AliExpressmy product cell phone cases


I ordered many cases in aliexpress. I got only few cases . I would like to now details about my remaining cases are they shipped to me or not please tell me details about my remaining cases and how many cases u need to deliver to me. One more thing what you have did is in parcel cover you have mentioned val as 5 and u delivered only 3 cases this is not fare right u didnt gave me 5 cases and u mentioned as 5 and u submitted 3 cases only. Please give me proper explanation for this.

  • Updated by Sindhu Indukuri · Nov 27, 2017

    I didnt receive all these phone cases i mentioned the tarcking ids please tell me whether i will receive this phone cases or not [protected]
    [protected] please tell me detailed informaabout this cases i didnt receiveed yet.

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