me that I missed my deadline for paying my online bill?? I called amex 4 days after the due date and the online statement reflected 30 days overdue! I explained the misunderstanding and the fact that I am a long time card holder and have a very good credit history and asked the "no", and the response I got was a 58.00 late fee, a 2% of the balance fee plus $99.00 of the last due amount and the interest rate will go up to almost 28% for the next year.

ridiculously bad customer service

This review comes to you after 3 months of attempts to get things corrected with both my CC company and the United Airlines.

During a business trip I was in line at the easy check-in machine. During that experience and while speaking to two of my colleges I was given an opportunity to buy a first class upgrade on my return trip. I was flying from Richmond VA to San Francisco CA. It was two hops to get home, one to Chicago, IL the next back home to San Fran's airport.

The first leg was the shorter trip and the offer was for 145 US dollars, I refused and then the next Upgrade appeared to be 147, for which I thought was for the second longer leg. I accepted the offer. The machine printed my tickets and I immediately looked for my first class ticket. Instead I received a bill for and notice that I had upgraded my miles for an additional 4000 + and it cost me 147 US dollars. I went to the counter to explain that I had made a mistake and that I wanted my money back. i was told that I couldnt be helped but that here is a number to call. I had some time so I called to find out there is no refund on award miles. How could this be, I am a frequent flyer that already has over 250, 000 miles to my name. I tried to escalated only to be treated in a hostile manner and then hung up on. The customer service agent when requesting his ID, told me it was MAN, I hardly believed this to be true.

I called my CC company, Americann Express, that customer service agent told me that it was not in the system so no dispute could be made. I waited patiently for it to appear on my online statement and I disputed it. I called in and explained the above. Later in the month I saw that the dispute was denied, I called again and the American Express person place the dispute again after hearing the tale that you just read. 30 days later I received a notice from AmEx that I would need to place my dispute in writing. I did with 36 hours mailed my written letter to AmEx.

United came back to say that I had used the "Upgrade" on the flight and they would not return the funds. I called back and explained even in the abstract where I did get the miles, with 250, 000 in my account, I could easily have used the first 250, 00 and not the last 4000 that I was duped into buying.

I have canceled my credit card with AmEx as they did not reach my claim but took United's response at face value. I have ceased to fly UA from this moment forward and think that everyone should be aware of the gouging that United Airlines uses to take money from weary travelers.

Now I am flying AA, lets see if their customer service is geared towards the consumer as well as the bottom line.
Damage Resulting = I was charged 147 dollars when I should have been protected against the large corporation.

  • Gi
    Gipsy51 Oct 04, 2012

    Just because you paid with your Amex Card don't mean you can get a United Airlines Refund...if you buy something at Home Depot, you can't go to Sears and ask for a Refund...please be for real...

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Bad Service Bad Company

When you have a "Gold Card" that has no pre-set limit and you pay it in full every month on time, then why do they claim that all of a sudden there is a "pre-set limit" based on the economy???? I have employees stranded in other states who i can't get home because AMEX has "suspended our privlieges" because they can! What a joke and I am encouraging everyone I know that carries a card or accepts at their business to not use or take!!! Help the small business my ###, they screw the small business!!!

  • To
    Tollip Sep 15, 2009

    Has anyone else complained about receiving charges from gas stations on amex card that they can not remember making? Amex claims that these merchants are enrolled in quick serve program for expedient service and there is no itemization or signature required. The only form of support is what is given to the customer at time of purchase. Essentially they are saying that these charges are indisputable. With all the internet credit card fraud, I'm not too confident that this system is fool proof so I wonder if other people have similar complaints.

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  • Pe
    Peter Baker Oct 22, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I went to Glyndebourne opera house in Sussex, UK this evening. They take amex cards but said that if I used an amex card the cost would be £3 more and suggested I used a master card or visa which is free.

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  • Me
    m e brockbank Dec 14, 2011

    The ratio of exchange from Amex miles to airline miles changed to the detriment of the cardholder without proper notice.

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  • Do
    donna governale-tassinario Jul 14, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Unauthorized charges were placed on my AMEX from 2/2012 to 7/2012 @ $9.99 a charge. When I called the 888-225-8568 number on my AMEX statement, they claimed I signed up with the service when I joined ATT. I have never even had AT&T as a service. Also, when I spoke to the woman on the phone (Jaime), she tried to get me to sign up for reduced rate. Unbelieveable!!! I am disputing the claim with AMEX. I know it it only $60 in undisputed fees, but it is the principle. This company is a scam.

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  • Pa
    Painterkapiti Aug 12, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We are new to Amex, a couple of mother ago we ran into financial difficulty with the jobs which I see picking up.
    Because we lwere late they rang me and I explained the problem and told them I am working on paying off, since then I have been receiving upto 8 phone calls a day, I have answered the odd call and told them I don't answer blocked numbers this has gone ignored after them telling me they would leave a note on the Internet to leave a message.
    Another time I answered the phone the robot on the other end arranged with me that I could get the account paid by Sept in full and that there won't be any more phone calls this also has gone ignored.
    The other day I rang Amex to remind them about not answering blocked numbers, the robot in NZ told me to hold so he could put me onto the wright robot which sounded like an American who put me on told and transferred me to what sounded like An Australian who also couldn't help so once again transferred me to what sounded like an Indian who put me onto her supervisor that when the phone started to crackle and I couldn't hear her through the bad phone reception so I hang up . Still no satisfaction.

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  • Ma
    MarcoN. Aug 19, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Yes I agree

    -1 Votes

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