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irresponsible service!

I am having a post paid connection of airtel, last month when i received my bill immediately without any...

deceptive subscription of tune!

This is to beware you that don't go for airtel mobile service in at least Himachal Pradesh circle. Six...

wrong deduction of money

My mobile no 1s [protected].and 7 nov-2007 I have received a call from airtel office mohali regarding net on phone service but I have all ready register on NDNC from dated 20th sep 2007 and its register no is S1000287596.
And next day of the calling on my account airtel deducted RS 99. when I call on airtel they note my complaint and its no is [protected] on date 12th nov 2007 write down by miss minakshi and she give me the time of resolving the problem 14th nov 2007 at 16:10 pm. But the problem is not solved.
So I called again and again but every body trying to give me LOLLIPOPS

According to DNS your call on dated 07th nov-2007 is illegal and punishable offence

And please replay me soon as soon as possible. On my cell no

Munish garg

deactivation of vas pack facility

Dear Sir or Madam,

To day i received the message from 543212 " on my airtel mobile no. "+[protected] "your subscription to vas pack 30 has been renewed." on dt. 17/11/07 16:05 PM. but i had already deactivated this facility by ur customer care on dt. 19/10/07 & 20/10/07. they told me that ur vas pack has been deactivated and in future not any amount will be deducted in ur balance in this regard. i also received the reference no in this regard by sms from u ( by 121 ) which is [protected]" .

by mistake the vas pack facility has been activated on my no. i till now aware ur this pack facility nor i used this on single time . i does'nt want this facility. And i m very depressed by ur customer care executives, they neither solve my problem nor they tell the right procdure to deactivate this facility. i already complained to ur customer care executives five to six times in one month earlier, but till date my problem is not solved.

i request u to that pl. check the copmaint by me on 19/10/07 & 20/10/07 for deactivating the vas pack facilty and returned my thirty rupees balance which is deducted by u doday. and please don't do this type of deduction in my a/c in future.

Thnx and regards

Pankaj Sharma



  • De
    deepak kumar Jul 03, 2008

    I don't want this stupid vas packs99&50.pls deactivate, unsubscribe these vas packs right now, I am deepak kumar, patna and my

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  • De
    deepak kumar Jul 03, 2008

    Airtel tower servicman sells oil of generator's use.that cause tower fails for 6-8hrs every day.Airtel called ABHI ABHI YHIN THA, KIDHAR GAYA JI...!!!$$$$>>>>...

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  • Pr
    prem Sep 28, 2008

    I am also suffering with same problem

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  • Ks
    k senthil Nov 06, 2008

    please deactivate vaspack in my no 9952417225, it is urgent.

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  • Si
    sirish Nov 20, 2008

    what is this vas pack? it is activated with out my intrest. Ph no is 9989718952. plz., deactivate...

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  • Am
    Aman Jan 09, 2009

    They(Customer care executive)(all great idiots) will not do any thing. Always give you wrong way to stop, and wrong information to unsubscribe any services.. Sometimes without informing you they activated those services... Whatever you can try this... To unsubscribe, SMS UNSUB < Service code > to 54321 eg . UNSUB News to 54321.
    or the following link can help you... I did and its working now...

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Dear Airtel Mr Ashish Negi,

I have applied for Airtel Prepaid to postpaid switchover long before(3 months back). But when i confirmed after 15 days of application, they said that my application has been lost. Then i again filled fresh application form with all the proofs. After 15 more days they said that my sim has to be changed. Then i did that too. After this my no was active for 10 days. After that all my calls have been diverted to Airtel customer care. There they said that i have given MUMBAI address to my surprise(To a place where i have never been before). How stupid is it. Then once again i gave my proof. After all these struggle, i just couldn't activate my no. and i gave up and really was surprised how your service was and then took a new vodafone connection(which has been activated on the very same of filling the application after 2 hours only). After all these struggle i just managed to get incomming calls for yesterday after 8 pm only, which lasted for that night alone. Please take some necessary steps. I have all the documents, if i donot get any positive response from your side too, i have to meet you in consumer court. All these things happened in your REACH COMMUNICATIONS at ANNANAGAR Chennai.

Name : V Arul

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[Resolved] std facility locked without our intimation

Please note our Ph. No. 044-[protected] (Chennai). We found in this line the STD facility is locked for more...

worst services.

My mobile phone which is a lifetime prepaid connnection. had not given problems in the past two years. Last...

no out going std calls

I hav called customer care 5 times in last 15 days but every one of them is listening complaint again an again but not solving... man marta hai ma behan ki sunao......

  • Sh
    SHASHIDHAR Apr 25, 2008


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  • Su
    sudha Aug 13, 2008

    This AIRTEL network is very very bad in rajahmundry railway stion area, dont take this company sim cords, and dont suffer with this airtel

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  • Su
    Subramanyam Atreyasa Feb 10, 2009

    From: Subramanyam Atreyasa

    Auto Debit from my saving account at ICICI, SR Nagar, Hyderbad

    I came across with what you call as the most rediculious accounts handling of Airtel. I have no ECS to AIRTEL for any of my bank acccounts. But every time these guys are auto debiting my saving accounts at ICICI for some other customer.

    I found this problem when I was out of country for 4-5 months in the 3rd qtr of 2008. And when I visited India in the month of November 2008, I need to follow up with Raghavendra at White house, Begumpet Office to address my issues.

