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I placed an order on the amazon india having the order number #[protected] around the last week of october 2015 and the size of the t shirt was not correct so i returned the tshirt and said the amazon to refund my money they collected my tshirt in two three days and after sometime i checked my account but i did not got my refund and when i contacted they said they have initiated the refund on the 1st of november 2015 and you will get in 1-2 days but i did not got it then again i contacted them and i found that i have entered the wrong account number on the amazon india website in which one digit got wrong by the typographical error and due to it I was not getting the refund then i corrected or cans say updated it on the amazon india and talked with amazon india and they said you will get your refund in 24-48 hours but i never got it and they said to contact my sbi branch and file the some dispute form and then i requested them to send me the transaction number so that i can contact the bank but they sent and ambigous digits which was The reference number for the refund was NFT-151102173XXXXXXXXXXXXXX and i contacted the branch and bank said give us full transaction number without xxxx then only we can try to find a solution and bank said we can't check the incoming nft in any account and amazon is making a fool out of you and said if account number was wrong then transaction can't be completed and money is with the amazon india .But amazon india even after requesting several times is not disclosing me when i asked them to provide me the name of beneficiary, date of nft, full transaction number they are denying it to me even when i am talking with them through my registered email i can say they are having the money and when we ask them to provide us the proof of submission of money in my account they are not providing the nft number.This is because in real they are thieves and don't want to refund the money and customers are suffering ..I have talked to them many many times but ever time they hears the story and says solution will be provided in 24-48 hrs but they never provides...Hope amazon india will sink soon if they keep on doing these type of monetary frauds..

treatment of sellers and their merchandise

I have been a seller on amazon for just a few months and i am fast learning how incredibly unfair and questionable their actions are. I have have been banned from selling in toys and games for having just 2 bad reviews on a product when all other reviews were perfect or close to perfect. I was able to get the issue resolved with the customers but it took amazon like 2 months to return my account to good standing. Recently i shipped some inventory to their fullfillment center. They received the invontory on Dec 9th 2015 and decided to forward it to another fullfillment warehouse. They never emailed me or advised me of what they were doing with my inventory. I had to call to find out. They first told me it would be two days before it got scanned in. Then they said a few more days. Then they said by Dec 18th. Well it is now December 19th and after several calls and emails, no one from customer service can tell me SPECIFICALLY what they are doing with my inventory and its been 10 days since they received it! They still havent scanned it in and they wont give me any specific information. It is in limbo and its like $200 worth of inventory. There is no kind of accountability for amazon. They do what they want with the sellers' money, inventory and account and there is nothing you can do about it. They need to be held accountable somehow!!

refund of money after order cancelled.

On Saturday, Dec 12th (2015) I placed an order through Amazon for an appliance part. The money was taken out of my account the same day. On Monday the 14th, I received an email from Amazon saying the part was no longer available and that the order was cancelled. When I called Amazon today to see when my money would be back in my account, they told me it would take 10 business days! Unacceptable!!! But...they could give me a verification code to give to my bank and I could get my money sooner. So...I called my bank and, of course, they don't work that way. They said that Amazon has to fax a letter to them asking for the money to be refunded. So...I called Amazon and they said they can't do that! I then asked to talk to a supervisor. After being put on hold for half an hour... the person says that there are no supervisors available and could she have my number to have a supervisor call me. I give her the number and hang up. 10 minutes later I get a call back, but not from a SUPERVISOR, but from another agent!!! I explained that I wanted to talk to a supervisor and got put on hold again!! After 15 minutes, the agent comes back and says that due to the high call volume, there were no supervisors available and could she get my name and number to give to a supervisor (AGAIN!!!) So...while I'm waiting, I've decided never to get anything from Amazon again. If you decide to order from them, PLEASE, PLEASE, make sure that the item you want is IN STOCK because it takes a long time to get your money back and customer service will give you a time-consuming run around!!!

deleted my review

I have shopped with using Amazon many times and have always been satisfied with it. But few months ago I have purchased some items and was disappointed with the quality. I decided to write negative feedback and review on amazon. And then I noticed that they had deleted my review. Well, if you give a product a review that is negative, Amazon will censor or delete it. That is why there are so many positive reviews. Most of the product ratings and reviews are obviously fake. And, if a product you buy harms you, you will learn that Amazon just don't care about it and will not take any responsibility. That is the truth about Amazon ownership. So, just be aware that Amazon products are not so safe. By the way, owners of this site allow deleting negative information. And they know the item reviews are fake. I once saw an interesting review on Amazon. It sounded like "Amazon is very good site. Thank you.". Now I understand that it wasn't real. Read the terms of use and you will see that Amazon has absolutely no obligation or responsibility, because they are not the seller. But they are taking your money, remember that.

they charge over $39.00 a month for nothing and I can't stop them

I have texted, emailed, tried to call anyone at amazon to stop withdrawing monthly for amazon prime. they...

