C Dec 03, 2019

I am very unsatisfied about how Aliexpress handles orders which never arrived etc and do NOT proceed to refund. Its known the shops do not get the money first etc. Although I believe Aliexpress should guarantee a little bit of buyer's guarantee. Other platforms ebay (etc) do offer this guarantee. It makes people doubt about the seriousness of Aliexpress.
I am a customer for over 2 years, have bought for a couple of hundred euros. I did by the end of september a bit more then 15 orders - 6 have never arrived. I got refund for one only, 5 i never got refund! And i disputed.. pls check this. I would like to get my money back asap.
So my account runs under the name Chris Clement, email [protected]
Here are the different cases which need refund : The orders date from END OF SEPTEMBER!
- Order ID [protected] / Store name: Singing With me Store for 11, 23dollar - Order ID: [protected]/ Store name: Shop4638046 Store for 23, 29dollar(i did contact/dispute aliexpress for this already weeks ago, it still says refund in progress, the object is out of stock)
- Order ID: [protected] / Store name: Micomico Store Here the shop dispatched two items or two different backs and gave me only 1 only tracking number. One package arrived, seemingly unopened, I disputed, sent photos of package.. Never got refunded. So, the fleece jacket hasnt arrived and should be refunded 19, 06dollar. 

- Order ID: [protected] / Store name: lilijasmi Cashmere Store  31, 34 EurosI ordered with this shop (paid) found a better size in a different shop, so i had to cancel. I canceled quite swiftly. The order was not even shipped yet. I complained. Never got refund!
Order ID: [protected]/ Store name: MAOCWEE Store 6, 73euros
The cap has been delivered to a wrong address, althought the seller got right address from me. So i never got the product. I ask hereby full refund.

The items I never got make more or less 100dollars I spent and never got back. That is unacceptable.
I hereby ask refund!

sincerly yours,

Christian Clement

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