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incorrect billing

On the 8th October 2006, I gave a complaint regarding my bill coming too high, a complaint was lodged, but I...

unable to pay bill via internet!

This is a game plan people use to fool all of indians residing in rural areas. This Airtel makes so many...

deficiency in services

Please read the following input to understand my complaint.

No. Name address working since

[protected] tapan allabadi a-607, sector 2, plot no. 4, dwarka, new delhi more than 1 year
[protected] tapan allabadi a-607, sector 2, plot no. 4, dwarka, new delhi was working since 1 month

Responce from the airtel executive.

1) address verification is not done.

My questions.

1) why the phone was activated witout address verification?
2) why phone was disconnected without any intimation, either through sms or via mail or via phone?
3) how come one phone is verified on same name and address and other phone is not verified?
4) why should the customer suffer, because of the process failure at airtel end?

  • Co

    I wanted my existing internet connection functional in my another room too where Airtel Land Line connection already existed. It took 21 days of patience and perseverance to get it done after continuous reminding. Their commitment that after every 4 hours delay Rs 100/- will be credited to the complainant was requested to be implemented. My e-mail was replied after about 4 weeks through auto generated reply that delay in replying is regretted and my complaint has been forwarded to concerned dept for their action. I am still awaiting reply/action to refund as per their commitment.

    Beware people!

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  • Aa
    aasif nissar Aug 23, 2008

    i am not able to recieve massages from internet, kindly note, i am customer of jammu and kashmir.

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  • Aa
    aasif nissar Aug 23, 2008

    I am customer of your service and having problem of massaging service form internet

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ignorance towards the customer!

I recharged my prepaid connection through my online back account just to see that the balance got added and...

is this how airtel talks about & ldquo;100% bill accuracy” service guarantee?

In continuation of our discussion on 29th Sep 2006 regarding my billing irregularities by AirTel, I am furnishing the following details as requested by you and as part of your continued personal efforts to satisfy all SATYAMites.

Please note I took my 2nd AirTel Mobile connection on 24th August 2006 with M. No: 9ssss and Account Number 10ssssss with Basis Bill Plan CUG 499 Plan with plan benefits includes, Local M2M 499 Mins Discount and 499 Local and National SMS Free.

FYI please note in your previous bill dated 27th August 2006, plan benefit Local M2M Mins Free was implemented and billed correctly.

But suddenly to this contrary and to my surprise, I received your latest bill dated 27th Sep 2006, with billing irregularities stating only 499 minutes Local A2A Free (Means Airtel to Airtel Free).

This act is outrageous, unethical, unprofessional, misleading and misinformation campaign resulting in duping and cheating of customers by Airtel.

Further while contacting your call center on 29th Sep-2006, I asked the concerned person to put me on to his manager and I was kept on hold for 30 mins and suddenly they disconnected the call and the person was so rigid in answering and trying to justify the billing.

Is this how AirTel talks about “100% Bill accuracy” service guarantee??

  • Vi
    vinu Aug 04, 2008

    Airtel Sucks with the bill, So I converted to Prepaid, They just Rob your pocket, be careful with them, Even though they are not given me my Security Deposit back I am ok, I have taken a 1 yr validity prepaid card and in that I one I can migrate all my business to the new Vodaphone Number that I took Recently which is much better that the Airtel Till this time

    Thanks for all the trouble that you gave to me Airtel ... !!!

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line shifting problem

Dear complaints board, we have a total of six telephone lines in the name of shilpa chowdhary which are as follows: [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected], [protected]
We had given a request 15 days back of phone line shifting from our safdarjung office to okhla office.
But till date only [protected] line is shifted to our new address.
We regularly in touch with your following staff :
Mr. Vijay singh : [protected]
Mr. Jai prakash - [protected]
Mr. Manoj - [protected]
Mr. Yusuf - [protected]
Mr. Samin rizvi - [protected]

But our problem is still not resolved. Our company is getting a lot of work loss as well as financial loss due to these phone lines.

We are very upset to see the service of airtel. If our phone line will not be shift till monday we will surrender these phone and go to some other service provider.

