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regarding unsubscription of wap services

Thanks for using (Subscription, textbasedservices) subscription service on airtel wap, you have been charged...

yahoo zone subscription

I am a post paid subscriber ([protected]). Have been wanting to unsubscribe from yahoo zone. Everytime I want to click on the link provided it does not work because I do not have internet or mail facility on my phone. This entails a recurring expenditure of rs 40/- (Rupees forty only) per minth for a service which I do not use or need. Please take immedite note. My mail alert subscription is actvated without my knowledge and needs to be deactivated but the customer care does not respond favourably. Dr dinesh kapoor

abusive language used by cce

This is mamta rupani and this complaint is in regards to my airtel number [protected] as I made a complaint earlier as well no action has been taken so let me tell you as you cant give training to your employees for customer service so now I m filing case against you in consumer court for (Disrespect) and also instead of paying you guys I m ok to pay news channel and let them also know what service airtel provide to their customers. There employees use profanity on calls which cannot be mentioned here. And further I will also make sure to put this complaint on every blog which people visit on website.
Mamta rupani

  • Mu
    Muskaan Sep 13, 2009


    This is Mamta Rupani and my airtel mombile number was 91-9818291046. I have already asked to close my number as now i have got corporate vodafone connection moreover they never did. I received a call from airtel from the number 91-9971666128 wherein the executive started abusing my mom which is actually giving a bad name to airtel that how you guys are hiring. i have asked all my friends not to use airtel on what the behaviour was of that girl.

    Till the time i dont receive any apology from airtel will not make any payments. i m not a fraud if you check my prior records i had made the prior payments which was higher then this amount. The way that executive was talking was not at all professional and if you guys cannot take any action i would suggest you to close your company. Because i will further let people know what kind of training you guys give to your employees.
    please take this issue as a serious concern.
    Thank you
    Mamta Rupani

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international roaming not working

I am a delhi based subscriber-I completed all formalities before leaving for USA and its 1.3 weeks, roaming is still not working resulting in loss of business, major inconvenience. Customer care keep saying it is activated but my phone is not finding any operator (No operator available).
I am highly frustrated and helpless!

  • Pr
    Prathapan Sethu Sep 27, 2019

    Same happened to me and they can't resolve it. I won't trust Airtel with this.

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call rate not discrease after velue voucher rs.64/-

Please register my complaint I was recharge my mobile value voucher rs.64 / - on date:24aug.09after recharge this value voucher become my call rates 40-ps. / min airtel to airtel & 60ps/min other gsm but my current call rates is 1 rupee/min. All gsm. I was cal l airtel cc they give me comlaint ref. No.[protected] please take suitable action and
Return my a/c balance

Date: sept.11.2009
Mobile no.[protected] (Airtel) anoop jain s/o n. C. Jain
Tirupati andhrapradesh india
Mail id: anoopjain. [protected]

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gprs not working in our area

I have activated GPRS in my handset from Airtel india, but not able to use it in my area only. whenever i used it outside my area it works properly. the problem is not with me but all customers of Airtel on my area. It is actually the folt of mobile tower which is situated next to my house. My first compain was made on 27.08.09 at 5 PM scine then my problem is as still. My mobile no [protected]
Rahul Kumar Agrawal
Brahmantoli, Muzaffarpur India

  • Ji
    jitendra vishwakarma Jun 15, 2010

    airtel has same problem in most of the regions in bharuch(gujrat) and when contacted customer care they simply say "yes sir problem is their and new cell site is proposed but wont be commissioned in near future, we get false connection in every other call and if we are at indoor's call drop is so common that we have to make atleast 3 calls to complete the conversation

