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mail in rebate

I subscribed to Media com the beginning of this year. I was supposed to get a $75.00 rebate. I sent in all the information they asked for and I am still waiting on the rebate. It says I have met the requirements but I am pending final review. It has been 3 months! How long does a review take?

Check Status of Rebate

Tracking Resu
lts: Status Details

$75.00 Prepaid Card
Rebate Information For:
Mediacom Up to $100 Mail In Rebate / Receive up to $100 in rebates by ordering a Double Play or a Triple Play through at Participating Dealers
Submission Type:
Date Received:
Status Change Date:
Status Detail:
Your rebate has been entered and has met all initial requirements. Pending final review by Offerwire.


I signed up for internet, well thought I did. I was talked to death and giving all this false information...

[Resolved] xfinity comcast blast bundle package.

I ordered this through comcast and received a call from bridgevine.com phishing for personal information and telling me I must make a deposit of $50.00 to $100.00 to keep my cable/internet service. The rep. also ask for my full social security number to do a credit check on me. I refused and hung up and called Comcast customer service and with no surprise it's a scam through bridgevine.com. The scam phone number they called from is [protected]. Oh, and I've been with comcast since 2006.


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer's satisfaction.

  • Bridgevine's response · Jun 14, 2018

    Thank you for reaching out to us! We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience experienced and we want to assure you that at Bridgevine we hold each of our customer interactions with high regard. Bridgevine is the premier provider of demand generation, merchandising, commerce and lifecycle management solutions across all channels. Our mission at Bridgevine is to help the customers of our partners move be successful and stress free. We apologize if we did the opposite with you, and for that we are truly sorry. At Bridgevine we handle millions of customer interactions annually, and we can assure you the experience you received is incredibly rare. However rare though it unfortunately happened and we understand this has caused great distress and consumed your valuable time.

    We are partnered with over 20 of the top providers to get customers the best offers by comparing plans and prices to best fit their needs. We provide customers the convenience to easily shop, compare, and sign-up for the best services for their homes. Feel free to contact us directly through our website if you have any further questions or concerns as we want to ensure you have peace of mind that the interaction you had with one of our agents was not a scam. We look forward to hearing from you. Thank you!


    Bridgevine’s Customer Service Team

bridgevine via spectrum never sent the prepaid visa card that was promised

Bridgevine via Spectrum never sent the prepaid visa card that was promised.
I am sure other Spectrum had or will be experiencing this issue such as a couple of my friends. I signed up with Spectrum for their triple play service and was promised to get a $75 prepaid visa cash card. After satisfied the service requirement, I claimed the the $75 prepaid card via Spectrum website. Received an email from Bridgevine that it will ship the $75 prepaid card to me. Never received it. Spoke with a couple of Spectrum Representative and they told me to follow up with Bridgevine as Spectrum does not see any issue because I satisfied the requirement of having active service for 90 days and claimed the reward. Spectrum Rep also informed me that Bridgevine is able to see their system. Made many attempts to contact Bridgevine during business hours (9am-5pm EST because the phone number is for an office in Georgia), but no one ever pickup the phone. Left voicemails and sent email. Still have not receive my $75 prepaid cash card. It seem they signup some contract with the companies to do rebates but Bridgevine never honor the rebates. Will contact BBB and local representative to see what can be done to stop company like Bridgevine from ripping off customers.

  • Updated by M00h10 · Dec 14, 2017

    Please ignore the previous post. Bridgevine Rep got back to me and resolved the issue.

  • Updated by M00h10 · Dec 14, 2017

    Could not delete this post, otherwise I would delete it.

price for service from comcast not what was sold by bridgevine

I ordered Comcast internet service through Bridgevine through their online site today for $34.99 for six months. I received an order confirmation that confirmed the total charges from Bridgevine for the advertised promotion price of $34.99. The invoice clearly states that there are no charges for equipment and professional installation.