Best regards,
Sandeep rishi

  • Au
    au275 Sep 24, 2011

    Hi Team,

    I have raised a request regarding the shifting of my broadband connection(#4187022) on 19-sep-2011.Still I am not getting any response from your end. I am wondering for a new connection you peoples will provide within 3 days then why for shifting it is taking this much time. I think Airtel is not interested in the existing customers.
    Now lot of options are available in the market and some another vendors are providing connection at low cost. The money currently I am paying monthly to Airtel in that rage some another service provider offering me 3 times the speed which I have now but still we are stick with Airtel because as of now I am satisfied with your service and the main thing make me happy is the anytime customer support also but now am very depressed to say that I got some bitter experience from your customer care, they are not at all listening my worries and giving false update for me also. Their behavior looks like if I want I am quit the connection and go for other.
    Some of your executive has taken my query for shifting as disconnection request now I am hearing my connection is going to disconnect also.
    I am confused what is going behind the background, I don’t have any problem on that I will go for a new service provide available in my area. But I will notice this customer harassment to my Company because it is CUG plan refers from my company. You are aware It will escalate in that level Since I am using that connection for my working from home option. I have told all these things to your executive they will tell sir, tomarrow your connection will get ready I am going to make this request as high priority but nothing happened.
    As a customer my problem is genuine my connection need to shift but I am not getting a single call from your end yet now and while I am calling to customer care such type of misleading comments I am getting.
    I am requesting the authorize person to check what happened to my request and if it is possible please provide me resolution to my request otherwise please let me know so I can go ahead and select for another vendor connection they can hear my worries. Telling frankly We are not expecting this type of response from Airtel like a big organization, we have a faith on your words please keep it as valuable.I just have a look for the complaint mail id in ‘google’ I can see a bunch of complaints in different sites, please have look on this issues otherwise it will get spoil the name AIRTEL.

    Hope I will get a positive reply from your end ASAP .Because I don’t have the patient to wait some more days for an internet connection because now the internet connections are available in the market within hours I want to notice the same to Airtel.

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worst customer service!

I had there service for over one year and trust me they have the worst customer service you can imagine. They call operators and not trained at all and if they can’t answer the question they just hang up... hhhahha iz kinda funny as to if you sign up with them you wont get any credit if your bill comes all [censored]up with weired charges and the worst thing is that is the best mobile service provider in India. Don’t get airtel connection.

  • Sr
    srisha Oct 24, 2006

    Airtel customer support is very bad. I was a loyal customer to airtel but this incident changed my mind. My cook had stolen my phone today around 7.15 pm.I called up airtel office to find out information of the call. Mithun (Customer care representative) picked the call and explained his rules etc for not giving information. I asked him to transfer the call to supervisor but they said no manager available and all the managers gone for tea.Suggested that i need to file FIR as lost case etc. Airtel supports person who steals by the time i complete their process person will run away with my cell phone and sell also.

    Next CSR James D asked me to drop the phone or he will disconnect.this cell was costly and office work would suffer as client calls on the same but no one allowed me to talk to manager or supervisor. The worst thing is they were making fun of customer.Very bad customer support. I will go to consumer forum for this.

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  • Si
    siva Nov 07, 2006

    i strongly agree that even the same incident happened to me and they have provided me incorrect information by one csr, and the other csr instead of transfering the call to manager , he disconnected it intentionally . even the team leaders and the floor managers donot have any commitment to their promise.
    i have to go through the media , and email the same to the CEO , if im not justified with satisfaction ,
    evidently they have agreed that it was the mistake of AIRTEL for providing the incorrect information and misleading customers.

    here i would like to highlight the fact that ,
    under the law, no company is allowed either intentionally or unintentionally mislead /or give incorrect information would legally bind over the company and as well as the staff with a bad reputation left on the company.

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  • Te
    tenzin tsenpey Aug 29, 2007

    my problem is that I can't contact with customer. whenever I try to call customer care service .. a computerise tone beep up saying that I should send sms to 121 for complain and after sending my problem I didn't got any satisfaction.. I tried another mobile and contact customer care and told about my problem. they give me guarantee but still problem is not gone. So, please do somethng..

