/ Alibaba.combuyer protection & escrow & service is a scam

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Buyers beware - "escrow" service is a total scam
This company fraudulently claims to protect buyers from scams with their "escrow" service - advertises services that are supposed to hold payments until the goods received are confirmed in good condition - and allows scammers and other dishonest suppliers to sell products on their website. Purchased and item - it was received damaged, sent it back registered mail - now they are saying that the item is lost and they cannot refund my money. Money was only to be released tot he supplier once I confirmed delivery of the goods in satisfactory condition - which I never did. They have a "file a claim" division - which did basically nothing to investigate the issue, and quickly sided with they supplier - stating that they never received the goods back. Registered mail shows 3 attempts to deliver. Return package is now lost - and they are doing nothing to help. They have basically told me that I am out of luck. Stay away from


  • Jb
    jb1988 Nov 18, 2010

    We are making a unique forum where those who have been scammed by Alibaba, GlobalSources, Made-in-China can submit a complain. Apart form that this forum provides free of cost reports, how-tos and a definitive guide to those who are new in the sourcing business. To make this happen we need your assistance. This forum is an initiative taken by the people who have been scammed by these Chinese sites. Please contact us hujelabs[at] with a subject "I was scammed".

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  • Bo
    Boris Chernobilsky Jul 13, 2017

    @jb1988 I was scammed by one of the internet shops on AliExpress.
    I had the misfortune to buy at this store an electro shaver which I never got.
    I paid money in Jan 2017, through AliExpress Order N 81704983534226, but until now didn’t get the ordered. It was never sent from China.
    How the system works.
    After some times of the order placing, you will get information from AliExpress that the seller has prolonged the delivery time.
    The shop continue to prolong the delivery time, sent me nice letters with request to wait a little bit more, in hope that one time I will miss the time for buyer protection, or by mistake will close the dispute.
    This happened with me.
    All my try to be in contact with custom service failed.
    The china’s shop scammed me and AliExperss help them.

    I’m very glad that such site exist. It will not help me to get money back, but maybe will teach other people how to act with them.

    Boris Chernobilsky
    [email protected]

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  • Ro
    Robert Syputa Jan 13, 2020

    @Boris Chernobilsky I have used Aliexpress for over three years and have made about 150 purchases. I have had items that were not received or were the incorrect color or other quality problem. In each case, I submitted a request by clicking on the link for the order and have received a refund that was either for all or a reasonable amount of the purchase price. Only once was the amount refunded not what I thought was enough.
    Alibaba is close in business practice to eBay: sellers provide the products which vary greatly in price and quality. eBay had to improve their refund policy in response to competitors including Aliexpress. I have used both recently and had disputes on each. eBay makes the process harder and takes longer. This is probably intentional... they know many buyers will not go through the pain of finding the link to apply for a refund.

    If you buy at a discount from these sites, you will likely need to watch and request a refund occassionally. The same goes for Amazon and many other sites. Any site that allows vendors to easily sign up and offer whatever they want without any checking for quality

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  • Ho
    Howard_Beale Nov 20, 2010

    I was scammed by Alibaba! I would not recommend anyone to the Alibaba site. The so-called 'Gold Supplier [Verified Member]' is meaning less. My story sequence: Find product and vendor (vendor is Alibaba rated Gold Supplier), finalize sizes and quantity, send money ... vendor stops returning e-mail, Alibaba customer service says wait, I provide Alibaba full transaction documentation, Alibaba requests a 'Bank Stamp' on the electronic transfer receipt, Bank of America does not use 'Bank Stamps', Alibaba accuses me of trying to scam them! Alibaba ultimately sends a note recommending I work with the Chinese Police ... huh? I'm in New England, USA.
    I sent e-mail to all competing vendors requesting the same product with the condition that we use an escrow account. Not a single vendor of the 22 contacted agreed to escrow services.
    Alibaba is home to scammers and thieves and not worthy of your time.

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  • Pa
    Pakistani-Buyer Dec 13, 2010

    I totally agreed with the above stated complaints, I experienced only, I have been ordering from and I got the products in good condition and on time, but this, they even don't know how to use Escrow, what is this for, I bought products worth 500 USD on, the supplier keep on lying with me that he sent products, at the end he said give me more money so I can have more profit, then I will send you products, what the hell is this? no replies from the supplier, and I lost my 500 USD, what they do, they send small products worth 40 USD 50 USD, but when they get big money, they disappeares, its all SCAM, they are FAUDSTERS...

