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Re: airtel india

Warm greetings to every one at airtel. I am forced to send this complaint to you as the circumstances are pushing me to do so, to be honest to you I am very upset about a few things which has happened to me recently, in terms of customer service airtel was right on the top in my list, however few things have made me so upset that I had tears in my eyes yesterday.

Complaint:my sim card got rejected due to some error on 29/08/2006 at around 6-7 pm, the very next day I walked in to the fraser town outlet yesterday morning around 11:30 am and I got a replacement card for my number. The lady there called nafisa did not make a note of the new sim number she gave me (As told by the cse at your call center) and sim did not get activated, I am so upset by this lady coz when I went there also she dint give attention at all she was busy on some personal call outside she came in later and gave the new sim card without making a note of the sim number and she promised me it will be activated by 6:00pm yesterday, I do agree mistakes can happen but I did tell her that its very important for me for the sim card to be activated (Reason I was expecting call abt my promotion interview which I was desperate to know the results and a std call and isd call from parents abroad).

I spoke to an fla last night I was promised it will be activated by this morning but nothing has happened yet (Here I dont think its this agent error coz he was really helpful).

But please I request you to get my sim crd activated asap my alternate contact number would be [protected] and also whenever I try contacting customer care I get an ivr which says send your? Thru sms in 130 characters and we shall revert back to you and the call gets disconnected which is not a good customer service practice, this does not help us at all, we would like to speak to a person and get it sorted out.

Finally with relation to my bill payments I have been there with you for abt more than a year with mobile number ([protected] - which I lost and was asked to take up a new connection & [protected] - currently in use) I never missed out my payments till last month as had to pay some huge hospital bills, you can imagine health will the first priority so I paid the unexpected bills and I dint have any money, I some how managed to pay with my credit card but I still get calls from+916006 and text messages to make payments, I had some hello tune charges credited for abt rs.137 (And the airtel live facility also dint help me as anything I downloaded came as a (Question mark) in the middle of the picture with no download photo which I was disputing and dint the reply) which is still not deducted from my bill and my this month payment has come up to around rs.1777, would you please look into this and get things sorted out for me as I would still like to continue my usage of mobile phone with you as a service provider.


  • Valerie Sep 02, 2006

    I satyajeet singh in mumbai -india) our mobl. No. Is 9890053006 (maharshtra). I very very old user andi have total seven no. From air tel. And all my Mobl. Is working. But i very very sorry to say that Airtel network in india mumbai (maharashtra) very Very poor (dirty). Your all staff in customer care is very poor /dirty / ire-responsible and uneducated person. She and he (they) don't know "how reply and how to short out and how Communication with customer. They all are cheat you and try to make his target achieve. And earned lot Of money from you. But they don't give the service / theyalways create the problem.

    The matter is just 10 days ago in aug. 2006 for hello tune. One day i m Received a cal from your (air tell customer center pune.india) they said --------if you allowed me to give 'hello tune' on your desire. And its
    Charge only inr. 30/- in a month and no any activation charges. ----- Then i said no-- i m not interested and i m discounted his call. After 24 Hours. They give hello tune in my mobl. And they deduct the amount rs. 30 From my balance. After that one of my friends told me ' how bad song to your mobl. For hello Tune . Then i can't believe this and i dial from my another my to this mobl. It really very very same and to dirty song in my mobl.

    Then i m immediately cal (dial customer center pune india) -121 and discuss With air-tel person. She said ok . It will disconnected with in 48 hours and your money will back To your account. Then after 48 hour i m again chk, but its continuo and i again call 121 Customer center. That person so argument with us then i m request ing to Pls. Connect to your manager. They didn't call and disconnect the my call,
    Again i call another person is said " ok no problem hello tune will Disconnected again 24 hours. Till today
    This is counting and i m several time 'sms' to you customer center pune.
    No any reply..

    Now i m final go to launch a legal action against " air tell customer center Pune. India and publish the all matter in all news paper. If i m not received any action with in 24 hrs. From you person side to stop the "hello tune" and return the rs. 30 in my account.

    Expecting urgent reply from your side,
    Mr. Satyajeet Singh

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  • Sh
    shivakumar Sep 06, 2006

    9980900829 sim card is rejected solve me problem

    actualy i worked security sitting then sim bloked & sim card is rejected

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  • Go
    Gorkha BR Sep 11, 2006

    I have recently swtched over to Airtel Servcies from "Idea", and got into trouble. Within my area University of Pune there is no coverage at all, even outside of University of Pune there is break up services, for which I have count money. Break up in the sense within a fraction of seconds cell gets disconnected.

