Amazon.comthe book "if you give a pig the white house" by faye kanouse.

J Jan 14, 2020

I wanted to register a complaint about Amazon carrying this book for sale. It is wholly disgusting for what I believed was a reputable company like Amazon to carry something like this for sale. It may be listed as a "parody for adults", but it only goes to show that liberals and other enemies of the President of the United States are allow to sink to reprehensible lows without any hindrance. Can Amazon imagine if such a book were published parodying Barack Obama? Amazon, Inc. would likely pull the book immediately and apologize to everyone in the process. I am deeply disappointed in this company and up to now have been a loyal customer. Anyone who attains such high public office must be prepared for criticism, that is to be expected. However, there should be limits on what is acceptable when publication like this one seeks to do nothing more than viciously attack the duly elected President of these United States. Please reconsider stocking this book.

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