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deactivation of ringtone khazana

The Khazana Ringtone was offered to me in the month of August 2007 and Rs Thirty was deducted from my account, I tried to deactivate the Khazana Ringtone offer through SMS, talking to customer care on No.121, through e-mail, and personally meeting Airtel office at Kalkaji and Okhla Phase -I but again the amount was deducted in the month of September 2007.

I carried out the all above mentioned exercise once again, on September 15, 2007 I received one e-mail from Airtel (REF [protected]) stating that deactivation will be done with in 72 hours.
The same could only be deactivated when I personally visited the OKhla Phase-1 office personally last month.
Last week again Airtel has sent one SMS that Rs Thirty has been debited from my account for the Ringtone Khazana. My Telephone no is [protected]. Can anyone help me to get rid of this Khazana Ringtone and Airtel from deducting Rs. Thirty every month from my account?

[Resolved] internet not working

dear concerned,

i dont know wether this letter reaches a reliable person or not but still let me tell you that airtel mega offer for internet is not upto airtel brand image.i am working at tanzania and before leaving india i got a airtel connection so that i can be in touch with my family and the number is+[protected] and the location is BENIADIH,DIST-GIRIDIH,JHARKHAND-815301 but after around 20 days also inetrnet is not working despite calling customer care for numerous times and even they do not respond properly.till date the connection of internet has not been installed and i am in deep problem and as my father can not deal with this kind of situation he wrote me that this is the problem which he is facing in india also customer care person is saying the servor speed is not good enough that you can talk on internet if this is fact please help me out what can i do now or tell me do u have anyother plan,system etc through which i can have internet working at that area.please revert back with proper solution and for this kind help i would always praise airtel as i do now.

santosh singh
food & beverage manager
coral beach hotel

  • Updated by Airtel Presence · Jan 14, 2013

    Namaste Mr.Bhatnagar,

    We would like to inform you that your concern listed 07 Jan 2013 has been resolved. Should you have any queries please contact Airtel customer service at

    Rakesh Ranga
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd
    [email protected]

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

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  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Ro
    rohit bhatnagar Jan 07, 2013

    Dear sir,

    I am using the airtel braodband from last 7 year. But from last one year totally fed up from airtel service(internet stops working 4-5 times in a month) .we regret to inform you that i am unable to access net on my connection from past 1 month.
    You are requested to please get the same fixed immediately & oblige.

    Connection reference
    user name : Rohit Bhatnagar
    telephone no: 0522 - 4070749
    address : 557/9A Om Nagar alambagh Lucknow, UP-226005
    ph : 9936093025, 9621203564
    mail id : [email protected]

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poor response from customer care representative

My number is [protected]. I have just converted my number into postpaid. Since than i started facing problems. They dont have good network after vasai road towards virar. I have made complaints so many times thru pco but the person sitting there on phone are just dumb. They even dont know how to talk with the customer. There communication skills are so poor. Now after seeing my number in their system they simply cut the phone.In the end i still have my cell without network.

I am planning to take vodafone connection since i am fedup with airtel. They only want their bill to be paid on time And dont care about the service.Delaying payment just for a day your number will be disconnected.

So, Please avoid taking airtel connection.

  • Mu
    Mushtaqali A.Bachooally. Mar 16, 2008

    i have not recieved my Airtel mobile bill dated 27 Feb 08. I request u to pls send me a copy of my bill at your earliest. my mobile no : 98673sssss

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  • Sv
    svinodh May 08, 2009

    Please no one to go airtel connection -------------my kind request because so many problem occurs in airtel postpaid connection...No response from customer care many problem i m facing within 2 weeks... no one to respond my query. so many times i m calling customer care but no use. Better any other network to choose vodafone, aircel or bsnl...

    airtel spend money only for advertisement not for customer...

    mobile no-9677153334

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sim card issue

I am holding an Airtel postpaid connection. Past four week i am facing problem with SIM registration. I have been adviced by Airtel customer care to buy duplicate SIM card for Rs. 150.

Still the problem exists. Again i have been adviced by customer case to replace the SIM. Now twice i have change my SIM but still same problem SIM card registration failed.

I really don't know where is the problem. Customer care guys are not able to solve or forward to concern team to resolve my problem.

I have paid yearly payment. So i am not able to disconnect the connection also.

Please help me in resolving my problem.