    After few weeks they found that neither the bills belong to me nor the amount and by mistake they have debit 3-4 times my account for some other customer bills. After a long follow up AIRTEL has credited my accounts with all the debits.

    I'm now again out of country, and I came across with same problem. I found an auto debit from my saving account at ICICI for AIRTELAP. This is purely THEFT CASE and HARRASING CASE against AIRTELAP. I will be waiting to hear in 24 hours from now, if not I will be directly lodging a case against AIRTEL and let them know what if harrasing a customer.

    If any AIRTEL office see this messages pelase send me personal email and sort the problem out.

    Thank you

    [email protected]

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  • Lo
    Lokesh agarwal Mar 14, 2009

    i have problem related to my account
    my number is+919929223976

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problem in creating c. u. g in my airtel friends pack.

My mobile no is :[protected]. Its an airtel friends pack and I had created a group of 5 members about 1years ago. Inorder 2 delete 2 members and join some other members we all decided to break the existing group after consulting the customer care. We got it brocken very easily. But, now the problem is that we are not able to create any new group further even after trying from last few days. All are maintaining the minimum balance of rs30 and none of this numbers are lifetime scheme. So, please take necessary measures to solve this problem.
Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
Nija. K. C

Name:nija. K. C
Mob. No:[protected]
No of members which I want to join in my new group:[protected], [protected], [protected]

  • Mu
    Muthu Mareeswaran Mar 25, 2008


    i got a postpaid card i am in Madurai Kamaraj University, Madurai. i can't get tower properly. just one point of tower indicator is a big thing here. today we don't get even a single point for the whole day. Every one using airtel are in trouble
    So please take necessary steps for this

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  • Pr
    pradnya bhosale Apr 08, 2008

    I want to join group but its not done it shows after sometime

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  • So
    Somnath Haldar May 06, 2009

    My number is 996797655 have Wirtten a comple to Airtel Officer and Customer care for solve my problem.Because they deactivate my Cconnection without any information.That time i am not at Mumbai.After reaching Mumbai i wright a mail every day but till now i am not received any mail or call or any tipe of help.From net i collect the officers phone numer and call them no on pick up my call all r ringing is the number is fake? WI dont undestand what should i do, because this number is very importment in my work.

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  • So
    Somnath Haldar May 06, 2009

    Airtel Nodel and other Officer's Number in the site are Fake, Riging no one pick up your call

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  • Ap
    aparna May 19, 2009

    my mobile no is :9766021457 its an airtel friends pack and actually i want to join a group but when i enter the password it shows invalid password but i m entering the rigth password.all are maintaining the minimum balance of Rs30 and none of this numbers are lifetime, please take necessary measures to solve this problem.
    thanking you,

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deficiency of service, fraudulent advertising, unethical sales and unresponsive customer service

Hi all:

Airtel Broadband Service is a joke going on for too long.
I opted for their 2 Mbps connection and have never seen it deliver.
I have been getting between 7 Kbps and 30 Kbps - mostly the former download speed since the time I have been with their service, which is now about 6 months now. I have been complaining about this deficiency and only recently some local tech ppl were sent over and they confirmed verbally that the problem is not in the last mile or repeater but rather in their NOC which is in Delhi and I'm at Calcutta.

Even after this the service never improved. On top of that they out of the blue start sending inflated bills. The customer support is an eyewash to waste customer's time. None of the problems I ever reported were resolved till date. Their service goes offline at least 3 times in a week. No one knows of the SLA that is supposed to have been given the customer at the time of sign-up.

Airtel discourages customers from checking their online usage by making them again physically go to their customer support center after sign-up and again submit photo ID, and a written applkication to provide usage checking user/pass details. Of course this is so they can overbill you. This shouldn't be the case as they already have the photo ID etc with the broadband connection application - but they do this drama over again so ppl will not be bothered with this extra effort of re-registration again - which is what I had done and only after the inflated bills did I re-register again.

I have been regularly paying their bills but for the last 2 months which has hugely inflated billing. Even then I paid the normal bill amount except the inflated amount.

So to summarize:

#. Airtel converted me from my previous ISP, BSNL by fraudulently selling me the 2 Mbps connection (which actually doesn't come anywhere near that specification) and therefore CHEATED me.
#. Deficiency of Service to deliver 2 Mbps even after repeated complaints throughout the last 6 months.
#. Fraudulent overbilling
#. Actively by-passing customer right to know (internet usage stats) by systematically thwarting access to this info by means of duplicate, redundant and forced re-registration and that too by adamantly forcing ppl to visit physical customer support center and providing no means of doing so online. Clearly a malpractice and a violation of customer rights as per TRAI.

Everybody who feels this is also the case with the service of Airtel Broadband, plz reply here and I'm planning on a joint public interest litigation to the consumer court. Some companies think they can get away with anything - unless of course their bubble gets busted.

Thanks and cheers.

  • Sh
    Shrenik Bhura Jan 11, 2008

    I completely agree as same was the case with my connection and now even worse as after having requested a disconnection of service(by phone/e-mail/letter which Airtel Connect refused to take), they still continue billing me and making harassing calls at anytime of the day.

    Wish we can nail them down.