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never listing a product that shipped to amazon

I am ending my relationship with Amazon! I sent 1 product to test as a seller and I'm glad I didn't send...

suspended by account for not listing 1 of the 1969 items in my inventory correctly.

I spent all of September, October and November listing 1969 items on Amazon Services selling account. I was selling 4-5 items/day. I received an email Nov 23, 2013 stating that I had listed an item against the detail pages. On Nov 23, 2013 received email stating item was listed incorrectly. Amazon did not tell me which of the 1969 items it was. Am I supposed to guess which item it is???? I sued them for $7372 /amended lawsuit on May 25, 2015 for $4999. I NEED AN ATTORNEY FOR TRIAL ON FEB 3, 2016. If I win Amazon will have to pay attorney's fees. I'm in bankruptcy so I can't afford attorney and need money for son. ail pages.

unethical behaviour

We had booked a small size dress with amazon. Afterwards we have cancelled that order and put a fresh order for medium size dress. Payment was done for both. It was assured that the the cancelled product will not be delivered and money will be refunded. But we have received both the product. We have been asked to send the cancelled product (Which was delivered by mistake) by courier to get the refund. We have also been assured that courier charges will be refunded. Accordingly we sent the product by couries for which we have been charged with rs 205/-. The scanned copy of the courier bill was sent to amazon. To my surprise I have received a cheque for rs 100 only. Which is totally unethical. Amount is not big but the behaviour is unethical. Either theu should pay the full amount else they need not pay anything to us. Its a type of insult of the customer as well as harassment.


Amazon have just closed my account down after spending thousands with them over the years but have have just emailed me saying " you have returned to many items so we have no choice but to close your acount " . OMG I return items that are not fit for purpose or faulty so for amazon to close my account just like that is disgusting and the worst customer service I have ever come across .


Worked for them for just a little while... They pay based on other Warehouses in the area not what the average pay is in the area... Knew it was never going to improve for 3 reasons... 1) sat in one of their meetings and they asked everyone who was there since plant opening to stand up... Maybe 7 to 10% stood. 2) my supervisor turned in her notice in the next week and when I asked why she said she was going to a job paying $4 more per hour and she was a supervisor at top pay. 3) They stated over and over that they would never pay what other good companies were, just other warehouses around, I have heard that 7 to 10% would now be 2 to 4% because of all that have left for higher paying jobs...

make money using amazon as the come-on

Paid $99.00 on Discover card 11/04/2015 - read on Yahoo where Amazon was hiring "many" people for new product introduction. Received "free personal coaching" Social Media Expert pages and got log in. Called number [protected]. Rang 1 time went into immediate song recording. No body answered. Called customer service. [protected]. Reached Facebook Money Maker recording??? Was told that someone would call me next morning at 9:00 am. Then, someone called me and said that they would call me back in 2 hours?? RIGHT. Not a damned call back from any body. Amazon and Facebook are BOTH taking everybody to the cleaners with this scam!!! No way to get money returned - tried every way to get to Amazon corporate. No executives are willing to put up direct number and/or emails for complaints!!! These people are not trustworthy.

kichler lighting plastic pro connectors

I made a purchase on 7/29/2015 for an item showed they had stock. Delivery was said to be 5-7...

criminal entity and are clearly hacking agencies. Don't purchase anything from this crime-hub as after a while you all credit info and entire ID package falls in the dirty hands of criminals. They also manipulate with customer reviews, allowing some authors to place 100s of fake 5-star reviews on their own books and disallowing the fans of other authors to place legitimate reviews. 99% of the "customer reviews" are FAKE, placed by amazon and their associates. There was a talented author, harassed by some psycho "maggs" at, who without making purchases, based on personal motif, had damaged 7 books from the same author by placing abusive and obscene reviews in the same day, under 7 books of the same author (without purchase or reading). When received multiple complaints about those abusive reviews that apparently violate the community guidance of decent conduct by using words like "garbage" "rubbish" "terrible" "stupid, " did nothing, moreover it responded that such reviews are "within its community guidance." Amazon's such actions are reported and filed in USA Congress and British House of Lords. We anticipate that amazon will soon be demolished because of its obvious dishonesty and for allowing mental residents dance on their platform.