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  • Ng
    ngangalitos11 Jan 02, 2011

    I bought an ite on on 17th dec 2010.The seller did not even bother to send and i had used paypal. No response ant all after my card was charged $145.

    Wilson from Nairobi kenya

    MESSAGE RECVD:Seller's Name:
    Seller's Email: [email protected]
    Seller's Transaction ID: 84W67832YE9XXXX

    Transaction Date: Dec 17, 2010
    Transaction Amount: -$145.52 USD
    Invoice ID: 2010X121801XXXXXX
    Your Transaction ID: 3UH3XXXXXX
    Case Number: PP-001-XXXX-XXX

    Buyer's Transaction ID: 3UHXXXXXXXXX



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  • Sh


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  • Gl
    Glen Pl Apr 26, 2011

    The latest ruse of course is a little more complex and in some ways much more clever. Aliexpress escrow services is now refunding scam claims, mostly within 48 hours of the claim being raised. Buyers are now much less likely to loose their money. However, the business case for the Escrow service is simply brilliant. Thousands of folk voluntarily deposit funds totalling millions of dolars into the Escrow Trust account where it stays for a minimum of 7 days earning the Escrow service interest before the original funds need to be repaid via a scam claim. Wow! Thanks to Ali Escrow we now have a window into the new age economy and how to make squillions using other peoples money. I'd suggest that there is substantial incentive for Alibaba themselves to post atractive but scam offerings in Alibaba in order to attract funds to their Escrow Trust account.

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  • Pe
    Pete Davis May 31, 2011

    ALIEXPRESS are the up & coming internet online marketplace scam artists of all time !
    The facts are ALIEXPRESS do not care if there advertisers are honest or not, it makes no difference to them as they are only about the commissions. I too was caught out, in a bait and switch scam. The supplier to this day is still advertising the same item he cannot supply ! I emailed ALIEXPRESS with a link to the ad after my experience, guess what ! they just are not interested, most of there Chinese suppliers are advertising goods they do not have in stock, bait & switch scams very common at ALIEXPRESS. ALIEXPRESS DO NOT CARE if the supplier has stock or not, as it makes there website look very fat. When (if) a supplier ships something it will mostly be not as described and if it is as described the quality will be disgusting. I got my money back through my bank eventually after wasting 6 months in there so called "dispute resolution process" another complete scam and waste of time. I guess they have many millions of dollars of payments in limbo awaiting "resolution", its a great source of interest free funds for them. Customer service at ALIEXPRESS does not exist once you make a complaint, try getting anything other than a automated response from them. Additionally there Escrow service is supposed to make you feel warm & safe, HUH! what a joke another ALIEXPRESS SCAM.
    Anyone that has had a good experience at ALIEXPRESS has just been lucky, ALIEXPRESS COMPANY, VERY DISHONEST, GOLD MEDAL SCAM ARTISTS...

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  • Pe
    Pete Davis May 31, 2011

    Be very careful buying expensive (eg. electronic) goods from AliExpress/AliBaba.

    Even though they claim to offer buyer protection through Escrow, the harsh reality is:

    1. I have informed them of an obvious fraud, and they have ignored it. Meanwhile another user on this site was ripped off on Alibaba/Express in a similar way (see below).

    2. Their mediation process is very slow - taking 30 days to even start. Then they seem rather blase about the whole thing (see point 1) and biased towards the vendor

    3. If you return the item, YOU will probably have to pay for tracked postage, which can be alot.

    4. Even then, the vendor can claim that they received a used, damaged or different object. Tracking cannot prove otherwise. So you lose your money and all leverage.

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  • Pe
    Pete Davis May 31, 2011


    This whole thing is clearly a "bait and switch" fraud - which I have discovered is now not uncommon amongst the millions of traders in China.

    Traders who can't compete by getting popular products at an affordable price will instead claim to have a popular product.
    They will send you a vaguley similar product worth much less than what you paid (eg. a cheap clone product. In my case, they sent a completely different CLASS of product - a MID instead of an ebook. This is like ordering a racehorse and getting a mixed-breed COW!)

    Knowing that many people can't be bothered wasting more time - or even money - to send it back, they often accept it, delivering a healthy profit to the vendor.