  • Ks
    K.Samender Mar 02, 2008

    I have lost my sim card how to take duplicate sim card is any proceedure, and my sim card now using another person can i know the numbers pls. Reply on my email.

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  • Si
    Sim Card Issue Oct 14, 2011

    My name is Jatin Varma and my Airtel mobile number is 9896080192 I'm use this number in the last 6 years the past 15 days my phone is SIM card Rgistrtion Failed I was on point and our nearest Airtel Sim blocked your ID proof and old But he also gave me 200 / - and sought to duplicate SIM
    When I tell him from me, neither of these is the company's Fult Dmge SIM is lost, nor why I give money, he said Go there to go back to the company I can get replacement SIM then 200 / - only will so I just want to know what is my fault is it my fault that I am a customer of Airtel from last 6 years.

    Thanks & Regards
    Jatin Verma
    Airtel Customer

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dispute in bill, harrasement, without any followup

The Manager,
Bharti Airtel Limited ,
C-25 , Industrial Area , Phase -2 ,
Mohali . 55
Dear sir,
This is in regard to my post paid connection of airtel that landed me with a bill of around 7500 rs for the month of july'07 againsnt my uasage and banned my outgoing. Upon putting a complaint with customer care which they never took seriously , i got a message of reduced bill and that too of around 3500 rs. Dont know what was wrong with the bill. Being a customer i have full right to enquire about my bill details and i did the same but all in vain. They never turned up for next two months.

1st instance:-And to my surprise two people came searching for me at my house from recovery side after two months (till time no followup from the airtel customer care geared up although they have my address).And they were told to provide the bill details accompained by an executive and were provided with my new number.

2nd instance:-With in next 10 days a person from airtel came searching for me and he ensured me to provide the bill details through mail (mail ID provided) with in a day which i havent got till date.

And again it touched the heights of incapability when a female from airtel called up one of the numbers from the bill details and started enquiring about me in a suspicious and arrogant way and used foul language withour revealing her identity. I am having her number and call time.
Even though i have given my new number the time airtel enquired ,then even she called at other number and was so inquisitive regading personal matters(unquoteable). To my experience she never even checked the details of enquiry and just started ringing the numbers that is against human rights.

After getting my number she called me up and started talking to me in a threatning way without listening to her customer. I would like to quote some of her words:--
1:-That i talk to thousands of people like you in a day and i dont have time to explain you everything.
2:-Threatened whether i should pay the bill the very next day else she would keep on calling and disturbing my people.
She didnt even had a clue of the actual matter.
The thing is that i never denied to pay the bill to any of your people but the delay and problem is with the people who are dealing the enquiry.It has been 3 months and they are not able to provide me the bill and the reason why their was a discrpency in the bill that make me suspicious about the whole matter.

You should go through my previous history of bills and will get to know that you have lost a very good customer just bacause of the negligiance of your people.
Even as per appointment fixed the people never turns up from the airtel.
Please look into the matter ASAP and to my satisfaction.
Tapan Malhotra

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prepaid mobile recharge

Hai this is Kranthi Kumar i am using airtel prepaid connection since 3 years. I did mobile recharge through internet using icicibank prepaid recharge option. Yesterday i was did 55/- rupees to my mobile,i got transaction id as [protected]. but upto now my mobile could not get recharge. today also i tried to recharge my mobile with same process and recharged with 110/- rupess to the same number, and again i faced same problem. please resolve my problem......
thanking you


  • Sh
    shabarinathan Oct 28, 2007

    Hi this is Kranthi Kumar. I am using Airtel prepaid connection since 3 years. I did mobile recharge through internet using ICICI bank prepaid recharge option. Yesterday I was did 55/- rupees to my mobile, I got transaction id as 000043985261. But up to now my mobile could not get recharge. Today also I tried to recharge my mobile with same process and recharged with 110/- rupees to the same number, and again I faced same problem. Please resolve my problem...

    Thanking you.

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  • Go
    Govindaraj sathyamurthy Jan 09, 2008

    I also carried out same for Rs.120 but not getting charged. Can you explain what is the procedure.