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  • Re
    Renganathan Sep 03, 2007

    airtel customer care response very worst in chennai.

    Actually they are cheating. See the below incident

    Since Last two, three months got more billed amounts for post paid. actually my habit is to to send useful sms to my friends. So I asked to customer care to know about some sms package for CUG plan.

    Somebody form customer care said we do have Rs.25 sms unlimited package. Then I load to activate immediately. To get conformation again I called and asked about whether it has been activated or not. Some one piked the call said that we dont have that kind of package its only foe 250 sms. Then next day again I called and asked about once more what i said above. They said 'sir we do have' Then Immediately activate it. To get confirmation again I asked they told to send sms . Then I send But i did not receive the confirmation. again called and asked about the issue. they told that still not yet activated.

    Then scolded and to unlimited sms package activate. Finally i requested "i am going for prepaid. But they did not agreed. again they convinced me. this conversation happened continuously for 3 months.

    Finally I send many sms to 121 airtel about my complaint. They called me asked the issue.
    I clearly explained everything. Finally the senior position level person attended the called. He apologized and he said that the regarding this issue will be solving within 2 days. I got call from them within 2 days said that we will be generating for u the bill with sms amount deduction.

    and also they said we are assure that will not come the bill with sms amount. Its entirely free for u like that they told. one more think he told like after generated the bill please don't forget to call us regarding rework the bill and send.

    Next day called and I said that Ya I have received the bill please rework the bill and send. But still they did not done. But I recored all the conversation which I was spoke to them.

    Within a week I planning to put the case against the airtel.

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  • Dh
    Dhrubashis De Sep 05, 2007

    I am subscriber of Airtel since May, 2006. I put a several complaints regarding poor connectivity in Amrutha Valley, Road No.12, Banjara Hills 7 months back. But no corrective action has been taken place. Still we are facing same problem. For several times we tried to follow up with Customer Care Service. But invain.Really they kept lots of fake promise and commitment. Really all are damn useless.


    Dhrubashis De and Nilanjana De
    Mobile No.9866690445,9949357435
    Flat No.203, Buckingham Block, Amrutha Valley, Road No.12,
    Banjara Hills, Hyderabad - 500034

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  • Ch
    ch prasadarao Sep 26, 2007

    My mobile no is 9908035919 and i have validity up to sep 9 2009 but am not getting incoming calls customer service through call center is very worst.

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add on scheme system problem

I am Having my Airtel Connection No:+[protected] having attached with another ad on no.
In meantime some stranger has added my no to (cug) friends list because of this i have lost my connection with that ad on no (10paise scheme).

In this connection in the cug scheme without getting the permission of the members u can add them to the list this will make loss to another person.This is totally a faulty system which is causing big money loss to me

Now i have disconnected from the ad on no.

  • Ra

    Yesterday i purchased an Airel Prepaid card which is Rs 100 only for incoming .

    But when is enter recharge pin, it was not accepting, saying the facility is not available in your card.

    So want to say why you creating these type of scheme which good for nothing.

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  • Ki
    Kiran Parina Feb 13, 2007

    The online transaction of prepaid recharge has flopped i guess because i recharged it for Rs.55 but i could get only Rs.20 instead i guess around Rs.45.This is a real cheating by the banks or the airtel i am not sure but can anyone clarify in this issue.

    I recommend others not to use this service.

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  • Pr
    Prabakaran R. Feb 21, 2007

    This is to inform others that Airtel Franchise Silver Line Network, No.12 MG Road, Shastri Nagar, Adyar, Chennai 600 020 has sold a Internet Data Card (Number 9940052180) to us with a confirmation that this card is compatible to use with Outlook Express and usage of this card will enable to send receive emails through Outlook Express.

    This card was bought by us for the purpose of using it during outstation trips to send and receive emails. However in my next trip to new Delhi, when I have attempted to send emails through this Data card, I could not do so. I have taken up this with your franchise through whom this card was bought and they have promised to send their representative to look into this. Nobody has come to attend this.

    We have taken up this with Airtel technical support and we have been informed that this Data Card cannot be used / compatible with any email account and the use of this card is restricted to browsing the internet alone and we were told that we should direct the sales outlet to contact them for further clarification to this effect.

