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An Amazon delivery truck hit my super heavy concrete antique bench and toppled over the bench (and broke it) and two 3ft tall flower pots as it was backing up. I was watching the truck pull up from my living room. I went out right after he backed up and saw my bench and flower pots tipped over. Bench was completely fine before the delivery and broken right after. I filed a complaint and claim with Amazon but all I got was run around and grief from their insurance and claims departments. Although I didn't see the truck hit my bench at that instant, as it was outside of my viewing angle, but I did see what occurred right before and right after. I sent them pictures of my bench and provided them with all the details. I left that bench in that position for weeks thinking they may send someone over. After over two months of run around, back and forth emails with no avail, they just sent me an email saying that unless I send them a video footage of the truck hitting my bench, they won't process my claim. Who asks for that? I didn't have the premonition that a truck was going to damage my property that day to take a day off work in order to spend the entire day video taping my driveway! Plus, I was there, I only missed seeing like less than a minute of the events. The bench was perfectly fine right before the delivery and broken right after. We had no other deliveries that day, no visitors, no kids, just me and my husband. To explain our driveway, it's about a 100ft, straight and very narrow. Why would a truck drive up this drive way clearly knowing it can not easily back up? Sedans have issues backing out of our driveway. Most delivery trucks, FedEx or UPS or such, always park on the road and don't drive up. This was not the first time Amazon delivery drove up our driveway and causing damages, I didn't file a complaint before but this bench meant a lot to me which is why I filed a claim. I can provide all the details. Both myself and my husband can attest that the bench was perfect before that delivery and broken immediately after. Their treatment of this issue is no different than a hit and run. No respect for people's properties and shamefully irresponsible. I am pretty sure that that truck incurred damages too, there must have been dents and scratches. The driver didn't stop nor attempted to notify us. It just hit and took off as fast as he could.


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Mar 29, 2022 9:20 am
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Nov 28, 2021 10:17 am

I was a former driver for large air freight company and one of the main objectives was safe driving.I always see Amazon drivers backing into peoples driveways to delivery a small pkg or envelope, and get out of the van and leave it running.The main thing I see now is Amazon drivers going down streets with the side door of van open at all times.Come on people what kind of company is this that SAFETY doesnt matter

Nov 26, 2021 11:22 am
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Yes, I was just told that because I could not provide "proof" that Amazon damaged my property they would not pay for damages. The package was delivered in the dark! Does Amazon now use cover of darkness to hide for negligence? Was I supposed to sit around all day and watch them? I've been a Prime customer just about since the beginning of Prime. I've already canceled two Amazon orders, and am using other places to purchase goods. This use of Amazon delivery is disgusting. One day, I was at my sister's house. She did not have an Amazon order. And yet, the driver went halfway up her steep, heated driveway with his large van before realizing he was at the wrong house. He backed out onto the road, and put a deep scratch in the road in the process. They driver these incredibly large vans and clearly have little to no training or interest in doing anything carefully. Then, when you try to file a claim with Amazon, you have to interact with foreign people who are not obliged to reason about much of anything. This is truly disgusting.

Sep 13, 2021 4:47 pm
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16 of june hit and run of an amazon driver; 5000 euro damage to my gate. Do you think I was lucky I got everything recorded? 2 months later still nothing. Amazon blaims it to the driver's insurance. Bull because the advertisement of the delivered product said Sold by and Delivered by Amazon. Driver's insurance does not wish to pay the quote because he gate is over 3 years old.

I will go to the press in a couple of days, it seems the only solution

Aug 21, 2021 2:01 pm

At 12:10 on August 21 your delivery tuck came down 6th street in Jamesport well above the 20 MPH speed limit! This is a very narrow barely 1-1/4 lane wide street, we have about twenty children and many pets. I confronted the drive, a young lady that decided it was better tell me off. Face a simple Sorry would have disarmed me. I think I will take out a simple ad in the Riverhead paper about my experience


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