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connection not activated

I got a new connection of airtel postpaid for rs 500 on 25/08/09.At my first visit they gave me sim card and told me that once i submit my address proff they will activate my number with in 2 day i submitted my address proff.but then again on again and again calling they told me to change the sim then again I changed me sim But asusual no progress in service they told me to change my number also as it was already activated in prepaid.I dun know how this can be possible.But again they called me to change the sim again.<br />
and now on 7/9/09 they said taht my new no. will activate after september 11.please do something.<br />
<br />
Brij kishor yadav<br />

  • Ha
    haapy sharma Oct 06, 2009

    Subject: Complaint against GEE GEE Telecom, The Mall, Bathinda (Punjab) and its employees namely Pardeep, Payal, Rajni and Muskan


    I may bring to your kind notice that I am post paid consumer of Airtel for the last 6/7 months bearing No.98728-07123 and I have been paying the bills to the company through its Bill Collecting Agents/Service providers.

    While in use, the SIM was rejected in the last week of August, 2009 and thereupon contacted employees of GEE GEE Telecom and disclosed the problem being faced by me, who conveyed that I have to give I-D proof and get a new SIM as the earlier SIM has been rejected. On furnishing my ID proof I was given fresh SIM and it was conveyed that the new SIM will be activated within four hours, but it was not activated. I again contacted the employees of GEE GEE Telecom, who conveyed that the company is providing new Software to its system and that my SIM will be activated after 12th Sept., 2009 automatically. When my SIM could not be activated on 13th Sept. I approached GEE GEE Telecom on 13th Sept. 2009 in the evening and conveyed that my SIM has not been activated yet, but above named employees of GEE GEE Telecom did not give any proper answer and stated that they have nothing to do as it is system problem. I have been approaching almost every day after 13th Sept., 2009 but the employees of GEE GEE Telecom did not listen and even mis-behaved with me.

    On 29th Sept. 2009 I again approached the employees of GEE GEE Telecom for activation of my SIM and they conveyed that my SIM has been activated, though it was never activated and thereupon they asked to come on the next day. However on 30th Sept., 2009 my SIM of above Number misplaced somewhere and could not be traced out. On 30th Sept., 2009 I approached the employees of GEE GEE Telecom with a request to give a fresh SIM as the earlier one has been misplaced. They postponed the matter and has given the fresh/new SIM today i.e. 3rd Oct. 2009 on my persistent requests and conveyed that the SIM will be activated within 72 hours.

    I have been harassed and humiliated by above named Pardeep, Payal, Rajni Muskan for the last one month. I will have to be charged for my above number without any use therefor. I am a small businessman and my entire business depends upon the above number. I have suffered loss of earnings of about Rs.10, 000/- during the past one month during which the SIM could not be activated and no efforts were made by above named officials to activate my above number.

    I hope that my above number will be activated at the earliest and I will not be charged for the period from atleast 25th Aug. 2009 till activation and I would also be compensated for the loss suffered by me at the hands of above named employees of GEE GEE Telecom and action will be taken against the said employees.

    I shall be highly obliged if the matter is taken up with priority and urgency.

    I am in receipt of your mail. I am strange that you have not disclosed any thing about the action having been taken or being taken against the employees of GEE GEE Telecom. It is not good for Bharti Airtel that no action is taken against the persons, who mis-behave with the valuable customers of BHARTI AIRTEL. I have no personal grudge against the said employees, but since they misbehaved with me, so I opt that an action is liable to be taken against them. I hope that suitable action must be taken against the employees of GEE GEE Telecom, named in my earlier mail.

    So far SIM number 8991020607086153525 having been activated by Airtel is concerned, it was misplaced and I got a new SIM No.8991020709200081754F on 30th Sept. 2009, which fact has been disclosed by me in my mail, but however I could not write the number of the SIM. I complained of the employees that they misbehaved with me for not activation of my this new SIM and conveyed that it will be activated within 72 hours. I have already suffered monetary loss worth more than Rs.10, 000/- and the Airtel and GEE GEE Telecom are liable to reimburse the loss suffered by me. I hope you will not compel me to resolve my recourses through court of law.