    (This is what they tried in my case: their first tactic was to say: "It's nearly the same, why don't you just accept that one!?" UNBELIEVABLE!)

    In my case, I would have lost $US 150 to these people.
    Instead, the good old Commonwealth Bank of Australia (a formerly government owned bank that still has a scerrick of customer service left*), got me a chargeback - and the vendor and the fools at AliBaba are still going through the mediation process lol!

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  • Az
    AZ... Jun 21, 2011

    I my self also purchased from them (electronics) returned them provided verification... mind you this was 02/2011 till this day i have been told nothing was rcvd i have sent them verifications and nothing... Aliexpress and Alibaba are both scams... Stay away from this scheme...!!!

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  • Ni
    Nitin_m Jul 04, 2011

    Agree - they are frauds. They seem to return my escrow - But money never came

    Order Number:



    Order Complete. Processing refund.

    Your refund has been issued from Escrow and will be sent back to you within about 7 business days. If you still have not received your refund then, please contact your payment service provider (bank, PayPal, Moneybookers, etc.) for further information.

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  • Se
    SevenXu Dec 12, 2012

    The cheater is everywhere, not only Alibaba.
    You can not judge one company by your one or two unhappy business journey.
    There are millions of get in and out of Aliexpress. Many of them do it successful.
    There are the people use Aliexpress and trust it.
    They do lots of business, they also earn much.
    They built a good relationship with their supplier.
    I am one of the supplier from Alibaba, once we get the bad situation, but my client willing to deal with it with us together.
    Then do it successful, . it is not aways smoothly when you do it just like our life.
    Thanks for your reading.
    Seven Xu

    [email protected]

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  • Se
    SevenXu Dec 12, 2012

    There are the people use Aliexpress and trust it.
    They do lots of business, they also earn much.
    They built a good relationship with their supplier.
    I am one of the supplier from Alibaba, once we get the bad situation, but my client willing to deal with it with us together.
    Then do it successful, . it is not aways smoothly when you do it just like our life.
    Thanks for your reading.
    Seven Xu

    [email protected]

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  • Gr
    Gregory Joffe Jan 10, 2013

    I agree with those who says that the AliExpress service is scam. I put order via AliExpress Ewscrow, but did not get information about the shipped parcel 4 days.
    After my multiple requests the supplier sent me a fake tracking number .
    It happened 14 days ago.
    AliExpress does not help me, nor even replies to my e-mails.
    The option to file claim is not available - only "dispute"
    AliExpress looks as a huge gang - gangsters and thefts - very large criminal structure
    We should spread the truth about Alibaba/AliExpress over the internet.

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  • Ju
    Judy Szolnoki Jan 31, 2013

    I have had nothing but trouble from AliExpress as a company!!
    First, they blocked, for "Security reasons" 4 of my orders. They were asking for a fraud protection service and password from my MC and Visa. The three numbers in the back of the cards ARE the fraud protection- It is hit and miss which cards they will accept- I will admit one of my cards had a stop on it, because I DO have fraud protection on the card, and since I have been purchasing a lot on it lately, they wanted to make sure that I wasn't being frauded- THAT is a REAL fraud protection- I found out the next day that my orders were cancelled- so, I unblocked my card(easily- I talked to a HUMAN being), and then re-ordered the ones that had been stopped by Ali express- I got 4 e mails stating they had gone thru successfully, but we will see- I can see something different tommorrow.IIf I get the same security cancel of my orders again, I will call my credit card company to make sure money wasn't taken out, and will dispute it
    A second problem- There was a glitch in THEIR system at the same time. One order, for 2 bags, is on my payment history 4 times, stating that payment MUST be made, in big red letters!!- I DID NOT finish the process because of Ali Express requesting this other Fraud system from the cards- yet, they put it in my history- I, of course, do NOT want 4 of the same bags- When I try to cancel these extra orders, there is NO button to push to cancel- when I asked the computer generated LADY questions, I got an answer that says I have to give all this VERY SENSITIVE information to them, information that can be used by scammers, including ALI express- I will not give it to them
    They have NO customer service phone number, so, no human contact- probably for the same reason- the COMPANY are scammers themselves.

    I will NEVER buy from them again- I am an honest online shopper(think ETSY) and have NEVER had these problems- Buying clothes is NOT worth this- I would like to complain against the directly, but, they seemed to have protected themselves well.

