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Adam & Eve - Customer servic

I ordered two separate orders. They both went to a city in North carolina. I live in Texas so that was completely wrong address. I spoke with someone at customer service they told me that the items had to be delivered back to them before they could send them back to me. I received one of the orders. The second order I did not receive. I contacted customer service and was told that I had already received my order and I informed them that the order I received was only one of two. The customer service representative told me that she was confused and didn't understand what I meant. I told her I didn't understand what was so confusing about me not receiving my order. She then told me that they were going to give me my money back and left the call. Thus far I have not received anything back in my account and I do believe that she was lying just to get rid of me.

Desired outcome: I want a refund on the items that I did not receive which would be $39


Adam & Eve - Lelo Smart Wand 2, Blue

The item, Order Number:[protected] was ordered on October 5th, 2021, and was delivered between the 10th and the 12th. It worked properly upon arrival but within weeks it seemed to not be holding a charge as well as it should, and the buttons were becoming less responsive. Since then it has stopped accepting any charge at all, except that when it is connected to a power source the motor runs constantly, and the buttons have completely lost all functionality. I purchased a similar Lelo product back in 2015 and it worked reliably until late last year, so I was pretty surprised and disappointed to have had this experience with the brand. What can be done?

Desired outcome: I would like to be refunded the cost of the defective item, however I would happily accept a store credit. Thank you so much for your help with this!

Adam & Eve - Customer service

I placed my order. Paid for rush shipping. Only received half of my order. After waiting for 3 weeks for the other part of my order I called and emailed customer service only to be treated very rudely. They did not offer me a replacement only told me to pay for something else. Why am I going to pay for something else when what I paid for I still haven't received? Very very disappointed. I work in customer service and this is not how you treat customers.


Adam & Eve - Delivery

I placed 2 orders[[protected]&[protected]] with adam&eve via the online website & upon the delivery date qouted time [dec1] I received a notification that it would be delayed up to 48 hours. More than reasonable as it is the holiday season. However, 6 days past the initial qouted delivery date, I have still not received the order or ANY UPDATES! DHL recommended I contact merchant. I used customer service chat w adam&eve. & was told it should show up sometime NEXT WEEK & IS STILL BEING HELD AT A HUB.i inquired about canceling/refund as it can be stopped & returned to sender from a hub..I was told I can return the items after delivery for a refund. Which doesn't help when the items where needed sooner than they'll show up & the refund would now not be received until well into the new year. 70$ down the drain. I'm skeptical as to whether I'll even receive my order at all now...

Desired outcome: Either my order delivered ASAP with Tracking UPDATES or a full refund to my card for Both purchases IMMEDIATELY

Adam & Eve - Trifecta

I bought this item tonight 11/15/21 and by the time I got home, the tongue part of the machine would not work..I'm not sure what the problem is, I've tried to charge the machine, tried running it again but the tongue still would not work. On the box also said that there should be two suction cup attachments however I only received one which is the one that came on the toy itself. Requesting either a refund or a new and proper working one be sent to me, thank you!

Desired outcome: A refund or a new item delivered to me

Adam & Eve - Customer service

Was trying to order product for a honeymoon for some reason in order didn't go through have been calling Adam and Eve at least four or five times keep getting the runaround the last person I talked to was very rude I will not be ordering anything from you guys once I get my money back it's been a terrible experience I hope you get this complaint and take it seriously

Desired outcome: My money back

Nov 02, 2021

Adam & Eve - Chemical bath

The nazi-style chemical bath that is forced upon entry to the store on st. James (hand sanitizing extreme) ("push it all the way to the wall!" "it will dry!") is insane. This is not about being "safe", this is a result of staff that is clearly either uneducated or being bullied by management themselves. It shows. But no worries. Your bullying at the expense of commonsense has lost you a very good customer. Make a change, you may lose less customers. Keep it up, lose more.

-i'm not a germ, i'm was a customer

Desired outcome: Stop the bullying. Have some commonsense.

The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Adam & Eve - ONLINE BILLING ERROR - in error charged (USD) for online purchase made in Canada in (CAD).

Purchased item (A&E PO# [protected]) from A&E CANADA, from their CANADIAN online catalog for $67.83(CAD).

Paid by VISA (CANADA) using AMAZON CANADA (PO1-[protected]) where, in error, it was converted to (USD) funds, resulting in an additional $19.53 conversion charge for exchange to USD for a total of $87.36(USD).

The CANADIAN online catalog clearly indicated purchase price to be in (CAD), as did information emailed to me after the purchase.

If I had paid in a Canadian store in cash, cheque, or credit card it would have been $67.83(CAD). Paying by AMAZON CANADA therefore should have also been $67.83(CAD) not $87.36 as debited to my VISA(CA) account, for a discrepancy of an additional $19.53(CAD).