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  • Nr
    N ROHINI PRASAD Apr 08, 2009

    EURONET Worldwide India Pvt. Ltd.,
    West Quadrant, 2nd Floor,
    MUMBAI - 400051


    I have tried to refill my Vodafone Prepaid Mobile (Andhra Pradesh circle) using ICICI online Mobile Prepaid Recharge Facility through Internet Banking and refill of Rs.60.00 on 07.04.2009 and haven't received any refill as yet. Amount of Rs.60/- already debit to you from my ICICI saving account. The following a payment details are below:

    Payment details for Payment ID: 0098924914
    Payee Name : Prepaid Mobile Recharge
    Address : EURONET Worldwide India Pvt. Ltd., West Quadrant, 2nd Floor
    City : MUMBAI
    Zip Code : 400051
    Customer Reference : 919052519826

    Other Details:
    Payment Remarks : 0206

    Please do the needful help me as I am not able to speak and hear (Deaf).

    Thanking you Sir.
    Mobile No.9052519826

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  • Ra
    Raja12 Nov 25, 2009

    Its really strange that ICICI does not provide the mobile recharge value for airtel in Chennai circle. When I tried recharging for 150 rs, the transaction id was displayed and the transaction was successful . But next morning i get a message stating the amount is invalid. The transaction is successful and my mobile is not yet recharged. It is the strangest of things I have come across and i do not know whose going to take the blame and come forward with solution and am sure enough i have to run at back of these guys to get my money back.Let me see if I have any success. A simple logic is just display the amount that is valid for recharge. In their own site icici says that only 99 and 101 are invalid. so strange but truth is always stranger than fiction.

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intend to file a lawsuit


I am absolutely outraged by airtel's aggressive marketing via sms and automated phone calls and am interested in filing a lawsuit against airtel. I told their customer service to stop these messages a week after taking the mobile phone service in june/july. also sent them a 'do not disturb'. The messages stopped for a few weeks and then started again.

I called a week ago to complain and the moment the customer service man heard the word marketing messages, he Disconnected the phone. the same thing has happened today.

So anyone else interested in filing a class action lawsuit, please write to me at neo.[protected] I intend to file a lawsuit for the maximum possible amount and donate everything after lawyers' expenses.


Neo Pachisia

serious issues with customer care: prepaid to postpaid conversion

I have been an old airtel pre-paid subscriber.
So now - I attempted to convert pre-paid to post-paid.
My number will remain same - [protected] (mumbai)

This is the sequence of events:
1. called 121 and all possible customer care numbers from my existing prepaid connection. all calls were automatically routed to pre-paid customer care. I asked for information on post-paid plans. I was told that I should call from a postpaid number to do that. isn't that rediculous??

2. went to airtel vashi relationship centre.

3. day 1: provided all proofs required as per airtel for pre-paid to post-paid converstion. paid the required amount for the 299 plan. I was given a sealed envolop with posat-paid sim inside it. obviously, this sim was disabled presently.
I was told that the pre-paid will be disabled and post-paid card will be enabled within 3 working days. fair enough!!

4. after 2 days: called customer care from my existing prepaid sim. no status updated. they claim that this process will take 7 working days. over and above that - they say that my pre-paid sim may get deactivated anytime and would remain deactivated for 48 hours before the post-paid sim is activated.
Important: when I asked for the direct number of the vashi customer relationship centre — I was bluntly told, "sir, we do not keep relationship centre phone number with us. if you need to resolve this issue, please go there physically!!". now as customer, you tell me - do you have time to go so far and the extra petrol - to go for such a foolish query!!

So it means that the "customer care on phone" and the "airtel relationship centre" have no communication between them and they have been specially designed to mislead customers to buy their services - by giving false promises.

#important: now - if I loose some business or job calls due to these 48 hours of deactivation of pre-paid — who will compensate me for this??

#all the above events happened exactly in the same way with my wife also - when she had applied for pre-paid to post-paid conversion, 2 months back!! so please do not consider my case as an exception!!

Customer care has been consistantly worthless and provides no direction, unless there are simple technical faults. it seems that the customer care has been specially built and trained to keep the actual airtel business people away from the the customers, and nothing else (just for their convinience and not for customers)!! this is not the first time this kind of calousness has been shown.

Airtel has no right to do whatever it feels like - like spending it's customer's time and money and not giving required information when asked for!!

I hope that there must be some way to address this with trai!!!

  • Sa
    Sapna Srivastava Oct 23, 2007

    It is completely true. Can you imagine- how much stress it puts on your HEALTH- when things like this happen- where things are completely out of your hands and you cannot do anything about it!!
    Airtel just does everything that it pleases-
    1. takes its own sweet time and controls our time.
    2. makes us travel - due to THEIR mistakes or false promises.

