I purchased a $50.00 giftcard from Amazon only because their ad offered a $15.00 credit if you bought the giftcard. I had almost forgotten about it but 2 weeks latIer i called and said i dont see the credit applied to my account anywhere.and the guy says no it wont show in your account it just appears at checkout. It never did. I never received the $15.00 credit. They LIED.

  • Updated by Annie Schoenecker, Oct 06, 2019

    I purchasef a $50.00 amazon giftcard due to their ad promising a $15.00 credit to you for the purchase. I never got the $15.00 credit so 2 weeks later i called them & they said it will show up when i purchase something & no it will not show under my account. So im assuming it will magically appear during checkout but no. I never got it they LIED.

Oct 06, 2019

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