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  • Vi
    vivek kumar Apr 13, 2008

    i am a residet of rail vihar g.noida.i have submitted connection form with connection charges 35 days earlier but still did not get the connection.the airtel represntative(shakil from beta 2, g.noida allways make fake excuses .what should i do?

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  • Re
    renewableenergy2 Sep 07, 2008

    Unauthorized Charges on Your Local Phone - Utility Bill?
    How to Find Them, Eliminate Them & Get Your Money Back!
    If your business still gets its phone service through the old "AT&T and Verizon, etc" local phone company (as opposed to one of the newer competitive phone providers) then you need to double check your phone bill each and every month for charges you did not authorize. You may not know it but the local phone company allows other companies to bill you through your local phone bill. And while the local phone company allows other businesses to bill you through your local phone bill, the local phone company does not verify that the charges being billed to you by the other company are valid. When these unauthorized charges fraudulently appear on your phone bill it's called "cramming". Unfortunately you as the business owner or manager are the only one that can spot the unauthorized charges and if you don't comb over your bill every month to spot these unauthorized charges - you'll pay for them.
    Why does the local phone company allow other companies to pass charges onto your phone bill? "Third-party billing" is supposedly a great convenience in that you only have to pay one bill instead of separate bills for obvious authorized phone related charges like yellow-page advertising in the "real yellow pages", 411 information calls and long-distance calls from your chosen long distance carrier. Over the years though, some less-than-scrupulous companies have realized that most businesses rarely scrutinize their local-phone bills. To take advantage of this, these companies have come up with elaborate schemes to place
    unauthorized charges on your phone bill that you'll end up paying for without even thinking. Unauthorized
    charges you can end up paying for include charges for unwanted (and unused) email accounts, web sites,
    directory information calls, directory advertising in obscure publications, voice mail accounts and other
    In theory, before these charges can be placed on your phone bill, the company that is originating the third-party billed charges is supposed to have a verification of the order like a voice recording. In reality though,
    all the company needs to do to initiate the charge is submit your name and phone number to the billing
    entity. The verifications are only required to be produced if a complaint is filed.
    To prevent these charges from appearing on you business phone bill it's helpful to understand the four
    parties that make unauthorized third party phone charges a costly reality. Party number one is any
    employee who can answer your business phones. The unauthorized charge is rarely random and it usually
    happens after one of your company employees gets a telemarketing call. Employees should be instructed to
    document and report any overly aggressive telemarketing calls they receive. Party number two is the
    telemarketing company that originates the unauthorized charges by trying to get your employee to accept
    some service for which you'll be billed through your local phone bill. Party number three is the third-party
    billing company that has billing agreements with your local phone company. The name of the third-party
    billing is the one that is prominently displayed on your phone bill. After the third-party billing company's
    name is the name of the company that is originating the unwanted charges. Party number four is your "former Ma Bell" local phone company that collects the unwanted charges (keeps a share for "Ma") and then passes the rest to the third-party billing company (who keeps a big share) and then passes the balance on to the company that initiated the unwanted charge.
    Following are some of the top third-party billing names and unauthorized charge originators you'll find on
    your phone bill. If you see these names on your phone bill you'll want to call the toll free number listed next to the charge to confirm it's a charge that's been properly authorized to be placed on your bill. Following are actual examples that we've recently found while auditing business phone bills.
    We recommend customers should review any utility bills issued by deregulated utility companies. (In most instances today, consumers are paying higher charges to the deregulated gas and electric supply companies).
    All Utility - Energy, gas, electric and water bills should be reviewed for proper reading and tariff.
    If you suspect that you have been overcharged ask for detailed explanation and or file a complaint with your State Utility Commission.
    Compiled by: Jay Draiman, Utility Auditor

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  • Su
    Sumeet Sep 22, 2008

    I completely agree that the airtel customer service is pathetic.
    They are sending me inflated bills for the past couple of months.
    Airtel authorities never warn the customers for exceeding broadband usages so that they can generate a huge bill amount and harass the customers for clearing these dues.
    I have been using airtel services for more than 3 and a half years now but now I don't wish to continue with the same.

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customer care - never cares for customer

I am an airtel kolkata customer. I had been roaming since last may 2007. I am not at all satisfied with the airtel customer care division. Whenever I am roaming there are some or the other problem with my connection. And every time I launch a complain with the customer care kolkata I am never satisfied.
I am listing the problems with the customer care division:

1. Standard reply of the personel - We have logged your problem. Thanks for calling the customer care. (No answer whether the problem will be solved or not) CARELESS ATTITUDE.

2. Again if you call related to the same problem - A fresh problem is logged. Ask for the previous logged problem (NO TRACE).

3. Any uncommon question you ask - call hold for 10 - 15 minutes - Standard reply - (OUR SERVER IS NOT WORKING - PLEASE CALL AFTER ONE HOUR) - after hour once again explain the whole problem and again the same answer.

4. Try to talk to any superior to the customer care executive - YOU ARE KEPT ON HOLD FOR UNLIMITED PERIOD. If luckily you get the rare opportunity to talk to them, again narrate the whole detail with every minute issues and answer (SIR THANKS, WE SHALL GET BACK TO YOU) and they never get back.