    Judy Szolnoki
    Harrison, New York

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  • Ci
    Cindywyatt Mar 09, 2013

    Ali Express sells illegal products that are copyright protected. Even lots of the little items for sell are copies of products they stole from Etsy sellers. Almost every product I've found on this website has infringed on someones copyright weather it be a big company or a little independent designer. Also, do not buy electronics from this website. They are not regulated, and can be dangerous.

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  • Kr
    kritagya Apr 04, 2013


    WE have been betrayed it is all wrong products, we have received different color and sizes, we have not received what we ordered .

    when i ask the m what sizes they are they said sizes are chinese .

    It is completely waste for us . quality is also poor please discontinue this supplier from website it is fake.


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  • Re
    renoldbenedict Aug 28, 2013

    Aliexpress The Cheater

    I NEVER GOT MY ORDER: They build Hi Fi website but they don’t know how to track where is the money gone, VERY STRANGE & FUNNY!!! DON’T BUY ANYTHING FROM

    The payment for Order 1014843796 for this item WWE John Cena Salute the Cenation Superfan T-Shirt Package;NEW Cena Green t-shirt+Baseball Cap+sweatbands set
    I am visited to my bank (Canara Bank, Jayanagar Shopping Complex Branch, Bangalore – 560011. INDIA) and they given me a copy of bank statement print out.
    The money US$23.49 is transferred on 15th Oct 12 and OTR number is 0599OTR432412.

    Aliexpress just whack my money without any appreciation.

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  • Zu
    zuraida jaafar Sep 02, 2013

    Aliexpress is a big lie, misleading image, no cs, no refund, nothing, they take your money and GONE! poofff just like Mary Poppins.

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  • Ma
    Mark Story Sep 02, 2013

    I have read the comments in this board and apologize on behalf of the company if you have had bad experiences with or While I am not with customer service (I work in international public relations), sometimes I can help get folks with disputes or problems to the right person in customer service. So if any of you need help, please feel free to email me at [email protected] I can;t promise that I can get resolution all the time, but I can promise that we will try. Mark Story, Director, International Corporate Affairs, Alibaba Group.

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  • Mi
    Mike Mih Sep 07, 2013

    I have an order for a mobile, which has tracking number, but it seems to be wrong - I can not track my order! And the celler forced me to start Dispute about partial refund. I beleved and made it... Great mistake! The order apeared as finished, so my money were paid to the celler! Super theft with no way to complain to AliExpress. STAY AWAY FROM THEM AND THEIR "PARTNERS" LIKE [email protected], LISA SMITH AND STORE

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  • Dh
    Dhanmaker Sep 24, 2013

    Cheated by seller. Now seller not found.

    Order no: 60102240171101
    URL :
    I always have a doubt if I could trade in aliexpress/alibaba without any dispute. I have some friends doing business thru alibaba spending thousand of dollars. They actually recommended your site. But my doubt seem to be true, as there are number of ways that buyers can be cheated in aliexpress/alibaba shopping website.
    Here is my case:
    I bought a lenovo a660 from a seller 'Lisa Smith'. Order no: 60102240171101 on 1st Setp 2013. They cheated me by saying they would provide partial settlement as they didnt ship the item thru DHL and asked me to open a dispute for partial settlement (see attached document for message conversation). so i made a claim for just $15 for the shipping issue and the seller said they would ship the item thru normal courier. I have repeatedly asked for shipping details for which there was no reply. Only now i realized this seller had cheated me for $90 and the shipping tracking number was not true. The seller didn't even ship the item. your website have a functional bug that closes the traction imdly after opening/closing a dispute without realizing that the product delivery/shipping should be confirmed. Please allow me to open a dispute with this seller or please refund my whole amount. I initially thought of posting this dispute in my blog website and advise my friends not to use your site. But before that i just want to give you a chance to resolve this dispute. Hope a positive reply from you.

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  • Ma
    Mark Story Sep 26, 2013

    Hi Dhanmaker,

    Can you please send me an email ([email protected]) with the particulars that you mention above? Your case will be tied to the email that you use and it's also easy for me to forward this to my colleagues in customer service.

    I hope that we can help you.