    When I had applied for Pre-Paid to Post-Paid ---- I was told that the SIM card would be couriered to me- which never happened. I had to personally go to the VASHI AIRTEL RELATIONSHIP CENTER and receive it after nearly 7 DAYS OF inactivity!!!

    Is there some OFFICIAL instrument or body which can ease our pain???

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  • Ms
    MSPL PURCHASE Nov 01, 2007

    We have a Post paid Airtel internet connection. Since 15 days it not working because of Network.

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  • Bh
    Bhola Jul 07, 2008

    i want convert to prepaid to postpaid airtel.

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broadband plan migration from limited to unlimited plan not done despite request to 121. excessive billing in september bill.

I had been using Airtel' s home 64 unlimited plan for more than 2 years. In may 2007 I applied for plan change to 796 plan and I had to apply for password at their galleria, Gurgaon branch, (giving a application with a photograph) after change of my plan since their helpline told me that they do not have any access to my usage and I would need to apply for internet password and only I could see my usage. It was very important I knew the usage as 796 plan is a usage linked plan. After three visits to their galleria branch and phone calls to the person incharge in galleria, I was sent a password that too did not work on their site, exasperated I started to their customer care, each executive said password would be emailed to me within 48 hours, numerous calls later I got my password after about one month of physical application at their gallleria, gurgaon branch (on 10/7/2007 by email) and after checking my usage (given in units on their site) I tried confirming the conversion of usage into KB from airtel's helpline, after various calls it was apparent that the usage was very high(almost 3 GB) so I requested their help line on 121 and told them that as they had delivered the password after so long and that too after various calls from me to their galleria branch as well as to their helpline, I could not monitor the usage in time, hence I asked their customer care executive Mr. Shwaib on 14/7/2007 for a waiver and change of plan to my previous plan i.e. home 64. However their executive told me that home 64 did not exist anymore and I will be given 780 plan instead in which I will get unlimited internet and also get 180 calls free. Furthermore due to the fact that I could not get my password in time because of which I could not monitor or control my usage he also gave me a confirmation that the charges of internet would be waived off. All bills received for the month of June, July, August did not show any internet charges. Now in the month of september 2007 a huge usage of internet has been billed and Rs.8116.77 has been charged on my bill despite the fact that I had asked for a plan change on 14/7/2007 to unlimited 780 plan and waiver for internet usage for the period upto 14/7/2007. I have made various calls to their 121 customer care service but no one is able to resolve the issue. First time after a period of 4 years of using Airtel I feel Airtel has changed and is trying to fleece its customers for no fault of theirs. I believe airtel has recordings of each and every conversation, if they go through my conversations in the month of June and then the last one on 14th July and the whole matter will be clear. This whole episode has left a lot of heartburn and mental tension.

Through this letter I wish that those people incharge who have not done their job should be brought to task and that the senior officials should see to it that customers spared the pain I have gone through. I shall not rest until the highest authority Mr. Mittal is not apprised of the affairs going on in his company, because it is he who will suffer if customers feel cheated by the company. I have asked for disconnection of my telephone on 7/10/2007 which till date has not been done.

  • An
    AN SINGH May 12, 2008

    My mobile 9958229920. I have purchased it from Subhiksha, Sector 37 Faridabad 10 days back. It was working very well. But from yesterday, there is no incoming and outgoing service is there in my number...

    Kindly help me...


    AN Singh

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airtel sucks!

I Anirudh Jain, the customer of Airtel since many years.I am not happy with the services of airtel providing to me. I have received the call from airtel on 10/10/2007 and TIME was 12:26 AM and number which is [protected]. The agent asking me my problem and he didn't mentioned his name on the call and also i was able to listen the voice of some girls as they were laughing on the conversation of agent with me.I was shocked on the question which was asked by the agent to me and when i asked him his name he abuse me and hung-up and abusive word which he used on the call was " YOU BLOODY ### " and when i redialed the same number the message which i heard was " The Incoming call facility to this number is currently not available for assistance please call airtel customer care at [protected] ". I was shocked on this behaviour of AIRTEL AGENT.

This is not the end i am using two numbers of airtel and they both are Corporate numbers and on the next day i received the same call on another number which my mother is using and this time same scenario happened with me again i asked the name of the agent..again abusive language was used by the agent and hung-up. Is this the way of Airtel to talk to there customers ? Nobody is responsible in Airtel to take the initiative to solve the problem..The Day i joined Airtel..Problem started on the same day..and still it is the same..My Number BLACKBERRY is activated but from last 2 months i am not be able to use my BLACKBERRY services till date but the BLACKBERRY is activated on AIRTEL server but is not working on my phone...also i have changed my mobile, means i have bought new Nokia Communicator 9500, 7 days ago.