  • Sd
    s. d. raj Nov 18, 2008

    sub: re. mobile no. 9831749611 - getting unwanted cricket sms from 56363.

    it is noticed you have been sending cricket sms from 56363 where several time i have been informed you not to sending any sms re. cricket and other sms cutting charges from my a/c.
    it is requested to you please stop to sending the sms othehwise i have to leave the connection. please take the matter very serious basis.

    thanks / 9831749611

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  • Pa
    PARTHA Feb 09, 2009

    i am partha karmakar, i am b.a political science honers 2nd year . i need a job, and i know computer knowlege. and my contect number 9681088875

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  • Ji
    Jitendra Kumar Mukherjee Aug 28, 2009

    Dear Sirs,

    Times and again we have communicated to you earlier about extremely poor Airtel Network even at the heart of the Kolkata City and severally received your false assurances for necessary rectification of the same shortly.

    Under the circumstances, we shall now be reluctantly forced to surrender the under-mentioned Airtel Mobile connections as the same are now unusable during prime timeof every working day:
    01) 98310 505260
    2) 99326 967240
    3) 99337 413880
    4) 98312 632470
    5) 98314 489110
    6) 98312 618430
    7) 98314 489110
    8) 98314 489110
    9) 98314 22555

    While the Network of Vodafone, BSNL, Reliance etc. are fairly available at our Office premises at - 43, Moti Sil Street, Kolkata – 700 013 (Behind : METRO Cinema, Near : Kolkata Municipal Corporation), we really do not understand the reason for your unwillingness or, inability to improve the Airtel Network, despite your several promises.

    May, we now finally request you to please keep us informed about the procedure of surrendering the aforesaid Airtel Mobile Telephone lines, without any further false assurances ?

    Thanks & regards,
    For Lord Ganesh Enterprise Pvt.Ltd.
    (J. K. Mukherjee )

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unwanted missed call alert service

Dear all,

I have an airtel prepaid connection and I am a person who talks to the point on mobile and I prefer not wasting my mobile balance for gossips etc.

This all started in march 2007, when I got a sms from airtel customer care:

"Rs 15 have been deducted from your account for your last VAS download. Thank you for using Airtel missed call alert service." Of course not willing to pay 15 Rs for missed call alert, I immediately called customer care. After much of "Please wait, maa'm, I will check", I got an answer from the customer service guy that the service was given because "I asked for it". Shocked by this invention, I told him that never in my life have I requested such service by call, sms or reply to call or reply to sms with airtel customer service and there is some error in airtel database. The person adamantly told me that "If our system says that you have asked for it, you have asked for it." I again told the person that I have never requested such service. But like a taped message, his reply was the same. "If our system says that you have asked for it, you have asked for it."

I requested the customer fellow that if he says that I asked for 'Missed call alert' service, he should produce me proofs and date and time, when and by which medium have I asked for missed call alert service. The person said that "Sorry Maa'm, We cannot disclose the information." After much of argument, The person told me that they would not refund the 15 rs deducted, and If I want that next month 15 Rs not deducted, I should sms mca cancel to 511 and confirm within 24 hours that the service is really canceled.

Helpless, but not willing to lose Rs 15 again next month, I sent the sms to 511. When called to ask whether the missed call alert service is canceled, I got a reply from customer care that "The service is still active, but it will surely be canceled within next 24 hours."

Next month when I saw Rs 15 deducted again, I immediately called customer care and informed about the matter. Again I got the reply about "sms mca cancel to 511, will be canceled in next 24 hours" etc etc. This time also I sent the sms. I also mailed to [protected] about this. Git an automated reply "your request will be processed within 24 hours." But no one from customer care reached me about complaint.

Now 7 months are over since I first called customer care. 15 X 7=105 Rs already deducted form my account. I resent the complaint mail 4 times. Every month I send sms about canceling missed call alert service, every time new customer care guy tells me that this time the service will surely be calceled, and next month I again see Rs 15 deducted from my account.

Is there any other way than sending sms about canceling a service and being restless because it is not canceled, or talking to any tina, mina or asif from airtel call center and their false promices?

  • An
    Anuradha Kulkarni Jan 13, 2008

    Exactly same is my complaint with airtel, this is now going on with me since 8 months. Every time call center people tell to sms mca cancel to 511, every time I do that and get promices that it will be cancelled within 24 hours and every next month 15 rs are deducted again.

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  • Ti
    Timothy Asir Feb 13, 2008

    Just throw the Airtel Sim, Go for HUCH or Other Good service provider.
    Or try CNCL MCA to 511

    Just conform it is CNCL MCA or cancel mca

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  • Je
    jemes Aug 26, 2008

    After reading this comment you will not visit this website again

    Dear friend this happen with me and with my friend also though i send cancellation [email protected] 250 my INR 15 rs got deducted i immediately call 121 executive also reply me same then i calm myself and again made call after 24 hour since 24 is require for system updation. I made complaint with all details like date /time when i got sms and when i send sms for cancellation date/time after this he assure me that he ( Airtel ) will send me my balance and yes i do get my balance in 48 hours with sms confirmation like (we are pleased to informed you that an amt of Rs 15 has been credited in your account.* my friend didn't got his balance back cause he fail to lodge complaint properly)

    Friend no any company is fraud except ( unReliance ) since government have punish them lot of time for exploiting and cheating with both customer and government. I feel as per as private telecoms sector concern only BHARTI airtel is ideal since there name bharti airtel sound more close to bharat than company like VEDA PHONE / UN-RELIANCE but this time your problem is serious i will advice you to email your problem to NODAL OFFICER i read abt this in airtel Manuel since i have habit of reading all the detail abt the product explain your complaint like all details like cell information mobile number since when ur ballcne deducted how many time u made complaint since airtel server always store all the data so i am sure he will look in this concern and he wil resend your balance. According to airtel information book nodal officer is the last step and he is suppose to either resolve or reply your complaint within 48 hours
    *Email address= [email protected] /contact no= 9987244865 *mumbai circal only.