    I hope that adequate action will be taken against the named employees in my earlier mail and my above new SIM will be activated within no time to avoid further losses.

    Hoping a favourable action into the matter at the earliest.

    Yours sincerely

    (Happy Sharma)
    # 8462, 1st Floor, Hira Chowk,
    Near Sirki Bazar, Bathinda
    Alternative Mobile No.90230 87123

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vas download deductions

I always receive VAS download massage and my balance cuts . But i never download anything so pls, kindly note that.

My No [protected]

Joshua Vincent

  • So
    Sonario Sep 07, 2009

    Hi Joshua,

    I am facing same problem for my Airtel Cell.

    Did you find any solution through Airtel Customer Care.

    Customer Care is hopeless. Till date I did not get the solution.

    With me, this problem persist since last three months. Even after -30.00 INR balance,
    I receive the message of balance cuts. No answer from Airtel.

    Wish to see the final resolution from Airtel.


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  • Mo
    Mohan T Sep 16, 2009

    I use Airtel and I received a message now that Rs 1.50 has been deducted because of VAS Download which I have never heard of. So I searched for it and found your complaints. Please let me know if there is any solution for this.
    [email protected]

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  • Vi
    Vilas Kumkar Nov 05, 2009

    yes Mohan
    i've the solution it's very easy

    coz i also facing same problem...

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  • Ge
    geits eigentlich no Jan 28, 2010

    it sucks, I am roaming out of state with Mobile Office - whenever they charge me the Maharashtra 25/-p. day tarif for GPRS Moble Office they also almost simultaneously charge me the same amount for VAS. It seems in this country they can do whatever they want - it's called stealing somewhere else and I highly recommend not to use Airtel GPRS for a lack of honesty, a lack of transparency and a lack of service orientation - short for a lack of sense. If I try to reach them through their customer care line, I hear: for Hindi press 1, for Maharati press 2, for English press 3... - I press 3 - then I hear for service x press 1, for service y press 2, for service z press 3, to talk to an service representative press 5 - I press 5 - and I get a f*c**ng tape in some language I dont understand. Is it really necessary to bring my service from abroad in order to do my job here in India? If I go to Airtel's Website, I can see the Chairman's face and the usual bunk (...Our aim is to help you as quickly and as efficiently as possible...), but I can not find a damned customer care service emai address. It sucks. And when I google for VAS (just because I am curious to know what they charge me for) - I can clearly see, that this story is going on for years already. I am using nothing than Mobile Office - so I suppose Airtel is just a bunch of thieves unable to perform to international standards. I feel sorry for all the customers that are permanently getting ripped off just because Airtel needs to apply such dubious strategy to improve rentability (Investors note!). I will not bother calling any customer care rep. for this issue, but I will change provider asap - maybe there is one who has some business ethics / honor...? Don't know, after all it's India and there is a lot of talk about "Mindset" - but who is going to inspire a different one? Bon apétit Mr. Mittal...

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  • Os
    Oswin D'souza Jun 04, 2011

    i have been activated for VAS download...even dont knw wat it is...please kindly close this service from my no...plzzzzzzz
    my 7738860178
    plzzz deactivate it as soon as possible plzzzzz

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payment call to connection already cleared

Dear sir
I had requested to disconnect my airtel broadband in feb'09. And made final payment of rs 885 / - and requested to
Pickup the modem then only. Customer care professional said they will pick up modem within two days.

Since then nobody came and only bill came next month i informed them and ccare insured that that was a mistake and they will discontinue sending further bills.

But now in september i get threteniung calls from an agent saying that out of my pending amount of rs2500 / - i should settle in rs 1300 / - and settle the case by getting a noc letter from the company. And if i will not make payment then they will create a scene at my residence.

Please help.

Abhi 4041

  • Sa
    saurabhjj Aug 20, 2009

    I applied for airtel broadband connection on 12 aug 09, and they promised that i will get the connection within 2 or 3 days, but its more than a week and they have not even reverted back. . .