Thank you for your consideration & assistance.

Frank G. McCallum

Desired outcome: I wish to have $19.53 in question refunded to my VISA account, & provisions put in place disallowing what appears to be misinformation leading to fraudulent practices.


Adam & Eve - Paid for items wasnt delievered

I ordered two items that equated to costing me a hundred dollars and these items were never delivered. I ordered in April of 2021 and it's July of 2021 and yet nothing. No package. The tracker says it's still in some warehouse in the US. I have contacted DHL and they said I have to contact Adam and Eve about the delivery which I have MULTIPLE times. No answer. This has been by far the worst customer service I have ever received. I believe that's it's a scam. Many people on review sites have said something similar to me and I regret not reading the reviews first.

Desired outcome: I want my package of the items I paid for.

Adam & Eve - Sex toys

Very low quality and even worse, they are sized for little Chinese rice d!cks. I've never seen an American small enough to use them. Then there are more steps in their return process than enlisting into the military. This is just a big scam. I have to fill a minimum of 350 characters for this form. So let's think about the kind of scumbags that run this company

Desired outcome: Refund

Jul 09, 2021

Adam & Eve - 360°Automatic Rotation Vibrator Bare Sleeve 4-frequncy 3 speeds rotation Oral Sex Masturbator £ 28.29


I am traumatised by the quality of your products and the customer service. I bought a toy for my partner (the name of the toy in the title) and it did not charge. The light shows in blue, but when I remove the charger cable is does not switch on. I bought another one to see if is would work. As a result I ended up with two identical toys and none of them is working. I emailed your customer service and they replied it is a personal hygiene item and as such cannot be returned. Total nonsense. In the UK we have consumer rights and you can import and sale faulty products. These particular products (please notice if the batteries do not work there is no point for a man to use it at all) belong to the bin. I want my money back.

Desired outcome: full refund or send me two items that you charge yourself and make sure they work

Adam & Eve - Charged two different amounts after i authorized $77 purchase.

On 07/04/2021 I made my first purchase on Adam and Eve. It was supposed to be for $77, taxes included, according to the website. I authorized the $77 payment. I then received an email confirmation from Adam and Eve for a purchase of $111, way more than what I authorized on the website. So I called customer service immediately, within minutes of making the purchase and getting the email, and the man who answered was less than helpful and seemed to think I was lying because he claimed he didn't see a second charge in my name, just the $111 payment. My bank statement shows both payments. He then said that it happened because I used two promo codes, which apparently you can't do but the website doesn't say anything about not being able to use more than one per order. The website is designed to keep people from stacking coupons, so you'll be prompted to pick one promo code or the other. Except that wasn't the case with the two I used. The website even displayed both discounts, gave me a total of $77, processed and approved my order. Never once did the amount on the website change. The man barely spoke to me, went silent many times so I grew frustrated and hung up. I then called again and got the same person, who was the same way, acting as if it was my fault. He did cancel my order, but told me it would be 3-5 business days before I get my money back. So i hung up again and emailed them two separate times. Someone emailed me back to call and speak with a manager to resolve the issue, so I did. While she was very polite and nice, the problem was not resolved. She tried explaining to me that the double coupon was on my end and when it reached their system the website "corrected" my payment and charged me an additional $111. I kept trying to explain to her that I was using their website that allowed the double coupon and processed and accepted my payment, that I even have screenshots of my original order total and both coupons successfully applied. I went back to the website and took more screenshots proving that the website is allowing certain coupons to be stacked and does all the way until you pay. Its only after you authorize that one amount that you'll get an email that you were charged even more.

I am now looking at paying $150 late fee on my rent this month because they charged me $188 for something the website originally said would only be $77.

The manager wouldn't do anything to rectify the problem. Im not one to look for free handouts, but this entire incident is ridiculous and frustrating and stressful. No one once offered even a 5% coupon and acted like it was my fault that i didn't know their so called policy about not being able to use 2 promo codes. The website will not let you use more than 1 of the same kind of code, but it certainly allowed two different promotions and now I'm to blame? I would understand if instead of charging $77 (the cost of my order with both promos) and then being charged one time for the cost of the order with just one of those codes ($111), but they took both payments and even though I called immediately to figure it out and cancel my order within minutes of purchasing, I will now owe more money because the refund will be after rent is due because of their system not recognizing this so called policy I have yet to find anything about on the website. As I said, the website will not let you use multiple codes for the same kind of promotions (% off, $ off, free shipping, etc), so if it was against the policy, why did the website allow me to use both and process my payment? They really took zero responsibility for this, just them telling me in so many words that its my fault.