This is my 3 phone which i have bought but still the problem is not solved from AIRTEL...i am not getting proper solution from AIRTEL..and also i have made request to AIRTEL to change my Billing address so that i will get my bills on time and i will pay my bills on time to AIRTEL.But till date my address is not changed and i have made millions request to change my billing address. The Address Change i want for the number which is [protected]... But it is not changed till date..and when i call AIRTEL customer care on 121 neither my calls connect to 121 nor i am able to talk to Agent and every time i mention my problem to the Agent then i have to call different Department to tell my problem and in this way AIRTEL play PING - PONG with me while giving me wrong information.

I want waiver for next 4 months on both the numbers for the above mentioned problem. Means can airtel waive off my Bills for both the numbers which i have to pay for my problem ? As this is not the first time i am facing this was happend with me in the past. But no help. A helpless customer is looking for the help and for the waiver so that i can think that something has been done from AIRTEL.

This is not the end of the problems i am facing, I have lot of problem in my list which i can mentioned but these are the major problem which i am facing..So should i expect something from Airtel that make me happy customer with AIRTEL.


  • Qa
    Qamaal Mustafa Sikander Apr 20, 2008

    Airtel sucks big time. I got GPRS activated on my mobile which was prompt but after that didn't receive any settings for my mobile. Finally I managed to get settings from the net but the Airtel GPRS speed was pathetic hence sent SMS to deactivated. It is 10th day now but still they are not able to deactivate, though I sent sms, emails, called 121 and other customer numbers.

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  • Ni
    Nishant Ray Mar 15, 2009

    My Samsung SGH-X200, IMEI: 357715/00/591989/1 is not supporting anyone Airtel simcard and the display shows Limited Service.
    Few months back there was nothing this type of inconvenience .
    So what and why is this going on, if Airtel has locked the handset than why and what they are going to compensate.

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remove hello tune


I have airtel prepaid card, my mobile no. Is [protected], my hello tune activate automatically I am trying to remove this hello tune through call centre but I am not sucess, please remove my hello tune through my card.


  • Sa
    Sachin Saini Jun 07, 2008

    hey this ivr option is totally crap you know just a wind or any gale if pass through it resets you ivr and never can get connect with customer care who are just for name nothing they can help you out. also aor tel is a crap company it will enableyour caller tune by default and customer care will never care for your complaint they are like all crap one.

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  • En
    encyca Aug 21, 2008

    call 567567 from ur phone and disable it manually.Remember to keep more than 30 RS on phone for deactivation.

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  • Bk
    B.KAMESHWARA RAO Jul 11, 2012

    i have airtel prepaid card, my mobile no. is 9625855043, my hello tune activate automatically i am trying to remove this hello tune through call centre but i am not sucess, please remove my hello tune through my card .

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airtel servi ces a fraud. customer care is total waste of time