  • Cs
    csama42 Oct 22, 2015

    I agree:
    The link below guides to the profile of a crazy reviewer "maggs" who is someone's dirty mistress and whom dearly protects by not taking away her clearly absuvie and false reviews after multiple complaints. Amazon/ explains that maggs's words like "rubbish" "stupid" "terrible" are within their community guidance. Below is the link to that "corrupted" reviewer who placed demented rants each time she falls under her catatonic seizures:

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third party vendor — my office innovations

I ordered an ink cartridge online from on October 10, 2015. I received a confirmation, and was advised that the order would not ship for 4 days, and would be delivered in 10 to 16 days. I immediately contacted Amazon to cancel the order because of the excessive delay in shipping and delivery. Amazon refused to cancel the order even though it had not yet been shipped; it hadn't even been packaged for shipment. I was told the order could not be cancelled, there were no exceptions. There is nothing on their website that warns the customer than an order can not be cancelled, even if they are advised to cancel the order before it is packaged and shipped. Frequent contact with customer service resulted in their promise for support, they offered me their A to Z guarantee, then they said their A to Z guarantee had been denied. This company is deceptive, unprofessional, and their customer service department is totally worthless.

closed seller account and restricted access with all my inventory

I had a amazon seller account for a few years now, and from one day to another amazon closed my seller account and about a month after that they completely restricted my access, and as i have been using fba i still have about 100k worth of inventory in the warehouse over there which i dont have access to it. These price of these are going down every day because they are current cameras and they will be old models soon, i am looking for a way to get back my inventory from these robbers, i would take my business to other places but they wont give me back my inventory, i am looking for legal help for a lawyer who know this filed of business. For you other seller, this will be your complaint in some time from now, so please work on plan b, right now before you look like me, i also read these reviews not long ago thinking that this will not be me, but here i am, the reason they claim to suspend my account was that it is linked to another account, which is fully bogus, so if you have any idea please relpy to this post,

seller central

We have been suspended from selling now for the best part of seven weeks.
Despite many attempts to have Seller Central explain to us why they did this they have neither returned our mails or contacted us directly.
From reviewing your discussion boards on this site it seems we are not alone in our problems. We are now at the point of closing our business at much cost.
Does anyone have a direct line number where we can contact someone who has a higher position in the company.
We tried sending a mail to the CEO but guess what, no answer.

charge for cancelled order

Order made by mistake on 8/9/15. Order cancelled 3 hrs. later. Received email on 8/9/15 confirming cancellation. On 8/10/15 Amazon charged my bank account for the cancelled order. Customer service first denied that the charge had been made. When that was proven false they said "no problem" you can have your money back in 10 days. When I objected they said tough, go tell the bank to fix it. When I asked why I should do all the work to get a refund for money that should never been taken they responded just call the bank right now. When I advised them that banks in the US weren't open at 7pm, they didn't know because they were in India. They then said they couldn't process a refund because they had never heard of Chase bank. Finally they said just wait and see maybe it will be refunded in the next 24 hrs. I am not optimistic Amazon gets to use my (fraudulently
obtained money while I wait for a refund.

canceled order to due price

I purchased on monoprice speakers 8521 for $72.59. I checked out and my total was shown and a message thank you for your order. and a confirmation. I went to look today to see what items shipped and I couldn't find my order from Store123. I get this message :This is with reference to your Order ID [protected]. We regret to inform you that we are unable to fulfill your purchase order. There was a technical glitch at our end, and the item was listed at an incorrect price. We cannot process the order at the listed price. We sincerely apologize for the mishap, and hope you will allow us to serve you again in the future. Your refund will soon reflect in your bank statement.

When you make a purchase from stores123, you can rest assured you will receive products and services of the highest quality. For any other assistance or queries, please do call our Customer Care Executives at [protected] (Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm EST) The speakers are selling for more. This company pulled it after I ordered it because of the price error. After reading all the complaints this company is a scam. They are now saying oh we don't have the stock. These speakers were posted on many websites. Stay far away from this company. Not to trust worthy.

  • Co
    Commenty Mar 08, 2016
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Very selfish and childish way of thinking.
    What would you do by having this problem of inventory sold a t a crazy price due to a technical glitch?

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amazon disabled accept an instant gift card, on free amazon gift card user

under A-to-z Guarantee Protection was not sure what Category of Complaint to put amazon under, but anyway...

guarantee not honored

The A-To-Z Guarantee Is A Joke And Not Usable and does not give you any guarantee!
I have tried to use this A-to-Z guarantee on several ocassions and they denied my requests for reasons not stated in their denial.