    Friend i have also face lot problem like u. I face money deduction for mobile office service which was inactive and i was not able to enjoy and cancel it. Everyday my balance use to deduct by 14.99 and everyday i use to make complaints and they resend my ballace with same tape ( sure from tomorrow your balance will not be deducted ) this continued for 9 days then i went to Airtel gallery they also fail to resolve my problem then i desperately started searching solution on this and then i came to know abt this NODAL OFFICER but i didn't find the email address or mobile number of nodal officer then i request his email and mobile number just by sms to 121 and i got i email the story with full details i don't know should i tell this or not but i think people should know both side since this is complaint Bord people only posting complaints. I request to resend my INR 30 Rs but Airtel ( nodal officer ) send me INR 128 Rs don't know how he calculate my loss i tell this to my friend he explain me why i got 120 insted of just 30 he said cause i was badly harrase by airtel system server due some fault he paid the loss which i had ( financially / psychologically )

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  • Ab
    Abhishek Choudhary Sep 12, 2008

    I am faced with this Rs 15 deduction problem myself. I have the lowest end mobile phone, with no WAP support. Still they are deducdting Rs 15 citing some WAP service. I have already lost at least Rs 90/-
    Call centre executives put it bluntly that they cannot deactivate it. Since I find many people facing this issue we should get together and make a representation to Airtel senior management.

    Email [email protected]

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  • Vi
    vicky Jan 21, 2009

    pls deactivate igmobi.
    my no- 9777527723
    sanjeev pradhan

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  • Ra
    raju Bargale Jan 30, 2009

    Hi Sir...

    Your billing system is have wrong, ur frauding to ur customer, ur system charge me of that calls also which i not make but i cant prove that .but ur system charge me bill for that number which number is not in use, not active from last 6 month and i can prove this bcoz that no. is also post paid and i can get the details of that no. i was complaining from last two month but nt geting result and today my outgoing is nt going on if my problem not solve up to tomorrow then i will made case in consumer court on ur company i want result upto tomorrow within any condition .

    thanks and regards

    Raju Bargale
    mobile no. 9766615777

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  • De
    deependra singh bhadouria Dec 01, 2009

    Dear Nodal officer,

    I am Deependra Singh Bhadouria and My Mobile no. 9867244042.
    I want to lunch a strong protest against very poor customer service from Airtel Mumbai.

    I was using Motorola Z6 Rocker with imei 355556010072389. I validate my IMEI by sending an sms to 53232 and got following SMS in reply from 53232...

    Even though i having valid IMEI, The Airtel Sim card stop working on motorola Z6 from 30th nov Due to this I had lost my precious time and money.
    From the beginning of this month I am keep getting massages about Invalid IMEI. So I spoke to Customer Service Executives more than 10 times in this regard. They informed me that " its a common massage and I should not worry about it Each and every time they replied the same thing.
    Now what happened today I lost my time my money my handset...all of because very poor Customer Service. If they didn't have the proper information than they shouldn't have provided me wrong info regarding IMEI.
    I ques at Customer Relationship Center at Naupada Thane, But they didn't help me about any thing.
    After that I called 121 and spoke to CSA at around 14:20 PM 30112009...She spoke very rudely and didn't listen my complaint.
    Right know I am feeling morally harassed by Airtel Customer Service. This is not the way to treat costumers...I am a customer of airtel since 2005.
    I don't know how Airtel had put my IMEI on invalid IMEI nos' list. While each and every GSM Service providers are providing the GSM service on my mobile handset except AIRTEL.(After inserting various GSM Sims in my Handset)
    I want to start Airtel services on my Mobile hand set(Z6 MOTOROLA 355556010072389) any how.
    I am very very disappointed with Service of Airtel.

    I have a very strong faith at Airtel's Grievance Department.
    This is a very humble request to you to resolve my Complaint ASAP.


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  • Ja
    jasvinder singh dhuri Apr 13, 2010