    Best regards
    Ravi Garyali.

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  • Am
    Amod kumar Nov 15, 2007

    Pls send me details of Airtel prepaid connection where std call 1Re only.

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  • Sa
    sashti Apr 15, 2008

    Hello all,
    There are several travel agencies in south India! So how can i find the best one? Is sashti voayges good? Somebody clarify my doubt and answer can also visit their pages on Google

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  • Ra
    raman Sep 14, 2008

    # i have changed my postpaid to prepaid, and it was told within 9 hrs, it willbe activated. but after 8 calls to customer care, nothing was happened, they are keep telling stories.

    # till now no one contacted me.

    # airtel service becomes worst and worst, and they not even bother to give solution.

    # if any one knows how to sue airtel regarding this, let me know

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  • Sh
    Sharda Oct 26, 2008

    On saturday 25th oct, 2008 I have done online transaction of prepaid recharge of Rs 55/- but i couldnt get anything & Rs. 55 also debited from my account. This is a real cheating by the bank or the airtel i am not sure. I recommend others not to use this service.

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not giving free flight offer!

In the month of jan 06 airtel launched a scheme of free flight offer with every connection with some...

[Resolved] airtel bangalore customer care sucks!

Airtel customer care sucks! Airtel is useless. They don't respect their customers. Airtel is really bad. I...

sim card & puk problems

I have airtel prepaid connection from the last year. Its lifetime prepaid connection but I give puk code by...

airtel misusing post paid auto debit option

I had a cell connection from airtel bangalore ([protected]). I have requested to disconnect the phone in june 2006 as I was out of the country and I am not using the phone at all. I don't have any contract/agreement regarding the connection. I sent several mails since june 2006 and called the customer care several times. Still airtel is deducting the monthly post paid amount from my bank account.

Need help on how to stop that and how to get the deducted amount back from airtel.

Thank you

  • Vi
    Vivek Sep 28, 2007

    I had a cell connection from Airtel Bangalore ( 9880637007 ). I have requested to disconnect the phone in Dec 2006 as I was out of the country and I am not using the phone at all. I don't have any contract/agreement regarding the connection. I sent several mails since Jan 2007 and called the customer care several times. Still Airtel is deducting the monthly post paid amount from my bank account. Now I stopped keeping any amount in that account but for that bank is charging and I cant discontinue with account also.

    Really Airtel is a Big S H**E

    Help me out how save my S.

    Need help on how to stop that

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  • Vi
    vishwanath Sep 18, 2008

    i want 2 registre my name in airtel website

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bad services of airtel

I am here to inform you about bad services of airtel in rajasthan,near jaipur.i have recharged my cell,cell [protected] with rs333/- recharge on 9th of sept. and till now jodi offer has not been activated.its going to b 15 days and there is no response from airtel services. Every of customer care executive and supervisors assures me confidently that my problem will be solved within 24,48,72 hrs,and till now, no response.
we rely on good services of airtel, hope u will maintain our faith.
thanking you.
yours sincerely
airtel customer

  • Mo
    Monkeys Eyebrow Apr 07, 2007

    Sub: Deplorable levels of glitches reach a new hight!

    Unfortunately, I've reached a level of frustration that makes me waste my time off to do this!

    I'll get straight to the point.

    Opted for service offered by this blessed company called NOP. Activated it immediately. Didn't work too well, and neither does it's deactivation procedure because I've been trying to deactivate it since March 7th 2007!

    Have called customer service (poor poor POOR service) - and i wouldn't hold the executives at fault for this - It's simply this company who has no vision as to how their customers should be treated.

    Anyway, in 2 days, it'll be a month since I've been trying to deactivate this damn service. To no avail. Inspite on not using the Net on phone feature (some feature but i wont go there, or I'd be referring to complaint number 2!) - i get debited Rs 5/- (IF NOT Rs 10/-) every single day!!

    On calling, I'm told, within 48 hours I'll get my refund and with immediate effect, they'll be no more debits. This has been for 4 weeks now.