(After appealing their denial they told me that they denied my guarantee because I did not contact the
seller within 14 days of receipt of the products).

This 14 day window is hidden in their description of their A-to-Z guarantee but is not obvious when you
purchase a product. The product descriptions never say that "You have only 14 days to complain about this product".

When you purchase products that are sealed in hard plastic bubble packaging you do not expect that you
have to open the packages Immediately (or within 14 days) to try out or test the products.

For example, you purchase a wireless USB 801.11n adaptor and because the price is right you order 3 of
them. When you receive them they are all nicely packaged in fancy hard plastic packages. Do you expect
that you will have to open each package and test each item? Of course not. You would expect that the
products you received were working and that you could use them several months or years after you
purchased them.

Now this is the problem and the deception about's A-to-Z Guarantee: They require you to open and test the products that they (or their third party sellers) sell within 14 days or they will not honor
their A-to-Z Guarantee!

This is really bad. Who expects to review or use all products within 14 days?

My advice at this point is to not purchase anything from that you cannot verify that is good
and working within 14 days of receipt. That is, do not purchase anything from unless you
intend to use it immediately.

(So much for buying stuff for future use - Forget it!)

hollidayp1 [protected]

  • Ma
    Maximalred Jul 23, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    under A-to-z Guarantee Protection was not sure what Category of Complaint to put amazon under, but anyway this has happen to my account from a message under amazon, not sure again if my account has been compromised or if this was done by an amazon worker, who doesn't like people buying off 3rd party sellers, or something like that. someone from amazon disabled this option below on my account, that I use only gift cards balance, since I am an college student, , I only been buying with free amazon gift cards from both Bing and coke rewards, and no credit cards on amazon, I also email security amazon and spoof amazon under this matter, since again I am not sure this person should been able to do what they did, a lot of the amazon people from message center, told me to use A to Z with 3rd party sellers, who I could not work stuff out with etc., , and then this person on amazon came along and just disabled the following option on my amazon account, this person who wrote, this did so without thinking of what I do next about it, I don't like that they don't even give you a real name amazon should require them too, what ever happen to amazon people always saying the consumers right over the sellers or something like all those message center people where posting in their scripts to my the buyer.
    note I did really have had a few problems with orders from 3rd party's and this person sent this message than disabled my access to this option of Accept an Instant Gift Card, no where on amazon does it say they have the right to do with to my account, would it be best for me to close this account once, I get all my orders, or overwrite the account, from an new one, and disabled access to my old account that been compromised by this person who posted this in my messages on amazon. Or email amazon to close this account, then open a new free account with them to fix what this person has done to my account, I need some advise on this matter.

    Your A-to-z Guarantee Claims - Please Read

    [date and time is listed here] to better protect me from whoever is amazon Account Specialist, or if this was hacker who has disabled my account being able to get Accept an Instant Gift Card option for orders on my gift card balance. below is the warning / disabling message, again this person has made what I think of as a unauthorized change to my account

    Hello from

    After careful consideration of your account we found you have filed A-to-Z Guarantee Claims on a large number of Marketplace purchases. I'm very sorry you have encountered difficulty with so many orders.

    I recently reviewed your Customer Account information and see you’ve required a reimbursement on your Marketplace orders. While in the normal course of business, the occasional problem order is inevitable, we have found a significant number of issues with your purchases. Due to the high percentage of claims filed, we will be unable to process future claims for orders placed with our third party sellers.

    You can find additional details on qualifications for the A-to-z Guarantee by following this link:

    We work hard to ensure that our sellers are honest, reliable, and responsive, and hope you will continue to shop with us.

    Thank you for choosing

    Best Regards,

    Account Specialist,

    Accept an Instant Gift Card

    You may be eligible to receive an instant Gift Card as an immediate resolution for certain claims. If you decide to select instant Gift Card, the amount will automatically be applied to your account as a gift card balance.

    To accept the instant Gift Card on an eligible A-to-z Guarantee claim any time before the claim is resolved: 1. Go to Your Orders.
    2. Locate your order in the list and click File/View Claim.
    3. Click show more next to You are eligible for an instant Gift Card.
    4. Click Yes, I want Amazon credit.

    • Please keep the item for two weeks after submitting your claim and receiving your Gift Card. You'll be notified via e-mail within this time if a return is required.
    • If you withdraw your claim after you receive the Gift Card, we will charge the payment method used on your original order.

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