    Am very panic about it and would like to change service from airtel to idea again, if I wont get proper coverage and services.

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  • Ni
    nima lamoo tschapeller Sep 13, 2006

    To Customer care.

    I am recieving unsolicited calls from your Airtel service advertising people. I do not want this and I want money from the time I got connected to your Company advertising office.

    DISSCONECT THE Advertising and dont do anymore stealing of my sim card money out of my Sim card refiles or I will have to take an F.I.R against your company. My Number is 9932518775

    This is urgent so give me service as I know you care!!

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  • He
    Hemant Tiwaskar Sep 15, 2006

    I got a replacement sim on 10th september, and I was being told that the sim will get activated within next 48 hours. It is not yet activated till today (15th Sept). It is causing a lot of inconvenience to me. Also, as I have a postpaid plan, I have to pay the rental even though I didnot use the service in past few days.
    Please look into the matter.
    My mob. no is 9860561417.
    Pune (Maharashtra)

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  • Ln
    L.N KAUSHIK Oct 09, 2006

    tell me about your scheme & other activities

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  • An
    Ankit K Shukla Nov 24, 2006

    I am an airtel customer for 3 years from last 6 months my airtel 121 (customer care) services are disabled without any reason and i have given several complaints to customer care about this but yet they havent done anything .

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  • Am
    Amit Baburao Ghatkar Dec 26, 2006

    I am completely sick of the Airtel Service,

    On the 27th Dec 06 my Cell is not showing up the network at all.

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  • Pr
    prabha Dec 27, 2006

    Actually i want a caller tune. when i try calling the hello tune it was like choose u language later they asked to choose my songs when i was selecting only my call got cut...

    I really tried for 3 to 4 times but still it was just continuing the same like my call got cut....
    when u cant do it why u keep all this options... Airtel sucks!

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  • Sa
    Sanket Ninawe Jan 03, 2007

    Can u tell me nokia care centre address in Pune. My 3230 handset is hanged and i want to repair it.

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  • Si
    Simone Dinyar Contractor May 31, 2007

    I am constantly flooded with unwanted sms's from airtel and would like to stop this immediately. These messages are highly unimportant and unnecessary.

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  • An
    Anitha Balaraman Jun 14, 2007

    Every month i used to change my caller tunes by visiting the airtel website where we can find the songs list of different languages. But this month when i opened, a big question mark...

    The entire website is new. I appreciate that you have changed the design and other customizations.

    Where can I can the song list? I searched the entire website. But I'm unable to find out the songs (hello tunes) list.

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  • Aw
    A W IQBAL Jun 27, 2007

    1. I have tried to contact AIRTEL on 121 and 9849098490 to get my PUK code. But unfortunately the services are being handled by computerized answering machines with only few options to choose from and with no provision to know about PUK. Without a person to answer to such queries how can a customer be at ease with the service provider?

    2. As a second option I have sent SMS to 121 for PUK code. I am prompted to type HELP and sms to 121 for a proper keyword. I have received 10 keywords, the last one relating to PUK code being ambiguous; as such even when I sent the keyword as mentioned in the message 10, I could not get the PUK code. Is there a way out?

    Plz advise smb!

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  • Ja
    Janki Nandwani Jun 29, 2007


    I am visiting India and I bought an Airtel sim card (1 yr. validity) from a shop on MG Rd. I gave the salesman all the documents that he asked for. After about a week, my number got suddenly deactivated. I complained to the shop and they had it re-activated for me. It happened again last week and once again this gentleman helped get it re-activated by calling Airtel service.
    After I got back my service the second time, an Airtel representative was nice enough to call and check if my number was in service again, he apologized and said it wouldn't happen again.

    That was two days ago. However, I am having the same problem again since yesterday. Now when I asked the shop salesman to help me , he said I would have to personally go to Airtel. I went to them and they said I should submit all my documents all over again... this is ridiculous!!! I don't walk around my documents and pictures wherever I go. I need my cel. phone very urgently. No one even knows the reason that this has happened to my number. I know it's got nothing to do with documentation. It's probably some error for which I have to bear this inconvenience.