    Yesterday i manage to get a nice chap on the phone with some phone manner (no thanks to Airtel i'm sure, only his upbringing did the trick to keep me calm). He assured and assured the same thing I've mentioned above.

    Asked for a ticket number or a complaint number and unfortunately his system takes 10 minutes to generate it. Upon offering to hold, he says he cant be on "a" call for longer than 10 minutes and was in a sudden hurry to hang up!

    I waited and it has now been 48 hours. I now ask... WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU'LL UPTO!!! This isn't the first time I've faced a problem with your networking and I'm not the only one winging about it either.

    Unfortunately, mine is a business phone hence my number cannot be changed. So rest assured i will not give this one up without a fight.

    If i don't get a response (and a bloody good one) i will make sure i find my way to the papers. And as I'm sure you already see (with the vision you so evidently portray) - i can write till my fingers bleed.

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[Resolved] demo sim

Re: Airtel India

I am a dealer of airtel prepaid in Chandigarh. I would like to say that i have my counter in Transport Area Sector-26 in Chandigarh where i am doing my business. Most of my customers are from other states i.e. not from the Punjab Telecom Circle, so i have been facing a lot of difficulty since the past two years as i have not been provided with any demo sim for "EASY RECHARGE" purpose from the distributor here (Kohli Brothers Sec-26 Grain Market chd).

I am not asking you for any demo sim in this mail from the company but I just want to request you to provide me with a dealer sim, which may or maynot have discounted call rates but can be used to recharge other people's accounts, for solving this easy recharge problem i am facing.

Because of this problem, I am not able to convince customers for adopting an Airtel connection as in future I am helpless when people come to me for "Full Value Recharges" or special scheme denominations including free sms packs, discounted roaming recharges etc.

It would be a great help for me in attracting people towards Airtel if you could provide me with a sim for just recharging purpose (even if the call rate is at par with the normal call rate and not like the demo sims). There are a lot of people here in Chandigarh who do not have anything to do with easy recharge but have been "MISUSING" demo sims since a long long time.

Hoping to receive a positive reply from your esteemed company.
Yours sincerely

Jaspal Singh Thukral
email: [protected]

  • Updated by Airtel Presence · Aug 04, 2013

    Namaste Mr. Raju,

    This is to inform you that your concern listed on 02 August 2013 has been noted and our team is working on a resolution. At the outset, we apologize for the inconvenience faced by you. We will get in touch with you for further details of your concern as the need arises.

    For any queries you may have you can also get in touch with us at [email protected]

    Rakesh Kumar
    airtelpresence (airtel customer service team)
    bharti airtel ltd
    [email protected]

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

    Twitter -
    Facebook -

  • Updated by Airtel Presence · Aug 05, 2013

    Namaste Mr. Raju,

    This is to inform you that your concern listed 02 Aug. 2013 has been noted and our team is eager to resolve it. In order to get to the resolution, we need to get in touch with you and gather more details about the concern. However as your contact number is non contactable, hence, we have sent a sms for the same. Please share the required details with us at [email protected]

    We assure you that we are committed to resolving the issue to your satisfaction.

    Saurav Ahlawat
    Airtel Presence (Airtel Customer Service Team)
    Bharti Airtel Ltd
    [email protected]

    Connect with us 24X7 and we will be happy to assist you with a swift resolution to your queries on all our products and services

    Twitter -
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  • Resolution Statement

    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • Ku
    kusum jethwani May 11, 2007

    Message was sent to my airtel connection regarding the service of getting bills through e-mails. I have a postpaid connection. I subscribed to the service by sending sms. I sent an sms later on, to stop e-bill service. I do not know what to do. I haven't received any communication from the customer care.

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  • Vi
    Vishal Jun 21, 2007

    Hello, I think you have need to contact local office for this.