I have attached the screenshots to this complaint. The first picture is of my original order total, plus another $5 for insurance and processing fee (totalling $77). After is a series of screenshots I took when I went back to make sure it was the websites error and not mine. Each picture is captioned or highlighted. The last picture shows the discounts applied to the item in the cart, but i censored sensitive information.

Adam & Eve - Brocken toy

Bought an item from Adam and Eve that never worked. Emailed them to let them know and to see what I need to do to resolve the issue.
I bought it 2 months before trying. 2 months is too old for them to pull up in the system?
BS. Read their response below.

Unfortunately, the order is too old for us to pull up in the system. We have checked and we actually no longer carry that item, nor is it a Adam & Eve branded item.

The manufacture is "Golden Triangle" so if you would like to reach out to them to see if they can replace it, I would suggest that.

Desired outcome: Money back

Apr 26, 2021

Adam & Eve - Discrimination

To whom it may concern
This establishment discriminated against me, asva person with medical conditions that exempts mevfrom wearing any type of mask/ fsce covering. I am pursuing my rights and concerns regarding my medical condition and the adverse effects wearing a mask has on my health. I have provided both federal and state legislature to the staff that explains that medical conditions are valid reasons to exempt a person from the mask mandate in any place of business. These exemptions are protected under the federal law by the Civil Rights Act of 1864, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and by HIPPA laws and are also outlined in the state issued mandate.

A place of business is not allowed to discriminate against any individual with a medical condition based on the Civil Rights Act of 1864 under Title II-Injunctive Relief of Discrimination in Places of Public Accommodation.

In addition, under the state mandate, if followed in it's entirety, issued from Governor Gavin Newsom through the California Department of Public Health and in accordance with CDC guidelines, clearly outlines reasons for mask exemptions which include medical conditions.

Under the HIPPA Act it is unlawful to question/request an individual to provide any of their personal medical information.

Several places of business that I have been to within Lomita and the greater Los Angeles area, as well as other surrounding counties, display signs that are inclusive of these exemptions and acknowledge the legitimacy. Your establishment is the only business I've been to that discriminates against me for my medical mask exemption.

I am very disappointed at the lack of understanding of this matter and the current disregard for the entirety of the mask guidelines for our state. The guideline is being selectively read and enforced while excluding the rights of many citizens. I hope that a lawful solution can be recognized and that the discrimination will stop. I would really like to support your establishment without further risk to my medical condition, which exempts me from wearing a mask and/or face covering. I am only asking to have the constitution of our country upheld to the letter.
Amy Hinkle

Desired outcome: Place of business should obide by our laws.

Feb 12, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Adam & Eve - Customer service

I paid $25 for next day shipping and was told my order would not arrive until Monday, 5 days after I ordered. I needed the order for Valentine's Day, and while it sucks I won't get it on time I...

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Adam & Eve - Receiving unwanted, inappropriate mail

I have asked so many times, over email, mail, and phone, over the last year for Adam & Eve to stop sending me mail, to take me off of their mailing list, to just stop contacting me in any way, but I...

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Jan 21, 2021
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.
The company has left an official comment on the complaint.

Adam & Eve - Silicone G-gasm Rabbit

I received my package in the mail, but when I opened it, the box containing the product is ripped and smashed. It is torn in some places, which I am not sure would necessary happen during the transport. I am not upset about the box, but I am concerned that someone could have touched or used the product in some way before it arrived at my home.

Desired outcome: Could I please return and receive a new one?

Dec 28, 2020

Adam & Eve - Customer Service

On December 23 I attempted to complete a purchase online, but the automated system failed to process the order. As such, I attempted to complete the same order again, but the automated system still failed to process the order. However, I was charged twice for an order that was never actually generated. My bank approved the funds, approximately $474 in total, and cannot cancel the transaction once the funds are approved. I contacted customer service with Adam & Eve, but was told that the order does not exist. I attempted to explain that the funds were approved by my bank, provided the necessary codes, but the order was never processed. I was treated with a great deal of disrespect and told that if I challenged the transaction I would no longer be allowed to shop with Adam & Eve. My order does not exist, but the funds for both transactions have not yet been returned.

Desired outcome: I would like my money refunded

Adam & Eve - Does not provide full (any) disclosure on shipping/orders

I submitted an order on Wednesday, December 9, 2020, paid extra for 2 day shipping, expecting it by no later than Sunday, December 13, 2020, within 3-4 days (Sunday is my anniversary with my...

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Adam & Eve - Account being closed

I was told I was haveing my account closed by legal which is not right I had purchased a movie plan with u guys could cancel out I tried today it said I was closed cause u refunded more then I purchased. I was also told I order like three items which wasn't true, they said your losing money I was going to order more. Please call me at [protected]. My name is Rebecca Williams.

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