AliExpressI have paid for my order. Why does the order status still say awaiting payment

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I have paid for my order but Why does one of the order status still say Awaiting Payment even though I already paid all.
i paid at mini market at indonesia at 27 august 2019 at 16.26. i bought some products from some seller. But any one seller that I must pay again. Total payment its about $ 53.
Order ID : [protected]
Payment code : [protected]
Ref : 201908268031100007671196805187
ID transaction : [protected]
In ME ME Store
Total amount $ 24.99
For 20 item product

The attached below is my total payment in IDR include this order.
Please help and check your system why I still being asked to pay again.

Thank for your attention


  • Updated by Farita triwijacahya, Aug 31, 2019

    Halloo...when the problem can solve.
    The attach Below is the evidence that i already paid

    I have paid for my order. Why does the order status still say awaiting payment
Aug 29, 2019
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  •   Aug 29, 2019

    Sometimes banks need a couple of days to 'shake hands' on the deal. it happens. you might have paid the bill but until the money is actually not only transferred to the other bank but made to the other banks side, the bill is still outstanding.

    my mortgage was recently moved from one bank to another. the second bank agreed the same time allotment from when a bill was considered on time to when it was considered late [16th of every month was ok but after that, late]. well, if I went to the bank on the 15th with a check to pay my mortgage, guess what... nope. late.

    yup. that bank considered when the money transferred from one side to the other as paid. I now pay it in cash and 'early'.

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  • Fa
      Aug 29, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Why in one payment, some paid is ok but only one is still not ok. The system asked me to pay again brother..

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  •   Aug 29, 2019

    @Farita triwijacahya don't pay again. sometimes one thing goes through and the other doesnt right away. especially if you are using the same card, the credit card company may question the second transaction because -- why not lump it in with the first?

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  • Fa
      Aug 29, 2019

    @Um is not an answer! Yes I will not pay again.
    I paid my orders from several seller in one transaction. I paid with cash in mini market in indonesia, alfamidi market.

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