Several hours later, I received an email confirmation from Comcast that now has a recurring monthly lease fee of $7.00 for the modem, and $25.00 for installation. Not a great deal of money, but I hate being scammed!

Called Comcast, and after holding for a rep for nearly an hour, was informed that the charges would be $68.33 as stated by the Comcast invoice, and not the $34.99 total as stated by the Bridgevine invoice.

I then proceeded to call Bridgevine and was told "the web site is still under construction", and they can not do anything about the bogus site.

Bridgevine is clearly a scam. I am also now very concerned since I foolishly provided my DOB and SS#.

Comcast is duplicitous in this as well. Comcast surely knows full well that this authorized reseller is engaged in fraud, yet they continue to accept and process orders from Bridgevine. I will be including a copy of complaint along other information I've found regarding Bridgvine to the Office of the President of Comcast.

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cannot find rebate form

They promised free cable modem and free wireless router for ordering comcast internet service. I ordered the...


Do not trust offerwire!
As you will see on this site, there are 40 complaints of fraud & not honoring rebates!
I too trusted offerwire, I had them sign me up for a triple play package with time warner 12/11.
This promotion was to give me $150 rebate. I did everything they told me to do & more!
It's now been over 7 month since I made my order, 6 calls, 3 emails & now I get no response!
This is even after they tell me a supervisor (bernedette bertrand) will call me within 24-72hrs, it's now been over 5 days since that lie! When I check with time warner, i'm told there was no reason that my rebate was denied & I should have received it!
Like I said "do not trust offerwire"!

  • veromark1 Aug 01, 2012


    I'm sorry that you are having this issue. Perhaps I can help. My name is Mark Ballard and I work for Bridgevine/Offerwire. Please email me your order number and any other information you might have and I'll have someone look into this ASAP.

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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  • Te
    tenedmom Apr 02, 2013

    i have summited info since 9/25/12 and i have not had any response all i hear is you will hear something in the next 2 wks wow its the longest 2 ever. its just a gimmic and a bunch of lies and false infomation why why they should tell the truth there is no rebate my cable order is 61219562 and i have been tracking it since 9/12 if there is no rebate tell me dont tell me i didnt have an order thank you nancy locklear you can reach me be email [email protected] or b y phone 9107381899 again tell me the truth

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  • Te
    tenedmom Apr 02, 2013


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bridgevine/comcast scam

I ordered Comcast starter bundle through Bridgevine for 74.99. I called the number [protected] per...

fraud internet

i was online looking for a better and cheaper internet provider when i came bridgevine offering exactly that...

mail in rebate cheating

While Placing an order they promised for Mail In Rebate Modem. I tried them many times but they said I am going to get in 4~8 weeks. Now they are saying it is already expired. This is the way they are cheating the people without giving what they promised while doing an order.

  • veromark1 Apr 25, 2011

    I work for Bridgevine and may be able to help you get this resolved. Please email me any information that you may have regarding your resent order.

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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fraud scams

Offerwire provides buying incetives for companies like Charter Communications, Comcast, Netflex and many...

this company is fraud

I ordered my cable TV and internet service through a company called Comcastspecial.com (a Bridgevine...

their rebates are scam

As a lot of other complains, I ordered Comcast services from an online site, Comcastspecial.com. They offered to me some rebates. The company handles the rebates is called "OfferWire", it is created by a FL company called "Bridgevine". After almost half year (instead of the 8-10 weeks the form said), I got a postcard saying my rebates are "invalid". When I tried to call them, I was put on hold for long time. "Please call us back after 10 business days". When I called back after more than 2 weeks, they told me, the review request was submited only a couple of days ago, "please call us back after 10 business days". I waited patiently for another two weeks, after being put on hold for more than 10 minutes, I was told again "please call back after a week or so".

My questions are:

1. Why Comcast associates with such a scam company (OfferWire, or Bridgevine.com)? Or, is Comcast a part of the scam?

2. What kind of help we can get from either from our legal system or from the some consumer protection organiztions (BBB for example)?