    On calling them, they say i will get the connection, but they cant say when?,

    Saurabh jhunjhunwala

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  • Am
    amit07 Mar 28, 2011

    pls close my connectin

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  • Am
    amit07 Mar 28, 2011

    mera conn. 6 month ka tha par ise 5 month maie hi close kar diya 30-jan-2011 ko maine conn. close karne ka req.kiya tha per aaj tak kuch nahie hua

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  • Ma
    mangesh sharma Apr 30, 2011

    Brodband connection is not properly working

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regularly deduct my a/c

I am annoyed with Airtel's customer care as they are not able to deactivate subscription of text based services on Airtel WAP.([protected]) from my mobile no. [protected], When i recharge then amt. will be deduct from my a/c regularly. I contact regularly from coustomer care but amount will be deducted refularly. You are requested to deactivate the same with immediate effect.

the alert sms given by airtel prepaid is misleading

Airtel Prepaid has sent a message, stating that there is an offer for Recharge Coupon. Recharge for Rs. 250 and get Rs. 260 as talktime, validity 20 days, call *123*9# for balance. This is the message which we received. But the original marketing criteria is this balance can be used only in the ho, e town it seems. For eg. If the Sim Card is from TamilNadu, and you travel to Kerela, you cannot use this balance in Kerela. But this information is completely not clear when these guys send the Alert Messages. And people are annoyed and miss guided by these stuffs and are led to lots of trauma. And Airtel customer care is one of the world's sickest customer care which does not have any standards and their call center agents have no ethical guidelines.

unreasonable phone bills


My name is mr. M l prashar. Im from ludhiana. I was having an airtel postpaid number [protected]. I lost this number about 3 months back. Than I request to airtel custmore care to stop the services of the number. I complaint fom [protected].

But even now after much long time I am reciving the bill for the same number at my address.

Im sending you
1. > bill no. - [protected] i. E. For period of 05-07-09 to 04-08-09.

Please treat it as urgent. My current no. Is [protected]. Please call me if can help you with any query regarding this metter.

With sincere care and humbleness,
Mr. M. L. Prashar
Ph. - [protected]

  • Ds
    D.S. Choudhary Mar 10, 2010


    This is for your information that I am having air tel post paid no -9760013119. Received bill for the Jan - 2010 & Feb 2010 are not actual. In Jan sms around 676 & in Feb -2010 bill sms around 1380. I got details from loacl office and was surprised to seen the timing of continous sms in every day.
    I thought this is happened after changing my plan on 18th Jan - 2010.
    SMS shown in SMS details not possible.
    I have paid rent for one year, but due to the continuous sms billing I have removed SIM from my mobile before two days.
    Now I want to surrender this no but it was told local office that rent will not be adjusted.

    So you are requested pl look into this matter to provide actual bill and also adjust my rent so that I can pay final bill.

    D.S. Choudhary
    [email protected]

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very very ### services

They really giving ### services I fed up totally provide me the contact information for airtel owners, board members or any bharti mittal. I, ll send them full history mails and ### services given by u lazy guyz.

— forwarded message —
From: rahil
Date: thu, sep 3, 2009 at 2:56 pm
Subject: non-stop ### services from airtel
To: [protected]
Cc: nodal. [protected]@airtel.In, nodalofficer. [protected]@airtel.In

i know all guyz are useless. Provide me the contact information for airtel owners, board members or any bharti mittal. I, ll send them full history mails and ### services given by u lazy guyz.

— forwarded message —
From: rahil
Date: fri, aug 14, 2009 at 4:52 pm
Subject: ([protected]) reminder-6
To: [protected]
Cc: nodal. [protected]@airtel.In, nodalofficer. [protected]@airtel.In, nodal. [protected]@airtel.In


as I have submitted required docs to your executive mr. Habib ur rahman ([protected]) dated on 04-08-09. No updates till now I need my bill with my name from starting month or I will drop airtel forever now!!!