    Dear Sir
    My connections disconnect 3rd time in 15days please help me sir, I purchased two connections of airtel ( 9501680044, 9501780044) on 27-4-2010 from chadha telecom Patiala (Punjab)(Mob no 9815001512). According to your company the area of Dhuri city is in black list. Before about 4-5 years I have an airtel connection in working. Which is 9876162775.regarding this no. & purchase two airtel new connections 9501680044, 9501780044 with 500 Rs as a security .the verification of this two new no.s is on 3/4/10 by your employee Manish (9878161902). And my inquiry for new connections is true then I don’t know what reason your company disconnect my new both connections. They told that my verifications have been negative. They I talk to my dealer and check my verifications to your company then my no. were working with in 2 hours. They 7/4/10 time 3.35pm Gurnam Singh mob no.9779588775 calling me your documents has received by company. Your no. will be always in working. They today on 8/4/10, my both no.s in not working. By calling to your customer care they told me your documents are not received. But my documents had received on 7/4/10 by Gurnam Singh.
    Kindly all my three no.s of airtel unsubscribe (9876162775, 9501680044, 9501780044) pending bill of my three no.s sent to me. I will pay to you. And please disconnect my three no.s immediately. i don’t want to take any tensions of this work. And my money of security of two no.s keeps that money and deposit to airtel fund. I heard that Airtel Company is no one company of world. but this kind of workers take your company at the bottom. And request to you take a sufficient action against this kind of workers
    I shall be very thank full to you
    Jasvinder Singh
    V & PO. Dhuri mannpatti
    Distt. Sangrur Punjab.
    Contact no. 9646698092
    [email protected]

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  • Ps
    pshashank Nov 25, 2010

    This is Shashank one of your Customer
    I am facing a problem from your end, already i had complaint in Airtel minimum 10 times, but no any action taken by end
    My problem is that I am continue receiving calls from Airtel Executive regarding activate GPRS n MMS, MESSAGE, MISSED CALL ALERT, n Any unwanted calls from your Executive. your Executive committed that he has added my no. in DNC n also forward to his Senior but no any Action taken by Seniors. so would request you to please do the need full as soon as possible, MY NO. IS (9936318579)
    Waiting your positive reply on my below mentioned mail id.
    my mail is ([email protected])

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no response from airtel

i have recharge with Rs 300/- with airtel easyrecharge.Airtel they deducted Rs 30/- from my account and without inform us they activate voice chat and again they deducted Rs 30/- my account has gone to Rs -23/- then i rigester a complain with airtel they said that they going to add that Rs60/-to my account till date singe money they dint added and theybarred my account incoming and outgoing callsbarred.I rigester so many complains with airtel custumer care.Airtel is a cheater and cheating with the people.

  • Su
    Sushil Kumar Singh Feb 28, 2008

    Dear AIRTEL!

    Sir! My Name Is Sushil Kumar Singh From Patna Bihar
    My Mob No is 09955111847

    sir! ye no maine ek retelar se perchage kiya tha usne mujhe nahi bataya ki ye AIRTEL ke BANDAL Offer ke tahat aata no ko maine 200 ke monthly voucher se charge kar liya.Ab Problem ye hai ki mera No 149 se recharge nahi ho pa raha hai.Isme Main Samajta hu ki galti Us Retalar ka hai ya Airtel ka hai airtel ko bandal offer ke sim me ek pachan dena chahiye tha taki costomar dhoka na kha jaye.galti aap ki hai to main kiun 1 month se bhugat raha hu aap jald se jald iska samadhan kare aur mujhe 149 ka service de.

    mera no 24 jan 2008 se chalu hai.aur tab se aaj tak maine aapke costomar care me 30 to 50 call kar chuka hu lakin ab tak mera koi solution nahi ho paya hai.sirf bola jata hai ki 24 hr me ho jayega to kabhi bola jata hai ki aap apne mob ka airtel to airtel balance ko katham kijiye fir aapka 149 lega.maine kai bar ye kar chuka hu.ab aap bataye ki main kiya karu.
    main ye janna chahata hu ki kiya ab tak airtel ka 24 hr pura nahi hua hai kiya?ya next year pura hoga.hume to lagta hai ki apka pura system hi kharab hai.kiunki main apke patna airtel ke office me v kaye bar ja chuka hu wo v yahi kahate hain ki 2 din me ho jayega lakin baat wahi ka wahi hai.
    Aap hume ye bataye ki main is mamle ko lekar AIRTEL Ke khilaf consuram forum me kiun na jaun.Agar mera ye solution 2 to 3 days ke undar nahi hoga to main consumar cort ka darwaja knock karne me jara bhi nahi i request to u ki plz jaldi is par bichar kar liya jaye.
    My Name :-Sushil Kumar Singh
    My Mob No:- 09955111847
    My Complain No:-021809889300(Last Week)
    My Complain No:-022808636100(28 feb 08)

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  • Ss
    ssm Aug 31, 2009

    same in problem

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duplicate sim is activated but balance and validity is not updated

I have taken a duplicate sim from airtel office in koramangala branch almost a month ago. Till now I am not able to use it. I have validity till april 2008 and a balance of 700+. After my repleted visit to there office for two weeks (Around 7 times) I am able to see signal ie, sim is active. However I am not able to see my balance and validity. When I press *123#, I see that balance is zero and validity is unknown (a symbol '- '). For this again visited number of times, I called them repeatedly. I raised complaint in custom care of airtel, but till now the problem is not resolved. The nearest airtel office is around 12km from my place, I have travel all the way from there. They say that it will resolved in 24hours.

Can I raise a complaint in consumer court through online?

  • Ni
    nila singh Dec 01, 2007

    My mobile set with sim has stolen on 29-nov-2007. I wants to get a duplicate sim. Please tell me about the instructions of duplicate sim.