    None of the service lines either are functioning either. VERY POOR SERVICE... I would discourage anyone from using Airtel. I NEVER want to use it again.

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  • Nk
    nkjain Jul 04, 2007

    My mobile was blocked for incoming calls, for want of verification. Although it's the operator's duty to ask for verification, but before asking or giving any notice, whatsoever, they just blocked all of my incoming calls. However, once i came to know of it, on 30th June I gave necessary papers to one of their franchise office. I was told that in 72 hours it will be activated.

    Today is 4th July and still nothing happened. I went to the same office, and I was bluntly told by the lady that we always say 72 working hours, which even by their own words have surpassed the time limit. On 1st July they have sent the papers to their office designated to verify the papers. I asked them to get me connected to their superiors, on that they asked me to get connected to their tel. no. 121. Again I had to ask them to get me through all those recorded talks to press this and this no., for such and such service. When I finally got connected, i was told that it is yet to be verified and the department is separate.

    It being a service oriented matter, why they just block the incoming calls of the customers and harassing them. One never knows when you need to get calls, what for are the mobiles made for???

    If this is the kind of service and attention they pay for their services, only god can save the caller from their clutches. When this 72 hours ordeal will finish, if ever, nobody knows, not even the Airtel office staff.

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  • Ag
    aggersain saharan Jul 07, 2007

    I got message that my gprs service had been activated. Then i requested for settings. I was said to wait for 24 hours . I waited then i talked to customer care but same response "wait for 24 hours".
    I am sending and receiving message from this number. Five or six times i requested for settings via message but they said"we haven't received message for settings". My balance has been deducted by 249 rupees and still i have balance more than 55 rupees. I am totally unhappy with the response from service.

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  • Go
    Gouri Vankudre Jul 12, 2007

    I have recently switched over to Airtel Services from "Idea", and got into trouble.
    I have activated the card but after two days, my number got suddenly deactivated
    I asked helpline for reason... she was saying you have to submit some documents because of that we have deactivated the SIM.

    Why you have not checked all the document before activate the SIM. What actually you wants to prove once you activate the SIM and after two days you deactivate the SIM.

    Please look into this

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  • Va
    Vaibhav Dhakate Jul 16, 2007

    Poor airtel connection is so weak that my cellphone is stolen and i wanted to trace my number so that i can take some further actions but this damn guys don't even help anyone. They are so lame that they cannot help us. My 10000 buck cellphone was stolen and it really meant a world for me. Airtel could have helped me but i pity on such service. Try to make some keen security or else leave this business and get lost.

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  • As
    asma aziz Jul 19, 2007

    Hi just a few days back i switched to airtel network because i heard it has good connectivity. My husband is in abroad and I have to receive or dial calls to him. My problem is I have prepaid service and a call charge for 1 min to dubai is 9.20ps but unfortunately i don't get to talk for a minute completely also.Due to some reasons the call gets disconnected after a few secs. This has happened many time and 9.20 ps are deleted instantly. I am puzzled whom to contact as the customer care service doesn't respond. When airtel boasts of a great network why does my calls get disconnected??

    The charge for an ISD is also higher compared to other services. Why there is no customer care officer to sort out my problem??

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  • Fr
    Fr. Thomas George Jul 23, 2007

    I have an Airtel connection. No complaints about the service. But very strong objection about the computerized voice mail.

    Sometimes when I am busy doing something or attending a meeting, the phone rings. Seeing the number I reject the call, but the disturbance is due to the call is sometimes too costly. One day I was in the parlor and my mobile was ringing in the room. As I got up in a hurry, hit on the small table and got a deep cut. It really pained me to see that the call was a computerized voice mail.

    Many a time my mobile set gets discharged if I forget to keep in the silent mode. The voice mail makes the set to ring for sometime when I am not able to attend the phone.

    My number (9934806128)

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  • Ve
    Venkateswa ra rao Nandipati Jul 23, 2007

    I bought airtel data card 15 days back. While browsing it is getting disconnected in between. I am facing this problem from past 15 days. I called help desk and they raised complaint 15 days back regarding net disconnection in between while browsing. The reference number (complaint number) is 13125201.

    Nobody has come till now to rectify the problem. I fed up with their services.

    So I decided to return back data card to them if i will get refund.