    Vishal Gaurav
    [email protected]

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  • Um
    umesh rai Dec 06, 2007


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  • Sh
    shibajyoti chakravorty Aug 09, 2008

    i want to know how i pay my telephone bill by net banking

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  • Ra
    rahul pawar Sep 02, 2012


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  • Ks
    K.S.RAJU Aug 02, 2013

    I lost my airtel demo sim last ten days back ie, on 23-07-2013 my mobile no 9866346167 of kothagudem area khammam dist A.P . i complaint the same day to the airtel service centre, i apply for new sim with the same no .uptill now new sim was not activated till this date 02-08-2013 . i want to know the current status of new sim with the same number, please issue the same no sim as soon as possible

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false commitment & not withdrawing services that I have not opted for

I have taken a new connection of airtel delhi on 02-08-2006. before taking the connection i enquired from their customer care executives of airtel office that can i avail for a particular plan of std. they confirmed and i did the need ful by sending the required sms for activating the service.but after 3 days i came to know that they have forcibly put me in some other scheme & told that i have to continue with their special gift scheme for next 1 month. then i contacted their team leaders of cce & their manager & they commited that i will get my preffered scheme by 48 hrs, which i did n't. then i went to their main office & got my preffered scheme. after that i requested them to deactivate their other fored services of caller tunes and daily jokes. they deactivated the caller tune but said that the joke sheme would be deactivated on 01-09-2006. but they have not deactivated the scheme and have prevented me from contacting their customer care executives overphone . i am realy dissatisfied and really want to take a action against them because this is their fraud for the second time within 1 month

  • Sa
    santosh kumar saha Jul 05, 2011

    i not activate astrology pack...but the company deduct 1o rupees from my balance it is shameful ...and company supervisor doing nothing...just cut the phone with out ph no is 7602101052(santosh kumar saha, bongaon, 24 pgs (N), pin 743235

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poor service!

Re: airtel india Warm greetings to every one at airtel. I am forced to send this complaint to you as the...

[Resolved] no response from airtel!

I am trying from the past 1 month to get my bill clarified from your cust. care deptt, but up to my shock ...

airtel not refunding

Find below the message I had sent to airtel for reversing my charges, for which there is no response. When I enquired with customer service, they dont even connect to any higher officials to request of escalation... Please, if any of you know where to contact for airtel customer escalation, please let me know..

Greetings. Need your immediate assistance.
Currently I am using airtel mobile [protected]) with prepaid option that expires dec 06,2006. Usually I top-off the card, as I have validity till dec 06,2006.

When I tried recharging via citiback-suvidha card, unfortunately it considered the transaction as new pre-paid (Instead of top-off) inspite of my current validity dec 06,2006.

Due to the above issue, I am bereft of using rs.100.00 of talk time. Had this used pre-paid top-off option it would have given me talk time of ~ rs 318.00 instead of rs. 208.67.

I kindly make an appeal to reverse my above citibank transaction with refund (Or) adjust this as top-off card.

When I called your office, the representative was unable to help on my above issue, thus looking for assistancec from "airtel-senior customer grievence cell" for resolution. Please let me know if I need to write to somewhere else.


  • Su
    suzy Mar 19, 2009

    The Airtel People charged initial charges but later on said the port is not available, I asked them to cancel my connection n send my check back...
    for last three months I am calling them n tired of taking reference number but hasnt recieved my money...
    Anyone please tell airtel that if they keep doing it they will have to pay a heavy price someday when they will be dragged to court of law...

    I am looking forward to put a complaint against them ...
    Its not about money only Its about making the customer a fool...

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airtel do it again!

False commitment, unfriendly customer associates and managers, useless service. This month what happened with...

non availability of customer care by dialing [protected]/121

I am not able to contact your customer care by dialing [protected]/121 for more than one month. In this case there is no question of repeated dialing the above numbers because I can't able to use these numbers.
Hence I was compelled to contact you before 4/5 days with the help of tata indicom landline which was chargable. You have committed that the problem would be over within a day or two.

Mob: [protected]

  • Sa
    sandeep singh Feb 20, 2008

    Respected Complant Board Members,

    My Name is Yashpal SIngh, I am a AIRTEL customer since last 5 year, but some of time i have faced a major problem in my NO. 9871729587 LAST ONE MONTH , I AM ALLREADY ask my problem to cce but i am not reciving any answer from yours side,

    in last day i have try to connect customer care center, but there is no call pick by cce.SIr i request to you please call me at this no & solve my problem

    Thanks & regard.

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