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[Resolved] sim activation status

i purchased a sim of Airtel around six months ago Of Mobile No. [protected] with all relevent documents and i chose lifetime validity.
After 8-10 days due to some technical fault my no. was diverted to other no.
i applied to block that sim by informing at Airtel Office Hoshangabad (M.P.), and i was given new sim with same mobile number with sim number [protected].
but till date this new sim is not activated.
I've submitted all relevent documents again but till now i've been given so many appologies (like server problem/will be done in 1-2 days) e.t.c.
Now i'm waiting for ur positive response or i'll be so disappointed by the services of Airtel.

  • Updated by Airtel Presence · Dec 31, 2012

    Namaste Mr. Kumar,

    This is to inform you that your concern listed on 27 Dec. 2012 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

    For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at

    Rakesh Ranga
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd
    [email protected]

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

    Twitter -
    Facebook -

  • Updated by Airtel Presence · Feb 02, 2013

    Namaste Mr. Kumar,

    We would like to inform you that your concern listed 27 Dec. 2012 has been resolved. Should you have any queries please contact Airtel customer service at [email protected]

    Rakesh Ranga
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd
    [email protected]

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Ta
    Tarun Kalyani Nov 02, 2007

    I AGREE with the complaint and I suggest Airtel to be more careful & responsible with the customers.

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  • Pr
    prasannakumar Dec 27, 2012

    my name is balakrishnan from tirupur (tamilnadu),
    i purchased a sim of Airtel around two months ago Of Mobile No. 9629274457 and i will given my proof voters id & ration card xerox copy. sim number 8991940000081365521, but till date this sim is not activated.

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unknown call from aitel no

Sir my sister is getting calls from [protected] and she is getting distyurbed mentally ,plz tell who's no is this and where he is from.It will be a good help for me.

  • Bi
    Bill Feb 02, 2008

    990 numbers are phone sex lines. YOU have to call them in order to get on their list.

    0 Votes
  • Mo
    Mohammad Abdul KareeM May 29, 2009

    Hi Buddy,
    Here are the details below of the mobile no. We cannot trace the details of the person who own this number. You have to contact the Airtel Servie centre for the following details and inform them about the problem. They will surely solve this problem or give warning to the follow guy.

    Number: 9902811092
    Location : KARNATAKA
    Operator : AIRTEL
    Signaling : GSM

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limited service.. although documents submitted thrice.!!

This is Manish Awasthi from New Delhi..recently i purchased a prepaid sim of Airtel No:[protected] and Sim No:[protected] 7..and as i know one can not take a sim(connection) without giving any documents.I have also given the same.I bought this sim on 29th Sept 2007 from Mobile Store Alaknanda New Delhi.It worked just for 10 days..

The problem is my sim is not working since a week and i have been told to re-deposit relevant documents twice..i deposited all the documents(add proof,voter ID,Photo) in Mobile Store ASC New Delhi ,second in Airtel Office in G Block kalkaji and third in Airtel office in Nehru Place...but the result is same ..stil my connection is not working and there is no use of talking to innocent customer executives as they don't know why my documents are not reaching there.Still my mobile shows limited service..and i m not able to do outgoing calls and neither i am ablel to receive incomming calls.

At last i thought i should get in touch with you..lets see what type of help you people provide..otherwise i will go the government authorities as it is important to know where my documents are going?who is going to take reponsiblity if they are use in any illegal work/purposes.

thanks and hope for early action

Manish Awasthi

  • Ja
    jasbir singh Jan 11, 2008

    i have received your bill no. 458358744 dt 07.01.08 telephone 41545932 , which you show previous amount 860.00 period of 01.01.08 to 01.01.08.

    this is not match for our last bill & payment. so may i request you to please send us currect bill for the corrent period.

    thanking you

    jasbir singh

    the perfection house
    2870 , hardhian singh road , karol bagh, new delhi-05

    0 Votes
  • Ma
    manish May 22, 2008

    No bill recieved . I had called up around 100 times to send me the bill but every time they said we will send you with in 48 hours but not its extreme . I want to disconnect this phone and Internet service . please look into this matter airtel no 43528446 .

    0 Votes
  • Fi
    Firoz Khan Oct 16, 2008

    This is Firoz Khan from New Delhi..i purchased a prepaid sim of Airtel No: 9910814874 and Sim No: 8991100802116053489 7 . I bought this sim on 18th Aug. 2008 from Mobile Store Kalkaji [Off Nathu Sweet, nr. Kalka Depot]

    The problem is my sim is not working since day before yesterday. I have been told to re-deposit relevant documents twice..i deposited all the documents (add proof, voter ID, Photo) to the same Mobile Store on 15.10.08...stil my connection is not working and there is no use of talking to customer executives as hold the phone for long time, I have tried many times, but no one is ready to talk.

    May I know who is going to take reponsiblity if my documents which I gave 1st time, are use in any illegal work/purposes.

    thanks and hope for early action
    firoz Khan

    0 Votes

vas download charges despite reporting to customer care

I find that Airtel is deducting Rs.14.99 intermittantly for VAS download. I have no interest in changing ring tones and I don't use their services. I reported to customer care and also sent deactivating message over the number given. But the charge continues.
Mobile No.[protected]


  • Ha
    Hare Ram Pandit Nov 01, 2007

    I find that Airtel is deducting Rs.14.99 intermittantly for VAS download. I have no interest in changing ring tones and I don't use their services. I reported to customer care and also sent deactivating message over the number given. But the charge continues.