I am an unlucky airtel customer form gwalior (Mp). My mobile ph no. Is 0-[protected]. I came to delhi yesterday (20 oct 07) and my airtel connection has been denied access by all network service providers after I left mp. Even airtel said "no network access". I have waisted my 24 hrs initially to contact the customer care executive of airtel, as music is on & on and you are told all unwanted stories followed by options to press 1,2,3,4,5, or say "customer care". When you say customer care a lady's recorded voice says every time... "sorry, I couldn't hear, say again"... I repeated the same as per instructions, but ultimately was disconnected and forgotten after saying, "wait for our customer executive"... Music... Music changed... Music changed... And... Disconnected. This happened repeatedly for hrs together, causing me to say " hell with airtel which is treating inter-state customer as people from alien's land... It's airtel or fraud communication system".. And I feel it seems to be or is going to be, if the airtel of delhi considers airtel customers of mp as untouchable or from an enemy country.
When at all I succeeded in contacting them, I had to explain every bit of my agony to two airtel customer care executives at delhi (ms prachi, mr punkaj) , but in vain. After hearing about my dis-connectivity story, despite having about rs. 800 in balance, got the set answers like.. That mine is mp no and delhi customer care can not do anything to solve my problem... And... Can not even register my complaint.. And.. That I have to tell mp customer care... When I asked no. Of mr bharti mittal (Aitel boss) , they said that they didn't have.
While being fed up with no connectivity on my airtel no. , I had to borrow somebody else's airtel no. To ring up customer care of mp & chatishgarh. I repeated the same agony of mine to mp airtel customer care (Mr raj) , who told me that my mobile is coming switched off, when it was on & ... On... All the 24 hrs.. When I was struggling for connectivity through my friends at gwalior (Mp) and directly with airtel.
Same thing happened when I came to delhi few months back and I told airtel customer care executives, who assured me of action... Once same problem I faced within mp also, when I went to bhopal & was disconnected. I told my problem to airtel customer care executive in mp (Indore) , who told me that the problem will be rectified... But nothing seems to have been done by the airtel customer care executive of mp at indore. Mr guddu of gwalior, from whom I purchased my this unluky connection was also told about the problem, who told me that he had told the airtel customer care executive and that the needful will be done. But nothing has been done by the airtel to rectify the problem.
" customer is the king", as per top 'b' schools and most mn cs... But as per airtel's apathetic attitude towards customers' problems... The airtel customer seems to be a beggar, especially after the connection is sold... He may be given false feeling of being a king when the connection is to be sold.
... Because such appear to be the business practices of airtel... It's a total neglect of the customer's grievances.
God save such service providers... Who want to become a mnc... But with business practices like a local roadside vendor... Or.. Fire and forget (Missile)... Or... Sell and neglect scheme...
... Come what may... Cry baby cry... Fry baby fry... And airtel will eat you - dry baby dry...

... From an unlucky airtel customer...

  • Si
    siddharth kasera Aug 28, 2008

    Respected sir
    i am using to a airtel prepaid my airtel number is 9993239834 my sim is lifetime but incoming and outgoing is off in 2 days Please my request you check my mobile snd please, Just Reply problem in email id ?
    Rajkumr kasera
    ujjain {M.P}

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  • Ya
    YASHWANT MEHRA Sep 05, 2008


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  • Pr
    priya Mar 24, 2009

    Dear Sir,

    i want to know about your services. plz give me some information . i want to take airtel connection



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  • Mk
    Mk22345 Aug 10, 2010

    My number is 9893422345.. Aur in airtel valo ki maa ka bhosda.. Agar fraud nai h to mujhse contact kare madharchod, bhen k land

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  • Ra
    RAM SANKAR PANDIT Aug 16, 2010

    Dear Sir,
    I was working with Bharti Aitel Services limited ( Inida ). from 30/01/2008 to 05/08/2009 as Sr. Executive under employee code 50704 with PF No HR/GGN/10693/024388 . I received my full and final payment from Company on 07/09/2009.And than i summit my PF form to BHUBANESWAR OFFICE in the month of NOVEMBER but till date they not give any respond of that .And at the same i also complete in PF Grievance Cell .Till date i not receive any information from them.

    It is my humble request to you please look in the matter in urgent basis.

    Thanks and regards.
    MOB NO- 09178849999
    EMAIL ID- [email protected]
    Account no-0122161000778

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requesting for p u k code

Respected sir
Right now I am living in Andhra Pradesh but I am using airtel mobile phone (Karnataka) now my sim is requesting for P U K code so I am not abele to get my P U K code so pleas can you help me to get the P U K code
My requested mobile no is [protected]
My requested sim no is [protected]
With Regards
Sharath k L

  • Je
    JERIN SAMUEL MATHEW Jul 15, 2008

    i need to have the puk code of my mobile number of karnataka 09945368069, if you dont mind could you please send that to my mail as soon as possible

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suspension of services without giving any bill

In second week of sept, 2007 unfortunately I, opted for a postpaid connection of Airtel and given connection no [protected] in Dehradun at given address 3, New Road. Within two weeks I got a call to pay Rs 688 as my due. I asked the caller to send me the bill at the given address, caller replied ok. Then time and again callers from Airtel kept on asking me to pay the amount without giving me any bill. Now since yesterday they have disconnected it. I will never in future opt for an Airtel connection as so many service providers are there in the market with better options.

  • Va
    vansh gopal gupta Jun 27, 2011

    I am going to inform you that the signals of airtel are very poor maximum it shows no towers.during calls it is disconnect. so please pay attention for this problem.

    vansh gopal gupta
    14, G.M.S.ROAD
    kali mandir enclave

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  • Vi
    virendra uniyal Aug 16, 2012

    i have air tel mobile no. from Mumbai, i have got transfer from mumbai to dehradun, i want to continue this airtel no .cabn i continue this Mobile no .without roaming ..