3. Next time, when you order services from whoever, please ask whether the rebates are going to be handled by Offerwire. If the answer is yes, don't order the services unless you don't care whether you could receive the rebates.

Please call Comcast, we are not happy they are associated with this scam company

  • veromark1 Jan 03, 2011

    A_consumer in California

    Are you still having this problem? I am an employee of Bridgevine and may be able to help. Please email me your confirmation number and I'll look into this matter for you.

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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stonewalling rebate applications

Offerwire = Awful Liars This company signs you up for service with Comcast. It sells you a cable modem and a...

equipment rebate scam

Beware!! Don"t do any business with bridgeviner or time warner. Time are desperate but these people are a...

shady tactics/fine print tactic

Front page of offer says one thing, "Features" says two different things!! and if you go ahead with this. you...


I purchased a D-Link Wireless Router in January 2009, BV Order#108730. I have submitted required proof of...

not honoring rebate

I ordered cable services for Comcast online. I was promised a rebate for ordering the triple deal. When I submitted my first month bill as instructed, I received an email first, then a postcard stating that my Comcast rebate was invalid because the receipt submitted was dated prior to the qualifying offer. This is not true, however I am diheartened after reading the numerous other complaints on your site. Not sure if submitting this complaint will do any good, but it may save someone else from being defraud.

  • Gw
    G Wink Aug 02, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    When I signed up for Comcast through Bridgevine, they had told me it would take a while for the rebate to arrive. I am a patient man and I know they say they are busy but after 3 months I contacted them to find out where it was. They then told me that I had 90 days and was so I had missed my time to file.
    This filing thing is stupid, they have all my information but it would be too easy for them to send out the rebate. They make people file so that mistakes can be made and deadlines can be missed and then they do not have to pay out.
    I lost a $275 rebate and a free router.
    AVOID BRIDGEVINE or record all your conversations with them because their story changes once you sign up with them.

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  • veromark1 Jan 21, 2011


    Perhaps you missed my other comments on this board but I may be able to help you with this matter. I work for Bridgevine and may be able to help resolve this issue. Please email me your order confirmation number and I'll look into this and report back to you.

    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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  • Mb
    mbass Jun 12, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I am sorry you are having problems with your order, I work for Bridgevine and may be able help resolve any issues you might have. Please email me your order number and any other information that you may have regarding this order.

    Thank You,
    Mike Bass
    [email protected]

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rebate fraud

I wish I had read some of these testimonials about this company before I ordered cable service from them. They promoted a $50 rebate offer but then make the conditions of actually getting it totally impossible to fulfill. I ordered the service in late January, had the cable installed sometime in February (took forever/Time Warner stinks too), I am supposed to have the rebate form postmarked 3/31/09, but service has to be on for 60 days first. Anyone see a problem with this? After that they will rush the rebate out in 10-16 weeks for processing. Give me a break...when is this company going out of business? Soon I hope.

I am always skeptical of rebates but this one is a patent scam. My cable service is also much more expensive than the offered price...due to equipment rental fees. Dishonest business should not be allowed to flourish. Bridgevine is a joke and should be shut down. Unlike Google's motto "Don't be Evil, " I think Bridgevine's is "Lets lie, cheat, and steal and hope no one notices."

Douglas Moore, Albany NY

  • veromark1 Sep 02, 2009


    I'm sorry that you had problems with your order. Please email me your order and confirmation numbers and I'll look into this matter for you.

    I can assure you that our motto is NOT "Lets lie, cheat, and steal and hope no one notices." We are all hard working people just like yourself and want our customers to have a great experience with us. It's obvious that you did not and I would like to correct the problems you experienced.

    Thanks in advance
    Mark Ballard
    [email protected]

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fraudulant practices

I ordered cable through with an offer of a rebate of $125.00. when I received the rebate form, it stated that...

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