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  • Sh
    Shakeb Azmi Nov 14, 2007

    I also find regularly that Airtel is deducting Rs.14.99 intermittently for VAS download. I have no interest in changing ring tones and I don't use their services. I reported to customer care and also sent deactivating message over the number given. But the charge continues.

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  • Ar
    Aruna Jul 24, 2008

    Please Advise when the operations are starts in Sri Lanka.

    0 Votes
  • Ke
    Ketan Shah Aug 03, 2008

    I also found the same...
    Airtel cuts Rs. from the balance without any intemation, and the person didnt apply for that service.

    what to do?

    0 Votes
  • Am
    amol_kusam Sep 24, 2008

    Airtel is deducting for VAS download out of my balance. I am doing anything ring tones and I don't use their services. I reported to customer care and but they do not reply me. the charge continues

    0 Votes
  • Ro
    Roman Ferns Jun 20, 2009

    Hi, I also am finding this really funny and annoying!!!
    This is too much without even our knowledge...

    If Airtel does not do something, I am going to complain in the consumer court.

    They cannot take advantage of our hard earned money.

    0 Votes
  • Sn
    snawarsi Sep 15, 2009

    At present I am in aborad n I also found the same...
    Airtel cuts Rs. 99.00 one time from the balance without any intemation, and the person didnt apply for that service. I hv tried to call center they are not doing anything i m fully fdup what VAS download system simply Airtel cheating to subscriber

    what to do?
    +91 900 4063175

    0 Votes
  • Re
    reduranium May 11, 2010

    I just received a message saying "your account has been debited 25.00 INR for your last VAS download" I dont know what VAS stands for and what sort of service it is. I have just recharged my mother in laws mobile while overseas; and wanted to have some talktime available while she is in transit. Funny. I dislike Airtel for this. Hope they have a better explanation of what this is and why are they ripping off the customers while in roaming. This doesn't help.

    0 Votes
  • Re
    reduranium May 11, 2010

    just received a message saying "your account has been debited 25.00 INR for your last VAS download" I dont know what VAS stands for and what sort of service it is. I have just recharged my mother in laws mobile while overseas; and wanted to have some talktime available while she is in transit. Funny. I dislike Airtel for this. Hope they have a better explanation of what this is and why are they ripping off the customers while in roaming. This doesn't help.

    1 Votes
  • Ma
    madhurikpo Jun 05, 2011

    I received a massage saying "your account debited 10.00 INR for your last downlod. I didn't downlonlod why they charge me.I want to cancel my account.So please tell me how can I cancel my account.

    1 Votes

closing the connection

Myself Rajesh k Sharma, R/O 1170-F, Sector 7B Chandigarh has been a subscriber of mobile phone having cell no. [protected]. I do not want to continue with the mobile connection, so you are requested to stop the mobile connection and services to my mobile.
You are further requested to adjust the payment/bill against the security deposit of Rs. 250/- deposited at the time of taking connection.

I may be informed through retur mail regarding the return of the sim card and the payment/refund of money after adjusting the bill against security.

It is made clear that after 31-10-2007 I do not require the mobile connection. So you are requested to do the needful at the earliest and inform accordingly.

Yours sincerely
Rajesh K. Sharma.

  • Ra
    RAMEEZ Apr 24, 2008

    complaint against air tel customer care(121)
    with humble submission i beg to say that i am having Airtel sim card bearing no 9906705222 which has been disconected since from last 5 days without my permission.As i talked to customber care but they didn"t repond me & i am facing alot of probelms since from 6 days.So i requested your good self that kindly restore my number as soon as possible that will be your most kindness.

    0 Votes
  • Ra
    RAMEEZ Apr 24, 2008

    complaint against air tel customer car(121)
    with humble submission i beg to say that i am having Air tel card bearing no 9906705222 which has been disconnected since from last 5 days without my permission.As i talked to customer care but they did n"t respond me & i am facing a lot of problems since from 5 days.So i requested your good self that kindly restore my number as soon as possible that will be your most kindness.

    MOB 09858322700

    0 Votes

active call barring

I took an Airtel post paid connection (nO.[protected]) on 19.10.07 and at that time I have furnished all my details along with supported documents. I got a message to visit nearest AIrtel Office for enjoying uninterupted services. Later it is known that an executive enquired about genuiness of my residential address and certified that no such person is staying at the given address. The reason is that the person came with different House No. (i.e. 5-12/239/1 insted of 5-12/239/3)which is not furnished by me. The same ws brought to the notice of the Customer Care with the ref.No.[protected], [protected], [protected] etc., but the same was not rectified and surprisingly my out going services were barred wef 30.10.2007 and I've been asked to submit blank cheques though my employer has cetified my genuiness.
It is not known why ur activating new connection without veryfying genuiness and completing all formalities and barraing the calls at a later time.
Why a customer needs to roam around the Airtem Offices? Is't a Free Service?
Pl. rectify the above imdly and take action agnst the concerned for the inconvenience caused to me duly informing the same to me.
further, see that no such inconvenience caused to the any of valuable customers.

  • Ak
    AKHTAR RASHID Jun 13, 2009

    what is the call barring password for airtel simcard i am using samsung sgh e250 my email: [email protected] plz. I need it to keep my no sometimes busy, not reachable my no. is 9622567434

    0 Votes

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