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  • Up
    Upendra Kumar Jul 24, 2007

    I am a customer of Airtel since the starting of Airtel in 2001. If it is a prepaid number there are no problem i think from any provider but in post paid connections you will be frustrated with specially Airtel. I am having a number which is a corporate connection and am trying to convert it to mine individual but am unable to since a month. Airtel is not able to make arrangement for address verification. i got 3 request logs dated 11th July Ref no. 13187596, another 15th july ref. no 13231221 and third i have to yet receive with not giving a thought to customer harassment. I am still at the starting point as the number 9971396361 is still a corporate number and has yet to be transferred to my individual name connection.

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  • Vi
    vineet sagar Jul 25, 2007

    I would like to draw attention towards non-responsible and insensitive behavior of AIRTEL CUSTOMER CARE department. In spite of repeating reminders and assurances nothing has happened and everybody it seems that only interested in passing bucks...

    I have spoken to various people like Mr. Puneet / Mr Prabhjeet / Mr Raman and all of them has said that they will get back to me but till date nobody bother to call me... is this the services the esteem organization offers...

    I have just a small issue to resolve but i wonder whether i would get any solution for that...

    Various Complaint No. 13030472, 13108029, 13327553

    Vineet Sagar
    Airtel Mobile No. : 9871477785

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  • Na
    Nalakath Kuttikkat Rasheed Aug 03, 2007

    I am working in Dubai and I have an Airtel lifetime connection for more than two years with roaming. I used to go for Airtel GPRS connection for internet every time I come to India. I have used the same in Mar 07 during my visit to India. I came on vacation to India for the period from 09-07-2007 to 26-07-2007 and I have done a easy charge for Rs.274 for my Internet connection on 07-07-2007 and it was suppose to be activated with in two days. But it was not active after two days. I called them every day more than two to three times for the activation they always use to say that it will be activated by next day but it never activated till I return back to Dubai on 26-07-2007. I paid my money for nothing. Now I am looking for email contact complaint.

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  • Ra
    Rajabaksa Nadaf Aug 10, 2007

    When i found my balance was o i want and i recharged my cell for Rs. 60/-. And for same my balance would be getting somewhere around Rs. 50/- or more but, now it is not even half of price paid for. It comes around to Rs. 23/-. Why? What is use for recharging like this and why we have to pay more to get very less which not even half of it. No one charges so much of service charges. It is better to switch to some other cell.


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  • Kh
    Khela majhi Aug 17, 2007

    I recharged my mobile having airtel connection (my MOBILE NUMBER +919934544509) on 14AUG at 9.10pm with a denomination of Rs60. Again on 15Aug at 6.45 am with a denomination of Rs30, then at 3.10 pm with a denomination of Rs 10, then on 18Aug at 8.30am with a denomination of Rs10. All my above recharges had been successful but till now my balance has not been updated. I even called your customer care center at patna they told me that the balance will be updated in 2hrs.but no action has been taken. I have even got wrong information from your customer care agents that my balance has been updated and i have used it for calling ohrt numbers and my money has been deducted. These are the names of your agents DEEPAK, PUROSOTTAM and ANMOL.

    SO through this complain i want to inform you that update my balance within 1hr or else i will be approaching the consumer court for not paying my balance.

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  • Kr
    krishna V. Pai Aug 21, 2007

    The simcard No. 9987457630 was purchased from Airtel franchise M/s Gopal Electronics, Chembur, Mumabi 0n 8th July, 2007 and submitted the required documents next day to the franchise. The phone was activated and after about 15 days, it was deactivated stating that the documents are not received. All the documents were again submitted to airtel center opposite Acharya Udyan, Chembur on 16th August, 2007. The phone is still not activated as on today the 21st August. 24 hours for activation is a tall claim.


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  • Ha
    haris Aug 24, 2007

    From my Airtel sim card i cant activated to any service messages...and i cant activate Mobile office too...i try to send a messege to 567 but it says messeage sending failed..and i called up to customer care there is no proper care for my number is 9894104704..i need some help ...!!!!!!

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  • Cs
    CSB Nair Aug 28, 2007

    I have been trying to get my mobile connections No.9967766148 & 149 with bharti airtel disconnected for the past month or so as I found that the services were extremely deficient and tardy from the word go. I had also been misled on the schemes at the time of joining or perhaps I was really dumb at the time. Now I am finding that the number is not getting disconnected although the reply from them to each email informs me that action would be taken. No one from the company has contacted me so far. Meanwhile they continue to bill me. My deposit will I fear be lost as a result.