— forwarded message —
From: rahil
Date: fri, aug 7, 2009 at 7:41 am
Subject: fwd: please do your jobs with responsibility ([protected]) reminder-1
To: [protected]
Cc: nodalofficer. [protected]@airtel.In, nodal. [protected]@airtel.In, nodal. [protected]@airtel.In

reminder - 5 to customer service and nodal team/officers.

no one respond me till now !!!

— forwarded message —
Date: thu, aug 6, 2009 at 9:10 am
Subject: re: please do your jobs with responsibility ([protected])
To: rahil

dear customer,

Thank you for contacting nodal officer desk at airtel. We are in receipt of
Your query/complaint and will get back shortly.


Nodal officer

Disclaimer: kindly note that the working hours for nodal is from monday to
Friday between 9:30 am to 6:30 pm.

in response to:

Rahil cc
.com> nodalofficer. [protected]@airtel.In,
Nodal. [protected]@airtel.In
08/06/2009 13:40
Please do your jobs with
Responsibility ([protected])
Default custom p please do not print this e-mail
Expiration date unless it is absolutely necessary p
Of 11/04/2009

i m facing cutomer service problems issues. Right from day one I start using
Your service e. I really dont knw for what you guyz are paying off. I got my
E-bill today and thats in the name of my father. What is this.. ? Before i
Facess problems for other issues and now name issue.. ? I mean how when i
Provided the required and relavant documents than how can this mistake
Happen r u guyz not educated.. ??? I really wonder how you appointed there
In airtel. Beleive me by this I really had an bad image for airtel
Brand. Please stay off if you dont know how to serve your cutomers.

I will discontinue my airtel service if the right details were not updated
Immediately take the action and serve needfully.

name: - mohammed athar uddin
Father name: - mohammed asad uddin.

I need an serious action immediately or I will publish all mails in media
Consumer court news channels and all sources and I have all saved mails and
Recordings of your poorer & funny services.

— forwarded message —
From: rahil
Date: wed, aug 5, 2009 at 8:55 am
Subject: fwd: fw; re;fwd: fw: very very bad servicesss
To: nodal. [protected]@airtel.In, nodal. [protected]@airtel.In
Cc: [protected]

last reminder for below issues is not yet resolved... Still I did not
Received my bill... ???

This is very ### services for airtel customers I really dont know what u
Guyz are paying off for. ???

If issues not resolved I will drop services asap

— forwarded message —
From: rahil
Date: mon, aug 3, 2009 at 2:13 pm
Subject: fw; re;fwd: fw: very very bad servicesss
To: nodal. [protected]@airtel.In, nodal. [protected]@airtel.In
Cc: nodalofficer. [protected]@airtel.In, [protected]

hellow, reminder for below issues is not yet resolved... Still I did not
Received my bill... ???

If you can, t help nd do u r job for u r customers than i, ll drop airtel
Services immediately.

— forwarded message —
From: rahil
Date: fri, jul 24, 2009 at 10:46 am
Subject: re: fw: very very bad servicesss [|bal|[protected]|[protected]|]
To: nodal. [protected]@airtel.In
Cc: [protected], nodal. [protected]@airtel.In


First of all, I m really regret to inform u that. You are giving the poorest
Service to airtel postpaid customers please check the below & read
Carefully it clearly says that my billing address was updated & all future
Mailings will be directed to the below update address i. E effective
From17-07-09. And now you are having that old address that were we are not
There, and asking for documents without mentioning any. I really wonder how u
R carelessness abt u r job responsbilites u r there for serve customers. I
Requested ms. Kavittha by calling 121 dated on 10-07-09. From that date my
Issue is pending with u r ### services I m really fedup with u guyz and
I m gonna lift up the issue on very high risk not only drop the airtel but
I, ll ask all my colleauges do it if the needfull service will not given &
Sufficient actions will not taken I have all the mails & proofs recorded of
U r foolish services that I will publish in media drags upto consumer
Court. Hence this is my last mail to u ppl to take an serious action & serve
Needfully. And make sure all u guyz working for airtel dont mismatch u r
Data. Some have something & others something.