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  • Bh
    Bhupendrasingh Dec 04, 2013

    Hi sir,
    iam using your network with plan 999 and recently i have switch my location to B-BLOCK Defense colony, Dehradun
    LAT. LONG. ARE 30.282008°, 78.057595°. my airtel number is 8126903365 and found to this location there is network issue during call i have found call drop problem and during data it not connect properly while my all work on call and internet you can check my phone detail regard it. please resolve it ASAP.other wise it very difficult to me to continue with this network service.

    Bhupendra Singh

    1 Votes

fake dating service

Hi all,

Airtel's dating service for finding friends (of opposite sex) is a fake one. If you find a friend i think the msgs we think we are getting from friend is actually a automated one generated by airtel. You never get a reply from a friend instead as and when you get some msg it talks slowly about sex and it tries to attract you as though talked by opposite sex. You will get most probably only one msg per day or one per two days. Each msg of you costs 3 Rs to send and 3 Rs to read other msgs. So you will get msg when you are not sending any msg to ur supposed friend so that you spend some money to airtel. Airtel is cheating people and by sending vulgar msgs it is distracting youth and spoiling the vulnerable. If you are talking really to a person then you should get a reply atleast to one question you ask... but in this you will get msg that asks you a vulgar question... initially it will start as a friend but slowly it will move on to vulgarity... so that you people dont respond to this friend msg and lose your money.

  • Ji
    Jin Jan 12, 2008

    absolutely right. Many of my friends have complained so. Even we tried it and found out to be fake, pure scam for sure. Its from the number 52455 and also some more numbers in such series I guess.

    0 Votes
  • Kr
    krishanth May 11, 2009

    I have nt tried it yet.But as far as I know there is a friend of mine who got a girl through this Airtel dating whatever.
    And he is going to meet her very soon and they got their phone numbers as well and they do talk.
    So I guess as you said most of it may be cheating and fer might work.

    0 Votes

infeasibility of service

I had applied for shifting my Airtel Broadband connection in Bangalore (080 [protected]) on October 4, 2007 from...

horrible customer care support

I had lost my mobile contact airtel for block of sim connection Mobile. But still now no response and By visiting their airtel office at bannerghatta road and making the complaint too doesnt make sense.

  • Ra
    Rajeev kumar malisetty Oct 15, 2008

    We have a Airtel Broadband connection along with land line with the number: 080-42046787. The connection is disconnected from the past 2 days...Please check what has happened...It is very emergency...

    0 Votes
  • Ba
    Balaji Oct 30, 2008

    i want broadband connection in kalkeri, bannerghatta main road, banglore-83...

    i request to give this connection as soon as possible...

    0 Votes
  • Sh
    shiva Nov 19, 2008

    i am shiva, from bangalore, , , , , , ! today i lost my mobile means someone theft my mobile...(19:11:2008) evening 6 to 7 o clock tome.
    in bangalore_560076 near "bille kalli:"bustop BTM LAYOUT
    please sir if can do some please help me my mobile name was z558i sonyeicssson
    IMEI NUMBER IS :35340501179063-5-04



    0 Votes

[Resolved] unable to get puk number!

I was traveling to Bangalore and bought a new handset there. While configuring the new handset accidentally...

airtel broadband poor customer service

Looks like I am not alone. I raised a complaint about broadband billing (that became twice for a particular month without any extra activities) during the beginning of August 07.

Till today (10-Oct-07), none has come back to me to resolve the same. I have made umpteen calls to them and every time I hear, we will get back to you with details.

  • Va
    Vathsala Jagannathan Apr 09, 2008

    Dear Sir,

    On behalf of Mr Mahesh Muthusamy i am triggering this. He is having a broadband connection. Pls enable VPN in his broadband.

    Broadband number of his is : 044-24994046.
    User name : Mahesh Muthuswamy

    Vathsala Jagannathan
    IT-Cadbury Chennai

    0 Votes

prepaid top-up card didn't work

I have got a prepaid top-up card(Rs.25/- worth) and tried with the pin number to top it up. But went on giving an error msg (Invalid combination) whenever I attempted to top it up. When reported in customer care, there was no proper intimation as to what to do. I found that customer care people are unaware of what to do with my complaint. Finally I could do nothing...

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