    I am now considering taking the company to the c0nsumer court.

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  • Ra
    Ravindra Sep 11, 2007

    I am a airtel user. I have unnecessary calls and more missed calls to one number. How to find his/her details with address? Someone suggest.

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  • Ab
    ABHIJIT V SHRIRAO Sep 12, 2007

    respected sir,

    i found my sim was not working due to some damage . my mobile no. is 9860870484 and due to damage my sim no. isnot visible so please send me sim no as early as possible

    i hope u will help me in such condition

    thanking you

    abhijit shrirao

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  • Sa
    Saurabh Harit Sep 15, 2007

    There has been problem of network resulting into call drops and voice breaking for last one and a half month. I have talked and registered complaints with thousand of customer care executives and there managers but to no effect. As they always tell that they have not received any feed back from their technical team. Don't know where to escalate the complaint. There has been not even a single call back on this issues which is being promised everytime i make a complaint with a deadline of 72/48/24/4 hours. I am totally disturbed with Airtel and their customer care!!!

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  • Ri
    RINU T.VADAKKEN Oct 04, 2007

    my complaint is that airtel has a short range in my town neyyattinkara, Trivandrum, kerala. the tower is situated atleast one kilometre from my home. but in my home only a small or no range. please increase the power of the tower in my place.

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  • Am
    Amrita Walia Oct 05, 2007

    My phone no is 9810750764.before coming to the UK (10-15 days) i had called the airtel helpdesk to cancel my a/c . I was told to submit my bill and give an application to the person who comes for the payment collection. I did that! Just before coming i called up to confirm that if its been canceled or not. They said they haven't got my application and they kept on charging me. I received a bill which i didn't want to pay as its was not my fault that nobody listened to me, but i still paid it as people were calling my home and harassing my family members... threatening them!!! Which is awful really!


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  • An
    Aniruddha Pal Oct 13, 2007

    I have surrendered my Chennai number, its discontinued... wanted an e-bill... they have sent one but its password protected... and they have sent the password through sms to my discontinued mobile number... i have been asking them to send the password to my e mail id for last fortnight without any success... heights of insensitivity to customer need and daftness :(

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  • Su
    Subhashini Meesala Oct 13, 2007

    I completely agree with this!

    Airtel customer care is worst!!! There is no way to contact a customer care officer. Everytime I end up with the total junk automated voice response which does not serve any purpose.

    My PIN is blocked and trying for the PUK no desperately and I couldn't speak to a customer service and always end up with the stupid voice responses

    Airtel Customer care sucks!!!

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  • Ma
    manik shah Oct 30, 2007

    I agree that the CSE which has been hired by Airtel is really poor on the basis of the process knowledge , they are not aware of the resolution and above that they are really good in giving "tallas" to customers.

    I already have 2 land line numbers of Airtel however I got one mobile number so that I can forward the calls to one of the STD number, and I confirmed it this thing 5 times at Airtel customer service (Delhi/Gurgaon) and every time I was given assurance that once I have taken a mobile number I can divert the calls to any of the number as per my requirement, I even confirmed the same thing twice with the supervisor and once I bought the sim I have been told that this service is not there in Airtel.

    CSE really s*cks, so there is no point in investing million/billions to expand your business, if you can can not provide a better service/information.

    I really feel sorry for the co. and for showing faith in the such a co. who hire really bad CSE with no communication skills and zero process knowledge.

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  • Ra
    Ramesh Kumar Nov 06, 2007

    I have two Airtel numbers, which are 9818031312, 9871480638. I received too many unwanted recorded calls and sms from you. So please stop these things to my phone numbers which I have given, because it is very irritating.

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  • Ab
    abhijeet puri Nov 26, 2007

    airtel is really worst to their customer care services.....

    not able to talk to customer cxare services.......
    not able to use my number......

    in short AIRTEL SUCKS........

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  • Ra
    Rajkumar D Aoutade Nov 30, 2007


    I have a prepaid connection of 9740146014 mobile , It is expired on 31 Oct 2007. But now I want to continue it. When I recharged it with Rs400 or Rs 495 It gives the Message like "Recharge not successful on your mobile. Transaction ID 328712323 Date 26-11-2007 at 08:07PM". What should I do ?

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