    Mark Story
    Director, International Corporate Affairs
    Alibaba Group

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  • Ma
    Mark Story Sep 26, 2013


    I am sorry that you have had a problem with a supplier on AliExpress. Please understand that AliExpress is a platform that connects buyers and sellers; we are not the supplier of the goods you purchased.
    With that said, I’d still like to help. has a customer service team to assist you. There are a couple of different ways to get in touch with them. One is to fill out our online form. It’s here: (you’ll need to log in) or send an email with the particulars of your situation to [email protected]
    We can’t resolve 100% of customer issues, but I promise that we will try.

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  • Da
    Daniel Aranda Oct 21, 2013

    I have had the same experience, 60072668399488 order number, the order was closed after a partial refund of $ 15 by change of DHL Shipping to China post. The number of shipping being false, it is mistake of aliexpress. I've put two claims and close them without explanation.It is a scam by ailexpress.Please I request a response and return the money.

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  • Ma
    Mark Story Oct 21, 2013


    I have responded to you via email. Please check your email.

    Mark Story

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  • Pe
    Peter Pan the second Nov 04, 2013

    DON'T buy by Aliexpress!!! They don't help you if something happened !!! You can't send things back!!! 50 % of the dillers there they are...
    Please stay a way! it's like lottery...

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  • Cp
    CP8 Nov 22, 2013

    I have to agree. Communication is very bad. I have bought from Aliexpress before and did not have problems. But I do have a problem with store 606114 JOJO CHEN. When I placed my order 60443007766839 I asked for FEDEX but my order says DHL with tracking number 1111111111 this is a fake tracking number. I have asked why they did this and the answer was they thought it would help for customs and should they change to fedex. My question then was how is this possible this then means my order is not shipped! Now they ignore me. I don't understand why I paid for shipping according to shipping time it says 4-8 days. I have placed order on 13 November 2013 payment was received on 14 November 2013 today is the 22nd of November 2013. And my order still says DHL with tracking 1111111111!!! I don't trust this store or site anymore. I also cant open a dispute nor complain anywhere else!!!

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  • Li
    liyolanda Nov 26, 2013

    that is true?? i do not have buyed in aliexpress, but i do look for information about aliexpress, , someone says it's good but others say no, it is scam. I have perchused some times in newbuybay, it is a taobao agent, they offer language service, safe payment and gran descount of international shipping. i like newbuybay.

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  • Vk
    VKNguyen Dec 27, 2013

    Alibaba website is ...full of escrows :
    e.g David Ricardo (same name of the famaous economist) but from Alibaba is trading escrow
    Please be carefull, he has nothing to sell just scam


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  • Mc
    mcool Jan 04, 2014

    I so much believe in aliexpress but why are u letting me down. I am an esteemed customer of aliexpress who has purchased over 20 items from this site both received and awaiting acceptance. But this very transaction stroke my heart therefore I need to cry out for my full refunding.
    18/12/2013, I made a payment for an order no 60644072882788 from ff ss store. The order comprised of two cubot one android phones for 142.90US dollars at 71.45US dollars per each.
    Some hours I received a message that your has been successfully paid for. 19/12/2013 I received another message via [email protected] that order had been shipped u can now track your order with track id: 1815983339 dhl. To be hold I tried tracking my order but the message I received was such package had not been registered.
    Few days later I received a message again saying your has been frozen. Reason " it was discovered that the seller has unprotected activities". 26/12/2013 I received another message from aliexpress which stated that your order has been closed because the supplier did not provide necessary evidence, the payment will be refunded within 7-10 working days.
    At 31/12/2013, a refund was made but it was 82.57US dollars out of 142.90US dollars. Please I need the remaining part of my money as i am running out of patient

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  • Bi
    Bill Sanderson Mar 25, 2014

    I same had once very nasty experience with a "golden supplier" from ALIBABA named "HOLYKELL Technology Company Limited" in China. As we have some ongoing projects in demand of pressure units, we ordered from them around 20 units of Rosemount pressure transmitter as they claimed to be "authenticated authorized distributor" from US-based Emerson Process INC., which eventually turned out to be totally copycat with no value for installation or operation. Also per se, this company "can do deals of Rosemount products to any US-sanctioned countries like North Korea and Iran". What is this kind of company all about? Alibaba, artist of spam and fraud. I, also all friends of mine, will NEVER NEVER try ALIBABA again.

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  • Ch
    Charles Lozada Apr 30, 2014

    The majority of the vendors on AliExpress have been honest and faithful to their commitments. Unfortunately, there are dishonest peole in the world (what a shock!) The problem I've had is that I have recourse to my complaints or problems on EBAY. I have 100% satisfaction, whereas I would rate Ali at 85%.. I have no one to watcj over me!! there is no real customer service. What is it automated?