Update the below address:-

Mohammed athar uddin
House no# 7, 4th cross
Near masjid azeez
Opp. Prithvi theatre
Bangalore: - 560045

Only immediate & +ve action will be appreciated.


Mohammed athar

— forwarded message —
From: <[protected]>
Date: fri, jul 17, 2009 at 2:42 pm
Subject: re: acknowledgement mail. [|bal|[protected]|[protected]|]
To: engr. [protected]

dear mr. Asaduddin,

Thank you for contacting airtel.

You have expressed concern over the delay in change of your billing address
For your airtel mobile number [protected].

We understand your concern and will work towards resolving the same.

We would like to confirm that the new address has been updated in our
Records with effect from 17/07/09.

All future correspondence from airtel will be directed to your new address
As mentioned below:

No:7 4th cross near:masjid e aazeez,
Near phelomina hospital nagawara,
Bangalore 560045.

For further assistance, mail us at [protected]

We value your association with airtel.

Warm regards,

selvanayagam k
Customer care executive
Bharti airtel limited, ,

Simplify life with airtel selfcare. Just dial *121# and get instant
Information related to your account on your mobile screen.

horrible service — they dont respond — waiting to get myy no disconnected since 2 months

My name is Sheetu Nijhon and I took the aitrel postpaid no [protected] on 1st Sep 2008 in pune. Since then I was experiencing a lot of network issues and i left complains with coutomet care also. I personally went to the airtle office and complained. They always use to assure me saying that its will be ok in a month but it never happened.

After that around one to one and a half month ago in July 2009 I finally decided to get rid of it. I wanted to disconnect the no so I went to the kalani nagar office of airtel in pune. There some manager Gaurav tried to convince me for 1 hr not to disconnect the no but I was not convinced. I cleared all my pending paments, submitted an application and id proof to disconnect and they told me it will be disconnected in a 2 days.

I forgot about it and thought it was disconnected until a week ago when I recievd a bill. I was very angry and I went to the same kalani nagar office of airtel where they told me to repeate the procedure again. They told me to clear the dews again because they had probably lost my application or dint want to disconnect as it will reflect bad in there accounts. So now i was suppose to pay the bill though i had no sim and i had not used the number since past around 2 months. I refused to pay the bill as i had not used the no and I m not responsible for there carelesness of loosing documents.

Then a person Amit and prayanka in office told me that they will check the call history of my number and if it is 0 then they will process to disconnected. So I sat in office for another 2 hours but the network was so bad that they were not able to check. It was heights of pathetic service. So I left it to then to see and disconnect.

I am wating since 2 months for my no to be disconnected and you claim to do it in 2 days ... havent seen worst service than that. If you read my mail at least now disconnect.

misbehaving customer care employees

Today i recieved a call from Airtel Gurgson bill region office employee and he started misbehaving with me. He started talking very rudely and very offensively to me. Seems some friend of mine was not paying his airtel bill so Airtel was now calling everyone he had called to tell him to pay up.

I have always been airtel's loyal cuatomer but i think now i need to thing about it.

The person's name was Ashish and he called me from number [protected].

I have sent a mail to airtel's customer care email. Lets see what they have to say apart from saying sorry...

