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Bridgevine Complaints & Reviews

Bridgevine, Inc. / bridgevine via spectrum never sent the prepaid visa card that was promised

M00h10 on Dec 14, 2017
Bridgevine via Spectrum never sent the prepaid visa card that was promised. I am sure other Spectrum had or will be experiencing this issue such as a couple of my friends. I signed up with Spectrum for their triple play service and was promised to get a $75 prepaid visa cash card. After...

Bridgevine Comcast Authorized Vendor / Price for service from Comcast not what was sold by Bridgevine

Big Screen D on Aug 17, 2013
I ordered Comcast internet service through Bridgevine through their online site today for $34.99 for six months. I received an order confirmation that confirmed the total charges from Bridgevine for the advertised promotion price of $34.99. The invoice clearly states that there are no...

Bridgevine / Comcastspecial / cannot find rebate form

sunnyday28 on Sep 5, 2012
They promised free cable modem and free wireless router for ordering comcast internet service. I ordered the modem and router last week, but there is no rebate form in the shipment, and I cannot find the rebate form on their website. Is this cheating?

Offerwire / Bridgevine/ Cable / REBATE

jaywest on Jul 31, 2012
DO NOT TRUST OFFERWIRE ! As you will see on this site, there are 40 complaints of fraud & not honoring rebates ! I too trusted OFFERWIRE, I had them sign me up for a triple play package with Time Warner 12/11. This promotion was to give me $150 rebate. I did everything they told me to do...

Bridgevine / Comcast / Bridgevine/Comcast Scam

Jinuvarghese on Jun 5, 2012
I ordered Comcast starter bundle through Bridgevine for 74.99. I called the number 1-877-881-6542 per bridgevine confirmation mail for installation. They scheduled me for a Saturday 8.00 but no body turned up. I called Comcast directly and they said there is no installation scheduled for...

Bridgevine / fraud internet

pixiegirl250 on May 25, 2011
i was online looking for a better and cheaper internet provider when i came bridgevine offering exactly that it was supposedly through charter communications and it was as listed highest dsl package was 39.99 a month 1 package lower was 29.99 a month and the lowest was 19.99 a month oh boy...

Bridgevine / Comcast / Modem / Mail In Rebate Cheating

Shobazee on Apr 23, 2011
While Placing an order they promised for Mail In Rebate Modem. I tried them many times but they said I am going to get in 4~8 weeks. Now they are saying it is already expired. This is the way they are cheating the people without giving what they promised while doing an order.

offwire 866 299 1833 bridgevine.com / fraud scams

alag64 on Jan 19, 2011
Offerwire provides buying incetives for companies like Charter Communications, Comcast, Netflex and many others. They provide incentives (rebates) as a reward to subscribing to services or purchasing products. If you see Offerwire or bridgevine anything - RUN! I made the mistake of ordering...

Bridgevine.com / This company is fraud

I ordered my cable TV and internet service through a company called Comcastspecial.com (a Bridgevine affiliate). they offered $150 rebates for "Double Play" and $49.95 for modem and $50 for the router. Sounds like a good deal. The rebate forms state it takes about 8-10 weeks to process. In fact...

Offerwire or Bridgevine (Complaint) / Default and cheat

Default and cheat Three years ago, I purchased a Time warner cable service from this company online and also ordered a wireless router for $ 50 (rebate 10 and 30 = $ 40). Then I mailed the form and the documents to the rebate center within the due date. But I have never received the rebate...

Offerwire or Bridgevine / Their rebates are scam

As a lot of other complains, I ordered Comcast services from an online site, Comcastspecial.com. They offered to me some rebates. The company handles the rebates is called "OfferWire", it is created by a FL company called "Bridgevine". After almost half year (instead of the 8-10 weeks the...

OfferWire / Bridgevine / Stonewalling Rebate Applications

Offerwire = Awful Liars This company signs you up for service with Comcast. It sells you a cable modem and a wireless router and offers you a rebate if you send them several items of information, proofs of purchase, and documentation, including a copy of 2 months of your Comcast bill. Even...

Time Warner / Bridgevine / Equipment Rebate Scam

BEWARE!! DON"T DO ANY BUSINESS WITH BRIDGEVINER OR TIME WARNER. Time are desperate but these people are a bunch of crooks and Time Warner is no better because they allow this scam to take place. I looked on line to get internet service from time Warner. I called the number but in reality I wa...

Broadband National/Bridgevine / Shady tactics/fine print tactic

Front page of offer says one thing, "Features" says two different things!! and if you go ahead with this. you will be routed to comcast and will actually get hooked on to a third offer that has nothing to do with the rates mentioned here. See attached image! Comcast guys are helpless and they...

Bridgevine/d-link Wireless Router / Rebate-$40

I purchased a D-Link Wireless Router in January 2009, BV Order#108730. I have submitted required proof of purchase 4 times and have yet to receive my $40 rebate. Also, the router was defective and I had to go through numerous hours and testing on the phone before I could get a Return # for...

Bridgevine / Comcast / Not honoring Rebate

I ordered cable services for Comcast online. I was promised a rebate for ordering the triple deal. When I submitted my first month bill as instructed, I received an email first, then a postcard stating that my Comcast rebate was invalid because the receipt submitted was dated prior to the...

Bridgevine / rebate fraud

I wish I had read some of these testimonials about this company before I ordered cable service from them. They promoted a $50 rebate offer but then make the conditions of actually getting it totally impossible to fulfill. I ordered the service in late January, had the cable installed...

Bridgevine / fraudulant practices

I ordered cable through with an offer of a rebate of $125.00. when I received the rebate form, it stated that it expired 3/3/09. I did not contact bridgevine until 2 weeks after that date and they never told me that it was too late. They told me how to get form and just told me that I...

Bridgevine / Rebate ripoff

I ordered services for Comcast triple play was told of a Bridgevine rebate of $325.oo in September of 08. They are a company who never sends out rebates and I am still yet to have mine. Then they sent me an email stating that my request for my rebate has been denied because they already...

Bridgevine / Rebate Scam

I signed up with Bridgevine for Comcast Double Play (cable tv and high speed internet) in August 2008. They clearly told me it would be $ 66/month for 12 months along with $ 225 cash back and free modem and router after mail in rebate. I have the print out from their website saying so...

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