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  • Ch
    Charles Lozada Apr 30, 2014

    Most vendors on Aliexpress are honest and comply with their responsibilities. After having difficulties with 2 vendors in particular, i prefer to stick with Ebay. I give ebay foreign vendors 100% rating, excellent customer service. Aliexpress, I give 85% satisfaction.
    I have no outlet for any complaints on Aliexpess, I want somebody who I can write to and discuss my problem to. Do they have a customer service dep't? I don't want to complain to a robot.

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  • Kk
    kkiran May 06, 2014

    I made a purchase for 2 TB Seagate harddisk from Shenzhen brilliant Industrial Co., Ltd company on Feb 11 2014 and The order no. is 61084715537581. I received the harddisk on 5th April. Now the harddisk is not working. I checked the it with authorsed Seagate service centre and it was returned stating it is a fake product. I paid $65.08 + $21 as customs duty. I tried to contact the seller for 1000 times but the seller is not replying.

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  • La
    Larysa Shengiun May 27, 2014

    Hello, <?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

    I ordered a phone from Aliexpress. The
    phone stuck at customs and went back to the Seller. The dispute was opened,
    then escalated dispute. Seller agreed to refund half of the amount paid for the
    product. I did not agree to the Seller's proposal on half refund, somehow the
    button "Agree to the Seller's proposal" was weirdly pressed not by me
    and at the time when I did not open the PC...

    I sent thosand e-mails to Aliexpress on the
    issue and talked also to aliexpress chat.

    No solution... I paid for the air.. In
    Aliexpress there are no Buyer protection programs is fact...

    Best regards,

    Larysa Shengiun

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  • Bh
    Bhagwan Swaroop Jun 12, 2014

    Supplier ; delivered Faulty PCB cost USD 2, 365.80; that was purchased as NEW . in OPEN box ; Nevere worked; When contact supplier he did not agree to Replace. When file Dispute.. it is 30+ days and counting.. NO progress. Order NO:
    61902721204967 (Dispute Case NO:4000216196) Dispute Opened: May. 13 2014..Today. 13 June2014..I have effectivlly Lost USD 2356.80...Never trust Escrow of this Scamming site Aliexpress.

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  • Av
    avraham Jul 03, 2014

    80 days and still I did not receive my order. no: 61855384298970
    From aliexpress
    Even No Local tracking details !!!
    Did you send the order or only you charge me !!!
    Please refund me now
    From April to June I order from aliexpress 9 items and I got all with no problem, only order. no: 61855384298970 as a problem. Look like the supplier did not send it !!!
    Please refund me now
    How can you help, alixprees take the money, and they have time with my money,
    How can I connects AliExpress !!! the chat is robot, no telephone support, no email to support, only mechanism to take my / your many !!!
    The order is in to long time in status Dispute in Progress

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  • Ad
    ade303 Jul 13, 2014

    they should be banned by all credit card companies to help stop them trading. If enough people contact their bank maybe it will happen but with billions of $$'s in the offing who knows

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  • To
    Toonunit Jul 17, 2014

    AliExpress offers NO buyer protection, especially after you have received your item - warranties are meaningless. I have bought several times with no problems, however, I bought a mobile phone (my most expensive purchase from them) and although it worked great initially, after only 2 months it died. The seller advertises 12 month warranty, but I have been given the total runaround trying to get them to honour this. They finally agreed to repair the phone if I sent it back to them, but when I did, they lied and claimed the phone didn’t arrive. After investigation by China Post, the phone was returned to me with the message that the seller refused to claim the package. So, not only do I have a dead phone, but I also wasted $20 on registered post only to have it returned to me. This has been going on since February and even after four online discussions with supposedly helpful customer service people, nothing is being done. Every time I speak to them they tell me they have passed my issue on to their Trade Security Team, who will investigate and get in touch with me. They never get in touch with me and I don’t believe anything is being investigated. Basically, AliExpress couldn’t care less about customers. This seller is still operating. AliExpress states on their site that all sellers are verified, so really they do have a responsibility to ensure that sellers are doing the right thing. Unfortunately they don’t and I will not be buying anything further from AliExpress due to this total lack of customer care or recourse after you have acknowledged receipt of an order.

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