  • Tu
    tushar 4425 Mar 09, 2010

    Dear Sir,

    I have two Air Tel Postpaid Corporate connection My No-9650597433/32 Name of Tushar Sharma. I have problem in a bill ( 9650597433 ) . i was call to customer care but no buddy listen my quarry so i was not pay the from January because i have not received the bill n bill detail and i was not clear. That day i want
    clarification also and pay the bill n I was pay regular bill of my second no. (9650597432) so i was decided I'll wait for any call from air tel then I'll clear about my call detail and then I'll pay all bill. But in February in last week somebody call my no. 9899880743. i was in my office his name is Mr.Sameer he was talk me very rudely and i was told him 'sir please don't worry I'll pay the all bill you just send my call detail on my mail id Then he was normal and he was send the bill with call detail on my mail id. and he was call me again he ask me about my problem i was told him 'sir I am not satisfy my call charges and roaming charges he was told me sir you can Settlement on your bill and he was suggest me if you want continue your no. then you have to pay Rs.1350/- or if you want full and final payment then you can pay Rs.1200/-. After that i was decided I'll pay Rs.1350/- and continue the number. He was told me 1more thing he said 'sir your SIM is not working you have to purchase new SIM in Rs.25/- from any Air Tel shop. That time I was agreed with him. After that he was sent Some buddy on 24/02/10 for payment collection From my house i was payed by post dated HDFC cheque (date -27/02/10, amt-1350/-) but that day i don't know about my a/c was blocked by bank for other any security reason then cheque was bounce and i was feel very embracing.

    After that 06/03/10 Mr. Sameer was call me by a lad line no.40662042 time-02:36pm he talking me again very rudely and he was abusing me and very clearly i was feeling very very bad he said to me very rudely again have to pay cash payment write now...i said Mr.Sameer firstly please talk to me in behave. he was not listing me and he said if you are not pay the bill then I'll raze your call detail and I'll call your relatives and friends and I'll ask them you are not able to pay the mobile bill of Rs.1350/-...

    Then he was normal and i said Mr.Sameer Do one thing please send my some buddy on my office (south ext. part -1) and I'll pay in cash Rs.1350/-. He said again Speak loudly and he said Sorry I Cant Send Any buddy for collection...u have to go to shop and pay all amount Rs.1800/- . i said ok I'll pay at Air tel shop after my office...He said no Mr.Sharma you have to pay write now otherwise I'll call on your relatives number and ask them... .And then he was cut it my call after few Minute My friend is call me then he said sum buddy call me from air tel and he is talking about you and he is very abusing... after that i was call on his ladeline number - 40662042 and told him Mr.Sameer this is not fair you are call my friend number...he said I'll do more calls from your call detail...I said Mr.Sameer please send some buddy I'll pay your all amount he said ok I'll send some buddy from collection department on your office and pay your amount in cash of Rs.1350/- Recipet No.-1756334 and I'll Send The new SIM tomorrow but that time i have Recorded This Talking In my Cell.
    Now I have Pay The Balance Amount Also Because Next Day he told me that you have to pay all balance amount also.. by Card recipt no-14-5880320.

    Now I have Attach The Voice Recording Please check the recording and do Something...

    Tushar Sharma

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serious dereletion of obligations

Repeated Complints made that BSNL land phones cannot be connected from [protected] at Kolkata. There is no ring tone but as line is diconnected charges are deducted. Complain nos [protected] dt 8.8.09, no 3081340 dt. 13.8.08, no [protected] dt. 14.8.09, [protected]. Every time a time frame is given for solving the problem after asking set questions like model of hand set, the BSNL numbers and finally referred to seniors whose number goes on buzzing with no response. One Mr. Sabyasachi acted smart to the extent of disconnecting the line. The problem is that I am not in love with Airtel but my number have been given to nearly 250 odd people. I LEARN THAT THERE IS A PROPOSAL BEFORE THE GOVERNMENT FOR CHANGE OF SERVICE PROVIDERS WITHOUT CHANGE OF NUMBER. I AM JUST EAGERLY WAITING WITH A FEW MILLION OF YOUR UNSATIFIED CUSTOMERS SO THAT I/THEY CAN SWITCH OVER TO VODA PHONE, AND GET RELIEVED OF THE USELESS SERVICE. DURING YOUR FAILURE TO PROVIDE SERVICE AND NOT ENTERTAINING COMPLAINS MY VODA NUMBER HAVE STOOD BY MY SIDE.

  • Al
    Alo Singh Aug 28, 2009


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cant contact customer care and ###ing airtel live chats

airtel has a ###ing service over contacting customer care, no option to contact thm at any situation.And the very most complaint is tht the airtel friends chat.its a ###ing service, anyone who might have experinced wil knw abt it well..the problem is u wil b charged 2 RS for the call.u wil b connectd to male r female users who had subscribed to this chat.u wont be talking to any person til the end.thy wil try to connect ppl, but, either the mobile wil b switched off, busy, out of coverage area.the thing is this wil be taped by the airtel ppl in various languages, thy wil repeat it in more than 5 languages(wil take around 2min to complete the transaction) last ur call ends at a point of time, u wil be charged 40 ro 50 rs for this, the matter is u wont be talking to any of the chat frnds..for this service AIRTEL can BEG their CUSTOMERS & ASK MONEY TO RUN THEIR BUSINESS OVERHEADS.### U AIRTEL.

  • Ja
    jazzz719 Aug 03, 2011

    airtel is the worst network like as aircel .. airtel launches 3g .. ### u ..first u repair ur 2g networks problems .. r u mad airtel .. u should hier speciailist in customer care .. okkzzz im from tilak ngr in new delhi .. airtel giving me 1 - 5 kb/ 10 second (3g) downloading in mobile .. okkzz 1st u repair ur 2g networks then u should launch 3g network .. and ### u all customer care people and ### u 10 - 20 times to senior .. senior didnt pick the call. nw they block my call bcozzz .i asked him to give me solution .. and he bloody son of ### block my call .. ### u airtel and ur worst services

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not response local customer care execuities

hai, i am sathish please ready my local pco. my area is arcot. i have this problem in loat of month but ther no response our officers so please contact them and rectify my problem. and my contact no is [protected]

number not working

I had taken a airtel postpaid number two years back i. E [protected] and it was ok and there was no problem in that. But on 1st july 2009 I had converted my number into prepaid from sansar telecom, yamuna nagar, haryana.. For that I had given my license photostate and two snaps and it was convereted properly in prepaid and I had given rs 200 to thm for lifetime prepaid. This id was the same as for postpaid. After one month on 1st aug 2009 they send me a message that id is not proper and on 3rd aug my outgoing service has been barred and on 4th aug incomming also barred. And after that I had been to sansar telecom and they said the number will start work with in 48 hrs. I again deposited my id as they ask for bt no doesn't work. Again on 10 aug I deposited my id but they said the no will not work now.
Now I want to know the same number when it was postpaid there was not any problem of id but in prepaid why there is a problem.

incoming&outgoing barred about 15th days

my mob no-[protected] &sim no-[protected] has been barred since 26/7/2009to till now I have logde many compalaints to respected area dealer&, TM but no one is taking care of my complaints

  • Sa
    samsu Oct 06, 2009


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  • Ra
    rahul bidhuri Feb 03, 2011

    dear sir i am rahul dealer airtel dth my lapu nam 9560907740 sar mujse galat recarj ho gya hai castumber id hai 3005448240 or tr id hai 5071835 sir mera bel vapas kavado pls sir

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  • Na
    nausad Aug 20, 2012

    dear sir my lapu sim is 8 month old but easy vas service is not active so

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  • Ki
    kiran sawant Nov 08, 2013

    dear sir miane 360 actvation kelte pan mala taycha pay out ala nahi.mera mo no 9730433395 hai sir plz...chek detils call mo no ya my E-mail id [email protected]

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  • Ki
    kiran sawant Nov 08, 2013

    sep month ka pay out nahi mila.mera mo no 9730433395

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  • Sh
    SHIPU Jun 28, 2014


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